Report: Soupy Wants To Come Back

The rumors have floated for a while, but they appear to be gaining momentum. Brian Campbell wants to come back to Chicago.

We included Campbell in our list of potential free agent targets earlier in the offseason. The 37-year-old has just (finally) finished the long-term deal he signed with the Blackhawks, and put up 31 points in 82 games with the Panthers last season.

19 thoughts on “Report: Soupy Wants To Come Back

  1. What is discounted?

    When Florida traded and sounds like they’ll signed Yandle they pretty much said bye to Campbell.

  2. I feel that he has seen his better days. Not worth a gamble.Leave the roster spots for the up and coming Rockford players and European younsters.

  3. Campbell had a bit of a rebound year this past season with Florida. On a pretty good team he finished with a +/- of 31 and scored 6 goals. In all of his previous time with Florida his +/- hovered around the break even mark. He was good for them skating the puck out of the zone, something the Blackhawks need rather than the ill advised turnover passes that were commonplace. I know a lot of people don’t put that much stock in the +/- stat, but the last time his number there was that high was when he was last with the Blackhawks.
    He’s definitely older and getting close to the end of his career but I wouldn’t be too disenchanted with seeing him in a Blackhawks uniform again.

  4. Maybe at 1 million$ it could help the Hawks …better then Rozi ….
    I would take him for a year …

  5. If he has anything left, it might work with a Brad Richards-like deal 1 yr. / $1 mil.

    I would like to see TvR given the chance to develop and see what Kempny brings.

  6. Campbell would have to accept a 1 year $1.5 M type deal to have any chance of fitting him into the salary cap puzzle for the 2016-17 Hawks. But since I’m less that wild about Gustafsson, Pokka and Svedberg the Swedish Novelty Act / Traffic Cone I would be all for bringing back Campbell. He still has juice left in those legs and would help.

  7. I’m good if it a 1 yr deal for 1 million or so. He is 37 yrs old. He can likely play a role similar to what Rosy did the last few seasons.

  8. I thought we got rid of Daley because he always wanted to skate it out of the zone, while Q wanted the D-men to pass it out. Are we asking for trouble again, or is Campbell just better at his job than Daley?

  9. I know Coach likes to have a seasoned veteran in the locker room and on the ice. Soupy might be a good guy to fill Rozi’s shoes – IF Rozi is done. Never say never!

    He’d obviously have to come cheap. Guessing he’d like to come back here to wrap up his playing days. I think Sharpie will do the same next year.

  10. There’s also rumors floating around about Malkin and Lucic. Too bad Lucic isn’t a defenseman, but his physicality would be appreciated, but not his cap hit.
    No to Malkin.
    Campbell could be a 6th man, if cheap.

  11. If Rosival comes back the Hawks are really in trouble. Seen way to much of him the last two years. Time to move on and end that story. Just read the Hawks are actively shopping Krueger and Shaw, something is coming.

  12. Campbell can still skate…that in and of itself is better than Rosy and Svedberg. Hope we have seen the last of both of those guys. Thanks for what you did Rosy, but it is time to retire. We have to move on from Svedberg; he is not an NHL hockey player.
    Campbell also can think the game better than Rundblad. Hopefully Rundy is thrown in on any deal. Campbell is not physical, but none of these others were. For a Million, he is in as far as I am concerned.

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