Stars Blast Blackhawks

The Blackhawks were in Dallas on Friday night for what was supposed to be a big Central Division match-up. Marian Hossa returned to the Hawks’ lineup for the first time since before the trade deadline, giving the Blackhawks a nearly-complete roster (Marcus Kruger is still working his way back). After losing a tough game in St. Louis earlier this week, certainly the Hawks would show up… right?


The Blackhawks potent power play was 0-5.

The Blackhawks struggling penalty kill allowed two goals in six short-handed situations.

Corey Crawford allowed four goals against 20 shots and was yanked after only 30 minutes.

And when the dust settled, the Blackhawks were in third place in the Central Division.

Dallas scored only once in the first period; Jason Spezza scored a power play goal to start the part. Chicago couldn’t stay out of the penalty box as Andrew Shaw, Dale Weise and Tomas Fleischmann all went to the box in the opening 20 minutes.

The Hawks hung in through the first period but simply didn’t have it in the second. Three Dallas goals in the first 10:42 of the period spelled the end of Crawford’s evening and had the Hawks looking up at a four-goal deficit. Scott Darling came in to stop the bleeding, but the damage was done.

Teuvo Teravainen skated between Weise and Fleischmann – finally – and that line was the only bright spot for the Hawks. Teravainen won 11 of 17 faceoffs and scored Chicago’s first goal, cutting the Stars’ lead to 4-1 late in the second. Fleischmann picked up an assist on Teravainen’s goal and then scored one of his own as the Hawks’ third line was the sum of the offense.

Ales Hemsky added an insurance goal with less than five minutes in regulation for Dallas. Four Dallas players – Spezza, Hemsky, Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn – had a goal and an assist in a dominant performance by the Stars.

Hossa led the Hawks with six shots on net in 15:30 in his return to the lineup. Jonathan Toews won 16 of 25 faceoffs, but spent three full minutes short-handed and another 3:58 on the power play in a night that was entirely too special teams-heavy.

Patrick Kane was held to only one shot on net in over 19 minutes of ice time.

Duncan Keith (26:44) and Brent Seabrook (23:03) were the only Hawks skaters over 20 minutes on the night. Brandon Mashinter and Dennis Rasmussen were healthy scratches while Michal Rozsival was dealing with a lower body issue.

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  1. Tab, as usual, great summary (thanks).

    Not much to add…but, “they sucked.” Hopefully, we’ll see a much better effort against the Kings. (Note: the sky is not falling and it’s not the end of the world – GO HAWKS!!)

  2. I did not see the game. Is Crow still injured from the Blues game? He appeared to be exposed in that shootout with a groin injury.

    If this is the case, he needs to rest for a couple weeks and the Hawks can float down the standings for a while.

  3. It was painful to watch but, for one the team has yet to really gel with the new guys and now with Hossa back. Thinking Desi/Kruger/Shaw will definitely be reunited on the 4th. For another it looked like all the Stars were playing for their lives in a regular season game. Also can’t believe they challenged the Hawks second goal. The Hawks will be better prepared should they meet in the playoffs!!

  4. Just a piss poor effort. Defense in shambles along with a still reeling pk. No excuse to come out flat like that in a game that matters against a depleted opponent, but there are some weeks left to right the ship. It was very painful to watch though. Hopefully Anisimov is not injured bad enough where he misses games. They better be ready against LA on Monday.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  5. Crow did,nt stand a chance on the first 3,..,Dallas had their p.p. just flying.
    Hate to lose against division rivals but,.,.,Tevo with the quick release,.,.,if the Bread man could have released the first p.p. chance he had we would have been up 1 nil.
    Dust our selves off and,.,.,go atter again.

  6. The Hawks played like 20 individuals rather than a team.

    I understand the main objective is to win the cup, but they have really made the last 3 regular seasons hell to watch. They just don’t show up for a lot of games. I do believe the core is able to turn it on and off when they want and that they do coast in many of the regular season contests. Can’t wait to just get the regular season over and watch them struggle in the first round while shifting into their higher playoff gear.

