Shirtless Blackhawks: Who Cares!

In case you hadn’t seem them yet, these are photos that were leaked by the Vancouver Province on Tuesday morning in one of their blogs. The photos show John Madden and Patrick Kane appearing to enjoy some libations in the company of a few females, while Kris Versteeg tries out for the Lady Gaga look-alike contest.

Once the pictures made it to the states, the Blackhawks were (of course) asked to comment. Their response was fairly clear: “We’re aware of them. It’s a team-related issue and will be handled like any other situation and that will be internally.”

There’s no proof that any of the Blackhawks did more than lost their shirts and acquire a buzz. So while the imagination runs wild, the photos do little more than show a few players having a good time on an off night. Frankly, who cares? What’s depressing is their taste in women…

The Photo You Didn’t See – a CommitedIndians Exclusive!

9 thoughts on “Shirtless Blackhawks: Who Cares!

  1. Haha, you’re right who cares, but your comment on “What’s depressing is their taste in women…” made laugh.

    All I care about is a win tonight!!!

  2. Wow… intelligent AND in all caps! Don’t I feel lucky!

    I wish the Sharks, and their fans, good luck tonight. I heard Dany Heatley’s driving himself home…

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