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  1. I think folks take talk about Crawford too personally. I have never seen a Crawford “hater” on this blog. Rather, I see folks who are simply suggesting that Crawford is very expensive for what he brings to the table. He is a good goalie, but no one is perfect and he will need to be bailed out from time to time. I think Ray Emery played that key role for the last BH Cup win.

  2. I was hoping Crawford would perform well in the post season in order to gain more trade value in the off season.

    Like kid, I am not a Crow hater… and we all know the Hawks will be cap constrained during the off season… Reality is, someone or ones will have to go.

    Darling has done a good job, but this sample size is very small… Hopefully he can keep it up and help the Hawks bring home the cup once again!

  3. I imagine as long as the Blackhawks keep winning with him in net and Darling gives up 2 goals or less that Coach Q will keep riding the hot hand….after the excellent year that Crawford had where he carried the team for stretches of the season… it would really be something if the Blackhawks rode Darling to the Stanley Cup Finals as he continues to stand on his head.

  4. Chances are very good that we will need Crow at some point of a deep cup run. To his credit, Crawford has handled things exceptionally well considering how rattled he must be from game 2 and how well Darling has pitched in relief. He needs his head screwed on straight. We will need him so glad to see he is handling things well.

    I still don’t think you can just say “throw crow out, plug in goalie x, 2 new d-men and your team is just as strong or stronger.” Goalies have the highest variance of any position in hockey. Crawford proved himself by winning the cup and was paid accordingly. Darling has come out of nowhere and the Hawks have captured lightning in a bottle. No way you could have predicted that. Who would have thought Dubnyk would have made the Wild the hottest team in hockey? Who would have thought the Hamburglar would lead the Senators into the playoffs?

    You also don’t want to start jerking guys around lest the organization get the reputation as not valuing their players and then nobody will want to sign there. SB may have overpaid but locking in Crow was probably the right move. The drama for the 2014/2015 season is far from over…

  5. Nevermind the goalies, let’s hope we’ve seen the last of Nordstrom in games, and Desjardins stays in the lineup through the rest of the playoffs. When have we heard post-game comments by teammates about what (in theory) Nordstrom brings to the table? Everyone was singing Desjardins’ accolades after the game; the players know, they do not wear blinders like Q does w/ certain players. What exactly does Nordstrom excel in — killing penalties? Ahhhh, no. Power play? Ahhhh, no. Great set-up assist man? Ahhhh, no. Great goal scorer? Ahhhh, no. Great at face-offs? Ahhhh, no. Great statistics (Corsi, +/-)? Ahhhhh, no. Great enforcer that other teams are concerned about? Ahhhh, no. Great agitator like Shaw? Ahhhh, no. Great moral guy? Ahhhhh, no. In a pinch, Desjardins can even handle limited minutes playing on one of the top two lines; Nordstrom no way. I hope Q is relaxing today reading Derby entries and doesn’t have relapse obsession re: Nordstrom.

  6. ICEMAN, You make me really confused. Not to many good points in your post, I can definitely get the picture of that you never played the game yourself, which is ok..but therefore lost in some of your points. Get your facts right before you start jumping on Nordy.

  7. Dear Johnny, if you’re confused, you must be friends w/ Nordy, or you need to make an appointment w/ an opthamologist. Sorry, the facts can’t be any clearer and specific. Nordstrom simply doesn’t excel in any of the aspects of the game that I set forth. In fact, if you compare him and Desjardins regarding their skillset, it’s no comparison. Nordstrom is probably a little faster skater. That’s it. I just don’t want to see four lines turn into three like last year’s playoffs.

  8. R.I.P. Doug Buffone. Along with Sweetness, my 2 favorites all-time. You youngsters have no idea what you missed.

  9. Nordstrom brings a great deal to the table. He is an excellent skater and is one of the best forecheckers on the team. He uses his body well and delivers some big hits. He is also defensively responsible and gives 110% on every shift. He is not a scorer or assist man yet but that may come in time. Desjardins had a good game last night but he is basically mediocre. I would rather have Smith as I believe he had a quicker stick and was a better penalty killer.