  7. I don’t understand not showing up this late in the season, with first place on the line, with a stacked lineup, playing a depleted stars team and laying a big gigantic turd. Mind boggling.

  8. Perhaps… the “Have-not’s” just want it more then the guys who have won 3 SC’s…

    Just human nature… not to mention Pens2.0 syndrome.

  9. Glad i caught this stinker at the bar! Not much to say other then Teuvo was really good, probably the best player on the Hawks. Hawks seemed disinterested. Kings up next.

  10. ……agree with Booman……this team picks their spots during the regular season and is having some difficulties with new additions adjusting….lets hope Quenville can work the bugs out of this machine in time for the playoffs….Crawford unable to save them this time and should have been replaced earlier in my opinion……bad luck with too many penalties and hitting too many posts….

  11. Worst effort of 2016. I am a bit concerned at the complete lack of energy. I would have thought someone would have stood up to Roussel who was stirring the pot as he always does but we were very meek all night. I don’t think Anisimov is hurt, I think Q nailed him to the bench due to his poor effort. Our bad games have been really bad of late – definitely need to turn up the compete level night in, night out as we head to the postseason.

  12. Last year at the end of the year they turned it on just to lock in their playoff position. Then the last week or so they played like crap losing many games. Let’s hope this approach does not catch up with them. I really feel the competition in the east and west conferences this year is much closer than it has been in years. Home ice would really be nice this year.

    That being said, I really like the deadline moves. The first and second lines speak for themselves despite my concerns about Anisimov’s success at the dot. The moves really make our 3rd and 4th lines deadly with skill, speed, & size. We also are weak at the dot there also unless Kruger comes back healthy. Q really has some good players to mix and match. I hope he does not sit on Mashinter like he did Hanzus/Bollig in 2014 until it was too late. I truly believe Q cost us that cup that year, but that’s water under the bridge.

    Go Hawks!!!!

  13. Bollig and Handzus aren’t why the Hawks lost to the Kings. Handzus played 8:40, Bollig 2:48. Say Morin played, would he have gotten more ice than Bollig?

    That game ended on a blown call by the refs. Leddy didn’t lose his stick, as the intolerable Kenny Albert called. It was slashed out of his hand by Justin Williams. Leddy goes to pick his stick up, and the pucks in the net. That is a prime example of bad officiating. You always here that they “let more go in the playoffs”. That’s BS. History was possibly changed because they blew the call.

  14. Yes Ernie, I remember that ridiculous non-call on Williams, oh too well. That and the decision in game 7 to play Versteeg and his litany of turnovers while sitting a competent Peter Regin cost us the cup in 2014.

  15. Ernie is correct about the blown call on Leddy…it was a clear slash and the play must be blown dead and the goal disallowed. It changed history. That is not the way the series should have ended. LA may have still won but not on that play.

    As far as Hanzuis goes, he was the undeniable HERO of game 5 in that series, scoring the 2nd OT goal in what is generally considered the finest and most exciting OT’ periods ever in NHL history. Believe your eyes and the actual play and not some pied piper leading lemmings off a cliff.

    Dallas game was difficult to endure from my cushy couch ( we call them chesterfield’s up here in Northern Saskatchewan). We pulled the goalie with 8 minutes to go and totally dominated inside the Dallas zone but even with all that firepower we could not score. The Blackhawks put on a nice clinic on puck possession but you could just feel there was no way they would score. Darling looked pretty good for the time he played. Hope to see Q give Darling more game’s in the stretch and give Crawford a break.

  16. A piss poor effort, no question. Embarrassment, no question. Been a lot of these this year but it was expected (at least by me). Gotta turn the page and keep focus. What I didn’t expect was that we’d be fighting to win the division this late in the season. We’re still there. I’m not worried.

