Reports: Stan Bowman Busy Ahead Of NHL Draft

The Blackhawks’ phones are busy, according to multiple reports over the last few days.

On Wednesday, we wrote about the increasing rumors that Brian Campbell wants to return to Chicago.

During the NHL Awards, the Chicago Tribune’s Chris Kuc tweeted that the Hawks are actively shopping center Marcus Kruger and “putting out feelers” on the RFA rights of forward Andrew Shaw.

And on Thursday morning, Mark Spector tweeted that the Hawks are also shopping the RFA rights of forward Mark McNeill.

Meanwhile, at his press conference ahead of the Draft, Stan Bowman offered the following:

Chicago currently has eight picks in the 2016 NHL Draft, beginning with the 50th overall selection. The Hawks also continue to maneuver to create additional cap space.

The NHL Draft begins on Friday evening.

82 thoughts on “Reports: Stan Bowman Busy Ahead Of NHL Draft

  1. Interesting… can see Soupy deal… if he really wants to be here on the cheap…

    But Kruger??? I wonder how Kruger feels about that??? I mean- didn’t he do Hawks favor last summer- and then they shop him??? I hate to see 16 go… but the Hawks need cap… that is a tough one- he is worth the money for a team that isn’t as cap-strapped as Hawks… but doesn’t score… hoping Moose/Lundberg/ or Johnson can fill his skates if he goes!!!

    And Hawks don’t have a player that can stand in front of net on PP — get whacked 20 times… get up and score in the system!!!

  2. Wall, I believe they rewarded Kruger for his allegiance with what we all believe to be an excessive contract. I believe it was done under the guise they would need to move him. I actually believe he was aware of this likelihood because the Hawks were straight with him when it all came down. I u/s your concern. Beyond Toews, Krugs is the only center that can win draws.

  3. Motte and/or lundberg can replace 16 on pk… ok

    But who replaces face offs?
    Luke johnson looks like only guy who can win one over 50%… and thats based on ncaa competition.

    Tab, lets assume both 16/65 are gone
    Who could replace on face offs?

  4. Whatever moves are made, I hope the focus is on reloading. While I know I am in the minority, I would have personally been happy if that had happened last year, but I certainly don’t fault management for going for the repeat. The reload has to happen sometime though, and the more times we deplete the pipeline the longer the road back gets.

    Neither 65 or 16 are directly replaceable, but moving either or both is about the only realistic way we are going to free up some dough (sorry, but neither 50 or 7 are going anywhere, nor should they).

    McNeill won’t bring much back and I would just as soon move Hartmann. Hartmann may be more exciting, but McNeill is far more responsible and disciplined. I don’t think we would get more than a late round second for either though. Keep one, move the other.

  5. With the Hawks cap issues and Kruger being a 4th line center, I understand why they are considering moving him. Yes, he is a very good penalty killer, but for the amount of money he is to be paid, it doesn’t make sense to keep him as there are less expensive options.

    Does Brian Campbell have enough left in the tank to be the Hawks number 4 d-man? Maybe. He is certainly an upgrade over what they had last year. TVR will have another year of experience under his belt and maybe playing along side Soupy would help in his development.

    Hard to replace Shaw’s passion and fire, but if you can get something good in return so be it.

  6. The Kruger deal is just a perfect example of the Hawks vastly over valuing a guy. The Hawks overpaid for a guy whose skill set is completely replaceable. Look at a guy like Frans Nielsen who is EVERYBIT the defensive player as Kruger but soo much more on the offensive end. 3.5 million a season. 20G. 32A last year. Granted he is coming off his bridge deal.

    I’m good with Shaw leaving and McNeil,….

  7. Wall (Tab) re: face offs,

    Any chance for O’Reilly, J Staal, Vermette, or Stastny. I have no idea where they are contract wise, but they can all win in all zones. Stastny really hurts the Hawks in FO’s as a Blue.

  8. The days of the Hawks “falling in love” with their 2nd and 3rd tier players are gone. Sometimes you need to make changes to get fresh blood into the locker room and on the ice.

    Maybe someone can back me up on this……….I heard that some of the top players on the Hawks went to management and said that they felt Teuvo did not have the “commitment” that was necessary to win the Cup, again. If this is true, it just proves what we already know, that the top Hawk players are leaders and want to win at all costs. Everyone needs to pull on their own oar and go in the right direction and work as a team.