  10. Agree re: Smith 1961, he is a better player than both of them, but that train left the station, was out of our control…

  11. Iceman, Desjardins will be in and your hate boy Nordstrom will sit. Hard to remember a poster being so obsessed with one player, let alone a 4th line player. Wow.

    That said, good on Desjardins for his game yesterday, good job, he deserves to be in.

  12. Q has already reiterated that Crow is his guy. But I think Q will ride SD as long as he is winning and that works for me.

    I’ll take Desjardins for THIS playoff. Nordy lacks the experience and while I am a fan of Smith, SJS learned as Q did…..lots of heart but not much more. Maybe Smith was a victim of circumstance but with the playoffs on the line Smith’s ice time dwindled week by week.

    As for Vermette / TT, I agree with Q on this also. TT lacks playoff experience and while Vermette hasn’t hit the score sheet yet, he has playoff savvy. He helps the team if only to take some match up pressure off the top 6.

  13. Good news on Darling he’s big in the net and seems to really be in control emotionally. I liked the line up yesterday but as I’ve mentioned before I don’t see anything from Versteeg. Maybe move Bickell up with them to give them a little crash. One thing that gives me a chill and I think it was Mike57 that mentioned it is Q bringing up the name Caricillo the next time I want to see that name is when he’s released. I hope the Hawks stay aggressive when they do they have puck control. Go Hawks!!!!

  14. IMHO Crawford has been letting in so called “soft” goals in his last few games.
    Having played for most of my 55 years and reffing over 17 years I can tell you nothing deflates a team like a soft goal…… ALL goalies let in soft ones, unfortunately Crawford’s were costly.
    We have not seen the last of Cory if we can get past Nashville. He needs to get his head together & put in some time with the goalie coach and he’ll be just fine. He will be needed down the stretch….
    That being said I couldn’t be happier for Darling, good kid living the dream right now!

  15. I had made the comment about 20-25 teams would be interested in Crow and I stand by that comment. As you can probably guess I am a Crow fan. I think when you look at goaltending around the league Crow is a pretty good option. If the Hawks choose to shop him their will be teams interested in his services. His contract isn’t crazy for a starting goalie with a cup, Jennings and some playoff wins under his belt. Here is a quick list of teams who Crow is an improvement over their starting goaltender.

    Leafs, Sabres, Panthers, Ottawa, Flyers, Canes, Blues(clearly not a Elliot or Allen fan), Jets, Stars, Avs(Varlomov is always hurt and inconsistent), Ducks, Nucks, Flames, Sharks, Oilers, and Yotes,…thats 16 teams

    After this above group it gets murky depending on how you feel about team wins, team defense and how much you value a given goalie over another. Here is where it gets interesting is

    Jackets- Is Crow an improvement over bob probably not, but bob is always hurt and has zero post season success. Bobrovsky has one amazing season on his resume and little else.

    Devils-Schneider has never done much in the playoffs despite a few solid Nuck teams;

    Wings-Jimmy Howard is Crows life long comp, and Howard is on the bench for the Wings so this one is really a toss up.

    Isles-Halak, St Louis dumped this guy because they couldn’t trust him nuff said

    Holtby-Could be special eventually but the Caps window is closing and young goalies take time.

    Crow is not elite but he is better then most around the league!

  16. Joey Z. Agree with your post, but the thing that concerns me is in the past,(to my best knowledge) after a sub-par game or even period, CC always came back strong the next game. CC was in trouble from opening drop in game two, never looked confident and/or in charge. I am a big fan of 50, I was very surprised by how he played. That being said, I am very impressed how well Darling has played.