    A lucky 13 games left before we finish this thing and start the playoffs.

  17. A regular season loss is not concerning. What is concerning are the underlying reasons for the loss, those being the continued deterioration of the PK, the unstructured team defense and the template game plan Dallas handed to the rest of the league in how to neuter the Hawks PP.

    The PK and lack of consistent team defensive structure are topics that have been analyzed and discussed ad nauseam. However, the game plan used against the Hawks league leading PP, while not necessarily a new invention, was executed to perfection and was extremely effective.

    The PP has two basic elements – (1) zone entry, and (2) in-zone movement. Dallas successfully attacked and disrupted both.

    The Hawks main strategy for zone entry is to have the puck brought slowly up center ice and then dropped back to a teammate who picks a hole in the defensive front and enters the zone with speed. The Stars kept a man behind the puck carrier to take away a clean drop pass. Consequently the Hawks were left with a scramble around the blue line that more times than not resulted in them not able to get the puck into the zone and gain possession. The Hawks didn’t have a Plan-B.

    On the few occasions the Hawks were able to get set up in the o-zone, the Stars strategy to jump Kane as soon as he touched the puck resulted in turnover after turnover. They pressured the puck all around the zone, which other teams have used effectively as well, but the major difference between what other teams have tried and what the Stars did was they forced Kane low and then sent 2 men at Kane while the other 2 defenders collapsed toward Kane’s side of the ice effectively clogging the passing lanes Kane had open to him. The Stars jumped it with speed and gave Kane little time to try to skate out of it. They essentially took Kane away on the PP and the Hawks didn’t have a Plan-B.

    Q has proven he can effectively game plan during a 7-game series, but he has also proven his in-game adjustments are limited to line juggling. Hence, when the opposing team executes an effective game plan against the Hawks in the regular season, the lack of any “in-game Plan-B adjustments” results in what happened last night.

  18. MS – I’ll go out there and punch Roussel in the nose. He’s the dirtiest scumbag in hockey.

  19. The Hawks just need to rest up and get ready AND healthy for the playoffs. EVERY march this team has AWFUL games like this one. I would like to believe that they know what it takes to win in the playoffs and they are preparing themselves for a deep run. RESTED and HEALTHY are the keys.

  20. It’s very troubling that we lost the last two games to divisional opponents. The Hawks just haven’t looked that good against the better teams of the West. Come playoff time, I hope they can step up all aspects of their game.

  21. When we do not show up to play (games 1-60) or do not play (games 60-80) its tough to watch. Even tough we would rather be the 1 or 2 seed in conference, we really do not give a shit. Jammer mentioned it better then anybody, we are not worried one bit about the seed or being ready for the playoffs. We do want to get the lines settled in and start playing good to really good before though.

    Important to remember and know we do this every yr. The moar Cups we win along the way the moar we do this. Had the same kind 5-5 stretch during game 60-80 when 1 seed was on the line. We do not give a shit about seed, we are more focused on the playoffs and know whats better for the team in the long run.

    When we play we play. Lion in the Savanna.

  22. TT is getting better and may end up being one of the more exciting players in the league, and the best on the Hawks in a few years-glad Bowman is in charge and not His Excellency.

  23. And TT is showing improvement at the dot. That’s huge, especially if he can keep it up in the playoffs.

  24. Same, Same, again, rerun as predicted! Just like last year so why worry?
    Ya better worry!

    The Stars handle the Hawks easily! So start worrying! The Stars will be in the Hawks way, bouncers , and their Speed shows NHL fans why the Hawks do not have SPEED. Not slow but no real Speed! Hawks will face 3, yes 3 teams with this same speed in the West then have to paly the Caps! Plus the Stars we’re short handed last night!

