Stumbling Blackhawks Crushed By Kings

The Blackhawks dropped their third straight game against a top Western Conference team on Monday night, getting blasted for the second consecutive outing.

After getting hammered in Dallas by the Stars, Los Angeles came into the United Center and blew out the Hawks on their own ice.

The final score was 5-0, but it wasn’t for lack of opportunities. Chicago had some good looks, but simply didn’t convert. Passes were off, pucks were bouncing, sticks broke, posts were hit and players overskated plays the entire frustrating night.

Kris Versteeg opened the scoring with his 12th of the season at 3:17, and Milan Lucic added a second goal for LA only 18 seconds later. The Hawks had two power plays in the first period but weren’t able to beat Jonathan Quick.

The Blackhawks got two more power plays in the second period, but couldn’t convert on either of them. Vinny Lecavalier scored his eighth of the season at 15:30 to extend the Kings’ lead to three.

Chicago got two more power plays in the third period, but one of the most dangerous power plays in the league finished the night 0-for-6 with an advantage. Meanwhile, Dustin Brown and Tyler Toffoli added two more goals for the Kings in a runaway.

Hawks coach Joel Quenneville blew up his seemingly untouchable top six in the second period, moving Patrick Kane up with Jonathan Toews and Andrew Ladd. Marian Hossa moved onto the second line with Artem Anisimov and Artemi Panarin.

In the third, Quenneville turned on the blender again as frustrations with a painfully stagnant offense boiled over. Hossa, Toews and Panarin shifted together and Ladd joined Kane and Anisimov; Quick shutout the Hawks while facing 32 shots.

Kane led Chicago with six shots on net but was held without a point for the third straight game, the first time this year he has gone three games without registering a point.

Ladd blocked two shots and was credited with a team-high seven hits in 18:40 but was minus-three in the game.

The best offensive threat for Chicago in the game was Teuvo Teravainen, who put four shots on net in 13:51 and also won seven of 15 faceoffs. But the bottom six reflected the top of the Blackhawks’ lineup – a gong show throughout.

Corey Crawford allowed all five goals against 25 shots.

The struggling Blackhawks will try to figure something out in the next 45 hours before the Flyers visit the United Center.

46 thoughts on “Stumbling Blackhawks Crushed By Kings

  1. Speechless. “…Passes were off, pucks were bouncing, sticks broke, posts were hit…” Indeed. No puck luck tonight. And Quick had it dialed in.

    This group is having some troubles. 12 games left to figure it out. Come on, boys.

  2. …..Versteeg comes back to bite Blackhawks in the butt….lol…..Crawford in LA LA land!!!!…..I could go on and on ….maybe handing out some Viagra to the core players might work against Flyers….

  3. March, in like a lion out like a lamb. Pretty easy going the rest of the way one would think. Philly has been hot but will be coming in on a back to back Wednesday.

  4. Hey at least we signed Svedberg for 2 more years. Lol. Because lord knows he might develop into a serviceable and affordable number 6 defenseman between now and the midterm election in 2018.

    Weak sauce I know, so good night.

  5. Pathetic. Team is in trouble — has been brewing for about 6 weeks.

    Crow looks like a pylon .

    Ugh .

  6. looks like 3 of the kids, TVR, Gusty, Panarin, got a taste of elite play-off hockey and don’t know too handle it. Also looks like we can take crows name out of vezina equation. Crow needs a few nights off to think about things. TVR and Gusty WTF!!!!!!!

  7. It’s very troubling that the Hawks have lost now three games in a row against some of the top teams in the west. It seems like they have lost their fire and any competitive edge.

    If you think things will be fine (without changing something) and that they’ll suddenly figure out how to beat these teams in the playoffs, well you are either more optimistic than I or you have your heads in the clouds.

  8. We’ve all seen this before, several times in the last six years and they came together. Yes, last night was painful and a little worrisome but it doesn’t really mean all that much till next month. One Goal.

