Report: Vegas Can Sign Free Agents Early

Some interesting details continue to emerge regarding the upcoming expansion draft, coming next summer.

In an article on, Pierre LeBrun wrote the following:

Sources told that as part of these fascinating expansion-draft rules we keep learning about, the Vegas organization will have a 48-hour window ahead of the expansion draft in June to speak with and sign any pending unrestricted or restricted free agents whom the 30 teams left unprotected for the expansion draft…. Another important detail: If any of the 30 teams loses a free agent to Vegas during this 48-hour window, it no longer can lose anyone in the expansion draft. In other words, that free agent lost counts as the one player lost in the expansion draft.

This will undoubtedly impact negotiations between free agents and teams all over the NHL – including the Blackhawks. And Chicago has some players they’ll need to consider with this in mind.

Here is a list of the players headed to free agency in Chicago in 2017:

Scott Darling
Scott Darling
Brian Campbell
Jordin Tootoo
Andrew Desjardins
Michal Rozsival
Martin Lundberg
Spencer Abbott
Pierre-Cedric Labrie
Cam Schilling


Artemi Panarin
Richard Panik
Dennis Rasmussen
Michal Kempny
Ville Pokka
Erik Gustafsson
Dillon Fournier
Tanner Kero
Mark McNeill
Sam Carrick
Mac Carruth
Lars Johansson

Obviously Panarin is a priority for Chicago to re-sign. But the play of Panik creates an interesting situation for the Hawks as well. With the number of no-move clauses, Chicago can’t protect both of them ahead of the draft. Would Panik be a guy Vegas would consider offering a deal to rather than selected a player like Marcus Kruger?

On the blue line, the fact that Kempny, Pokka and Gustafsson could be plucked is also interesting, especially with the emergence of Gustav Forsling. Those three and Trevor van Riemsdyk will all be players who could intrigue Vegas.

Both Darling and Johansson could get the attention of Vegas, but there will undoubtedly be a deep market of netminders available for the expansion draft.



29 thoughts on “Report: Vegas Can Sign Free Agents Early

  1. Would the same rules for draft picks coming back for pinarin still apply because if he s not signed soon he may not be and that might be a consideration come the summer if las vegas was interested and he wanted to play there.

  2. Ian- good question…

    If Hawks – know they can’t sign 72… and Vegas steals him…

    A) do the Hawks get same type of picks/compensation? ( I doubt it- cuz it would really handicap that team’s future)
    B) if it does cost Vegas same picks (based on what they pay UFA/RFA)… might be good for Hawks to get those probable- higher picks/round.

    Assuming Vegas will be in bottom 3 their 1st year…

    what does history say – about expansion team’s placing/records in 1st year???

    Ernie- quick answer?

  3. As i remember, the Preds, Thrashers, and B-Jackets were all pretty bad out of the gate.

    I remember the Wild were decent, but that 1-4 being “decent”, so take my memory for what its worth… lol

  4. Well this throws a wrench in the Hawks plan. Hopefully they get compensation for the RFA since they will be higher picks. I was assuming that the Hawks would trade TVR so that Krueger could be picked in the expansion draft, giving the Hawks some extra money that could go towards resigning Panarin. If I’m Stan Bowman, I would begin finding out a new plan of action because there is a good chance one guy would be signed and then you have to figure out a way to move some big money.

  5. Let’s not Panik yet….I’m not ready to give him the “legit” label. We need a bigger sample size.

  6. No panik just a thought you could have pinarin for full year for what will hopefully be a another cup run and get a 1st 2nd 3rd round pick if vwgas signs him and possibly another 1st rounder if contract goes high enough. Your 1st rounder be possible 1st overall and 2nd like another low 1st round pick plus have 4 mill or so togo shopping with and hopefully some help from within. Just find it hard to imagine a better trade if we don t sign him and as year goes on there could certainly be a feel if its possible. Las vegas may want a star player to build around but cost is high

  7. Call me crazy but im still failing to see how Panarin can be resigned anyways. As for Panik whatever. Its one guy and the Hawks have overcome worst player losses for yrs now.

  8. Jackets-13th in conference
    Predators-12th in conference
    Wild-14th in conference.
    Thrashers- 15th in conference

  9. Obviously Panarin is a priority for Chicago to re-sign. But the play of Panik creates an interesting situation for the Hawks as well. With the number of no-move clauses, Chicago can’t protect both of them ahead of the draft. Would Panik be a guy Vegas would consider offering a deal to rather than selected a player like Marcus Kruger?….Tab

    I would want Panarin to be the centerpiece of my new team. I think his value to the Blackhawks just went up. This is going to cost us.

