Richard Panik, Blackhawks Agree On 2-Year Extension

On Thursday morning the Chicago Blackhawks announced a two-year extension with forward Richard Panik. The deal reportedly carries a $2.8M cap hit.

Panik, 26, had 22 goals and 22 assists in 82 games with Chicago in 2016-17. He led the Blackhawks with 147 hits and also blocked 45 shots. Panik averaged 14:44 on ice per game.

Given his production and this cap hit he will be a tempting player for Vegas to consider in the expansion draft.

57 thoughts on “Richard Panik, Blackhawks Agree On 2-Year Extension

  1. Very good move …maybe we have a kind of Sharp with us now for 2 more years …let see iff we can get another 20-25 goals next year he can hit ..good move

  2. I hope they can get the older Raddysh-he’s a right shooting D and playing very well – a +14 with 22 points in playoffs. One of many teams interested I’m sure and his brother is a Tampa pick so it’s a crap shoot to get him.
    Good size and moves puck well.

  3. Does he fall under protected umbrella or not? If he is left unprotected, this is an ignorant signing, if Vegas GM has to choose b/w a player like Panik who is productive (and not injury prone) versus a player like Kruger is not productive (and is injury prone, w/ a slightly higher cap hit as well).

    If Panik remains on the Hawks, count me in w/ 1961 prior post re: not pay Panik above $2M per year; Bowman tripled his salary/cap hit, I don’t see the productivity matching the cap hit. We’ll see if there are corresponding moves to comply w/ next year’s salary cap as spring progresses and turns into summer.

  4. P.S., what was the rush in shelling out such a large cap hit? wait to see how things develop w/ other players, trades, Vegas possibilities before expansion draft, etc… This is akin to dating someone for a year plus, things are going great, but you are in your mid 20’s out of college, what’s the rush in committing to such a large engagement ring when the young lady was content otherwise w/ less jewelry for the short term period.

    Bowman did this w/ Anisimov as well, threw lavish monies at him (not to mention no trade clause) as soon as dating started so to speak. They are both good players, but when you have difficult money crunching issues on the horizon every year, there is no need to rush hastily into these contracts. Wait and see how things play out.


  5. This seems like one of the 1st dominoes… Trade(s)/agreements with Vegas.

    SB- hey I will get you some proven NHL talent (ex. Panik/Panarin/AA … any combo of)… you let Hawks pick from your “around the League expansion Draft”… basically SB will get 1st Dibs on “Unprotected/cheap (hopefully)” talent from around the league.

    Another Angle– Las Vegas- here is AA/Panik/Kruger— Hawks get Shipachyov… + cheap Expansion draft “fit”… Hawks gain about $6M in cap space… Ship for AA is a win… Kero replaces 16… leaving about $6M to replace Panik- with LW or D man… even Better Hawks get from Knights cheap “fit– LW or D” + Ship and around $3M – (assuming the expansion draft guy makes $2-3M now)

  6. Maybe done so Vegas won’t take anybody else do Panik a favor of a nice contract and makes Vegas decision easier with him signed. Just an another way to look at it.

  7. This seems like a win for the Hawks. $2.8mm is “reasonable” for a fairly physical player with some speed. 2 years protects both team and player. Decent trade bait before the draft or before the season starts. Besides, 44 point players don’t come cheap in the NHL

  8. So he is signed but still available for Vegas? Panik is a good player not a game breaker. On a contender his probably a 3line guy.

    I am slowly moving closer and closer to wanting the Hawks to package a pick and have Seabrook go to Vegas. Have him waive his NMC toss McPhee one of your 10 picks and waive goodbye to a very good aging player. The Hawks have zero wiggle room to make any significant changes to their roster until they clear some salary. Without the Nuclear option, its Seabs, Kruger or Anisimov that are the only viable options. I just don’t see the model of rolling out this aging blue line and filling in the gaps with guys on league min deals. The Hawks got completely WAXED by the Preds Period.

  9. another example of the bowmans pulling a nugget off the scrap heap: not good enough for tampa bay or toronto, he was acquired for jeremy morin straight up.

    forwards generally earn 100K per point production in the nhl with rare role exceptions like kruger who IMO earns every dime of his 3.3M$ playing his roles perfectly.

    shaw was projected to score 40 points in mtl and was paid 3.9 AAV. on this basis panik would make 4.4M$. granted he hasn’t done it consistently over time so he is discounted there, but a lot of nhl GM’s would have paid him on the come.

    he also is probably smart enough to realize that building his value would be easier here, playing next to future HOF players vs going the way of victor stalberg and shaw where they were overpaid and then couldn’t meet expectations playing next to inferior talent.

  10. For all those wanting Anisimov to go, who becomes the 2C? Didn’t they have this same problem before Anisimov joined the Hawks? Anyone else currently on the roster is a downgrade.