  9. Im usually the last one to panic, but I did not like what i saw last night. The Hawks played a very predicable game. Quick was all over everything the hawks tried to do. Hats off to him for that, but 0-6 on PP wont cut it in 3/4 weeks. Still time to get their head on straight, but they need to focus and buckle down.

  10. I hate losing to LA, but the Kings put on a good road show last night giving us fans little if anything to cheer about. Kings were rewarded for playing good team defense, blocking shots, and some strong goaltending from Quick. Kings got some great bounces on both ends of the ice, while the Hawks didn’t. Hawks once again seemed out of sorts defensively allowing Kings to bury some put back chances on goals 1 and 3. That said the Kings took 6 penalties and were not made to pay, which was huge. It seemed that the Hawks lost many faceoffs in the offensive zone during PP time which of course hits the re-set button. Despite those lost faceoffs the Hawks had some glorious scoring chances that just would not go in. Game over when you get down 2-3 goals against a good defensive team almost all of the time. Some of those PP chances needed to get converted.

    Crow not so much on his game, but was given poor help again. Lots of odd man breaks for LA and some breakaways too. Seabs out of position for the Lucic rush that resulted in goal #2. Do we see Darling against the Flyers? Why not?

    I noticed on faceoffs that Panarin received special physical attention from Versteeg and others. There always seemed to be Kings following both Kane and Panarin all over the ice from neutral zone on in. Same treatment from Dallas. Kane still had lots of shots on net and some blocked.

    LA is good but no surprise there. Hawks are in the March funk that seems to show up in recent years for whatever reason. Remember last year when they were in a swoon and went up to Winnipeg and won a big game to break the spell? We were looking at falling into a wild card position at that time.

    I think the Hawks will come around in the next few weeks. Lots of new guys to fit into the system. Hossa back from a long injury recovery will be fine I think. Problems I see are more defensive in nature which the Hawks coaching staff can get back in control. I would like to see Erhoff get more ice time. The kids have struggled as of late.

    At least the pk was better last night. Ladd I thought did some good things and the Teravainen line was good again. I am sorry to say, but I just sigh when I see Mashinter in the lineup. For an large “energy” guy he doesn’t bring much imo.

    These last 2 games have really been painful to watch.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  11. Is it really appropriate to have Mike Milbury sucking Doughty’s dick for 3 hrs on national television?

  12. I’m still positive and relaxed because they know how to win and they have (and we’ve enjoyed) 3 Cups-
    but this isn’t a March hiccup. They are 5 and 9 since Feb. 9th and have scored 36 goals and given up 45. 15 games, and almost a 1/5th of the season isn’t rope a dope. This right now is a disorganized team looking for a way to snap out of it and the other hungry and talented teams are saying no way.
    The west is loaded again and perhaps the Hawks will rise to the challenge?

  13. The boys lost three straight to the teams they will most likely face in the playoffs. Typical March swoon. The playoffs can’t get here fast enough IMHO. It is not time to panic yet but the ineffective play of the first line is very troubling.

  14. TVR and Gustafsson have become significant liabilities in the defensive zone. Both lack physical and skating gifts and both are being abused by good teams. Hawks need Rosival to find the fountain of youth and for Erhoff to help. Big time.

    Forward play in the defensive zone has also stunk for a few weeks. Anisimov and Ladd need to step up. Ditto Des Jardins and Hossa. Stop playing to preserve oneself and get your asses busy playing two way hockey.

    Team is playing with fire right now if it thinks it can just flip the proverbial switch.

  15. Same Same . . . same as it ever was. That weak, carefree, walk in the park finish to close the season. This Kings Team to me is going no where in the playoffs but it show how far a hot talented goaltender can drag you. Quick was the only difference and of course the Hawks End of season “sleep walking” was the other difference. So worry? Worry about the 10 to 2 goals against vs. two good teams? Even Crow was showing some stress and seemed a little pissed off, a SLUMP late for most primetime net minders is expected but as I have said all year long CROW has been bailing the hawks and out faces more shots with less protection than anyone. So as warned Sasquatch Draling will not save the day last year was that limited time offer vs. an offensively challenged team. One and done. So PRAY now, that Crow gets some rest soon and gets back on track, NOT HIS FAULT again faces more shots night in and night out and even I say “hawks are a great defensive team” yet I wonder! Crow is the Hart of this team!

