Report: Salary Cap Ceiling Coming Into Focus

According to reports on Wednesday afternoon, pending the NHLPA’s approval the NHL salary cap ceiling for the 2018-19 season will be between $79.5-80.0M.

If you play with the roster options the Blackhawks have available on Capfriendly, Chicago should have more room to work with this summer than any time since they won the Cup in 2010.

41 thoughts on “Report: Salary Cap Ceiling Coming Into Focus

  1. What is always is,right in the middle of the original range they first come out with. Not the potential max and no where near the same or going down a little.

  2. Floor be around 59.5m, with Canes around 56m and seemingly trying to shed cap saying everybody but Aho available at one point gotta think its the fit for Hossa’s contract. Coyotes could be too but still have Boland for another season.

  3. Panarin apparently not ready to re-up with Jackets so rumours starting. I remember when he first joined us he was asked what he liked most about AA and he said “his contract.” I always felt he wanted to be paid. If Saad can bounce back next couple of years maybe what looked like a terrible deal will start to tilt back in our favor.

  4. I’m all for bringing Panarin back; however when I watched the Caps series he sure was on the rink for the goals against I saw. ….

  5. It was by design, a way to get Saader back and then sign Bread Man for free at 8m. Fills Hoss spot and essentially keep 72 by getting through the bottle neck yrs of cap.


  6. Saad trade did not look terrible when it happened. Many people on this blog liked the deal. Forget about Panarin and hope Saad gets back to form.

  7. I agree Mike. Columbus has been jerking Stan around since we won the cup in 2015.

    Stan should keep our draft picks. Come home with a couple of blue chippers then worry about roster construction on Monday.

  8. I do not really think were going to get Bread Man. If we did I like it.

    Think we get the high draft pick quality prospect/player and other picks everybody wants. and
    Also sign/trade for 2 or more top/mid tier players (1 elite etc/1 top pair or/and top4 Dman).

  9. Really excited about Draft (especially 1st round)….

    Kotkamiemi– I really think this kid is next Kuznetsov
    Tkachuk– all the scouts love him… I really don’t… But have only seen him a few times… and Most scouts say he is better than Brother ( who I think is a stud)… But will defer to the Pro scouts who have seen him and talked with his coaches … Kid could turn out to be close to his father!!! some scouts claim… Which would be incredible!!!

    Than the 27th pick… there will be some Lower 1st round picks– turning into stars- potentially…
    Kravtsov– could even go top 10-15… real high ceiling on this kid
    and ????

  10. Most of the major team-reconstructing moves are done from the draft through the first week of free agency. After that most teams are done with big moves and are into the minor tweak phase of the off season. That’s why it is important to resolve the Hossa contract issue early in this process so they have that cap space to be a player in the big-move phase while other teams are still looking to make major moves. If the Hawks still have Hossa’s contract on the books in mid-July it means either they will go the LTIR route after being cap compliant with Hossa’s contract counting against the cap on opening day or they will end up paying through the nose to offload the contract later in the summer. Having that $5M cap space available to make a play for a big time player in late June and early July is far more important than it will be in August/September of after the season starts.

  11. Good thing about the draft is highend prospect will be available. I still think a good chance Wahlstrom, B9uchard and Boqvist will be there at no. 8 and one of them taken, 1st 2 would my choices. If 1 or 2 go earlier then a 1 or 2 of Kotjaniemi, Hughes, Dobson, Tkachuk or Zadina will become available. Hopefully if its forward or defence near ready or couple years out that whoever, it is a big win for the organization.

    EB have to believe Hossa will go but one other option is to ltir before season and be allowed to exceed salary cap going into seas9n. Better option maybe than veing compliant then using ltir after season starts, still drawbacks either way and a trade definitely best option.

  12. Although Bouchard doesn’t skate like some of the D-class this year he would be a great addition.
    If one of Dobson, Bouchard or Walstrom available it is wonderful-probably (IMO) in that order.

  13. I want one of 3 forwards Tzachuk, Wahlstrom (my preference) or Kotkaniemi or Quinn Hughes

    Only one of Dobson or Bouchard has to be picked ahead of the Hawks at #8 for one of those 4 players to be there at #8

  14. Ian, I could be wrong on the rules but I thought the reason the Hawks would have to be cap compliant with Hossa’s contract on opening day is because they can’t put him on LTIR until after opening day – which is the reason they did it that way last year. If they could effectively negate his cap hit by putting him on LTIR in the off season, there would be no reason to not do so except the actual $1M to be paid to Hossa which I’m sure Rocky would happily agree to pay to get the $5M off the cap and not have to lose asset(s) to get another team to take Hossa’s contract.

  15. No they used off season ltir for Rozival and Tootoo last season. You do it prior to season starting and it allows you to exceed to start season and not be compliant. Hawks about 1m over cap to start last season, the leafs were about 3 to 4m over to start last year with offseason ltir. You still are limited because you don’t accrue daily cap space for deadline trades if you do it and you have to make sure enough cap comes off the books by July 1st to be off season compliant at 10% over the cap.

  16. Accrued cap space could be big toward helping pay bonus overages this year as of now Hawks could be looking at 4.8m in performance bonuses.

  17. Just to be clear if cap set at 80m, and Hossa ltir as off season Hawks could be up to 85.275m on opening day for 23 active roster spots plus Hossa’s contract. So little over 73m counting Hossa’s now with current roster so have 12m available plus what salaries they decide to move off roster available if he wants to use it.

  18. Yea I read we can use the 10% overage of cap 8m during summer. Can use litr during summer. Be good for this summer when we actually are going to add Viking appliance quality.

