Blackhawks Sign Vince Hinostroza

On Saturday, the Blackhawks announced they have agreed to terms with Notre Dame sophomore forward Vince Hinostroza on a three-year entry-level deal.

Hinostroza, 20, was a sixth round pick (169th overall) by the Blackhawks in 2012. He was named to the All-Hockey East Conference first-team on Thursday and finished the season (on March 15) tied for fourth in the nation with 33 assists.


15 thoughts on “Blackhawks Sign Vince Hinostroza

  1. WOW, this is unexpected. I thought it would benefit him to get bigger/stronger before turning pro … but what do I know.

    I like the kid. Excellent player and quick as a waterbug. Size will be the question but the kid has tremendous heart and skills.

    And he’s another Chicago(land) kid. We must have the monopoly on local kids at this point. Welcome to the Hawks Vince.

  2. Size… Vince Hinostroza 5’9″ 158 —- Johnny Gaudreau 5’9″ 150 for what that might be worth?

  3. wow. might take all 3 years to get to the nhl. look at someone with comparable size and draft position like alex broadhurst.

    its a tough road to hoe but i am pulling for this homegrown hawk talent.

    would still love to see hawks take a run at casey bailey.

  4. Never mind bailey signed with Toronto. Maybe Stan is a bit gunshy with NCAA forwards after Leblanc and Carey signings.

  5. @DickieDunn – Vince Hinostroza, NotaDame, Johnny Gaudreau, BC. Both 5’9″ on paper. But only one is NotaDame on the ice. In the heart. On the résumé.

  6. I hope the kid develops into an NHLer don’t get me wrong, it just might take awhile.

    As for Broadhurst, he was a huge scorer in the USHL, a point a game player for the London Knights and did have 45 points his rookie season in Rockford.

    If Hinostroza turns out to be a better prospect than him, that’s great.

    I would love to see Hayden actually turn pro after Yale is done with the NCAA tournament and get into the Hawks system. The Hawks need some size.

  7. They need to focus on getting Paliotta in the fold. Have not seen them connected to other college free agent types, but scanning over their prospect camp rosters from the last year or two should provide some clues. The big BU goalie Matt O’Connor has been to a couple camps but I don’t think the Blackhawks have the opportunity he’d want.

    For frame of reference, Stephen Johns signed with the Blackhawks April 2nd last year, he was in the same situation Paliotta is now (finishing senior year).

  8. Hof, yes I have to believe Stan will get a deal done with Paliotta. I have been checking on his twitter page and the most recent post was a thank you to his teammates etc.

  9. I want to echo a few of the points above…hope this kid proves me wrong but how many smaller sized prospects are we signing over the past years? This signing doesn’t really excite me unless the roster as it develops in the next few years adds some bulk and grit in addition to skill.

    We need to get some kids that have size. After seeing K Hayes play I’m disappointed that they couldn’t work out a deal with him. And I’m not pointing fingers at the organ’I”zation as there were likely factors that couldn’t be overcome. But seeing the kid play, I’d take him right now over several of our bigger bodies that often are invisible on the ice.

  10. I am a little concerned about the size of these prospects. T.T. has shown skill, but he gets pushed around way too easy. The Hawks seem to have a lot of small and medium guys coming up. Not many over 200lbs. The biggest guy they have now is Bickel, but he plays like he’s 158lbs. I’m not a meatball that wants big guys that make a lot of hits after the puck is gone and fight, but I like to have guys that are big enough to not get pushed off the puck. Are these guys so fast that it negates the necessity for size? All I see this year is the Hawks dump and chase. Who’s going to go in the corners to dig the pucks out? Ever since Leddy left, there are no D-men to carry the puck in. For some reason Keith has stopped. Dump and chase is not a scheme for little fast guys.

  11. Saaders brother plays at Penn State, wonder if he finds a way to be in our organization at some point.

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