  17. Whether he plays again in this post season or not, won’t hurt Crawford’s trade value this summer. He has proven himself to be a top half of the league goalie and there’s always a market for this, and his secured contract (avg. $ for his status). So many of you are making such a big deal out of this because you think that Darling is a fluke or “came out of nowhere”…that’s ridiculous. Darling has been playing light’s out for his last 4 seasons. His play this season both in CHI and Rockford has shown us that these playoffs should be no surprise. He has a huge frame and plays square in net with really good angles. He does play the Butterfly style, but he gets back up very quickly which puts him right back into position. Crawford has become the type of butterfly goalie that once he’s down, he stays down, which is a problem with our Defence. Darling also possesses outrageous side to side speed in his crease which CC has always struggled with. The fact is, as good as Crawford was this season, and he had a terrific year, Darling was better and has been better in the playoffs.

    Remember, Crawford has never let in 9 goals in 4 periods with the Hawks, he didn’t just suddenly forget how to play goal, NSH has been very fast and aggressive in this series and they are causing huge breakdowns with the Hawks on D. Darling has simply just been that good in net, and we cannot afford to do anything but play our best lineup each game with the 3rd D pairing we have!

  18. SSHM, when you throw around a comment that 20-25 teams would be interested in Crow and then reference Panthers (Luongo) and Nucks (Miller) – two teams with long term and expensive commitments already in place you lose me. There may be a few teams out there with interest and cap space to afford CC but it is no where near 20. CC may be an improvement for 20 or more teams but existing long term commitments often stand in the way of improvements.

  19. @ smitty

    In my opinion Crow at this stage in his career is a better goalie then both Louongo & Ryan Miller, so those would be improvements for both teams.

    If you look at these two deals neither is particularly awful. On the surface Lou’s appears awful. That being said Roberto contract is about 4.5 million a season until age 43. However the NUCKS are eating salary and when roberto hangs them up the NUCKS accrew a cap plenty not Lou’s present team. I’m not saying this a smart move for the Hawks but if your Florida you make that move.

    As for Miller his is a 3 year deal and isn’t overly taxing. Regardless, the point is if the Hawks plan to move Crow there is a market just like there is a market for Sharp when he is moved.

  20. ftr what are you talking about? Why would they trade their captain for a goalie when they have a good one? You’re fired.

  21. B & B… Where have you been all year??? I could have used some help/backing here- when I called for CC to be traded and Play SD/Raanta and Buy some skating assets!!!

    Smitty- you are spot on… alot of these teams can’t trade for Crow… because they don’t have room for another inflated Goalie… or they don’t want to spend for a “marginal” improvement

  22. 100% on board with Chevrier 2:50 posting..thats well put and a voice of reason and sanity…its getting to be like a broken record with the same lyrics over and over…Oh wait..most of these guys don’t have a clue what a record is..a broken digital ipad thingie.

    Minny wins tonite in fine fashion so we need St. Louis to win the next one, that is after they beat the daylights out of each other. Their series goes the longest if it goes to seven so even better. I truly and sincerely hope Winnipeg can come out with at least one win. No lika da Ducks. Former pick on guy and much ridiculed Bollig opened the scoring for Calgary last game in a key game. Would like to see the pesky Canucks out but they really seem to be a bit off and not the threat they once were. Bring it on.

  23. Not to get too far ahead as some have but Minnesota looks very solid and will frustrate the Hawks with both their speed and attention to clogging up the middle and not allowing odd person breaks.
    Any word on TT? as Q rarely makes a change after a win.

  24. The Wild give the Blues all kinda fits. I’m sorry but going into the playoffs with an unproven net minder isn’t a good recipe for success. While Jake Allen hasn’t been the reason St is losing he isn’t playing at the level they need.

    How about the Ducks scoring in the final 2 mins in reg and then in OT, the Ducks are the team to beat in the Pacific Bracket. I never understood all the Jets love. Next year they will be a force with new picks and young players coming up.

  25. I like Darling in game 4… but unless Darling posts a shutout , i’d like to see Crawford in game 5. Let Crawford try to get some momentum. Give him some confidence by saying go win us the series… etc etc.