    Kings just packed it in down low after a few quick goals, the great wall and they just sit which makes it hard. Our Power play is and was over rated, good yes but not great. Kings closed on it well and took away the “habitual” cross-ice pass. So power play sucked but penalty kill is better. Ladd is great on penalty kill. Closes like a beats and recovers.

    Love the move of Hossa skill set to another line! Like Flash or Weiss up on the top with Ladd and Toews. Hossa and TNT might be a great fit for TNT. TVR still just not there, not sure what is going on, watched him out here at UNH was pretty good but still all stick and avoided the physical play and light on his skates.

    Hawks played okay, Quick makes those initial great saves and is soooooo out of position but uses his athletic ability to get back and recover, better than anyone, I saw more empty nets and loose pucks and just Bad Timing of Ladd Broken sticks!

    I worry about CROW he of all humans might have hit a wall.

    We need Crow.

    Go hawks

  16. The only panic is getting Crow rested and ready, if we’re gonna loose 6 out the 12 last games and play like this . . . rest him. Offensively this team is “stacked” Once the top line is adjusted good things will happen in the playoffs. The artist Panarin is “easy” to take out of the game. Watch our 5 on 5. Watch close the Hawks 5 on 5 that is where you learn a player true skill set and value, power play makes even average look GREAT.

    Guys like Ladd and Toews and Flash and even Shaw are very very very hard to take out of the game, impossible, look for them to take over in the playoffs, teams will shut down the Fancy Pants Line, with physical play, BUT with Ladd and Toews and even with Hoss they play off “physical play” the best in the league. The Fancy Pants line not so much.

    go hawks

  17. Just saying Mashinter sine he gets Bashed-inter at times PLAYED VERY WELL last night, one of his better games. He played great on the rush and in the corners and a few times got possession but also showed for the first time a skill set to push the puck up the wall, and bounce it off the wall as a short pass to himself and open up the ice down low. So may times these guys crash and pin and possession is just delayed but last night they dumped, retrieved and collapsed to the net. I say that line may have been the best, Also SHAW for a moment late really just stepped up and skated like a mad man .. . .makes Shawzy Shawzy. Time For the big boys

  18. MtM- once again,,, spot on… I hate Mashitter… but I will say- he played one of his best games last nite… still like Moose/Panik more … but Mash actually was one of the better Hawks in 1st (I couldn’t/wouldn’t watch the rest ) tired of seeing the Hawks play like Crap!!!!

    Here is to next year… and hoping 2 of Schmaltz/Motte/Caggiula/???/Euro???
    can step up and contribute like Saad/Shaw rookie years…

    Or we are looking at the Official start of Pens2.0 ($$$ in 2 players) and losing heart/will/speed every year

  19. Puck didn’t bounce the Hawks way. Early in the game a post then a crossbar then another post. Hawks were getting the chances but not going in. Liked the way LA cleared the front of the net by taking the body on any loose pucks in front of Quick. Our way of just poking sticks at the puck doesn’t cut it.

    Twelve games left 6 with non playoff teams 3 with wild card boarder line. I could see another 14 to 18 points. Must win against Dallas and STL for a shot at the Division title. We will catch a hot roll going into the playoffs when it is most important!

    Go Hawks!

  20. ^agreed I think it’s time to get CC some rest and he may even be dinged up as a previous poster mentioned he may have tweaked something in the Blues shootout. Just a couple of things I noticed in the game 15 terrible at face offs (but worked hard otherwise). 72 and 86 were flying up the middle carrying the puck and then doing that crazy dump pass backward killing momentum. I know they aren’t the biggest guys but just dump it in if you have to and make teams take the interference penalty otherwise they should win those races. Hossa can’t bury anything and this has been going on all year not just because of the recent injury. Toews and Ladd will be fine I just wonder who will be their linemate and it will be very important offensively as teams are trying to isolate on Kane.

