Sharks Skate Past Blackhawks

Whatever positives we took away from the Hawks win in Anaheim went out the window in the opening 40 minutes in San Jose.

The Blackhawks trailed 2-0 on the scoreboard and were getting out-shot 26-8 through 40 minutes.

Patrick Marleau scored 99 seconds into the second period to get the home Sharks on the board. Evander Kane scored a short-handed goal at 12:05 into the second.

The Hawks had the puck plenty in the first two periods. But the puck got passed around the perimeter or dumped into the zone without anyone chasing too often and the Sharks, who has lost their previous five coming into Tuesday night’s contest, took advantage.

Tomas Hertl scored what would hold up as the game-winning goal at 4:39 into the third period.

Brandon Saad got Chicago on the board with 3:02 left in regulation.

Duncan Keith rifled a shot through traffic to cut the lead to one only 68 second after the Saad goal.

But that would be it for Chicago. Timo Meier scored 28 seconds after the Keith goal to make the final score 4-2 in favor of the Sharks.

The final shots on goal showed San Jose out-shooting the Hawks 32-21.

Andrew Shaw led Chicago with five shots on net.

Kirby Dach was limited to 10:06. He was credited with two takeaways in 11 shifts.

Adam Boqvist skated 15:45 and was minus-two in the game.

33 thoughts on “Sharks Skate Past Blackhawks

  1. This team is driving me to drink.
    I just can’t wrap my brain around the gobbledygook that is going on out there.
    Nothing good is sustained.
    No goaltender can face 35+ per night average. They all have lead in their skates.
    Its like they are all speaking a different language.
    What. The. ,$>×>-*#*@?!?!?!

  2. If your trapped in your own end for the whole shift and you dump it in to get a line change, hard to have any chase in the dump and chase game. This system supposedly players release in transition and win the foot races, so much for that time for a change and a system that doesn’t make a joke out of the team.

  3. If Colliton wants to play dump and chase, then he and Stan are not on the same page. This roster is not built for that style unless you have some power forwards. Guys with some size and speed. Brayden Schenn, Jake DeBrusk, the dreaded Neal, Tom Wilson, etc. It worked for the Sharks. Hertl, Meier we’re toying with the Hawks D.

    And overall, just a boring team. No sense of urgency. Slow, not moving their feet. A game of hot potato in our zone.

  4. This is nonsense and beyond embarrassing.This team as constructed is physically not capable of competing on the NHL Level on a bi-nightly basis.Within the last 4 days this team has been overwhelmed by 2 terrible teams with bad defenses and goal tending.They cant maintain puck possession by stringing together a simple couple of passes and are not willing to win the board battles or even engage in them.Please stop putting BOQVIST out on the Power Play by himself.STROME is not a 2nd line center.That experiment has to end.I know i said that this is going to get worse but i thought it would relegated to the games against the better NHL Teams.Mc DONAGH is giving away Blackhawk Coasters Thursday night if anyone is interested.

  5. I don’t blame ya if you didn’t stay up to watch.

    You missed an uninspired bunch of guys that already had packed and gotten on the plane.

    The odds of signing Lehner go down with each game he plays. Unless we substantially over pay him. His body language says it all.

  6. I think we are far enough into the season to face the facts about this year’s Chicago Blackhawks.

    I don’t see this as a coaching issue, or even a line combination issue. this is a bottom tier team. They’re simply not a playoff caliber team.

    I’ll admit I had high hopes this season, I believed the off season acquisitions were going to have an immediate impact. But it’s clear that we are nowhere close to competing with the league’s best.

    I think it honestly comes down to role players. What separates this team and previous cup winning Chicago rosters is players fulfilling roles and being willing to out work and out think the opponents. Previous successful rosters didn’t rely on the stars getting it done every night. With an aging core and a complete lack of chemistry, much is expected from our stars, and they simply can’t deliver.

    I will say Lehner has been a fantastic surprise but that is pretty much where the positives end. As fans we have to settle into the fact that this team cannot and will not be successful. They’re just nowhere close to good enough.

  7. Lehner is getting the job done every night, no one else do.

    Send Dach to WHL – no sense to play him 10 minutes per game.
    What is he here for now anyway – learn how to lose?

    Bring up Sikura, tighten up the defense, work hard night in and night out.

    Hawks miss Murphy a lot…

    Seabrook solution – let him cash on signing bonus next July, then give him well paid front office position following his retirement.

  8. Agree with all the above comments. Strome is not a second line center. Team in the d zone looks dazed and confused. Time to fire Bowman , Mc D , coaches. Start a total rebuild with the Toews, Kane, Keith and Seabrook as mentors, ( no choice all have NMC). If they don’t like it trade them. I have never seen Kane so uninspired. He must love the dump and chase. Losing is bad enough, but it’s very boring hockey to watch

  9. Yeah all the players on this team are lazy washed up or never weres. Protect an umproven coach with a questionable approach that doesn’t resonate with his players a little bit at all costs, c’mon get real.

  10. Kind of seems like they thought they had 2 points in the bag before the game started. I don’t know why, but I wondered that even before the start of the game, listening to what they were saying going in.