  11. yeah, whatever Wall said about trading Panarin + Anisimov to Vegas is hilarious and ridiculous. disregard.

    re: Panik to Vegas – gives them a third actual roster option from Chicago w/ Kruger + TvR. Will be interesting considering the cap hits of Panik & Kruger if Vegas takes Panik off one year vs Kruger’s two rings. Either way, I do not expect Kruger to be back in Chicago next year.

  12. When it comes to the Vegas pick, my money is on TVR. Proven defensemen are a lot harder to come by than third line forwards.

  13. 7-3-1 Protected List


    Expansion list not protected

    Not Eligible

  14. re: “proven defenseman TvR” – there will be a nice group of “proven” 2nd/3rd pair dmen available for them to choose from. Not many centers w/ 2 rings or 20-goal scorers on sub-$3M cap hit deals. Thus the conversation…

  15. Southside – “wanting the Hawks to package a pick and have Seabrook go to Vegas.” Yes, me too. But, why would Seabrook waive his No Trade? It seems he’s “comfortable” in Chicago.

  16. Seabrook for JVR with Leafs or Seabrook for Eberle or Nugent Hopkins with Oilers. Worth a shot. Both thosebteams need solid vet D!!

  17. Thank you for the Panarin clear up. Jurco fine he’s an Rfa.

    If they chose the 7 forwards 3 dmen why wouldn’t they protect Panik?

    Just wondering. Maybe I’m not thinking this thing through.

  18. Is there a possibility that Seabrook would waive his NYC to go to the Florida Panthers and be reunited with Dale Tallon the GM that crafted him.

  19. Sorry about my previous post I don’t want Seabrook to waive New York City but his no trade contract. Also I know Dale Tallon has done a lot of things but he hasn’t been able to craft players however he did draft Brent Seabrook.

  20. Tab – agree, TVR has proven he is a bottom pairing D-man at best, he didn’t look the part whatsoever the last two playoffs.

    Kempny is a keeper, he has a big body, can skate, offensive skillset, and a nasty streak to him. It was a great signing last season, all he needs is regular playing time he fits the bill. This is on Q, not Bowman, who signed him.

    Lastly, whoever commented about Kruger earning every dime of his absurd $3M + cap hit, give me a break. Playing his roles perfectly — penalty killing was below average at best this year (that is being kind), and he has regressed tremendously re: faceoffs, to the point he wasn’t even taking them consistently. This one is on Bowman.

  21. P.S. ….. re: Kruger, not to mention his offensive skillset is non-existent. Bolland on a stretcher or one leg could presently generate more offense than him.

  22. Kruger will be gone and we will have to include a solid prospect or draft pick to make it happen. The Panik signing is very solid (the Kings just signed Tanner Pearson for 4 years at $3.8m per year for a guy with very similar numbers to Panik’s). I would be very surprised if he is left unprotected.

  23. Seabrook for JVR or Eberle sounds good. If possible get a physical player or defenseman also. Seabrook could demand a two for one. Matt Martin or Connor Carrick from Toronto. Nurse would be a pipe dream to get from Edmonton.

  24. Panik is a very good player and somebody the Hawks need to keep. Does this deal mean he is safe from Vegas grabbing him?

  25. Don’t be shocked if Seabrook is traded to Edmonton. Makes a lot of sense for the cap strapped Hawks and for a young Oilers team on the cusp of a legitimate multi year Cup run.

  26. $2.8M is probably a good price for Panik, but I don’t think it is for the Hawks unless Stan moves a big contract to free up some major Cap room. The math doesn’t work otherwise.


    Because, SB made Seabs comfortable by over paying him and rewarding him for his years of service. McPhee is already on record stating he has no problem taking on bad contracts if teams sweeten the pot. That would be ideal in my World.

    @Tab I will never understand you man crush with Kruger. The guy little to no value past center ice. He is not even a great face off guy to boot. He only looks better because he’ the only guy besides 19 that knows how to take a draw. Sponder they can unload him the better too.

  28. Wall/Ian, you guys are thinking creative to get what we need.

    Blackhawks are not strapped, other then trading 16 caphit and being smart/creative to cover Breads extra 1.75m player bonuses. The trades/moves we make is because we want to and need to get tackle and fast better.

    Bowman is as pissed as we are, hes not fucking around. Things will happen, nmc or not. Roll with the changes, for the better good.

  29. Until Krugs had his wrist slashed and broken, he was a remarkable 55-57% faceoffs after his first yr (were he sucked at around 45%), then he was around 50 or so after injury, that’s not his fault.

    Like Bolly Krugs is (Bolly was then) one of the two best/top 5 checking line centers in league. Sure hes not as good at goals/assists as Bolly was but who cares. His role is that role and its an important one.

    We have who we have at the time (Bolly/Krugs/next top line shutdown ace) and only when the salary makes us, then we donot keep these guys because we cant.