    I hope Q is rope a doping a little bit and not showing all his cards yet and the other western teams get a bit overconfident. I still believe the Hawks can get it together come April and a 7 game series is different than single games

    Go Hawks

  21. oh and MTM is right again Quick stood on his head and the pucks seemed to be bouncing the Kings way.

  22. Ho hum… When do the playoffs start? Ho hum… Hawks lost another one. Ho Hum. Oh yeah, its March and the Hawks only play when there is risk that they may not make the playoffs!!! Ho hum, ho hum, ho hum!!! Everyone is worrying but the people that count…the players, the coaches, and the organization. We’ve been thru this time and again, relax people. Remember, the journey for this team is to make the playoffs and contend for the cup. Enjoy it while it lasts because this run is getting long in the tooth unless Bowman keeps doing magic to stay competitive. Go Hawks!!!!

  23. JR- right on… Hawk’s D… always built/rely on poking/clearing away pucks/sticks in front of net… In order to be great at it… D men must be quicker/more agile…

    1st they are down – true 4th D man (27)…
    2nd- the D -core is just getting older/fraction of a second slower … every year… so that ability they rely on…. is slowly fading…

  24. … the last few years…Blackhawks and Kings have alternated Stanley Cup….if they continue to play in this manner….looks like it is LA’s turn once again….it will take a miracle for Blackhawks to win against Central Division opponents in playoffs….I hope I’m wrong but it looks like the end of the roller coaster ride ……….

  25. I have to post this every year, this seems like a good time:

    Another crushing playoff defeat, here in the -4th week of the playoffs. It doesn’t look like the Blackhawks will be able to recover from this crushing playoff debacle. You would’ve thought their last crushing playoff loss would’ve lit a fire under them to win last night’s critical playoff game, but it’s clear they just don’t have the horses to compete. Joel Quenneville responded to the loss by putting his house on the market, Stan Bowman was seen cowering in a corner, nude, mumbling to himself, “the fans were right, if only we’d kept Stephen Johns.”

  26. To get through these doldrums before the playoffs I would like to see Q try the following lines for a few games:


  27. Hawks1961 I like those lines! Q give it a shot!
    They have looked quite bad these last 2 games- but I don’t think they’re going to waste much energy fighting to get back into games at this point of the season if they’re in playoff position– especially against these physically demanding teams. I’m confident they’ll get more physical come playoff time.
    I still think they’ll win when they have to. They played poorly last year at the end of the season but won the games they had to.

  28. The D needs to shore up. I saw a lot of defensive errors last night from Seebs playing the puck carrier and losing his man on the second goal to , Gustaffson losing pucks at the blue line and losing board battles down low. Fix this and the offense will naturally get back in gear.

    I think the Hawks are playing in reserve because they realize the big three need to have something in the tank for another deep playoff run. That said I am in no way worried, I have said this many times before, there is too much leadership on this team to allow the problems to become the norm.

  29. Hey fellas, it is really very simple:

    Kane on cover of Sports Illustrated = 3 big losses and no points for Kaner since.!!!

    The damn curse DOES exist….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Hi Tab. Long time reader and first time poster. Thanks for all that you do and to all your posters for their insights. I am a Chicago transplant residing in Philadelphia so I do my best to stay connected through your blog.

    Agree completely with Hawks1961 regarding his proposed lines. The only thing is that 53 is missing (sarcasm noted). I’m sure he’s a great teammate but I just want Q to put the best available on the ice.

    Let’s forget that last 3 games and beat the Flyers.

