Toews, Blackhawks Upset Bruins In OT

Entering Thursday night’s game, Chicago was a mere 40 points behind Boston in the standings. The Bruins and Blackhawks were on opposite ends of the standings, and a banged up Hawks team came in struggling.

Chicago got Dylan Strome back from concussion protocol but were still missing Andrew Shaw, Drake Cagguila and Duncan Keith. Dennis Gilbert returned to the NHL to give Chicago enough bodies to fill out a complete roster – a fun change of pace.

Patrice Bergeron was not in the lineup for Boston.

So in the first period it appeared the Hawks were happy to let the Bruins control the action. Boston got plenty of looks early but couldn’t convert thanks to Robin Lehner’s strong play between the pipes.

Patrick Kane went to the box 33 seconds into the game but Chicago successfully killed the penalty. Anton Wedin went to the sin bin 16 minutes later and this Bruins power play led to a goal.

It came from Ryan Carpenter.

Carpenter’s first goal with Chicago came short-handed and gave the Blackhawks a 1-0 lead. Connor Murphy had the only assist.

David Pastrnak went to the box 27 seconds after the Carpenter goal, giving the Blackhawks their first power play of the night. Strome celebrated his return to the lineup with a redirection that beat Tuukka Rask and gave Chicago a 2-0 lead late in the first period.

The official shot totals after 20 minutes of hockey showed Boston with a 12-8 advantage but the Hawks led by two.

Chicago out-shot their hosts 12-10 in the second period but neither team scored.

Historically, “17 seconds in Boston” has a special meaning for Blackhawks fans. On Thursday night it represented the end of a 12-game goalless streak. Alex DeBrincat got back on the board early in the third period.

Calvin de Haan and Strome were credited with assists on the goal.

Former Blackhawk Joakim Nordstrom broke up Lehner shutout bid 92 seconds later, cutting the Hawks’ lead to two.

Kirby Dach skated between Carpenter and Zack Smith and that trio was the best line on the ice for much of the middle 40 minutes of the game.

After Smith lowed the boom on Pastrnak in the middle of the third period, John Moore came to his teammates defense and dropped the gloves with Smith. Unfortunately, Moore had just come back from major shoulder surgery and it appeared fighting in his first game back was a terrible decision; he went straight to the room without moving his left arm after a quick fight.

Moore was able to return to the penalty box after almost four minutes in the room as Chicago went on a power play. Charlie Coyle took a seat to give the Blackhawks the advantage.

Chris Wagner took advantage of a Gustafsson blowout and scored a short-handed goal for Boston with five minutes left in regulation to cut the Hawks’ lead to one.

With 2:33 left in regulation Torey Krug tied the game. Alex Nylander watched Krug skate away from him and Brent Seabrook left his spot to chase the puck below the goal line, opening the door for Krug’s fourth of the season.

The Bruins out-shot the Hawks 18-10 in the third period and scored the final three goals to send the game to overtime. Boston had a 40-30 shot advantage after 60 minutes. Lehner made some terrific stops but the defense failed him in the third.

Coach Jeremy Colliton opened overtime with Connor Murphy skating with Jonathan Toews and Kane. Toews got a breakaway and buried the game-winner to make the players’ moms happy.

Toews had a huge night, winning 17 of 28 faceoffs against the Bergeron-less Bruins and adding the game-winning goal in 19:37 on the ice. He was also credited with two blocked shots, three hits and two takeaways.

Both Gustafsson and de Haan reached 100 career points with assists in the game.

78 thoughts on “Toews, Blackhawks Upset Bruins In OT

  1. It should be obvious to everyone (even You bonehead Bowman) the Hawks don’t want to play for their coach …tonight they played for their mommies. Great job boys. It proves they’re better than their record.

    December 5, 2019 at 8:51 pm
    Well, I know we need a good system, a reset, the entire organization, everything people talked about the last 7 days.

    before these 6 games started, I though said 3-3 would be good agasint top 5/10 teams. Well were were officially 2-3-1, but Shaw scored that goal and that was a 2-1 win in regulation on DAL. 3-2-1 or 3-3 or 2-3-1, is 3-3.

