Reports: Mike Kostka Out 4-6 Weeks

According to reports, defenseman Mike Koskta will miss 4-6 weeks with a lower body injury.

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10 Responses to Reports: Mike Kostka Out 4-6 Weeks

  1. JS says:

    I’m so excited for a 4th line of Bollig-Pirri-Brookbank. They are really setting Pirri up for success!

  2. Tab Bamford says:

    Problem: Kostka is a defenseman, and so is Brookbank… so… no…

  3. JS says:

    Because we know Q would never play a defensemen at forward!

  4. Cam says:

    Or John Scott at defense, JS?

  5. EbonyRaptor says:

    Bummer. Of the three amigos, I think Kostka has played the best, albeit limitted. Roszy was good in the playoffs last year but hasn’t found his playoff mojo yet, and Brookbank is Brookbank … hurry back Kostka.

  6. Dean Youngblood says:

    Maybe Morin can come play the 6th D spot. I’m sure Sr. Brad would give him a glowing endorsement on the 3rd pairing, based on the big club’s need.

  7. Mike says:

    This is a minor blow for the Hawks but maybe an opportunity for a deserving Hog. I agree that I liked Kostka best of the 3 roulette players. Maybe not a big enough sample, but Kostka played with energy.

  8. Mark L says:

    If we’re in a pinch for a D man, don’t forget we have Clendening in Rockford.

  9. Sr. Brad says:

    Dean, if John Scott can play 3rd pairing minutes for Q, then I am sure Morin can too…

    As for Kostka, its too bad, I really liked what I saw from him…but the Hawks will simply go back to the Rozy/Brookbank rotation from last year…it might also give Dylan Olsen a chance to get some ice time up here, as I have been saying Dylan has made a complete 180 from last year and is playing very good hockey in Rockford…Clendening is a stud, and I would love to see him up here, but NOT paired with Leddy…

    Right now, this should be about Nick Leddy getting better and consistent…a rotation with Rozy and Brookbank is the best, as Nick knows both of them from last year.

  10. Tim G says:

    Im with brad. Rozy and BB will be fine for Leddy. They have some chemistry already. I wouldn’t expect anyone to come up (for D-men). As i said in a past post, i expect some Fwds (morin/Hayes) to get a shot with the back to backs coming up.

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