    If this is false, then I should stop listening to the guys in my locker room.

  9. It’s that time of the year when the crazies come out to play. As usual the flock listens to unfounded rumors. Almost always when Stan makes a move the media and the idiot pundits are totally unaware until it happens. If it makes the mainstream media then it probably isn’t true.

  10. The Kruger deal is nothing like the deal that they handed Bickell. Kruger has been a helluva lot more consistent, especially considering he came off the IR to jump into the playoffs. Seriously!? there is so much parity in the league I don’t think there will ever be another 8 year stretch like the Hawks put up. Bowman has been the best GM in the business, and he’s had to make tough decisions. Do you actually think the rest of the league is going to roll over and let him make whatever deals he wants? It’s total negotiation, and lets just hope the core of the team has a bounce back year and if we can make another move to get Ladd signed who is every bit tougher than Shaw and is a net front presence. Trust me, more moves to come – just be thankful that you’re not a Chicago Bulls fan,

  11. Isn’t 16, Ladd? Kruger switched to #22. It’s ok to use shorthand, but make sure it is the correct shorthand. Real Hawk fans know the current team numbers that way they sound knowledgeable when discussing the team. :)

  12. There are no easy choices and this team needs to rebuild. We aren’t going to be truly Cup competitive again for a couple of seasons. And that’s assuming the Hawks can hit on a couple key draft picks, young players acquired, etc. And we must see the salary cap go up or we are seriously screwed. I want Bowman to be ruthlessly objective and unsentimental right now. That is what is called for no matter how hard or painful it will be for the fans to stomach.

  13. Why wouldn’t Kruger switch back?

    Anyway, regarding all these rumors. Going back the last 5 years. How many rumors actually came to fruition. I know of 2. Vermette and Ladd.

    The Hawks are one of the tightest when it comes to leaks. Most of these “rumors” we hear is speculation. Which you could maybe even account for the rumors on Vermette and Ladd. Did anyone see the Timmonen deal? How about the Daley to Pitt. Or Scuderi to LA. Or Garbutt to Anaheim? Nobody knew of those because nothing was rumored or speculated. I think a lot of that is reporters playing fan and doing what we do here and it’s taken as a rumor and not what it is.

  14. To say this teams needs to rebuild is foolish. There is still a championship core here, but they are aging. What they do need however are pair of top 6 wingers, a 4th defenseman, and some bottom 6 depth. The bottom 6 depth is a quick fix. Its the other pieces that will be harder.

  15. No rumors from here. How about we send a pick or a player to Columbus for Hartnell and they pick up half his contract. That saves Columbus 2.5 mil and we get Shaw’s replacement if he is gone for 2.5 mil a year for the next three years.

  16. This team has lost significant complementary player depth. And also faces need on the top 2 lines for a LW and RW. Meanwhile Hossa has declined significantly and Shaw is most likely gone. And on defense there is an over reliance placed on the limited skill van Riemsdyk, Gustafsson and presumably also Kempny.

    This team is a shadow of itself in many ways. This indeed is a rebuild on the fly time. A new era. And hopefully a return to legitimate Cup competitiveness in 2-3 years if Bowman is able to click on all cylinders in his moves.

    To suggest otherwise right now is delusional. Underestimating the importance of who fills out the bottom six is also idiotic.

  17. Ftr with the one note drum beat. When the “core” hasn’t changed how is it a “new era”?

  18. A lot of comments over the last couple weeks dismissing Shaw. The guy shows up in the playoffs (when not suspended). Went to the net more and with better results than Ladd. Does fine when he needs to play in the top 6, and made some clutch draws too. In my book, which i’m sure Stan consults often, he is core. I’d hate to see Kruger go, but I won’t be surprised if that happens, yet the Hawks without 4 real centers don’t have a great track record. If they don’t come up with 2 cheaper legitimate C in return (however that return happens, not necessarily in 1 deal), 16-17 should be viewed as a rebuilding year. If TVR and Gus or Kempney can step up their game (I submit that TVR has already made the leap, he had a great series after his own goal), Campbell would be a really nice pickup, and return the D to the elite tier. Without 4 legit centers, I think Campbell’s swan song would be wasted though. I hate to say it but of the big guns, I think Panarin is gone. While moving him doesn’t free up a lot of salary, his value is through the roof right now, and as many have mentioned, there isn’t really much hope in keeping him long-term. So get a solid C and a pick or 2 for the guy and return to the style of play that’s brought home some hardware. Make it so, Stan, you’ve got to make it up to me, I’m still pissed about Dannault.

