11 thoughts on “Tim Thomas Taking A Year Off

  1. Either he’s a freaking nutbag or this is just a ploy to not be traded this summer. I’m guessing its the latter as he probably doesn’t want to wind up playing miles away from his family on his final year of his contract. This way he can dictate next year where he plays…which will be most likely northeastern coast.

    Either way tho’, he really hurt his teammates with this.

  2. Wow. He’s got huevos rancheros to forfeit $5mm…

    Seriously, play for the worst team in the league and lose every game. Go home at night and roll in cash. I respect and revile him at the same time for having the balls to make this move and for all the people making normal wages that would probably go to the ends of the earth for that luxury respectively. He threw out $5mm. Insane.

  3. Tim Thomas has become a major dick bag. And crazy to that now, too. Major crazy dick bag.

  4. I have to say, it was a smart move on two parts. If as mentioned earlier, he doesn’t want to be traded he knixes that by this move, but giving up the $5 million and not playing he tells his teammates, “Look, I don’t have the heart for it here next year and instead of mailing it in like so many other overpaid athletes do in the final years of their career. I’m going to walk and walk early enough that the team can do something about it.” Nothing classless about that.

    Collecting a check next year and averaging 3+ Goals against because he doesn’t want to be there..well that would be a classless move for sure.

    At least Boston still has John Lackey…who will still hold the current title for overpaid fail!

  5. This guy is a world class tool……..Cup or not, I can’t see how anyone can look at him in a favorable light. He signed a contract, he accepted a set salary to do a set job for a set period of time and then he didnt perform on the time issue. For a guy that obviously lets his politics get in the way of his obligations to team and employer(yes there is an implied obligation to both)he deserves the same level of respect. Show him the door and plan ahead with Raask. I would rather watch, cheer and support a losing team with a good attitude than a winning team with a nutcase goaltender.

  6. Pens trade for Voukon’s rights and then sign him to a 2 yr. 4 mil deal…He made 1.5 mil in Washington last year. I thought the Pens had cap troubles…paying 500K more for a backup than he made last year is pretty incredible…Is Fleury on the block?

  7. Now were linked to J.S. Giguere? Eklund and his “sources” are once again WAY off. I need to stop reading Hockeybuzz…

    Hey Tab, are you going to be doing any pre-draft articles before the draft this year? Possible players who the hawks might be looking at, so forth?

  8. Tony says:
    Tim Thomas has become a major dick bag. And crazy to that now, too. Major crazy dick bag.
    He’s earned multi-millions already and because he has more important priorities than the almighty dollar he’s a crazy dick-bag. Oh and because he doesn’t bow at the feet of O’Bama I guess that makes him a MAJOR dickbag. Get a life

  9. “Bow at his feet”? Right. Because thats what the Boston Bruins players did. They kneeled before him and said “Oh Almighty Obama. Save our wretched souls!”

    I need to get a life too. LOL

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