    We played good in half the games and did not in half the games. 3-3

    Funny how we played like shit the first game VEG NAS and got blwon out, then next game agsint those teams we blow them out.

    Again half the games we play good, all agasint top 5/10 teams. We also are half and half agasint the shit teams.

  3. All the sudden, after a ‘regulator’ 4-7 start in the first 10 games. We go

    2-3-1 (which is same thing as 3-3)(agsint 6 top teams)(DAL DAL COL COL STL BOS)

    Do we go on another stretch, with De bob lee swagger cat going to ‘play’ now with Strome back and some the lines align better.

  4. Mo the NHL doesn’t have shit teams. Teams closer the bottom and those closer to the best. Contenders and Pretenders and Would like to Pretend. Where does Chicago actually fit after 30 games? Answer is 14th out of 15 in the West.
    No amount of analysis changes that fact.

  5. It’s one game and they blew a 3 goal lead in the 3rd. Nice to win but need to see a whole lot more. Devils tomorrow night.

  6. Get the bad out of the way.Coach Collition,the rule in hockey is when you are up by 2 goals and given a powerplay in the last 5 minutes always employ your 2 best d men on the ice.Never leave your worst d man on the ice alone.Also 92 does not see the ice when you are protecting a lead in the last 2 minutes of the game.Why 44 and 5 were off the ice at that time is mindboggling.Seabrook chasing behind the net was absolutely terrible.92 has no hardness or compete in him at all.

  7. Agree all teams play good games, the best teams just do it on a more consistent basis. That’s what this team needs is to be able to play like this alot more consistently. Type of game they need to be able to produce more, hot goalie, positive impact from special teams, although pp reared its ugly head late, they still won the special teams battle which was a game changer for then tonight.

  8. Good win . Thank God for Lehner in the third. They won that game despite terrible coaching. Late in the third with a power play and the game in control , why aren’t there 2 dmen on the ice. Bruins score then he puts 2 dmen on for the rest of the power play. With just over2 minutes in the game why is Nylander on the ice trying to protect the lead. Bruins score ( Nylander ‘s man), then he puts Carpenter on for him. Nylander should not be on this roster. He has done nothing but float around yet he is still on the team.

  9. Because Nylander is Bowman’s golden child and sitting him or sending him to Roqueford would show the Joker trade was wrong.

  10. On the plus side.Gilbert,Smith,MURPHY,DeHaan,very nice physical smart play most of the night.The Bruins top players do not like to be hit and you guys made them uncomfortable all night.Solid night by 12 and 17.Its the response the team should have had against the Avalanche and the Blues.Did not like 19.s game but will tap the stick to him for the finish in o.t and his work in the faceoff circle.

  11. I would classify the DET NJ LA OTT as shit teams. I guess there isint 10 shit teams but thats where I would have half of the bottom 10 teams. Then 10 mid tier, then the top 10. i do not think we are, and havnt at any point, were a bottom 10 team.

    We played like it in half of the games, and in half of the games we played like a 10-15 team. I would have us around 10-20 mid teir team.

  12. And please bench Gustafson, he’s a constant liability. When he was scoring last year you could overlook his poor defense, it weighed itself out. Now? Why is he on the ice?

  13. Watching Ottawa and Calgary play, wish there was away to acquire a Tkachuk brother for this team.

  14. We havnt been consistant.

    Though after that 4-7 start, where we played hand cuffed? We went

    2-3-1 agasint top 5 teams

    Now where do go, on a roll again.

  15. They almost blew this game, but hey, the Hawks beat Boston on the road! Now please keep it up against a weak NJ club. Agree with Aj67, Gus sucks. That stumble would have been frowned upon in Beer league.

  16. Trip agree and think Colliton wants Nylander to be something be isn’t because he seemed to run Joki out of town himself.