  19. To clarify, I’m not wholeheartedly disagreeing with what your saying. I agree they have holes. 2 out of the top 6. Can Hossa pull a Sharp and bounce back? Time will tell. 2 maybe 3 bottom 6. Then 1 dman really.

    This team is still a contender. Favorite? Not now. Everyone is still gaga over Pitt. But if the Stars align they could surprise a lot of people.

  20. No LW or RW to play with Toews? No problem! Shaw gone? No problem? Hossa declining? Kruger maybe on the move? No problem! No quality #4 defenseman? No problem problem! Major going holes also on the bottom 6 forward mix? No problem! It’s EASY to find able body new bodies to fill all these holes! Because the core doesn’t need goodness and complementary players to play alongside with. Hell no. We are the team to beat for the Cup next season so long as that idiot Quenneville rolls 4 lines and doesn’t restrict playing time to anybody under 25! It’s so simple !!!!!!

  21. I can’t remember who, but someone (BLS?) Kept wanting to trade Seabrook. The problem is the hole it creates. I don’t think Edmonton trades Nurse. But what about a megadeal with Seabrook and Anisimov for Nurse and Draisatl?

  22. No, no Nick! Didn’t you get the memo? Panarin shall be untouchable and the pixie dust math does indeed exist to fit in his new $8 M price tag per season that he will surely command next summer! The Hawks can’t entertain trading him! Oh no. It’s all going to work out fine and dandy. We’re going to skate the remaining core with a package of trained monkeys and win the Cup in 2016-17. Then Bowman has new and magical cap math under his sleeve to sit Panarin after next season !

  23. There will be plenty of cap space for The Bread Man.

    Krugs is 16, he just loaned the number as a sign of good will for team. Team player.

  24. Ernie… Luv Draisaitl… that trade could make both teams better … right now…
    Hawks open cap space instantly + good talent… Oil- get veteran winning leadership w/ PO experience…

    it will never happen…

    hear is another way to control Cap $$$ for Panarin next year…

    DON’T play 72 with Kane!!!
    Gives Hawks at least 2 scoring lines !!! And 72 scores 15-25 less points without Kane!!! Almost guaranteed!!!

    Should have been done last year… and Hawks would have around $2.5M more for this year!!!

  25. I’m searching for cover, because apparently the sky is falling.

    As for a more serious comment, I have to think that the Blackhawks are planning scenarios that keep Panarin a member of the roster for a few years to come. Kane scored more due to him, and he scored more due to Kane. He’s young still and now proven. Saad was a great player for the Blackhawks but I think they see Panarin in a different light. Building for the future involves keeping him, not letting him go because of perceptions they can’t afford him later. With his skill set and production other folks will go first, and some people won’t like it.

    I really like Shaw and would hate to see him go, but if it has to happen so be it. The timing for him to stay might just not be there now. I like the young guys signed (Motte et al) and hopefully they’ll develop. Other teams are in cap straits too, so there are going to be mix ups around the West. Still will have a nice lineup regardless going into this next season.


  26. FTR with your logic everytime the Hawks get a good young player they should trade him for more young players and hope they aren’t as good because then maybe they could pay them. When and if you ever stop this constant attack you just might see they are still a good hockey team. Is there anyone on this team that you enjoy watching. Try enjoying these core players while we still have them, they’re a lot of fun to watch. The sky isn’t really falling.

  27. Here’ s another perspective. Nick Schmaltz is a center, and not an 8 minute a night 4th liner like say perhaps Rasmussen.

    I see him as a third line center, starting this fall with an 8 goal, 32 assist and 40 point season a realistic possibility. That’s much more offensive production than the Hawks will ever get out of Kruger.

    Having said that you cannot have Kruger making 3 million per year as your 4th line penalty killing specialist.

    Schmaltz will eventually graduate to a 2nd line center role. But right now, in my thinking, he’s a third line Nhler and no he is not a winger.