    And if he fails… Darling is there for Game 6 at home.

    Just my two cents. I know its probably better to just squash the bug, then to give it hope… but as good as Darling has been, i want crows head on straight.

  26. Chevrier- (and Mining Man-in 100% agree mode)… Great post- I agree…

    The funny thing is there is one Huge contradiction in you post… “the Goalie position has the greatest variance”… that statement- it basically has been my “broken record” all year… and is my reason (and a study/link that I posted earlier this year- that concluded the same (goalies aren’t that different from eachother))… ironically you use that statement to say/support why a GM should Pay the goalie… I think it is 100% the reason You Shouldn’t pay the Goalie!!!

    To add- Dubnyk “has made the Wild the Hottest team”…. from my perspective that example is just more evidence of the “Team in front” of the goalie making the Goalie look great!!! Wild were sick/depleted early in year… + BAD goalies,,, Dubnyk has never “great stat wise”- elsewhere, yet Dubnyk is suddenly the MVP and has great stats…No!!! Now should a GM pay Dubnyk $7-$9M for this run… It will be another Big mistake by GM… But Great for Dubnyk- who is showing to be a Capable goalie after playing behind bad teams- and showing to be just another NHL goalie… Great for DD,,, for getting paid- I Don’t blame him- but 1/2 season of great numbers behind a solid/hungry Wild team… hardly makes DD an elite goalie in my eyes- capable-yes.

  27. it looks good on St. Louis losing as they can’t handle the speed of the Wild. If all goes as planned (shouldn’t look too far ahead I guess) the Hawks wouldn’t play Minnesota as the Ducks would get the lower seed right? Chicago would get the winner of Calgary/Vancouver (hopefully Calgary takes Vancouver out) unless St. Louis would come back and then we get the Blues.

    Before the playoffs started there was a lot of praise for Andrew Ladd and his great leadership and how the Hawks miss him and Buff. It’s not looking that great at the moment with a lot of dumb decisions and penalties taken by him. Though unpopular (and cap necessary) the Hawks made the right decisions.

  28. Bladz…there is no re-seed.

    After the first round match ups are set, its like the conference i broken into 2 4-team playoffs. We will play the winner of Stl/Min no matter what.

  29. Wall – fair enough point. I can see how that might be a contradiction. Here’s my point of view. I think St. Louis is the perfect example of the danger of goalie-hopping from one to the next. Elliot, Miller, Allen and I’m pretty sure one or two others thrown in there over the past three years and they still can’t figure out who to play in net.

    I have been comfortable with the Crow signing and locking him in as a known quantity. I haven’t looked at the numbers but he seems to be pretty consistent with the occasional stink bomb thrown in. Darling has been great, no doubt, but chances are he will regress at some point. Raanta is serviceable but certainly has not proven he’s a #1. So let Crow go and what happens when it’s Darling’s turn to get paid? Of course you could point to Anti Niemi as the counter to the counter point. This all makes my head hurt. I’m glad I’m not Stan Bowman.

    Besides, I want to see a deliriously happy, tipsy Crow with the championship belt dropping f-bombs from the stage in Grant Park again.

    Winnipeg/Ducks was a fun one last night. The crowd was a good as advertised and Big Buff as expected did something stupid. Fun game, just wish the Jets had closed it out in regulation.

  30. It’s all about winning. Crow fumbled early starts and thankfully Darling can come in a fill the breach. Hawks are lucky to have 2 solid keepers. I am so tired about the media playing up the Hawks goalie situation to be some hand wringing stressful exercise. Of course a team wants their number 1 goalie to be THE guy, the stopper. CC has been this player for the past few years apart from the normal periods where the pucks look like peas and not beach balls. It is unfortunate that Corey had a rough start in this series, but I believe he is mentally tough, and as suggested by an astute poster, their will be video session review along with technique drills the get Crow back on his game. I am still confident that CC makes a positive difference in playoffs this year. The salary issue is no importance right now and that discussion should be shelved while the 2015 playoffs are alive and kicking in Chicago.