    Even though I overreacted about the 20 trade, I really donot like and pissed about the Danault.

  30. Rufus was absolutely right about being in a transition yr. The transition to get moar tackle and go fast players so our top guys can be better then the other teams top guys. Until then were spinning are tires in the mud.

  31. Like Noonan said we need a category move that gets us a roster that we can compete with, against this wrestling and no playoff type penaltys called that have been called the last 10 yrs. We need to adjust to this garbage.

    Were the Blackhawks, the 7th dynasty in the history of hockey, and we will do what ever we have to to do this.

    Do it, do it. Do it. Do it.

  32. Give the Hawks and Stan some credit for having a plan. Likely plans A, B, C, D for expansion and the off season.

    Panik at 2.8 million on May 11 seems reasonable but we don’t know where that piece fits in Stan’s “puzzle” that he often talks about.

    Keep in mind, McDonough is breathing down his neck. He wants a home run somewhere, not just a few tinker moves.

    I’m thinking Stan will make a few relatively big moves at the draft in front of the home fans with the entire hockey world watching, including most importantly to him, and perhaps his future, his boss.

  33. Rufus although the Oilers need blueline help they also have Draisatil this year and McDavid to resign next year, so they will be looking to move cap not acquire it. I am still not convinced that Hossa isn’t an option for Vegas also, never did see anything about recapture there. If not it could benefit all involved.

  34. Ian I agree, and they have Nurse, Reinhart and Ethan Bear as young regulars or prospects close. They will want to get rid of Eberle, but at 6 mil—good luck!
    Someone mentioned the Leafs as a good fit, which doesn’t make sense from a cap front down the road-
    The Oilers will want one more veteran on the backend but at almost 7 mil. for several more years??–teams can’t do that unless that team gets a big financial favour.

  35. Ian, I said that before about Hossa. He still has something left in the tank and if there is no recapture it makes sense for the Hawks. His salary is less than his hit so that could make sense for Vegas, Granted he would have to waive his NMC, but teams can ask players to do so. It’s just if the recapture would follow him.

  36. Yes I know Ernie you mentioned it and I have been thinking about it for awhile also and I think from a cap hit standpoint would make sense for expansion teams budget and may give him the opportunity to get into coaching as he said he’d like to do when through playing. There is no where I can see it addressed how or if recapture penalties are in play so not sure if there is or not.

  37. 20+ teams would kill to have someone of Marian Hossa’s caliber on their 3rd line. He isn’t a 35+ goal scorer any more but he’s still a very good, viable NHL player with a reasonable cap hit. Would Vegas kill for a guy like Hossa? Sure. But he’ll retire a Blackhawk imo

  38. re: the Seabrook to Edmonton “rumor” that’s been floated – a) why would the Hawks trade a guy w/ an A on his sweater to an up-and-coming team in the West? b) Ian nailed it. If this contract is an albatross in Chicago, try being the GM that has to re-sign all of these good young players at some point w/ Seabrook’s deal on the books. That’s why Toronto dumped Phaneuf. McDavid will make more than 19 & 88 at some point before Seabrook’s contract expires. It’s harder to handicap a team that doesn’t have the known salary commitments that the Blackhawks do w/ an expensive deal like Seabrook’s than it is for Chicago to maneuver around it w/ their core locked up long term.

  39. re SSHM – I have a man crush on Kruger? Not sure when that started… I’ve been positioning him to be a Vegas Golden Knight for 6 months. He’s a nice penalty killer with a reasonable cap hit for an expansion team or a young team that needs someone to play good defense and win faceoffs. I have said and will continue to say this summer I take Kero over Kruger moving forward 10 times out of 10

  40. Hoss looked like his old self for a month or two last year, with the help of the World Cup-at 39 or 40 (41) that will be even harder.
    5.2 hit seems like a lot for most teams -don’t believe there would be that many teams. Vegas yes, for sure.

  41. Tab – agree @ $750,000 cap hit next two years, decent offensive skillset for bottom six player, will improve on PK and F-OFFS, and a taste of the playoffs under his belt, Kero is not on the list of worries or concerns for the Hawks moving forward, he is a keeper. Durable so far as well. What was Kero’s offensive output in half a season v. Kruger? At minimum salary likely last season, and 75% less of a cap hit moving forward. The next post advocating Kruger remains on the Hawks would be one to many. Let’s move on.

  42. Does anyone else remember a point in the playoffs that Kruger was not on the ice for a d-zone pk faceoff? Toews wasn’t on the ice either as he was out the previous shift.

    Kinda telling.

  43. Don’t think Seabrook or Hossa are going anywhere. Seabrook’s contract is too cumbersome and he still has some in the tank. Needs to get his head together. And if he was to go you figure it would be to the East, but again, I don’t think he’s moving.