    Stars really just close hard on two player makers Kane all night long, body up and take away space, pretty easy to do actually, and Toews shadowed and they let the other guys try to beat you? Stars fore check hard and the dump and bounce the puck at the skates of our under sized d-men is a perfect way to beat the Hawks and Sort of DOMINATE. TVR got embarrassed more than once. Again. But he has “photos of Coach Q ” somewhere in a cigar box under his bed.

    Our penalty kill is by committee and it shows. We are not blocking shots nor are we closing down on the point, we sort of float. Not good. Yes lame observation they look good, but they are not. Same with our PP at times looks good but not really that good. Stats out the window come playoff time.

    Flash and Weise are going to be a difference makers!
    The Artist (panarin) really needs to start closing his forec hecks, he’s big enough to lay it out, he is slow to the puck on the fore check sort of drift in, cant happen in playoffs, all 3 gotta go after the puck. Very WEAK effort on defense and forecheck for about a month now.

    I worry about our top line LADD and TOEWS should be productive, very productive, I have concerns that Hossa is the right fit now? Seems slower, trying to STUFF the puck in, he is valuable but I am trying to figure out who can add size, skill and fore check? I think it’s Fleischmann FLASH?

    go hawks

  25. EBONYRAPTOR other PP KEY is even more simple for opponents , close on KANE, one guy shadow and close, stick and body, pretty simple, let others “Average players” beat you. KANE is great but he is light and can be forced off the puck at times. Entry for the PP is so key and coming in with speed drives Defense back Hawks like most ALME NHL TEAMS use that lame Drop pass, my boy LADD last night almost did what i do, wait, drop steal and break away. LADD tried it twice in the playoffs Hawks will be called out on that LAME Entry. It is not even 25% of the time it’s ummmm 100% call it a pattern i call it a bad habit.

  26. take KANE out and ya gotta a great chance to beat the Hawks thats why that top line needs to LEAD in the Playoffs . . . defense yes but Damn they should dominate big time.

    we’ll see

    Hossa down a line or two


    Also not sure MARCUS is going to give this team some imaginary BOOOST? Not sure that’s coming?

  27. Mookies worried. Gave his reasons. OK, fine.

    How about this then….we are not going to play our cards up front now as to what we know and how we counter what we know and strategies. Rather, we introduce our new strategies and tactics a step at a time as we advance through the playoffs. This does not allow the opposing teams much time to come up with an effective counter. The coaching staff knows what they are doing. Never a good idea to telegraph your future ideas or tell others what your plans are. Then, BAM, lion in the savanna.

  28. Does anyone out there see anything in TVR? All I see when I watch is TVR out of position, TVR late to cover. TVR losing puck battles. TVR not taking the body. TVR missing on a pass.

    What will it take to send this guy back to Rockford for some learning?

  29. … are right Steve… much as we wish that TVR has the same hockey sense as is brother…I would limit his icetime considerably …..he is a few years away from being reliable and consistent…like most young defensemen…he needs more time…

  30. I like what I see from Ehrhoff. He’s the #4 right now in my book. He looked lost playing for the Kings. This change of scenery and playing style has been good for him.

    I would rather see Pokka get a chance over TVR but doubt that will happen until next year.

    Mining man, good take on the strategy. I think you’re on the money.

    And agree, don’t expect a miracle once Kruger returns. Wrist injuries are a bitch and I’m sure his effectiveness will take time to rebuild. He probably won’t be as good at the dot and have limited range until he gets used to NHL speed again.

  31. ……right on Tony about Erhoff and Kruger…..hey Steve….maybe TVR should be moved up to forward….not that we need him there…but might be better as a defensive forward….hate to give up on him too soon but don’t think he will last long on Blackhawks……

  32. Mining, theres a reason why Q doesn’t play/plays certain guys for the first two playoff games then makes the better lineup. Extra FWs give energy/other team is not as deep. Other team settles in on that depth, then we have another layer. It’s the old tactic, the mindfuck. You nailed him, Coach, in the fucking head.

