Stadium Series TV Ratings As Bad As Blackhawks Performance

According to Sports Media Watch, the television ratings for Sunday’s Stadium Series game were about as bad as the Hawks.

“The Blackhawks/Wild NHL Stadium Series game, part of Hockey Day in America, earned a 1.2 overnight rating on NBC Sunday afternoon — down a tick from last year’s comparable indoor Bruins/Blackhawks matchup (1.3).”

The SMW piece included the following graphic:

Ratings Outdoor Games

14 thoughts on “Stadium Series TV Ratings As Bad As Blackhawks Performance

  1. If the team has a choice to decline, I would imagine next year they would do this. From what I hear the team is tired of these games. The novelty has worn off. The ice is always bad. The outdoor games does not suit Hawks style of puck control.

    Man they were bad Sunday, yikes… Worst D coverage we have seen in some time. Rozy call and match penalty wtf?

    Lets Go Hawks!

  2. I heard we’re already set to play the Blues outdoors next year in St. Louis. Can someone confirm or did I pull that one out of my ass?

  3. Perhaps some of the terrible TV angles and the camera men with Parkinson’s that makes viewers dizzy that had the average fan tune out. To TV viewers, it’s just another game with a shitty intermission concert.

  4. Just because the ratings were crap doesn’t mean the tickets didn’t sell. I would imagine those and any product sales will be enough to keep parties interested. Could be wrong though.

    Forget the loss and move on to the preds.

  5. The camera angles and the camera on a cable made us sea sick. Horrible camera coverage. The lack of promotion of the game via commercials on network channels such as ABC NBC CBS was missing.

  6. Phil, couldn’t agree more with your post especially the last sentence in your first paragraph!!!!! Don’t think we have done very well in those outdoor games since we played them if I remember correctly. Indoors is our nitch.

  7. Someone should delete icemans comments. My 11 year old grandson reads this. Come on that is truly uncalled for. If you can’t contribute to the conversation then stop posting.

  8. Keep in mind that in the years the Hawks have won the Cup they have lost in those outdoor games. Methinks a silver lining doth lie here…

    Lets Go Hawks!

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