  10. Mmmmmm. we can Not afford to sign Bread man next year ,can you boy,s not see that ? Folks are talking 6 – 7 million for Bread man ,.,.,get real ,he will be expansion bait for sure . We can barely keep this team together paying him 9 hundred tho plus his bonus of what ??/ Our backs against the wall , M.M we ain,t got the cash my friend . I got this crystal ball and all it says is ,.,.,lucky 8 ,s ,.,.,Leddy coming back ?

  11. Bickell gets the GWG @19:59 of the 2nd on a PP! Well heck.

    If you were the owner of the new franchise in Vegas and just shelled out a billion to join the group of swells then whats another 7-9 million for a centerpiece franchise player. It’s peanuts thats what it is. A young good looking exciting thrilling player to get everyone rallied around. The fame, the fortune, the magic of Vegas will not be lost on his agent or whats in his head. You would send out your minions to secure this guy, thats what you would do. Just get it done and make it so.

    So how do we counter this? He likes Chicago and is willing to give the mythical home discount? Really? He’s just a kid for crying out loud- loyalties are fleeting.

    We need to get him signed and locked up ASAP before the minions arrive, and I do believe his price has gone up.

  12. Tough decision with that one:

    Keith- workhorse and a bargain contract

    Seabrook- team leader, deadly from the point with crucial scoring at critical times but costly

    Hammer- Not sure if theres enough savings there and a defenseman’s defensman.

    Tough poison to take.

  13. Don t think getting rid of a top 3 defenceman is in the books yet. Campbell quite possibly is not coming back. Forsling looks ready for that role while kempnys offensive game is impressive he lacks the discipline on the defensive end to be a top 4, pinches at times be shouldn t without the blinding speed to get back in position, makes too many dangerous passes in his own end and just not in position enough. His last 3 games were 13 mins against the leafs over 5 less than the next lowest dman a healthy scratch vs flames and in 13 range last night while top 4 all in the 20s. Rozival and tvr were logging lots of pk mins to try and help out while kempny was only visible going to the box on pk, just doesn t sound like somebody ready for the top 4 to me

  14. Is Tab lost in Vegas?
    Panarin over Seabrook-(tough decision because as MM stated he is a true leader and important player in so many ways) but yes we need the scoring and skating, and 7s worth has peaked and will decline–Panik no because you hope that is replaceable–he will come back to his mean, but we need the bigger body that can skate like him and Hoss, for small stretches at least. Hossa’s defense even at his age isn’t easy to replace.

  15. Hopefully Tab is OK. Never known him to miss a write about a game, as in our latest with the nice comeback against the Devils.

  16. Crow will be the casualty that allows Panarin to be signed. The good news, despite them being early returns, is that Lars Johansson is playing lights out in Rockford. A tandem of Darling and Johansson wouldn’t trouble me.

  17. Only question with this is would you rather have Bread Man during more of 19 and 88 prime of prime yrs at 6m or have a top pick by the time he starts his prime yrs (not prime of prime yrs) 19 and 88 (81 retired at 40 and 7 is 35-40) will still be in prime yrs not prime of prime yrs and he will get to 6m after elc anyways.

  18. it’s a fair question Mo-
    the cap and so many teams (and expansion, at least once in the near horizon) again the true bigger picture question is will it be the slow trickle of pain with 19 and 88 where your in/or near the pack constantly putting on the band-aid or the bigger pain of looking post 19 and 88-and hitting some bigger lows–
    We’ve grown used to winning, big crowds and status so I think the slow trickle will prevail-(and to honour 2, 4, 19, 88 etc for their efforts)
    But with 3 Cups that I’ve witnessed in my lifetime I’m pretty content and can accept either course.
    Love to watch them play, like in the past, even if it’s only in small stretches per game. They tease us, as if a reminder.

    Also hope Tab is OK.

  19. Well if he was tweeting during the Cubs game then he’s OK, although there could be widespread gnashing of teeth and mental meltdowns if things dont turn around right quick.

  20. Got a thing on my mind,.,.,Toews stats, and most importantly his lack of offensive production ,is he becoming THE BEST defensive center in the game ??? Lower production due to looking after the kids he,s playing with ??? Being on the P.K ./???
    His ice time is on track from previous years ,..,I love the guy ,and we are getting goals from the local cast,.,.,., but we need Toews to contribute some key goals .

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