  17. Gonna disagree on Krug’s goal re: Nylander

    Agreed Nylander doesn’t win many if any board battles but I actually thought he made a good play before Krug scored

    Watch the replay – he comes up with the puck in a collision with Krug and chips it along the dasher to Gilbert

    The problem was that Gilbert had no interest in the puck but only in stapling Pasternak to the boards taking out Nylander as well in the process

    If Keith were that D man and not Gilbert he would have picked up that chip of the puck from Nylander, Krug wouldn’t have scored and we’d all be saying nice play Alex

    That’s an example of when going for the hit takes a D man out of the play

    Granted Seabs compounded the mistake but the original mistake was Gilbert being too anxious to make a hit

  18. Agree with comments re: JC having Gus as the only D on a PP with 5 minutes left and up by 2 – no excuse poor coaching

    But generally Gus had fewer minutes than usual so that was good

    Other than the Krug goal as detailed above Gilbert did well – I wasn’t missing Maatta

    Maybe the Hawks will find a taker for Olli and Gus at the TDL

  19. First BOS goal was on Lehner – terrible rebound

    Second BOS goal was on Gus

    Overall the Hawk structure in all 3 zones was better than it has been lately – maybe it was the mum factor

  20. Wrap on the 3rd goal before that whole breakdown in coverage happened. Saad had a the puck along the boards on ither side witb time to clear the zone. Wgether he wanted a change or what but for some reason just lazily moved the puck along the boards and Boston was able to get possession again in Blackhawks zone and moved puck around boards where things went south.

    The 2nd goal was on Colliton, definitely agree Murphy or Dehaan should have been out wuth Gus.

    Rusty lije how Maatta has played but to me he is definitely a moveable piece not a keeper.

  21. This win will mean very little if they lose to New Jersey, limp home tired from the trip and come out flat against Arizona on Sunday.

  22. Wrap,watching that play a few times I can accept your view on what Gilbert did.That is why it was terrible coaching to have that type of d man out there at that time.I do like his physicality and the situational correct play comes from getting experience.That being said 92 was on the wrong side of his check,which happens,but he made no effort to get back in that play.He is a floater and light on his skates.Ice time should be earned and he has not done that.He was a human turnover all night.The Hawks also have to get a lot more out of 8 and 57.

  23. Noonan, not trying to disagree. I guess there reallyisint any shit teams. I look at those teams, the 5 worst in legaue. Every yr theres always 3,4,5,or6 of those teams and how many depends on yr.

    Even when we played really shitty this yr we wernt as bad as those teams are. We have a good system and identity, were way better then 4-7 start and 11-12.

    I know we need better for all the things we all talked about the last 7 days, but I usually only go by the roster and we have played good half of the time, agasint top teams we just went 2-3-1 not counting Shaw goal which was in.

    Anyways, thanks for keeping me honest.
    It makes wins like this, even better.

  24. Good point Ian.20 and 19 were making soft plays and turning the puck over in d zone while they were up by 3 and 2 goals also.If they are tired give them less ice time.Some of the line changes were way too long.3rd period with a lead 35 to 40 seconds and off.

  25. Wrap, thats how I saw that to.

    Ian, the Maatta buyout is good deal for us, right? Something realy small like .750 or something.

    Smith brings good hits or plays body, though Maatta Smith 56 and one goalie? are lots of space created there. With some Horsemen filling in those spots.

  26. What do we do if we go 20-10 during s stretch in the next 30 or so games. We ll be 10 games over .500 and right there for the playoffs, with 30 games still left to play.

    We need to be smart this deadline, even if were +10 games over.

  27. Mo Caphit for Maata buyout next June would be $680,500 per year for 4 years.

    Hard to imagine anything but a rollercoaster year the rest of the way. After Nj then home against Ariz then off to Vegas and Ariz. Who knows how that goes. Then 5 division games, just came a 1-3-1 record in 5 division games, so need 3 wins in those to even it out, be tough. Then hit Feb. after a favourable looking atretch and on the road for 11 out of 14 games. Making up ground not going to be easy before tdl.

