Scott Darling To Start Tuesday

Scott Darling

Scott Darling, who was recalled from Rockford on Sunday evening and subsequently received a two-year extension, will start in net when the Blackhawks host the Florida Panthers on Tuesday night.

Darling, 26, posted a 5-2-0 record with a .937 save percentage and 1.97 goals against average in seven games with the Hawks earlier this year. He compiled a 14-8-2 record with Rockford this season,, including two shutouts, a .927 save percentage and 2.20 goals against average in 26 games.

37 thoughts on “Scott Darling To Start Tuesday

  1. With the way the L.A Kings are playing lately, maybe we should start thinking about next year, this team has way too many big contracts and not enough depth.

  2. 2 wks ago everyone (not here) said LOS was not going to make the playoffs, type talk. Now there saying the same about us.

    Wait about 2wks, the girl always comes back for more.

  3. Curious about D-Pairings w/Oduya out… things will get interesting…

    Maybe 2-7, 34-4, 5-32 (where 5-32 dont play together at all, just rotate with the other 4 to give rest.)

  4. We had better see a huge response from the leadership on the ice tonight! Florida is a good team, and I’ll bet some of the x blackhawks on that roster will be looking to prove something as well.

    Let’s go Hawks!

  5. Hayes will score a Hat-trick while Bickell watches and checks the boards

    Pirri will beat Cbomb in a fight

    Kopecki will be a +3 and Toews a -3

    Keith will skate 32+ minutes

  6. Hof- here is my alternate “optimistic” prediction…

    Darling shuts them out,,, back to back… Crow / Bickell are moved to Oil for Darnell Nurse and Nail Yak… we eat $3M of their contracts…

    Life is grand!!!

  7. Wall- apparently you didn’t read the article where everyone put Edmonton on their NTC.

    Leddy for 7 years at 5.5 per. Bigger cap hit than the Hawks could take on (even though if they held on to him he would have been a RFA and they could have gotten a kings ransom for him), love seeing the guy get paid though. He’s still 23. haha

    I keep wanting to think that Bowman has something big brewing, but he really screwed himself with all of the NMC’s and a handful of bad contracts. You know hw had to be hoping for more out of the AHL for the blue line, but Q isn’t patient enough to let those kids play. In before “ALWAYS BLAME Q OMG 2 RINGS HE LOVES ROOKIES LOOK AT SHAW SAAD BARF”

  8. JS- the Oil trade was a joke/sarcasm… And I am still waiting for some “GM” here to tell me the “Hypothetical trade” value of Crow??? I don’t see any!!!

    So why did SB pay 50 so much??? (scratching head!!!)

    JS/Hof- any thoughts on the Link about Goalies I posted? I do respect your thoughts/opinions.

  9. The NMC’s were a bit out of hand. Especially Sharps. Bickell’s maybe to compensate for paying him less than he would get on market. Oduya’s and Rozy’s were both stupid as well.


    Wonder how many monies this means Saad gets. Has to be in the 4 range.

    Anyhoo. I feel like Darling will need to save 37 tonight. I also still think 70% of their problems are system \ strategy related not personnel.

    Allegedly TVR will be cleared soon. Good thing he has Wolverine healing powers.

  10. Wall- always impossible to tell. Cory Schneider netted the 9th overall pick. Crawford is certainly older than Schneider, but has been a more proven performer.

    As far as the link you posted, it’s pretty spot on. The most important thing is shot suppression and having a league average goaltender. If you have these things, you have a chance to win. I mentioned this 1000 times after the Miller to Blues deal last year.

    And the money Bowman gave him… I don’t really know. It’s likely the same amount he would have gotten on the open market… but I don’t really feel like it was necessary. Maybe he was looking at their goalie prospects being non-existent and didn’t want to blow the “window” by not being able to field a league average goalie?

  11. I’ve always believed a great team starts in goal & your best penalty killer is your goaltender. On the former, I’ve held that belief since I witnessed Ken Dryden outgoaltend Tony Esposito on 5/18/71.