    Hossa has something left also. Solid third line guy who can still score. SB and the guys might make some moves, but there just isn’t room for major change and no need to overhaul. Being healthy and mentally resetting are the big key here (not saying health was the reason for the dreadful beat down at the hands of Nashville, just stating the obvious for the things needed to contend). These guys are not so old they can’t compete. It seemed like there was an overall will to compete that they fizzled out on.

    Go Blackhawks!!!!

  44. Morrison, agree with everything you said in your post about Kruger. Worth every penny and injuries to blame for recent poor faceoffs. Bolland too agree. Kruger is not bolland but bolland was not a $3m hit if I recall correctly either. At least $4 I think it was. Losing or rather giving away Danault was a big mistake I hated too and no Kero is not half the defensive checking forward that Kruger is. Defensive checking forward. You want them to “turn the ice”, win defensive zone draws, be star penalty killers, be counted on to protect a lead and to more often than not shut down or play the other team’s best players to a stalemate. I’ve seen with my own eyes and many stats that show Kruger does all that really well and better than most defensive specialists around the league. Albeit he does it while managing somehow to produce nearly no offence but again that is not his role. And yes I also get frustrated with his lack of offensive instincts and abilities but he is always trying his best so can’t fault him at all. He actually reminds me of Rudy from the movie/Notre dame. 150lbs of nothing, no high level hockey skills and just a ton of heart. He also has smarts as he has learned how to play defensively the right way and can be counted on in the biggest defensive situations etc. Would I love to keep him? Yes. Would I have preferred to upgrade with Danault? Yes. Do I think we will be able to keep him? No.

  45. I wonder if McPhee dangles the 6th overall pick to the Hawks in a package to try to get Panerin. Vegas would the reunite Panerin with his Russian teammate Shipachyov. Stan would have his headline making “big move” at the draft and some salary cap money to then play with in free agency.

    Not saying it’s going to happen but just wondering if there might be a fit here.

  46. Let us hope Stan does not trade Panarin, one of the few elite skilled young guys on the team, for a #6 pick. Why trade a known talent for a question mark?

  47. Panarin traded could happen but it would have to give you an immediate upgrade. Not sure, that by trading an apparently consistent 30 goal scorer, how do you replace that and upgrade for a moderate 6m cap hit.

  48. Ian and 61,
    I totally get both your points but Stan likely has been told to do something “big”.

    Seeing how wingers similar To Panerin like Tarasenko and Ovechkin have been unable to carry their teams to the Cup Final, let alone win it, the question becomes why are we paying him 6 Million ? To rush back to the World Championships and proclaim that the NHL season fatigued him by round one ?

    I certainly am not saying trade him. But if Vegas is looking to reunite him with Shipachyov, Stan will have to listen. And the only way that makes any sense is that Stan gets to shine in Chicago.

  49. You may be right Craig that something has to happen because with a 75.5 m cap limit, with 6 and 13 on friendly deals and league min backup goalie it still only allows for a 22man roster and very little wiggle room for injurues without using IR.

  50. Bolly was around 3.3 and after that yr he went to around 5. I Know Krugs isint going to 5 but same kind of situation. Thank god we have Kero but we should have Danault as well.

    Salary cap is 76.6m with full 5% escalator.

  51. Morrison that is correct but i’m thinking what if Bettman ups the cap to say 75m or 75.5m will the players use the escalator or let it ride.

  52. Interesting remarks by new Sabres GM J. Botterill that with Eichel and O’Reilly playing Center, most of the rest of the league is envious because it is a “center driven” league.
    The Bowman both believe this. That explains why Stan was so quick to extend Anisimov. He truly was the coveted big Center Chicago lacked.
    Also, in the last minute of game 2 in the Nashville/Anaheim game, the Ducks had 3 centers on the ice. Our old friend Vermette won the draw then scored the empty netter. He’s playing roughly 8 minutes a night but still making huge contributions at critical times.

    Looking our guys, we have Toews, Anisimov, Kruger, Kero, Rasmussen up the middle with Schmaltz eager to play Center again. That’s encouraging this off season that Stan is not “hunting” for a Center. We are seemingly set there, even if Kruger departs in the expansion draft.

  53. We always did good without a true #2 center and having more then needed LW/RW ers. Now that we got a true top 6 center we have these issues. Need to adjust to tackle and go fast, officiating letting the normal playoffs penatlys go.

    Bowman crew has a plan and it doesn’t happen in one yr, you can only get the ideal guys you want when there available and when you can trade an asset to get the pieces. This is a transition as well as tackle/go fast.

    We need a LW/RW that will work well with the guys like 26/91 did with the guys. We will be loaded again, just need to keep working hard on roster and scouting and luck/break. Were due for some moar luck on our side.

    7th dynasty in hockey Chicago Blackhawks.

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