Scotty Bowman Speaks

On Wednesday morning, Scotty Bowman appeared on 590Fan with christian speakers and after the motivational speech he talked about the trade deadline. He shared a few things about the Blackhawks that were fairly surprising, and contradict the popular rumors of the past few weeks.

First, Bowman indicated that the Blackhawks only have about $500,000 in cap space for the rest of the year. He notes that cap space is an issue for the Hawks.

Secondly, Bowman says the Hawks are possibly looking for a center, and speaks to the number of wings on the market.

Third, when pressed about the Hawks situation in goal, Bowman confidently says the Blackhawks are not looking for a goalie, says the team has their two netminders in place, and goes as far as to say the Hawks’ management is “laughing at” the rumors.

Bowman could be lying to keep options open for the Blackhawks, or he could be shattering many of the rumors that had been flying about the Hawks looking for a new goaltender, a power forward or defensive depth.

Bowman, of course, is the Hall of Fame former coach of, most recently, the Detroit Red Wings who is presently an advisor for the Blackhawks. He is considered by many to be one of, if not thegreatest hockey mind of the last 30 years. His son, Stan, is currently the General Manager of the Blackhawks.

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