Rob Scuderi Clears Waivers

Veteran defenseman Rob Scuderi cleared waivers on Wednesday.

9 thoughts on “Rob Scuderi Clears Waivers

  1. It is kinda hard to swallow the whole Scuderi thing. Getting only Pat Sajak in the whole Sharp deal is a bummer. Let’s hope he develops the way Q wants. I thought Garbutt made a good 4th line, 13th forward and Daley a good 6-7 Dman. But my trust in SB and Q is high. There is no reason to think SB will do anything but field a playoff team. That said, I am going to be realistic in the Cap era. Repeating just a Conf Final has been rare. The Hawks 5 out of 7 years……

  2. re: the Sharp trade – the Blackhawks got out of that deal precisely what they needed.

    Cap flexibility.

    Does it suck to give up a long-time fan favorite for effectively nothing? Yup. But let’s see what they do w/ the cap space created by the subsequent deals before we write it off…

  3. Think of it like 29 other teams colluding against the Hawks. Nobody wants to help, and few teams actually had the space to help.

  4. It’s been said dozens of times by many of us on this board. Show me proof of any other deal that Stan turned down in having to rid the Hawks of Sharps contract to get under the salary cap. There was none! Crappy and unfortunate situation in the cap era – yes – horrible deal, I think not. It’s GM 101, to not deal within your division if at all possible. I think we at least owe Stan the benefit of the doubt on that. I mean the proof is in the pudding. Just count the championships and cups.

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