  28. Let my put my optimistic cap on. This is absolutely a team in decline but they arent far off. MORE Questions now then in the last 8 years. BUT If Schmaltz and Kempny play like top 6 players and top 4 then consider them contenders. Now IF Panik can have a Victor Stahlberg. IF Soupy comes aboard for a reasonable price as a depth player. IF Luke Johnson, Motte and Hartman can be bottom 6 players.

    That Sharks team is nothing special! The Blues arent getting better are they? McDavids Oiler arent there yet. Their time is coming though! Still time to grab that fourth cup before its time to turn out the lights!

  29. Schmaltz is undersized and there is zero evidence to this point that he can be a PK specialist. Good grief. We have people on here extrapolating Ryan Friggin Hartman as perfect replacement to Shaw based on the fact that they are roughly the same size and share facial characteristics! Kruger leaving will be a big blow. He might not be a $3 M player in a tight cap situation, but he is absolutely one of the league’s best defensive centers and the number one PK weapon at forward for this team. We don’t have a ready replacement for that. And already projecting Schmaltz as a top two line center?!? Without ever seeing him play at this level or even Rockfor?!? Good friggin Lord. This borders with the insanity spouted by Wall all the time that Crawford’s supreme importance to this team can be readily replaced with any number of NHL journeyman goalies.

  30. Facepalm. Kempny was picked up dirt cheap. Meaning no other NHL team with a need on defense and/or money to spare thought he was worthy of getting into a bidding war for. And now the brainiacs on here suggest he is the likely answer to our prayers at the #4 defenseman slot?!?. Immediately no less?!? A player who has never yet played in North America no less?!?

  31. Schmaltz is listed at 6’1 181. Not big. Not small. Toews is 6’2 201.

    I have my doubts Schmaltz can play center at the NHL level and that’s not based solely on lackluster faceoff numbers. He’s a top 6 player…eventually. I don’t think he’s there now and I think he and the team benefit more by playing 20minutes of top line professional hockey.

  32. FTR- Crow’s ” Importance” can be lessened by adding Better skaters/players (as is the case for any goalie) (not simply by replacing him w/ any goalie)…

  33. OK. Let me clarify. Schmaltz is not a penalty killing specialist. I did proclaim him to be that. I have seen him play in person several times (granted at the ncaa level, not at the pro level). He is a center.

    You can’t just say,well Schmaltz replaces Teuvo and that’s that case closed. The question is where does he play ?

    I believe 3rd line center. He is not going to be the left wing on the Toews line because he is not a left winger. He is not going to bump Anisimov out of the 2nd line center position because AA is a 50 point, big center that every team craves. Stan even said when he acquired him, that he was the type of center they had been seeking for many years. He was and is a very good middleman for Kane and Panerin.

    Schmaltz is not going to play 2 or 3 shifts a period as a 4th line player either. There are guys like Rasmussen and Lundgren that accept and execute that role. Their ceiling offensively is not very high but they are worker bees. Every team needs players like that , especially in the salary cap era.

    So Schmaltz, as I see it, begins his NHL career as a 3rd line center. He is a way different player than Kruger, I totally agree. But it appears this is the direction Stan and company are going based on the “Kruger is being shopped” drumbeat of Twitter.

  34. (BIG Indian) “…a more serious comment, I have to think that the Blackhawks are planning scenarios that keep Panarin a member of the roster for a few years to come.” — NO, NO, NO…he MUST be traded right now – the Hawks have absolutely NO chance of signing him, so use him to “rebuild-on-the-fly”…teams will “back-up a truck” (or some shit) to supply the Hawks with a roster FULL of young talent (and maybe a few draft picks to gamble with?) to become enabling them to become “competitive” again. (Oh!!! What if the Hawks also moved Kane? >>> teams would back-up two trucks…or more!!!) Obviously not directed at you, Big Indian. (I don’t see any sky falling…I hope some also appreciate how ridiculous this reasoning is…(-just my opinion). But, there have been a few calls over the years to trade Kane…)

    FTR …”perfect replacement to Shaw” — maybe nobody, however, let’s (mostly you) not get carried-away (…because Q uttered “irreplaceable”?) — I like Shaw, and no doubt he is an exceptional “role player” (“team player”), but *maybe* Weise can fill that role (“close enough” if Q would give him a legitimate chance) at a much lower cost. I believe cost is the main consideration here, and with Kruger – another *exceptional* role player (but, a “role player”) – but not worth $3 million. I have no idea, but what if Schmaltz, given a legitimate chance (- Q…?), is a player along the lines of Fabbri…maybe with a little more offensive skill? Are the Hawks still in the dire straights your posts convey?

