Schmaltz, Motte Invited to NHLPA Rookie Showcase

Blackhawks prospects Nick Schmaltz and Tyler Motte have been invited to the NHLPA’s exclusive rookie showcase in Toronto. The showcase is held at Mattamy Athletic Centre in Toronto on Monday, Aug. 29.

Only three other players from the Central Division – Winnipeg’s Kyle Connor, Nashville’s Vladislav Kamenev and Minnesota’s Alex Tuch – were invited.

From the release:

Now in its eighth year, this unique event provides Upper Deck — the official trading card partner of the NHLPA and the NHL — with a unique opportunity to photograph and film many of the game’s top young prospects and rookies in their official NHL team uniforms.
The content collected will be used for upcoming
Upper Deck trading card and memorabilia products and digital video posts.

Also invited to the showcase are:

Mathew Barzal (Islanders)
Riley Barber (Capitals)
Thomas Chabot (Senators)
Kyle Connor (Jets)
Lawson Crouse (Panthers)
Anthony DeAngelo (Coyotes)
Thatcher Demko (Canucks),
Pierre-Luc Dubois (Blue Jackets)
Christian Dvorak (Coyotes)
Jon Gillies (Flames)
Vladislav Kamenev (Predators)
Travis Konecny (Flyers)
Kevin Labanc (Sharks)
Ryan MacInnis (Coyotes)
Timo Meier (Sharks)
Brandon Montour (Ducks)
Brayden Point (Lightning)
Ivan Provorov (Flyers)
Evgeny Svechnikov (Red Wings)
Matthew Tkachuk (Flames)
Alex Tuch (Wild)
Jakub Vrana (Capitals)
Zachary Werenski (Blue Jackets)
Pavel Zacha (Devils)
Jakub Zboril (Bruins)

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17 thoughts on “Schmaltz, Motte Invited to NHLPA Rookie Showcase

  1. Just had Stan on Sirius. I missed the first half of it but… He talked about having 5 kids that are gonna battle for a roster spot and those guys shined at prospect camp. McNeil wasn’t there but in order of names mentioned after he talked about Schmaltz and Motte it was McNeil,Hartman, and Hinostroza. Read into that as much or as little as you’d like.

    When talking about the improved pp he pegged that on having Keith and Seabrook at the point. As well as trying to keep the lines together on the pp. That’s something I hadn’t noticed.

    Theyre replaying the interview of Campbell after he signed. He still pronounces Hjalmarsson like it’s Yarmalson.

    Actually story related, I wonder how they arrive at the guys on that list. Very few newly drafted players. I’m actually only seeing Tkachuk. But you have a guy like Thatcher Demo that isn’t even signed.

  2. Hi Ernie , i think they arrived at those players being named as they have been the most predominate names floating around in the Hawk news ,and blogs ,and chats and so on and so forth . I could pronounce your name Ernye ,.,pehaps i will ,,.,..,.,,like the Movie ,Lost in Translation . Ern-ye . See how easy it is to misinterpret ,.,.no harm no fowl .
    Just food for thought . What hadent you noticed about the p.p. They always have first and second line p.p. units,.,.,could that be what he was talking about ,.,keeping them together ?// Yehaw Ernye.

  3. I really did not realize Motte is built like a tank and,.,.,Schmaltz looks like the next Tony Amonte,.,.,good luck boys>>>> Man i loved Amonte ,.,lost on a struggling team. Cheered for him in Philly when they played the Leafs in the playoffs . May be my Canadian accent Ernye!!

  4. I know they have first and second line pp units. Maybe it’s just been so long since the Hawks have played that I had forgotten. But it seems in years past Kane was always with Toews on the PP. This year they kept Kane,Panarin, and Anisimov together for the PP. That could have more to do with having a 2c than anything. But Bowman said himself that perhaps part of the reason for the improved unit was keeping the 5v5 and pp lines the same.

    But yeah, Motte got some ass on him. Hawks need an appetizing entre to go with their apple sauce and goose fat.

  5. Good post Ernie. Hawks love Schmaltz and Motte. They like the growth and trend of Schmaltz very much. The view Hartman as a potential 4th liner on opening night.

    On McNeill. I’ve been told that he is a bit of a “tweeter”, somebody they would like get a 15 game look at but where ?

