11 thoughts on “Steve Montador On Waivers

  1. well this stinks! less ice time for people that actually have a shot at future with the Hawks.

  2. Maybe he’ll take the hint and retire, the guy is long past the point of inflicting permanent damage to his brain. If he wants to see and stand for more than the next few years he’ll move on. Respect to a committed and impassioned man, but it is time.

  3. Montador vacates his roster spot by going thru waivers, meaning someone else can possibly come up. Hopefully the organization uses this time to get someone else up with the team for the upcoming road trip.

  4. This actually sounds like a good move. Montador gets to play without the stress of the NHL–especially now with the success being enjoyed by the Hawks and the expectations that come with that success, and the Hawks get to shed the salary cap encumberance and open a spot for a new player. That player could come from Rockford or from free agency.

  5. Montador has a one way contract. I think he can only rehab and is limited what he can do in the AHL. Furthermore, placing him on waivers does not mean anyone’s gonna pick him up. Given his med history, his recent statements about depression etc. He has been practicing with the Hawks for a couple of weeks and could easily end up being rostered. Someone who knows a lot more about the new CBA, please comment. There are cap issues even if the player is in the minors.

  6. Montador has cleared waivers and is headed to Rockford.

    This move isn’t likely because the Hawks want/need cap relief at the NHL level; there’s no benefit to sending him down. However, it does open an NHL roster spot for the club to recall someone from Rockford if they choose to do so, and affords Montador the opportunity to play himself back into game shape (if possible) without impacting the NHL club.

  7. Jimmy Hayes gets the call as per the Blackhawks website…I like it. I think he moves to 2nd Line Wing which might be a little crazy, but I think it lets us roll 4 lines again. Roll 4 Lines!

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  9. I like the Hayes call up. It may be unfair to put him in a top 6 situation at the start. But he will fit with either 3d or 4th line.

    I hope Montador recovers fully and plays well. He can ultimately help the team either as a player or as trade bait.

  10. They have experimented w/ Kruger at wing and Hayes has played some center in Rockford. Wonder if Kruger and/or Shaw gets bumped to a wing w/ Stalberg staying at LW2 & Hayes works into the 4C spot between Frolik and the gong show. If not, I could see a scenario where Hayes would skate some at LW2 if Quenneville wants to keep Stalberg-Shaw-Bickell together; he’s a better option than Carcillo and/or Frolik.

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