  31. If losing to the flyers meant the wings wouldn’t make the playoffs for the first time in 25 years, I would be ok with losing one more game before our hot streak

  32. The team has hit a wall. This is what happens when you go deep into the playoffs year after year. The big boys need to step up…Toews, Anisimov, Ladd, Hossa in particular. Keith, Seabrook and Hjalmarsson need to find a second wind. Gustafsson and van Riemsdyk need to get their crap together, because both are getting abused night after night. And finally, Rosival needs to find the fountain of youth because he needs to be leaned on more heavily.

  33. Nick in San Diego; I was going to post the welcome back Doom and Gloom squad but you beat me to it. Thanks, I am glad that I have company.

  34. Nick,

    My wife has baptized my son and I as “Gloom and Doom” RE” the Blackhawks….Maybe we should start a franchise……

  35. AL; Please accept my apology, my comment was not directed at any one poster, was just a statement to all doubters that seem to jump on the bandwagon at this time of year when Hawks hit a lull. (seems to be a yearly thing) I apologize to any that I have offended. For some strange reason, I think the Chicago Blackhawks will go deep into the playoffs with the fullest of support of their world class fan base.

  36. This is going to get some bad press… But I’m rooting for Philly tonight against my beloved Blackhawks. Why? Because I want Philly to take the Redwings playoff spot so I don’t have to hear about the Wings playoff streak anymore. Mwahahahaa

  37. Snidely, I believe you are correct about Hawks legs getting a bit rubbery. This team has played more games in recent years than anyone. The collective abuse/fatigue over such a long period of time cannot be dismissed. We are hearing reports of guys missing practice. This is to rest players that carry big minutes and of course smart for Q to give players some much needed extra down time.

    It would be great to see Hawks surge back and take the division, but at what cost? We need healthy core guys to start playoffs with or without home ice advantage. This is especially true for Corey Crawford who has carried this team on his back the entire season. The heart of this Hawks team should never be questioned. We must all hope they have the physical strength to let the body do what the brain wants.

    Can’t get to the game tonight unfortunately, but will watch a rare home game on tv.
    At least the opportunity to see some sorely missed replays will be the bonus.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  38. There is a difference between doom and gloom and hope and a prayer-the truth is somewhere in the middle-
    There is a reason for this nearly 15 game ‘funk’-a couple recent posters have told the truth about fatigue (especially the core)-mental and physical– new players added and fitting in, some weaknesses exposed and a highly competitive west-
    Doom and gloom implies no hope-I know I have that and have had the privilege of seeing these guys turn in on when it seemed they couldn’t-
    doldrums, ho-hum, rope a dope etc.–be careful not to be the fool and show some respect for how hard this truly is.

  39. That’s why we have games like that. Where we do not play. Lots of hard min games the past few yrs. Everytime our guys have some like that people think we have problems/etc. Every yr we need to do the same thing, take it easy when we’re behind by a lot and not waste energy for meaningless 82 game games. They count but were smart to know when to use it and when to do that. We’re still in a better position then ’15, everybody’s between 18-21 over. Where in ’15 we were 5 behind or something.

    It is hard to win let do repeat. That’s why I think our guys know and other then the first hangover, we learned from that and have always kicked ass in NOV and DEC and coasted in JAN and FEB and had a few games like that in MAR. Then had a good last 10. Our guys need any and extra rest/not wasting it on games were down 4 in. Pick our spots.

    Even though the sch doesn’t help in getting into a rhythm it is going to give us extra rest by playing these 11 wks after those crazy sch of 8 in 13 and 14 in 24. We payed out dues then and kicked ass in those stretches now we get rewarded with not a rythem sch but a 11 wk energy sch.

    We’re not just the Lion in the savanna because we are but also because we have to be.

  40. Thing about the FEB and part of MAR slump is we normally do in JAN but we took a little longer getting into 2nd gear with however many young and new guys. Then the normal coast/conserve and preserve mode. It’s not a dangerous thing to do, when we need to because of past few yrs of hard min games. It’s smart. We really been doing it since 2010.

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