    The Hawks don’t see him as a top two line guy at this point and there are doubts whether he is a ‘q” type of player on the bottom two lines, meaning that he’s willing to accept and execute a grinding role without getting scored on.

    Also, the Hawks are very high on Ville Pokka. In talking to a contact, we were talking about the addition of Campbell to the top 4 and Kempny to the bottom pair and he quickly said and don’t forget about Pokka, then sang his praises.

  6. Thanks Craig. Always look forward to seeing what you post. A little bit on Pokka that I think may at least partially explain why we haven’t seen him yet. We know the Hawks got hit with a big overage from bonuses. We all know Pokka was drafted and signed by the Islanders and acquired in the Leddy deal. Knowing how the Hawks do business money dictates a lot of things. And I think to totally dismiss the way Pokka’s contract is structured would be narrow minded.

    Pokka was the 34th pick in the 2012 NHL draft. He was signed in may 2014. So 2 seasons after he was drafted. His contract was the max 925 salary along with 850k in bonuses I’m not sure what the details are as far as his bonus schedule. I do know that when compared to other players in his draft year, Pokka did well as far as that goes. Jordan Schmaltz had the same salary but no bonuses this year. And only half of Pokka’s this year. And he signed 1 year later. So that big performance bonus figure could keep him from seeing UC ice. It also artificially keeps his salary on his next contract lower as he’s still an unknown in the NHL. As much as I’d love to see him, I don’t think he’s here until after Campbell or TVR go away.

    I know other prospects have bonuses tied to their names. But maybe those aren’t quite as attainable as Pokka. And they may say once he’s up he’s not going back which would be a games played/minutes bonus. I think the Hawks are done with signings to try and not have to swallow a huge overage knowing they have to sign Panarin. Having 3 million in overage and 7 million in salary is like having an extra 6 million dollar hit right now.

    Onto Motte. His contract doesn’t have bonuses attached to it. That tells me he was guaranteed an NHL spot in lieu of bonuses. Without the bonus potential. And without an NHL guarantee, no way a guy like him forgoes his senior year.

  7. Thank God we are moving on. To me, if the Hawks are going to sign Panarin, they simply d0 not have an extra $2mm in bonuses against the 17-18 Cap for Vesey. Developing the prospects we have and generating some picks or trading for young secondary players is a priority.

    As a life long fan of 50 years, providing a long term good product is key to success. And because it is the Blackhawks, that success stretches across the country.

    I can live without another Cup for a couple of years if the team is ultra competitive and management continually builds a new core for the future. We must remember that building a future core is much harder without early 1st round picks. Tallon did a great job picking early 1st rounders, SB has done a great job finding diamonds in the rough.

  8. “Tallon did a great job picking early 1st rounders”

    Tallon was named GM June 21 2005. The 2005 NHL draft was held July 30th that year

    2005- Jack Skille 5th overall
    2006- Toews 3rd
    2007- Kane 1st
    2008- Kyle Beach 11th
    2009- Dylan Olsen 28th

    other notable players
    2005 Hjalmarsson….thats it
    2006- Nobody
    2008- Ben Smith
    2009- Pirri, Froese, Kruger

    He hit huge with Toews and Kane. And Did damn well with Hjalmarsson and Kruger. Other than that, his drafts in general while he was here left something to be desired.

  9. @ Ernie

    I call BS on that comment! Take Toews and Kane out as they were no brainers. Tallon found future hof player in Keith, and cornerstone dman and goalie in Seabs, n Crow. Found franchise player in Buff and traded for another in Laddy for Tuomo Ruutu lol. Was Tallon perfect NO bit this team isnt were they are today without Dale Tallon!

  10. Bob Pulford may have been the defacto GM by title during Keith,Seabrook, Crow and Buff selections but Tallon was the guy scouting and advising at that stage as the assist GM. He was the direction of player personal

    I’m not buying that statement either sorry

  11. Believe it or not…
    Mike Smith 2000/2003
    Pulford 2003/2005
    Tallon- 2005/09
    Bowman 09/present

  12. Smith was fired in October 2003. Pulford was VP and became interim GM as well.

    Smith had the title of GM when Keith,Crawford,Seabrook,Byfuglien

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