  33. I guess I missed the memo? When did TVR turn into the new whipping boy? TVR is fine, he was an undrafted free agent and he is a bottom pairing defenseman. I dont understand all the handringing? What is everyone expecting out of him?

  34. MINING MAN I agree with ya! The Hawks are skilled enough to adjust they don’t play any one STYLE great but adjust with the core players. That is why they’re tuff in a 7 game set. I just believe this team with what they have can win /advance in the playoffs without giving us a nervous break down and triple over times. This will be a tuff year as always in the WEST.

    go hawks

  35. JAX missing the point? Not meant to be better or worse, meant FIT on that top line. Hossa has lost a step, maybe two, if we don’t see that then we’re not watching the same team and same Hoss. Hoss is very valuable (hall of fame) I just QUESTION him on that top line. YOU wont see Hossa moved so don’t worry . . . ,BUT I know what i see, and can see for sure that adding a little speed, size, stick skill and hard physical board play like FLASH ( or even Weiss ) would turn loose LADD and TOEWS for sure. FLASH is better than Shaw, but Shaw is playing great too but it is a very subtle fit and balance on that top line when you talking Offensive Out put? Hoss still looks tired after that rest?

    Go hawks
    Hossa doesn’t pay my Mortgage


  36. TVR you didn’t get the memo? Damn check your in box?
    TVR is okay.
    BUT Christian Ehrhoff is a good guy to watch ( so far) to see how you take a guy up and out, how you exit the zone, and react and adjust. Ehrhoff is just good, not great! But TVR can learn for him a little maybe he’d be primetime soon.
    TVR is not a disaster but his often out of position, a lot, but if paired with Dunk Hammer or Seebs it’s covered up a lot. He is playing the hardest position and it aint easy! TVR leads with his stick alway which is “technically sound” but he is weak on top, meaning in the playoffs guys like ummmm Jamie Benn will lean in and love to see that weak stick, poke check and brush it off, walk thru it ( as we’re taught) BLOW RIGHT BY HIM! He has gaps in his game, he is learning, but he has to be stronger up top, arms, wrist, shoulders. He seems like an GREAT KID . .. so i hear ya, but he’s gotta get better. He just might!

  37. ER- great post on “Neutering” Kane… Tampa pretty much did it last year to Kane…
    Dallas has the team speed and “grit” to do it too… Dallas had multiple guys hanging on Kane… Kane got penalty out of frustration for Star player “hanging on to 88″… Last year it was the 3rd line that was able to step up and fill in some scoring…

    How does Q counter???

    MtM- I kinda see the same thing… I could see Wiese going to 1RW or Kane playing with 19 again- if teams try to “neuter” 88 by taking away his skating up the boards…
    at least 19 will have more room … it’s not about Wiese being better than 81… but just giving 81 more time and space versus inferior D men.

    Flash/TT/81 could work as that 3rd line (assuming Kane is being negated- as he was last SC finals)

  38. Doesn’t TVR lead the team in blocked shots? That’s not Rockford material. Send him down and replace him with who? Svedberg? He’s a 5/6 d-man playing up a slot. That’s what he is. He has a pay cut after this year. Worth the salary for the next 2 years.

  39. Yo Mike the moot ,.,.,the goals Dallas scored for the most part were unblockable .,.,.did ya watch the highlights?,.,Crow was screaned on the first goal ,.,short handed,.,Then a couple bang ,.bang plays ,.,.then it,s 4 -0 and who cares .
    P.S. T.V.R. has about 80 games under his belt and can really look out classed and justa spinning.,.,.But ya sure can write a looooooooog blog bud,.,.
    Hawks at Heart.

  40. Wall, that’s funny I saw a pic of Hoss at an interview and he was standing in front of 12 and 86 locker.

  41. 29/19/88 was wicked in ’13 same with a 16/19/88 could be like that in ’16 in a take it to another level game 4-7 mode.

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