Roster Update: Handzus, Mills Not Traveling to Winnipeg

According to the Blackhawks, forwards Michal Handzus and Brad Mills will not travel with the team to Winnipeg. Ben Smith will take Mills’ place on the fourth line.

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4 Responses to Roster Update: Handzus, Mills Not Traveling to Winnipeg

  1. Sr. Brad says:

    Good news for Pirri, as he needs more reps with that 2nd line role to become better at it…I was told that Q worked with him a ton this week on defensive zone positioning and coverage…as for Ben, he is going to have to work his tail off to match Mill’s performance…hopefully this will bring out the best in Ben…there is no room for average hockey players in this lineup, even on the 4th line…

    Q said this week that its not time to give up on Khabby and the he will get time this weekend to get his game together…pretty reckless decision IMO, but I’m not a HOF coach…

  2. Nick says:

    I agree brad. Give khabby one last time, giving a vet goalie the last time to try to revive his career while giving raanta a fire under his butt to play well and seize the spot when he falters.

  3. HarryR says:

    Time for the defense to start putting some hits on somebody, and the cheap boils will stop.

  4. wall says:

    Khabby is done!

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