  28. Wrap on that 3rd goal, we see that often where Seabrook or someone is left in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t spot when coverage breaks down. Either let a puck carrier go unchallenged right at the net or leave your man open on other side of slot. Just wondering if in that case how sprawling to the ice would work there, take away pass and maybe shot, if he holds the puck Gilbert has time to recover and backup for guy you left from forwards to get there. Seems like it could work.

  29. Plays in the NHL happen lightning quick. You have to play on instinct. On the 3rd goal, Nylander chopped at it and it went up in the air. The puck landed and the Bruins had 3 guys around it. That’s the NHL=pressure on the puck. Our Hawks had Nylander and Gilbert over there. Collectively they have played roughly 40 games in the NHL. It went from the corner, to Krug pinching and in the back of the net within a second or two. Blame who you want but 3 Bruins beat 2 Hawk rookies while Seabrook tried to get over to help.

    Question : up 3-1 with a power play at 6 minutes to go, how did it get to that point ?
    Answer: a ridiculously bad power play that results in a Bruins goal.

    Shades of last year when the Hawks were leading Minnesota in St. Paul 3-2 with two minutes left. Minnesota took a penalty. Instead of playing keep away for two minutes, the Hawks tried to set up a power play. Ryan Suter went the other way and scored short handed.
    Minnesota then won on overtime.
    Same thing in Boston on Thursday. Bafoonery led to a 3-2 score and the tying goal was predictable.

  30. 20 point difference- right Tab?
    I DO read your summaries and love them since we don’t get to watch most Hawks games! Outplayed, outshot, out physicalled, outhustled… an ugly win is still 2 points!
    Agree with all the comments re: Gus, Nylander, Seabrook- man, I feel for our goaltenders!!

  31. I thought Debrincat had more jump and I’m glad he got a goal-I’m sure it was weighing on him.

    (I been a hold out on Gus, hoping he would re-think what his role is in the NHL. To me it wasn’t the tumble that was bad, even the best of the best have done that. It’s his decision making with and without the puck that doesn’t seem to be getting better. (but you look at Matta, de Haan, Seabrook, KK, Gilbert-none that new type of great skating young d-men that are taking over the NHL-unfortunately Gus is the closest we have on the ice, especially when Keith out) NHL forwards get excited playing the Hawks because the foot speed is very average on the back end.)

    Nylander is what he is. Ultra talented with no desire to be great. If he had some Marchand in him…

  32. Ian, yea I not thinking we ll go 20-10 next 30 games, just wondering what we do if we do. I only looked at sch and for these 20 ish games, it was layed out with these 6 agasint top 5 teams, then 5 ish games againt not top 10 teams, then like 4 of 5 agasint top 10 teams, then another 5 ish againt not.

    So basicaly it was layed out 10 and 10. Top 10 and mid tier or bottom 10. So if we go 5-5 vs top 10 and do well agasint mid and bottom, we could put something like that together.

    Anyways, i feel bad not right worng to route agasint the tema like most are doing because of the siuation were in. I do want what better for the team longterm wise and think 19 88 will still be good at 40, just not as good as they were before. Thorton Lindstrom othersplayed well enough to 40 so these guys could. Caphits would have to be friendly team wise though.

    So its hard to route agasint would make someone feel like a traitor.

    I guess I am routing for Wirzt because hes the only one who can fix the over structure of the organization. I have nothing agasint these coaches gm other, but I do want us to get roster to where it belongs again and the have a good system and we have the ‘right’ kind of mix players wise, to compete with those top 3 teams, COL BOS ?take your pick.

  33. They won and that’s great. During parts of the game they were enjoyable to watch and they almost made it seem like they were a decent team.

    Then they also played like a peewee team and couldn’t clear puck out of the zone. They’re schizophrenic and that’s not a good formula for success.

    I see a lack of discipline/structure in their game and something still has to change.

  34. Great win! I am just disappointed that we gave up the lead in the 3rd. But, heart and hustle won that game last night.

