Sochi 2014: Olympic Schedule for Chicago Blackhawks

2014 Olympics

The Blackhawks are sending 10 players to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi this weekend. Here are the schedule for the countries – Canada, Sweden, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and the United States – they will represent.

Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith & Patrick Sharp – Canada (Group B)
Thursday, Feb. 13 – vs. Norway
Friday, Feb. 14 – vs. Austria
Sunday, Feb. 16 – vs. Finland

Patrick Kane – United States (Group A)
Thursday, Feb. 13 – vs. Slovakia*
Saturday, Feb. 15 – vs Russia
Sunday, Feb. 16 – vs. Slovenia

Marcus Kruger, Johnny Oduya & Niklas Hjalmarsson – Sweden (Group C)
Wednesday, Feb. 12 – vs. Czech Republic*
Friday, Feb. 14 – vs. Switzerland
Saturday, Feb. 15 – vs. Latvia

Marian Hossa & Michal Handzus – Slovakia (Group A)
Thursday, Feb. 13 – vs. United States*
Saturday, Feb. 15 – vs. Slovenia
Sunday, February 16 – vs. Russia

Michal Rozsival – Czech Republic (Group C)
Wednesday, Feb. 12 – vs. Sweden*
Friday, Feb. 14 – vs. Latvia
Saturday, Feb. 15 – vs. Switzerland

For the complete Olympic men’s hockey schedule, click here.

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For a complete list of NHL players participating in the Olympics listed by NHL team, click here.

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25 thoughts on “Sochi 2014: Olympic Schedule for Chicago Blackhawks

  1. I don’t really like the Olympic Break and hope for no injury to any team’s player during the Games. But the Blackhawks do this well…honoring their players selected to play for their home teams. The commercial in 2010 with no sound, just words was amazing.

    Seeing this picture it puts in perspective that it is tough to tell a player to not play for his country. Probably why we need to the World Hockey Cup back.

    Want the dude up front in Blue to win big!!!

  2. FWIW regarding the Kruger line: Jimmie Ericsson is Jonathan Ericsson’s (Redwings) older brother. He plays for the team leading the Swedish League and has been their Captain for 3 years (Has worn the “A” in international competition before, but this is his first olympics).

    Seems to be a good 4th line pairing with 16/Hags.

  3. I can’t wait for the games to get started! I know alot of NHL fans really dislike the Olympic games but I absolutely love it. Best players in the world representing their countries makes for awesome hockey IMO!

  4. World Cup in the off season would make more sense… In developed countries that have infrastructure for such things…

  5. Good question, John. That is quite the concern. The Blackhawks completely derailed after the Vancouver Olympics in 2010. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen again.

  6. I have voiced my opposition for taking off to participate in the Olympics. The league, fans, owners and the 90% of NHL players who are not invited all suffer one way or another. But my biggest disappointment with the format is there will never be another “miracle on ice”.

    I will never forget, in late 1978 my University hockey team played the USA 1960 Olympic team to raise money for the 1980 USA hockey team. Here were 20 guys in their late 30s and early 40s traveling the midwest and east coast by bus to raise money so some kids could play for US hockey Olympic team. Only 5 of these players played as many as 500 games in the NHL. Yet they took time from their families and careers to do their part to recapture something they did 20 years earlier. A bunch of USA kids beating the worlds best. Beating Russia or Canada today just doesn’t hold the same value.

    All that said…….If there is a God in heaven, Ovechkin will not win gold. It is the only reason I will watch.

  7. Just a thought i had tonight…. How was TT not selected to the Suomi roster when Filppula and Mikko Koivu were ruled out? There is not a hotter player in the Finnish leauge (not that the finnish league NHL level, but its still very competitive). It would have been a cool chance to see him with and vs current NHL Superstars. He is on an 11 game point streak, totaling 20 points in that span. Immonen and Salminen are both very nice players from the KHL, but I still think TT would have been a good addition.

  8. Everyone is glorifying the Blue right now putting them at the top of the NHL power rankings. Maybe its justified, but everyone should remember they have had a very favorable schedule so far by playing 3-4 less games than most other teams all through the season thus far. That translates into more practice time, prep time and rest between games vis-a-vis their competition on a nightly basis. They will have a compressed schedule after the Olympic break. I bet they falter.

  9. That is a great point Pete. However, The Blues are hot (7-2-1 in their last 10) and Power Rankings typically reflect Last 10 records. That said, they have played 3 less games and their biggest test lies a head of them. With 7 W’s in the last 10, its easy to say they are playing well… and thier per game stats confirm it too… (Top 3 in Goals Per Game and Goals Againest).

    But, Coming out of the break, the Blues play 11 of their first 15 on the road, including 5 games in an 8 day span, a mini-west coast swing, and only once do they get more than 1 days off (2 days on March 20th and 21st between games in Chicago and Philly). That will be their make or break moment.

    By comparison, the Hawks only play 13 games and only 3 on the road (4 if you want to include the soldier field game since it wont technically be at the UC)

    We will have to see what the standing look like come March 25th… that will say volumes about who will win this division.

  10. even given their L10 numbers, I think they were damn glad to stop and breath. I know they were giving up 3rd pd leads like mad. But managed to get 2pts in all 4 ot/so in L10

  11. The Blues have 10 players in the Olympics and when they come back to the NHL they go right into a grinding schedule. No more extra practices and rest days between games in comparison to the teams they are playing. For instance coming out of the Christmas break the Hawks(who had already played more games than St Louis) played a game and then right away played St Louis in St Louis. St Louis was still resting and getting ready from the Christmas break at the time of that game. I recall the Hawks losing that game in the third period. When the schedule evens out (as it must) we will then see how good they are. I like the Hawks to beat them for the division absent injury issues. GO HAWKS and GO USA.

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