Stanley Cup Engraving Complete


The Blackhawks released the first image of the engraved names of the 2012-13 Stanley Cup Champions on Thursday.

Included are since-departed veterans Jamal Mayers and Daniel Carcillo. The organization needed to petition to have¬†Mayers’ name on the Cup. Ben Smith played in one game of the Final, so his name being included was automatic.

Edit: per the team, the minimum requirement for the shortened season was 23 regular season games, which was exactly the number of appearances made by Carcillo. The team did not need to petition to get his name on the Cup.

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3 Responses to Stanley Cup Engraving Complete

  1. Leroy says:

    I am glad that Carcillo and Mayers got on there, they were integral parts of the cup run.

  2. ebonyraptor says:


  3. sean o says:

    time to update the banner, Tab

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