    Really frustrating to watch them glide and not skate, just getting out worked the whole time. The dump and chase approach was absolutely fruitless. Puck never retrieved, and sent back out to beyond the blue line to start something up for San Jose.

    Really frustrating how they could turn it on at the very end (albeit with a man advantage) when they were so lethargic for the first 57 minutes or so. Combine the lazy play with two somewhat poor plays by the young and old D-men (Seabrook and Boqvist) that led to Sharks goals, and that game was just a long practice for San Jose that ended up with them winning for the first time in a long time.

  11. In the Kane-Toews era they never played this dump and chase game until Colliton came along. We now see why it wasn’t used because it’s boring and doesn’t work with this team. Rocky you’re wasting a great talent in Kane, do something before you lose him completely

  12. Not going to win much when you spend the entire second period in your defensive zone against a really crappy Sharks team. The whole game was sloppy on both sides but the Sharks at least could string together a few plays to score goals. We look clueless and lack drive, that’s on the coaches. You need to be a motivator and make sounds judgements and JC cannot do this. Rocky please do us that favor I keep asking for and fire Blowman and JC now!!! This core can still be a contender if the right coaches and system is there. I just don’t think the players are buying the crap JC is selling.

  13. And you wonder how Colliton thinks about match ups. Why wouldn’t he have Gilbert in the lineup vs. a larger team of forwards (Hertl, Thornton, Meier, Kane, Goodrow). Doesn’t he want to match up size?

  14. As each day passes, the Hawks drift farther away from purported/pot smoking fantasies of contending for a playoff spot. Perennial dog breath teams like Edmonton, Arizona & Vancouver (all in the other division, mind you) are light years ahead of the Hawks this season. A wild card spot (lol, I’ll put down my pipe) is essentially out of reach already. Nashville, St Louis & Colorado will finish in the top three Central playoff spots.

    Bowman compiled the roster and hired the head coach. The team sucks bc the roster sucks, the coach sucks, or both (as a relevant aside, it’s evident thr players don’t respect the coach) Conclusion (by anyone other than Hawks’ hierarchy):

    Bowman must be relieved of his duties as soon as practicable. November 6 would be a fitting date to do so, based upon what transpired a year ago today.

    Good day.

  15. Lot of good comments. The roster is not this bad. I no longer understand what “the system” is. It appears to me it is dump and chase with no physical forwards, watch a quick, easy breakout, get beaten back up ice into the d-zone and then spend several minutes running around trying to clear the puck and pray that the goalie stands on his head. Instead of “One Goal” we need to set our objective a bit lower – I propose “ Clear the Zone” to be how we measure success. Seriously, how can we not make a coaching change right now? Has there been any signs of a possible turnaround? Even the opposing announcers are finding it hard not to call this a 5 alarm dumpster fire.

  16. I don’t care that Hawks scored a couple of late goals. Game was in the can already. Hard to believe that Hawks could be so listless for the first 40 minutes. I had the game on DVR and after watching the first 2 periods I just said screw it, went to sleep, and watched the 3rd this morning. As stated above, the dump and chase strategy is a joke. Wrong players to do it and execution was/has been terrible. Helps opposing teams breakout with odd man rushes to boot. Madness.

    Lehner was great again, but mentally he is going to get worn out as Hawks almost always refuse to lay a body on ANYONE in the D zone leaving lots of open players in quality scoring areas. Have we seen this film before???

    I’ll be at UC tomorrow and they better be ready to play as Nucks are much improved. The Knuckleheads are long gone and this group from Vancouver play an attractive fast game of hockey.

    Hawks just look left behind and sadly are emerging as one of the door mats in the NHL. Watching other games around the NHL reveal fast skating competitive hockey in many cases. Hawks aren’t close to that level at present. Can it get worse?

    (meekly yet again)
    Lets’ Go Hawks!

  17. Ha ha, “clear the zone”. Perfect. Humbly, some other options are:

    – “Sorry, Robin”
    – “Slow: we Kampf skate to save our lives”

  18. Ian you are entitled to your opinion. I do not believe the players on this team make it Stanley cup contenders. It does not mean their washed up or never weres. I don’t believe it’s the right mix and Bowman should be fired.

  19. Good to see the Hawks suited up their Beer League division farm team….pathetic effort, frustrating to watch them chase in their D zone for 2 min, then get to the red line and dump….then repeat on the next shift…..and so in. This is a broken record, the leadership on this team has completely failed, from the Head Coach down the the players with those roles, evidently nothing is said between periods….just sickening !! Put the Hawks in Rockford and bring Rockford up….boy wouldn’t that be something if it could happen….someone has to send a message to this team, somebody….anybody !!……Bueller……Bueller…..Bueller….

  20. Did you guys notice after Keith scored that second goal. Chicago pulled goalie for extra attacker and San Jose KNEW that the Hawks were breaking in their zone with Patrick Kane so they had a wall of Shark players at the blue line and Kaner was abruptly stopped and forced to flip it in which led to SJ retrieving and getting the empty netter.