  35. Go Dickie Go! What Dickie Dunn said.

    Dickie, I like Weise too. I liked him in Montreal and I liked him with Chicago. Don’t know if Stan has him as somebody “up his sleeve” but he seems to be a guy that fits nicely into the organization.

    There were seven teams in the West last season that were considers potential Cup finalists and/or winners if things went their way in certain playoff rounds. The Blackhawks were certainly in that mix. Even with the holes we see at filling some line spots, the Blackhawks should field a nice team this coming season.

  36. The difference between the Hawks last year and the previous 6 or 7 years was their possession game. They fell to the middle of the pack. Crawford and Kane carried us big time. We would not have been a playoff team without them.

    One of the best possession drivers on our team is…. Kruger. Check the stats. Good on faceoffs, flips the ice, shuts down top opposition lines, and kills penalties for good measure. He does not score. But we cannot trade him. He is valuable in a crucial aspect of the game where the Hawks are weaker than they have been in years.

    This “Shaw intangibles” narrative is outdated. “Grit” and “will” and whatnot are not good indicators of effectiveness. But possession is. So if it comes down to either Kruger or Shaw, you go with Kruger. “Grit” is not worth $3.5M+. Possession is. Especially since we struggled there last year.

  37. I love Rufus. Whenever he really gets going, it’s all but certain the Hawks make a deep playoff run. I do admire the consistency though; even when he’s wrong, he steadfastly reminds us that the Chicago Blackhawks organization is nothing more than a botton-tier USHL team or Cuban National team headed for the shitter. Chicago Blackhawks: declining organization since 2009, right buddy?

  38. Look at STL last year, Robbie Fabri had an excellent year and solidified their top 6. Colton Parayko stepped in as a 3rd rounder and instantly became a top 4 defender on a good team. In Pittsburgh few people probably knew about Matt Murray or Bryan Rust or Joonas Donskoi logging top 6 mins for SJ after being run out of Florida. These types of things happen every year. This isnt the wire to wire stacked Blackhawks from 2013 but this isnt a team lacking talent either. Clearly they are somewhere inbetween. Curious to see what today brings for the Hawks.

  39. So Dickie subliminally takes a whack at Quenneville here. If only Q would give stiffs like Weiss playing time and “roll 4 lines” then we have no concerns whether Shaw is lost, Kruger is lost, Toews has no LW or RW of quality to play with and the guys rounding out the bottom 6 are either nomadic nobodies or youngsters in Motte and Schmaltz. It always is Q’s fault ! Pass the vomit bag.

  40. Travis- gotta agree Re: Possession team/weakness…
    Worst “cycling” Hawk team in many years… TT did not have in his game… that is why for me- TT should have played w/ 72/88 – would have been the only line that could have held possession with TT on it… imo

    When they tried TT/19/81… You could see/feel Hossa’s frustrations – w/ TT’s inability to keep puck in zone… so TT works w/ Quick hitter types- but not much “cycle” type game with TT- Hawks saw it- and chose to move him…

    Tab- that is why I asked the question… if Kruger is moved… who would be on the Radar… needs to be good FO’s and Possession driver??? PK’er would be great too… but really think Motte/Lundstrom can pick up in those areas ( as good as Kruger??? time will tell)

  41. FTR – not subliminally. Q has the Cups and the wins, but he is not infallible. He has, thru the years (Cup winning or not), displayed questionable judgment in some cases utilizing personnel – Handzus, Mashinter, Bollig, Rosival, others…and last season he absolutely didn’t give Weise much of a chance (until other options failed).

    “stiffs like Weiss” – he and Shaw both had 14 goals last season. I said, “fill that role (“close enough”) at a much lower cost…is the difference between Shaw’s and Weise’s effectiveness in that role greater than the difference in their salaries? Maybe we’re back to Stan B. has some difficult choices. The most important is signing Panarin long-term (and if the cost of Shaw and/or Kruger hinder that, their roles can be filled with interchangeable parts – Panarin’s not.)

