Sympathy For The Blackhawks: Devils Win In Shootout

Looking for critical late-season points to assure a playoff position, the Blackhawks dressed seven defensemen for a tough road game in New Jersey.

Corey Crawford bounced back from a rough night against Nashville and the Hawks allowed only 22 shots on net through overtime, but the offense wasn’t enough as Chicago lost in the shootout.

The Blackhawks continued frustration on the power play was painfully evident on Tuesday night, including a 5-on-3 that saw the Hawks put zero shots on net. In total, the Hawks were 0-for-4 with the theoretical advantage in the game.

Despite not getting any quality shots on net while on the power play, the Hawks certainly made Martin Brodeur earn the win. Chicago put 38 shots on net, led by seven from Viktor Stalberg. The only shot that got past the future Hall of Famer was off the stick of Brent Seabrook.

If the Hawks power play was painful, the stat of the night made another part of the Chicago offense excruciating: Patrick Sharp’s goal in the shootout was the first by a Blackhawks shooter other than Patrick Kane or Jonathan Toews this year. Shooters other than Kane and Toews are now 1-for-17 on the season in the skills exhibition.

Steve Montador returned to the lineup for the Hawks after a length layoff because of concussion symptoms. Marcus Kruger, who missed Sunday’s game because of concussion symptoms, was on the ice as well.

The Blackhawks have now lost the first two games of Duncan Keith’s suspension.

14 thoughts on “Sympathy For The Blackhawks: Devils Win In Shootout

  1. So damned tired of that Power Play being so inept. Its probably cost us 7-8 points in the standings.

    First offseason move…Fire Mike Kitchen. I could do a better job! It sure wouldn’t be much worse!

  2. ……lineup vs Nashville was pathetic ……Morrison, O’Donnell, Mayers, Brunette, Frolik….what was Quenville thinking?………a little better vs New Jersey but with or without Toews this team will be hard pressed to emerge from the the first round….Quenville has a whole bunch of almost 40 year olds and underachieving players that together are merely a shadow of the championship team of under 2 years ago..barring any unforseen miracles this team is a very dark and scruffy horse in the playoffs……thanks for the memories Andrew Shaw, John Scott, and Bollig….I think we won most of the fights …………..

  3. We outplayed NJ. Their goalie saved them. Kruger made a difference and Shaw had a great game. When Toews and Keith come back we will be tough to beat if Crawford plays well. I still feel we need an additional skill player to replace Brunette in the playoffs.

  4. A couple of things stood out to me tonight. How much better Kruger is than Morrison and how much better Montador is than O’Donnell.

    I think when Keith comes back there is a real question as to which of the seven quality D-men go to the bench. Keith, Seabrook, Leddy, Oduya, Montador, Hjalmarson and Olsen. Honestly with as well as Olsen has played I think the puck moving ability of the others may mean Olsen is on the outside, but either way a much better situation than one where O’Donnell is the 7th or heaven forbid getting minutes.

  5. This just isn’t a playoff team…they are missing Keith and Toews, and that is very tough, but this remaining group just isn’t good enough…

    And the coaches should be embarrassed by that PP…PATHETIC is being kind…the players have to take a ton of responsibility for it, but this late in the season, that PP unit reflects deeply on the coaching staff, who are NOT cutting it…

  6. Ugh. PP is stumbling along at a 7.8% clip since the ASB (they were sitting at 19% before the ASB). I guess one positive is that they have allowed only 12 goals while short handed during the time that the powerplay has been a shitshow. The percentage isn’t great (81), but it is better than the 78% they were at before.

    And Crow keeps playing well. 9-3-1 with a 2.03 GAA and .919 SV% since the end of the 9-game losing streak. In those 14 games he hasn’t given up more than 4 goals in a game, and has allowed 2 or fewer in 10. Some will say because he was pulled in those 2 games before he could give up the 5th; I would point out that in both, 3 of the goals in both were redirections. With this Crawford and the potential return to health of the rest of the crew (Toews, Montador, and Keith from suspension), the Blackhawks could make a run in the playoffs.

  7. Evidently our special teams coach is a weak link.Defense and Crawford have stepped up.Kane has stepped up on both ends of the ice.Forwards could use to step up both ends as well.Now is there a reason why they pass so freaking much during the PP?Putting some shots on net seems to be the last of there concerns.

  8. The bottomline of last night’s game for me… we had a 68-second two-man advantage in the second period, and failed to register a shot. Ouch. 19 come back!

  9. What I don’t get is we all know Kitchen is responsible for the two worst things about this team, defense and the power play. Yet, he still has a job! I know rumors are flying all around about the front office and coaches and Scotty Bowman taking control next year and getting his guys in, but I think the time is now. If you have a scheme that works for the Defense that the guys can work with then they will be fine. Sure we lost some guys, but we still have good D. Knock out Kitchen and I dont think we have so many shots against or goals against.

    The power play is even worse. This guy has to be the worst at his job and every blog, paper, web site just talks about the players not getting it done. What they dont talk about is a coach who has star calibur players and what he is doing isn’t working. Players are to be at fault too, but whatever this guy is telling them to do isnt working and it clearly shows.

    FIRE MIKE KITCHEN LAST YEAR. It didnt work then and isnt working now. We also had Campbell last year and teh D still sucked and didnt before when we had torch. So same top 4 d-men played awesome 2 years in a row. We get this Chod and we SUCK.

  10. Not a terrible game, should have had more goals but Broduer was on fire. also, i can’t even say how stressful it is how shitty we are on the power play! kitch needs to go after this season, i don’t think too many people can argue that. i’m actually a little nervous about making the playoffs

  11. Tab, as usual, your numbers tell the story. Until now, I didn’t realize how FEW Hawks shooters have scored in the shootout. With players like Hossa, Sharp, Frolik, Krueger and Bolland, you would at least think SOMEONE could score in the shootout.

    I’m not coach Q, but I would have picked Krueger over Stalberg in the shootout. Stalberg is quickly reminding me of Ken Yaremchuk of the 80’s. Yaremchuk was extremely fast, but had trouble scoring unless the net was open. When it came to trying to beat a goalie with a perfect shot, or one on one, he just couldn’t do it, just like Stalberg can’t do it.

    I think Stalberg is a “serviceable” NHL player, but he can’t seem to score the “necessary” goals. The one thing he has that you can’t teach, is speed. I just wish he had that Patrick Kane sniping ability. I’m not bashing him, I just wish we could get more out of him.

  12. Tom, I normally agree w/ you… but Kruger over Stalberg? I love Kruger… great compete level, great instincts, but his weakest skill is shooting.

    Stalberg is much better than “serviceable”… and on a team w/ alot of big contracts he is a steal at $900K… Biggest mistake of Bowman (besides Monty) is not signing/stealing his service for more than 2 years @$900k… then again maybe his agent wouldn’t do it.
    He continues to improve every game!

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