Roster Updates: Hossa Out, Seabrook And Anisimov Return

According to media reports, the Blackhawks will be without Marian Hossa in Winnipeg on Friday night. Hossa is sick, according to CSN Chicago’s Tracey Myers.

But the Hawks will have both Brent Seabrook and Artem Anisimov back in the lineup.

Duncan Keith has been offered an in-person hearing regarding his suspension stemming from Keith hitting Charlie Coyle in Minnesota.

17 thoughts on “Roster Updates: Hossa Out, Seabrook And Anisimov Return

  1. Hossa has had a great, Hall of Fame worthy career. One of the best two-way forwards the game has seen. But it’s been both sad and a painful to witness his systematic decline this season. He’s not the same player anymore. His offseason will need to be devoted to making adjustments to his game. He needs to start with a switch to a smaller club. More importantly, the Hawks need to adjust his role. He can’t be thrown out there every shift on the top line. While the Toews line has suffered from a bunch of things this season…a revolving door of inadequate left wings until Ladd arrived, and Toews himself not having a good season by his lofty standards….a major issue has been that Hossa is no longer up to the challenge of playing top line minutes on every shift.

  2. Re Keith suspension. All the hockey pundits calling for 10 games are Hawks haters. What he did as a retaliation to being dangerously slew footed pales to what wideman
    Did to that official and that only got him 10 games.

  3. I just spoke with an old buddy who is an NHL linesman and he says the talk amongst the referee’s is 5 games. He also said that Dunks is viewed as a tough, fair player who lost his cool for a moment. He is not viewed as a Raffi Torres type player among the league officials.

    It probably won’t surprise people that Dunks is viewed this way among the league officials, but it surprised me when I was told that Chris Letang is viewed as a “thug” by many ref’s. That surprised me.

  4. Awesome insight Reg. I had heard that about Kris Letang. Surprised me as well. Just because he has been offered an in person hearing doesnt automatically mean 5 or more. Just that it can. Someone (Clowe?) was offered an in person hearing for jumping on the ice to fight. He declined and if I recall correctly wasnt suspended at all.

    Personally I think he gets 3-6.

    Just looked it up. It was Clowe…against the Hawks. Left the bench to start a fight against Shaw. Was facing 10 games, received 2. They decided it was legal line change with 8.4 seconds left in the game.

  5. Keith was tripped badly via stick, not slew footed–which by NHL rule book definition requires use of the leg or foot.

  6. Hossa is 37 years OLD! Age will do that to you, I hope Hawks win the Cup and he retires, he should retire but he won’t. Jagr is a beast . . . and uses his athletic ability and size and conditioning to remain relevant.

  7. Ernie

    I never understood the “cap recapture thing” on Hossa’s contract.
    Can you help me out here?


  8. …..agree with Hockey Yack about Hossa…even though he is one of my favorites….hasn’t been able to be as effective for the regular season and prone to injury….he should have been moved instead of Sharp in my opinion…but hope he wins one more Cup with Blackhawks…. coach Q has been very accomadating with him but he is the flat tire on the Toews line and icetime should be diminished…..Blackhawks loyalty to him may have something to do with his salary structure …..lets hope he gets pumped up for the playoffs….

  9. Teams would have a hit of the difference between cap hit and actual dollars for the remainder of the deal. Cap hit of 5.275 salary of 4 (16/17 season) 1.275 recapture for the duration.

    In 17/18 the “savings” is more significant . salary drops to 1 million. Recapture of 4.275 for the duration. 1.275 is minimal. This could be it for Hossa.

  10. Hossa cap recapture after this season was wrong. Sorry about that. No capgeek makes muddier definitions. It’s all got to do with how much benefit there will be as dead years have been takes on to lower the aav.

    After 15/16 recapture would be 3.675 for the duration.

    Retirement from 16/17 through 20/21 season. Recapture of 4.275 each year.

  11. Truth Bum – If you are gonna claim that by definition a slew foot must be initiated by leg or foot and disregard where the real threat in a slew foot lies. Then I say that Duncan Keith’s incident is nothing more then a high stick that drew blood, double minor at best.

    Isn’t over simplification fun?

    Truth is Truth Bum. All of the ingredients of a slew foot exist in what Charlie Coyle did, but he didnt come from behind and didnt use leg or foot. However, if an individual cant see this as basically an inverted slew foot with use of stick in place of leg/ foot they have no business commenting on this situation.

    Dunc’s reaction was over the top. By rule (CBA) he is not a repeat offender. It is time the league puts an end to the dirty instigaters like Coyle. Remember Coyle’s contact with Keith was not legal it was at min Interference.

    I see this as 3 games. For me Duncan only gets 5 if Coyle gets a game as well. There is no place for what either man did in the game. But to punish one and not the other is foolish.

  12. Flu is better now then playoffs. 86/15/7/81. Not sure how much rest you get when sick but its still rest.

    NAS lost 3 in a row so they are 5 games behind us (reminds me of MIN)(will they play STL the 1 seed again). The media who tried to talk us into to playing LA with a 4 seed forgot something ANA prob has a better chance at 1 seed.

    It really doesn’t matter what seed we are. I just want to be higher then as many as we can (while were playing short handed). I am worried about Crow and feel that hes coming back to skating soon. Common Crow we need everybody.

  13. It doesn’t matter what Coyle did. It doesnt matter that it went unpenalized.I get it. I’d lose my cool too. It wasn’t a slew foot. But it had the same dangerous result. We all have that point where we snap. Where in the heat of battle the you do something that you regret 5 seconds later.

    Regardless of what led up to that, the issue is with Keith’s stick. Not why his stick was there. Maybe the ref does call Coyle for tripping. Keith reacted so quickly he wouldn’t have known. He had one thing on his mind for 2 seconds. It may not have been I’m gonna try to cut this dude open. But more I’m gonna hit this guy while I’m turning over cuz that hurt like hell.

    His reaction is what will get him suspended. And it’s not the first time he’s had a similar reaction.

    Regarding the not technically a repeat offender. That applies more towards monetary fines than suspensions. Both of his prior issues have been similar retaliatory instances.

    “His status as a repeat offender in this category is used to determine the amount of salary forfeited should he receive another suspension.

    It is important to note that even if a Player is not defined as a repeat offender, his past history may come into consideration when determining future Supplemental Discipline.” Per NHL rulebook

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