    Just wait til the Vancouver Canucks come into town and tear them a new one.

    Slowly but surely the voices get louder to fire both Colliton and Bowman. What a lovely day that will be! Everything shiny and chrome! And then off to Valhalla!

  21. Watching Boqvist’s play on the short handed goal should answer any questions about him being ready to play at the NHL level. I’m not giving the players a pass but I think the problem is the coach. My hunch is that the players aren’t buying what he’s selling. What’s more frustrating is listening to the coach throw his players under the bus on a regular basis when his system is being exploited by opposing teams on a regular basis. Not to mention that listening to the coach’s postgame press conference is like fingernails on a chalkboard. Given his penchant to put all of the blame on the players I’m guessing he doesn’t command a lot of respect in the locker room. My guess is the players will wait for the coach to be replaced before they make an effort to turn things around.

  22. Disagree on the Boquist’s ability or inability to play in the NHL based on that shorthanded goal

    We’ve all seen Keith, Seabrook, Gus and others have similar misreads on the PP leading to chances, breakaways or goals – the fact that Boquist misread that puck off the boards doesn’t really say anything about his readiness for the NHL IMO

  23. It wasn’t the play on the blueline, Wraparound. It was his effort to skate down the Shark racing the other way that I found disappointing.

  24. Agree with most of the posts here that JC is not maximizing his roster with the dump and chase and whatever defensive scheme he’s using

    He went out of his way to publicly state before the SJ game that it was a big game for the Hawks to build some momentum and to trend upwards and that he talked to the team about that but instead they played sloppily, lazily and not smart with no forecheck or ability to pass the puck cleanly – that response to what JC called a big game is very telling – the Hawks had 5 shots on goal when SJ went up 2-0 halfway through the 2nd!

    Things could get very ugly in the next 3 games – VAN, PIT and TOR – if those are 3 losses JC may be done despite Stan’s support

  25. @Ted – agree he didn’t put in that much of an effort it seemed although he wasn’t going to catch him – maybe he could have tried to trip him

    Either way not a deal breaker IMO regarding his ability to play in the NHL – a rookie miscalculation

    From what I’ve seen Boquist is better at passing out of the D zone than any other Hawk D man and better in the O zone as well – he can get outmuscled in the corners but he’s even holding his own that regard so far

  26. The coaching is TERRIBLE. He!s not ready for the bigs. He might possibly destroy the youth that we have. Not his fault. He was thrown into an impossible roll. Meanwhile sitting way above the ice surface and watching this debacle is the true cause of all this suffering – Stan the man. Get rid of him please! Other powerhouse teams like Pittsburgh who also were cup winners and who also have superstars have managed to maintain top dog status because their management actually manages effectively.

  27. No NHL coach could make this team a Stanley Cup contender. Colliton may be over his head but he is not the main problem. This team lacks talent. We only have two elite players- Kane and Debrincat. The rest of the guys are either past their prime or bottom 6 talents. Nylander has potential due to his speed and skill. The jury is out on Dach. So far he looks like a guy who is decent in all skill areas but does not excel in any. I do not see explosive quickness, speed or pin point passing yet. He seems to spend a lot of time on his butt for a big kid. The defense lacks speed and physicality. The team as a whole lacks quickness and speed. San Jose ran circles around them. Stan Bowman has assembled a mediocre team. He is the problem. Fire him and rebuild.

  28. Transition hockey? When u can’t get out of your own zone because u can’t win a board battle, run around chasing the puck all night, hurried sloppy passes, mistake after mistake, u end up dumping and chasing. Our cup heroes look fried.

  29. Complete agree with WRAP’s defense of Boq. TED, after just a few games and you are ready to write him off as not ready?

    Strome is the biggest disappointment. Sorry about being a broken record but he is too slow and doesn’t have the confidence to carry the puck. Immediately passes it or dumps it in. He is the least involved forward on the team. It is deflating watching him. Who was that other player who was not involved? Oh yeah, Perlini.

  30. You can’t fire Colliton right now if Stan goes at the end of the year. You need to bring in a new GM right now, let him hire his own coach and then use the rest of the year to assess whatever mess is on the ice.

    This was a bad idea. Colliton could possibly be a good coach in 3-4 years, but he’s clueless right now.

  31. Dach playing 10 minutes with Kampf and kubalik will hamper his development. Send him back to juniors, If you trade Anisimov and only get Zack smith in return, then why even trade him? He’s better than Dach at this stage of his career anyway. Coach and GM have no clue.
    Dump and Chase hockey by a coach who is unable to put a top 6 together. Then you have a GM who makes dumb decisions with trades and free agents. San Jose has speed, size and skill in every player!

  32. Don’t mean to pick on one guy, but it seems like they traded Nick Schmaltz and got a Nick Schmaltz type guy back. I saw a few times where Strome had the puck in a decent scoring area and passed it. Isn’t that why you had to deal Schmaltz? Uggh…

  33. READY, the trade may have made sense at the time (2 for 1) but Schmaltz is the much better skater and stick-handler.

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