Rest in Peace, Bob Probert

Rest in Peace: Bob Probert

Bob Probert played for the Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks during a 16-year career that ended with 3,300 penalty minutes (fifth in NHL history), and had a number of off-ice issues that left as many scars as his numerous fights. Those are the headlines that casual fans will point out.

But Probert should be remembered as a skilled big man that could skate and had a lethal shot. He should be remembered as a great family many who sadly passed away on his boat in front of that family. And he should be remembered as a player that was the only thing selling tickets in Chicago for a number of years.

Young fans, like many new bandwagon fans, are only accustomed to the new, post-lockout NHL. Back in the day, teams all over the NHL would see a spike in ticket sales when Chicago came to town not because of the great skaters, but because there was a good chance Probert would fight. He was a tough guy certainly, but he was also a very good hockey player and great man.

Rest in Peace, Bob Probert. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.

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