  19. Thst cap space has to be used in off season prior to using ltir in order to have it. Calculated based on caphit when placing player on ltir. Clear as mud.

  20. Just to be clear: the Hawks can’t put Hossa on LTIR and take advantage of the cap flexibility mentioned by Ian until the first day of the regular season. Morrison is spot on that the Hawks can only exceed the ceiling by 10% of the high number until rosters are final, at which point the Hawks need to be under the ceiling including Hossa until they put him on LTIR.

  21. I believe its day or 2 before season starts as they did with Rozivsl and Tootoo. Opening day us in season ltir not off season.

  22. 1o% over cap will be roughly 88m and ltir intention is made known well before start of season for league approval. So if the intent is to be in 85m range there is lots of room to have contracts in place prior to using off season ltir if that is the way chosen to start season.

  23. Hossa was in season done on opening day. Rozivsl and Tootoo were were off season done a day or 2 before to allow Blackhawks to open season above cap as they wouldn’t have been compliant with opening day roster. The cap was 75m and opening day they were either just over or just under 76m,

  24. Tab – Tend to agree with Ian – IIRC there is an off season LTIR option which the Hawks didn’t use with Hossa last year but that was a choice – they could have LTIR ed him during the off season rather than wait for the start of the regular season – and Ian IIRC is also correct that the Leafs did just that.

    I think when you use the off season LTIR whatever your max over the cap allowable is at that point becomes fixed for the entire regular season – therefore no accumulating cap space, as Ian also mentioned

  25. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not clear on LTIR rules, mainly because the “business side” of the game doesn’t interest me enough to put in the effort to understand it. That said, I’ve seen proposed trades where Hossa is included and the Hawks include an incentive for the other team to take Hossa’s contract. Why would the Hawks have to add an incentive to a trade to offload Hossa’s contract if they can simply put him on LTIR in the off season without giving up an asset to move his contract?

  26. EB its basically to get rid of restrictions. By not having ability to accrue daily csp means that acquiring a contract with a cap hit of 5m its doesn’t reduce. So its 5m at end of Feb. as it would be at end of July and lose cap benefits of deadline deals. Thats the big one but to get full cap space on ltir is hard as you hsve to maximize every penny in other salaries also.

  27. Ian, it’s not getting through my thick skull – but that’s OK because it doesn’t really matter if I understand it since I have no say-so about it. :-)

  28. I just saw the cap is officially announced at $79.5M. That means the Hawks have $9.2M in cap space and if they can offload Hossa’s contract they will have $14.5M. If they trade Anisimov they will have $19M.

    $19M cap space with a roster of:
    7 forwards (Saad, Toews, DeBrincat, Sikura, Schmaltz, Kane, Hinostroza)
    7 d-men (Keith, Seabrook, Murphy, Rutta, Gustafsson, Oesterle, Hillman)
    2 goalies (Crawford, Forsberg)

    Add Hayden and 3 or 4 other forwards (Duclair, Jurco, Kahun, Nilsson, Edjsell, Kampf, Highmore, etc…) and that probably eats up another $5M-$6M (depending).

    That leaves the Hawks around $13M-$14M to sign a couple difference maker players.

  29. Yeah sorry EB didn’t explain very good. Basically having all your cap space under regular rules and accruing daily cap room is much better than dealing with ltir and the bullshit it involves. Definitely trading Hossa’s contract the best option as you said have lots of room.

  30. Plus if you are only putting Hossa on LTIR you have to do it every year which is a problem if you’re up against the cap and want to sign someone to longer term deal because Hossa’s $ goes back on the cap each year

    You get around that problem by putting Hossa on LTIR in the summer but then you’re limiting your flexibility in season with not being able to accumulate cap space

    That’a the way I understand it anyway

  31. That Guy says, its going to be 79.5 to 80, then says a day later 79.5m Just wait and say it once. WTF.

    What a Hoser.

  32. After hearing Bowmans comments today. One option he may be looking at is if he does ltir Hossa prior to season, is taking that money and upgrade current roster and not move any significant cap this year. He would roughly 12m and be around 84m for this year, wuth ability to sign multi year deals. Then move Hossa’s contract and AA next year along with cap increase next year and save little from Rutta off books too and take care of rfas with a little to spare. Time will tell i guess.

  33. Yea I think the man thing is were adding by trade/ufa and its not only this summer, its next summer as well to get what we want/need. The young guys and keeping every pick and adding more picks at draft will start to get better. All of a sudden were deep again and full of young fast skilled players. Its ok to add prime yr players, like ufa etc, just keep every pick and add additional picks. We can do both with 16.5m and still have AA/Rutta/etc caphits, like you said.

    Were going to do it. Get back where we were, with a diff formula, get there.

  34. Elliot Friedman is reporting that the Hawks are trying to move Hossa’s contract to a team trying to get to the cap floor and that the Hawks are the ones doing that team the favor so no prospect or draft pick attached. Interesting tact to take. Having said that, I like it. Stan finally putting his foot down. Don’t get fleeced !

    One other thing, I was told by somebody in the know, not to buy into any of this Justin Faulk stuff.

  35. Thats what i meant Craig trading Hossa hit the best option but he sounded like he was prepared not to if need be.

    Even Panarin obtained for right deal could be done if 6m commited this year and money for raise all thats needed next year. Again bonus overages might make that alot harder.

  36. Yea I read a team could trade us their a 2nd pick for Hoss caphit. Not sure if we get that, pick coming our way. Bitchs.

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