    I like Darling and the way he takes away open net space for shooters. Just avoiding softies is all we can ask of our keepers. Those are the goals that suck the life out of a team. Right now the job between the pipes is “Boss” Darlings to loose. Lets hope he stays on a roll and the Hawks get through this series in 6 games or less.

    Big one again tonight. Can’t wait to get down to the UC. Nail in hand and ready to be put in the Preds coffin if Hawks prevail tonight. I hate 8:30 starts, but who gets extra sleep in playoffs? Some great games every day for us fans to enjoy. I wanted Jets to win last night. They have been so close…., and Sens just can’t get past Habs. Those series have been barn burners along with Flames and Nucks. The Knuckleheads are BACK with the usual suspects front and center.

    Lets Go Hawks!!

  31. Hofmeister, great post, you are correct. But I harp on stuff like this for a reason, attention to detail. I was obsessed w/ the Bollig fiasco which turned into “roll three lines” last playoffs. I don’t hate Nordstrom at all, this just isn’t the time and place for him to be playing. I hope he improves over the summer b/c he is going to be on the team next year, they will need him. By the way, speaking of Bollig, he actually scored a goal last game for Cal-Gary.

  32. ICEMAN.. Here we go “killing penalties? Ahhhh, no. Power play? Ahhhh, no. Great set-up assist man? Ahhhh, no. Great goal scorer? Ahhhh, no. Great at face-offs? Ahhhh, no. Great statistics (Corsi, +/-)? Ahhhhh, no. Great enforcer that other teams are concerned about? Ahhhh, no. Great agitator like Shaw? Ahhhh, no. Great moral guy? Ahhhhh, no.”

    Killing Penalties, Ahhh, yes. Poweplay, ahhh no (along with 13 other players that dont have that as a role), Great set up assist man, ahhh no (once again, a role player, over 82 games if he can ship in with hand full of assist, its all good), Great scorer, ahhh no (ONCE again, he is a ROLL player in a 4th line), Great goal scorer, ahhhhh NO, (he is not on the ice to think “offense” and lets get some goal type of mind set…ROLL PLAYER), Great face off guy…ahh no, he is a wing so dont worry about that (might be the stupidest point of yours), Great enforcer “like Shaw”, he is pretty good for have been playing 50 NHL games and a match weigh of 182 pounds, Great moral guy..Thanks for having the insight of knowing he is not ICEMAN.. you are the man

  33. Crawford is in his own head right now. Give him a few off and he’ll be ok. If Hawks win tonight I wouldn’t be surprised to see Crawford back in night for game 5.

  34. I guess I am at a loss as to why the Hawks would automatically go back to Crawford for G5. I think the Hawks ride Darling until he loses or gets pulled. If Darling lets in some softies, but the Hawks win…he still gets the next start. What the Hawks need to hope for is that Crawford plays like he did for most of the regular season when he gets the net back. I have a feeling he will be motivated to play at another level. I think he gets the net back at some point in the postseason (especially after a Darling loss), but I don’t think it is set in stone that he will.

  35. If the Hawks win tonight, I absolutely wouldn’t start Crow in Game 5. Not on the road against a desperate team. The defense already plays piss poor enough in front of him, I don’t want to think what they will do in G5.

  36. JS- Completely agree

    Furthermore… the D in front of Crow has been bad,,, The quality of shots let up in game 2 were much higher than what SD saw in Game 3… the Goalies have no control of that!!!

    But – Q has to ride SD until SD looks bad… SD can even look good, lose…
    CC only gets net back if SD flops… SD should probably even start in a “subpar” win

  37. Are you guys watching the MIN/STL series? MIN is very much for real and not because DD is unbeatable, rather that MIN offence is constantly attacking with their speed and aggressive style of play. Right now, based on what I have witnessed with the Hawks, we are NOT good enough to defeat the wild in a 7 game series. We must get better as a team. Game 3 vs. NSH was a small step in the right direction, but I just don’t see our best play stepping up now that it is the playoffs.