    Possible upgrades to top six LW or RW is a different matter (to which keeping Shaw and/or Kruger is irrelevant except for their impact on the cap). I never suggested (or even implied) that the Hawks have “no concerns” – I’m fairly certain that Stan B. is aware.

  42. Hopefully Panarin doesn’t suffer from sophomore swoon…

    Can/will he score 30 goals again and be as big an offensive threat? Or will other teams figure out his tendencies and/or will he struggle in year two?

    Hard to tell… Is he worth 7 or 8 mil per year? Is he willing to take less to stay in Chicago? Will they trade him if he is not?

  43. If I am Stan Bowman and the asking price for Yakupov is a 3rd rounder, I offer McNeils right and a 4th or 5th and see what happens. If he sucks its 2.5 million this year and he is off the books next season. I’d roll the dice on that and stick him with Toews.

  44. Absolutely Southside, I’ve been saying this for a year now. Yakupov needs to play somewhere else BADLY. The guy really is low-risk for a cap strapped team and he may finally be able to find some consistency in his game playing with Toews.

  45. At 4.5 million can Shaw become a Brad Marchant? Years of term will be important They aren’t far off skill and production wise. At 4.5 I still think thats too much money for a player that likely plays in the bottom 6.

  46. Saw what Mark Lazerus (Chicago Sun Times) said about Shaw wanting 4.5 million, and also that Lazerus thinks Shaw could be dealt to Florida. Don’t know who or what they would get from FLA. Don’t know how reliable Lazerus is either. As I said before I like Shaw. But I don’t think there’s any way he stays if he wants that kind of money. Stan is probably hopping busy right now.

  47. Question for MudTurtle-if you say it do we still do the shot? I’m subliminally Ok with that.
    The next few weeks should be interesting.

  48. Noonan – Subliminally it was intended to be in effect for only FTR RTF but I did not state that. Either way, go to Binny’s Beverage Depot where if they don’t have it, it’s not worth drinking, and stock up.

  49. As versatile as Shaw has proven to be he is BEST as a bottom six winger. That’s not a job description that warrants that kind of dough. Good luck to him if the $4.5 asking price is for real. Maybe Stan could move him today and get us back into the first round.

  50. Shaw must be reading some of these posts because now he believes he’s a super star. Rufus what do you think of your heart and soul player now? Is he worth $4.5 or somewhere way south of that number? Let that bird fly because if he gets that then Kane is worth $20 and more.

  51. I can’t remember who, but someone (BLS?) Kept wanting to trade Seabrook. The problem is the hole it creates. I don’t think Edmonton trades Nurse. But what about a megadeal with Seabrook and Anisimov for Nurse and Draisatl?

    Why the hell would the Oilers even blink at that offer Ernie?

    1) Seabrook isn’t getting any younger, his new contract reeks, and if he wasn’t injured in the playoffs then his all round play is declining. Oilers need a #1 Dman. Seabs is a #3.

    2) Oilers have McDavid, Draisatl, and Nugent-Hopkins at C. They need Ansimov like a moose needs a hatrack.

    Two of the best potential young Oilers for two decent but not world beater players with larger contracts? Ain’t happenin dude.

  52. Well. losing Shaw is going to hurt badly. But there isn’t a better choice. Saad last year wanted market rate money and left. Shaw this year wants market rate money and is leaving. Panarin next year will want market rate money and will leave. The salary cap has squeezed this team to the point that I do believe on the need to rebuild on the go. You have to have semi competent role players and talent to wrap around Toews, Kane, Anisimov, Panarin, Kruger, Keith, Seabrook, Hjalmarsson and Crawford. Oh, and a 38 year old Hossa. We just don’t have enough of the secondary parts and pieces. Motte and Schmaltz should develop into good contributors with time. van Riemsdyk is developing into an ok defenseman. But the rest of how the roster shapes up? Scary to contemplate.

  53. The Shaw talk can now subside, at least a little bit. Two second round picks in this year’s draft, and not having to pay him an elevated amount. Stan’s probably not done.

  54. Lol the “team in decline” comments crack me up. After the first cup everyone said they couldn’t replace Buff and Ladd, now they can’t replace Shaw. Let’s be honest, they are working to reload because they’ve got the monster core and we should all have faith in Bowman.

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