    Nonetheless, there is merit to the shot supression – just have a league ave. goaltender angle, it does make sense. The flip side to it is a guy like Quick and there are others who really led their team to a Cup. Of course, everyone contributes, but great goaltending has a ripple effect on a team, as does poor goaltending.

    On Crawford’s contract, it’s not great by any stretch but it’s also not way out of line in my view. He led them to that ’13 Cup as Tab has commented and their goalie pipeline wasn’t full.

    If we criticize the Crawford move, we have to applaud the moves to get competent goaltenders like Raanta and Darling for nothing. One could even say Niemi. So it really goes both ways.

  12. Hof- while your last comment puts a “positive” perspective on things…

    I still wish that SB had the “confidence” in himself- to find that next Niemi/Crow – on the Cheap… IT is way to EASY to just Pay guys…

    Much tougher to let guys/favorites, who have performed, move on or trade.

  13. If Stan doesn’t pay for Crawford, we could have been like the flyers for the past five years. Perhaps Philly beats the Hawks in the finals if Michael Leighton or Brian Boucher aren’t their goaltenders, who are now playing in the AHL. While goaltenders can be cheap, it is safer to pay for a known commodity like Crawford. Is it really a good idea to hand over the goaltending reigns to two guys with under 50 NHL starts between them and roughly the same for AHL starts? Yes the savings is incredible, but everyone starts on a high since they are playing in the NHL.

    For Crawford’s value, it all depends how he is playing. At the beggining of the season, perhaps you could have gotten a second line player or better, or a top four dman with prospect(s) and a pick. Now, you’d have to take back some salary and receive a mediocre player with how he has been playing lately.

    Crawford isn’t the reason they are losing, it is a team effort. What do the Hawks have to play for? They can’t fully catch St. Louis or Nashville, so why take an extra hit to still finish third?

  14. Sadly Sasquatch Darling is our last hope, the over paid leaders of this team have had 3 weeks now, so now it’s up to Sasquatch and ya know he might be up to the challenge! I hope he does well if he wins tonight he starts the next one, pretty simple, he plays until he losses a game so maybe a 9 game win streak hits us like a bolt of lighting. The kid is big, has a big 5 hole when he goes down, but otherwise is pretty damn sound, PLUS hawks d is more than expected to start playing. Go Darling!

  15. AJ, to come back from that ankle injury good the way he did too. With not sure wen 57 is going to be ready and 27 for a couple wks, that has to have Bowman thinking I do it now (not 50/50, etc.) because we wont know on these guys until after deadline. Makes you wonder he is brewing something bigger (at least not depth small).

  16. Mike… Hope you are right. This team needs a shot in the arm right now.

    Hope Sasquatch Darling doesn’t have a Crawford-esque start.

    Also, hopefully Crow can get his game and confidence back in time for the post-season!

  17. Wall, you yourself identified a guy Bowman just recently acquired, Nilsson, the huge guy who is playing over in Russia this year and doing well. Now you didn’t forget about him did you?

    I think they’ve done a pretty good job identifying overlooked goaltenders in the past few years.

  18. The Blackhawks are going to start playing good at some point in these 5games coming up. When we ‘play’ we can play between good and really good everygame. Its impossible to play good/really good when we do not even play.

    As long as were within 5 games of STL (or NAS) we can/and are still playing for the 2seed. We could for the 1seed if NAS would stop getting a tie and the free 2pts in games every once in awhile they deserve to lose in regulation like they did the other night/and have about 4times in the last 20-25games. They do that, stop that crap. In the last 5games about NAS and STL have been stuck on 26-27 and 21-22 games over, after they both gained 12 (15-27)(10-22) during the time we didn’t do anything. Even though we are still within 5/6 games of STL for the 2seed and are going for the 2seed. Yea, MIN and WIN are at 10 and both went from (4-12)(0-10) in a 10-15game spurt, so even if they both that again they will be around 20 over. So we need to be at 20 or more over worst case.

    We need to do what we need to do, and we will.

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