    Not only do we need to beat NSH in say 5 games, but hope that STL can take the Wild to 6 or 7. The reason? Our top 4 Dmen are going to need a LONG rest to be ready for the Wild series because they are all going to have to play 24+ minutes a game to compete!

  38. B&B, the STL/Wild series is for real. I too was surprised by Min driving so much play in their offensive zone. I am going to say it again, because it is just ridiculous, but I have a hard time believing St. Louis will win anything with Backes as their Captain. He simply doesn’t inspire his teammates as his first instinct when down is to pummel the competition. His penalty at the end of Game 1 says all I need to know about him…in case I forgot.

  39. While a bit off topic, I glanced at SB Nation Winnipeg comments following yesterdays game. Not much love for Buff these days up there after yet another donkey cheap shot play and poor defense. Many have seen enough of him and talk about moving him off season. Why don’t they just move him back to playing wing and let him wreak havoc in front of Andersen as well as punish Ducks d men??

    Lets Go Hawks!!

  40. B&B I agree, Minny looks like a buzz saw right now. That is a very complete roster from top to bottom. I’m still waiting for the wheels to fall off of Dubnyk but the bigger the sample the more I don’t think it’s going to happen.

    STL had 19 shots and most were perimeter shots. STL got a very bad match up with Minny. If the Wild win again they will take the series. STL is a bunch of hacks led but captain Dbag, don’t I don’t expect them to mount a serious comeback. Wonder if they will fire Hitch after another 1st round exit. The Blues are pathetic!

  41. I objected to all the love Buff got on this blog a few weeks ago. Yes he is/can be a very good hockey player. Simply put, he is not a team player. The accolades have gone to his head. I am glad he had a huge post season for us in 2010, but that is past history.

  42. I was surprised at the last game of the season that the Blues didn’t lay down against Minnesota to allow them to jump to the 3 seed dropping the Hawks to the wildcard. The Wild have been playing some of the best hockey in the NHL since January. But I think the Blues were afraid of the Hawks so they were in trouble no matter what they did. StL just doesn’t have the right mindset to get over the hump. Talent, yes, fortitude, no. Reminds me of the old Minnesota Vikings or Cleveland Browns teams who had heaps of talent but were always just waiting for the axe to drop.

    Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but it would be fun to have a renewed rivalry with a Minnesota team. The old North Stars – Hawks series were awesome. Man I hated those guys. Just thinking of the name Dino Ciccarelli makes me want to punch something.

  43. Hey Chevy, remember the priceless Dino Sucks cheer as well as the green Sinclair dinosaur they would hang in effigy from the 2nd balcony at the Stadium?? Ah, those were the days. One of the great games was back in either very late season or playoffs against the North Stars and they had to play it on a weekday afternoon. Any one else remember that one.

    Yes, I am happy that good hockey fans in Minnesota have a quality team to root for. Never should have left for Dallas. That had to just crush those devoted fans from the Twin Cities.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  44. Boys, every paragraph on this blog…..very thought out, very concise…….very good reading…..thank you guys for making my day enjoyable.

    However, if you look at the Wild, they have learned from the Blackhawks on how to play the game. The Wild are NOT a big team, but they are fast and they are ferocious back checkers. St. Louis did their best to bully the Wild, hit them hard, scrums after the whistles……it didn’t faze them. The Wild have turned a corner, a corner that St. Louis will never turn as long as their “nucleus” stays intact.

  45. Not to put the cart before the horse but unless the Blues do something I don’t think they can do the Wild will be advancing. Keep in mind the Wild season has ended at the hands of the Blackhawks the last 2 seasons. This 3rd try will be the toughest yet.

  46. Phil- Agree and can’t understand why Buff is still playing D in the playoffs for the Jets. They’re totally missing his greatest strength (and could also play him on point on the PP.) As they say- not our problem.

    Chevy- Yep, Dino was a great one to hate. Also had hackers like Gordie Roberts on D and some other scorers (Gagne?) Anyway, those were the days back in the barn!

    On the SD/CC issue, have long been in the camp I’d prefer to spend CC’s $6M in front but only if you’re confident you have a solid G pair in place once/if he’s gone. Still lots of playoff hockey left before that’s been answered- but off to a good start with 33. That said, is not much dif’t than when CC was given the reigns after Niemi left in 2011-12. No one knew if he could handle playoff pressure and he didn’t at first (as Crawford was big reason we lost the rnd-1 Yotes series by giving up softies.) Yet- 50 has proven himself Cup worthy in the years that followed. In the big picture, not sure why he’s now this untradable icon in the minds of some, but hey, each to his own.

  47. For what’s it’s worth, CC’s a liability when handling the puck and that alone makes me willing to move him.. Much harder to play with a goalie like that as a D-man than it looks…

  48. After beating STL it took some toll on us. STL took some toll on LA that yr. STL will take some toll on MIN.

  49. Byfuglien WANTS to play defense as he wants the higher minute load. If you tell him he’s playing forward, he might punch you in the back of the head as you walk away. Part of the reason the Hawks were ok getting rid of him was because of his attitude in regards to both playing, and his fitness level. I know people miss him because he was good in the playoffs that one year (my dad being his biggest supporter), but the guy is a PITA so I totally understand why the Hawks didn’t want him.

  50. Ahh the Minnesota North Stars of old… I remember bench clearing brawls with Denis Savard high sticking Ciccarelli and seeing him drop like a fly… AND Willi Plett vs. Al Secord… Those were the days!

  51. Buff does not want to play forward, never did. He said he wants to play D and not forward to Lawrence Holmes on the score. Not even putting words in his mouth or taking anything out of context. I couldn’t believe it. Usually there is some kind of cliche.

    The dude could have scored sooooooooooooo many goals. Oh well.

    I could give a crap who plays goalie as long as they win. However, I could do with out the +35 shots every gosh darn game.

  52. Right on AJ, Hawks really have to try and limit chances. This has been a disturbing trend since the post All Star break I think, and got steadily worse as the reg season was closing out. Limiting shots used to be a Hawks trademark. Of course this probably has much to do with current personnel. You know that is not something coach Q likes to see.
    Lets hope the guys come out and get a lead in the 1st and hold it. Preds are usually good in the 1st and have trouble in the 2nd.

    Lets Go Hawks!!

  53. JS just to be clear… Byfuglien was a cap casualty and nothing more. He was too expensive for them to keep.

    When he wants to be and is on his game, he is a human wrecking ball… I’ll never forget the huge hit on Pronger…

  54. Also playoff hockey now so getting rid of players in the past or in the future is irrelevant until they pick up a big silver drinking receptacle or get bounced.


  55. Actually there’s been a lot of grumbling about Ladd’s inconsistency in WPG – Pavelec too. If they get swept – and Ladd doesn’t show up this series – it’s not outside the realm of possibility they move to upgrade on one or the other of them. That said, Crow is not that upgrade. Unless CC comes back in the playoffs playing mind boggling hockey I don’t think you get value for him from anywhere, which is why I argued to give him another chance. They’ll at least want picks to replace the rentals…

  56. A.J.- Dead on about the number of shots allowed by the Hawks. Seems like the last two months Hawk’s number of shots allowed has slowly increased to the 30 to 45 shots that are now the norm. I don’t know if it is just me or does anybody else feel that they give up more and better shots when CC is in net? I am hoping that they just throw more pucks on net as Pecker Rinne does not look comfortable at all. Most of all, Chevier is 100% correct, Dino sucks.

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