    I would be OK if they traded both Maata and Gustafson, so Gilbert and Boqvist could slot in. I know that we aren’t ever trading Toews, Keith, and Seabrook, so we have to use them where they now best fit. Toews on the 3rd line and Keith on the 2nd pairing and Seabrook on the 3rd pairing with mandatory rest days on back to backs.

    Robin Lehner CAPTAIN!

  35. In regards to Nylander, I have to wait another year or two because he’s just getting used to the league, the speed, and his teammates. Joki did play about 20+ games last year, and that experience is helping him this year. I see some good things in Nylander. I wouldn’t have made that trade because I really liked Joki, but this kid has some skills and instincts. I’m glad he’s up here learning on the 4th line and not in Rockford playing for Derek King!

    Nylander PATIENCE!

  36. Duncan Keith is a non-checking turnover machine, I wish people would realize he’s not the player he was 5 years ago. Right now I’ll take Gilbert any day.

  37. Just fire Blowman and JC already!!! He can’t coach at this level and never will. Wasting time leaving this idiot on the bench. We still need another 2 defenseman and at least 2 more forwards with scoring touch and solid skills defensively.

  38. Mo what you think of pursuing Pulijarvi rights at tdl. Big bidy with skill who might be able to get something out of. The Oilers looking like their a playoff possibility. They have Koskinen locked long term and playing well with backup Smith with a no trade clause on a 35+ contract, so full cap stays with team even in minors so can’t add there. Tight on the cap limit and 3 highend defensemen in Ahl almost ready to step in, need to move dmen not add there. They do need 2ndary scoring, maybe like a Kubalik to try and help in that area at a lost cost to resign. Blackhawks not really trying to tap into him, so get something for at tdl before he walks as a ufa.

    Tommy, Nylander had a year in Ahl and 3 game, then 12 game Nhl look in Buffalo the last 2 years before being acquired. He just not showing much improvement. Doesn’t seem to be struugling just not trying to play right.

  39. Entertaining game to watch, but really a 3 goal lead in the 3rd should never be in question. Like many of you, I could just feel it slipping away for the Hawks in regulation, but they managed to hold on. Why JC had Nylander out there late in the 3rd with a 1 goal lead against Boston with that building cooking left me shaking my head. That’s on the coach, not the player. That is where coaching wins and loses games.

    Positives I took from the game were D Cat finally scoring a quality snipe, Strome to the net and deflects one in, good special team play overall with the exception of the Gus showing us how not to skate backwards, and some physical play by the Hawks which did make a difference.

    Pastrnak is not a little guy and certainly looks to be strong on his skates when he wants to be. Smith finished a great clean check on Pasta. More please! That’s what Hawks forwards need to bring every game. Hawks have players that can do this. I liked that Murphy wasn’t afraid to push back with Pastrnak around Hawks net. Of course weasel Marchand was involved. Nice to see Lehner pop Marchand too. Gilbert with good checks on Marchand and Pastrnak. I think Gilbert should play more, although positionally he gets out of sorts at times. Not sure why Bruins fans thought Toews should have been penalized in OT? I guess it’s okay for Bruins to play a physical game but other teams no?

    Not sure which Hawks team we see tonight. Maybe the moms will keep them motivated. Schedule gets no easier, so let’s hope they can build on last night.

    Let’s Go Hawks!

  40. I am with you on that stuff, I am with Kubalik. I like doing any kind of tarde that could be good for roster and roster needs, to gather the key peices we do not have.

    I sort of want to keep everyone, per say – we know who, so when Wirtz resets Blackhawks to a good system and crew, those people can make the trades because Kubalik or others might be really good at that system.

    In the meantime yea lets do some trades, and do the ones that get us a free pick and then we add a ufa, for a fair normal caphit and proper/less yrs of equal or better quality player.

    Be creative.

    But like your saying get those kind of players from them and TB. Do it Do it. If we end up with to many good Defensemen who cares we can switch one for a center like COL did when they traded their best Defensemen away.

  41. Love the mommies comment, Hawk. I will say I think it’s more than mom. These guys are capable and can bring it on occasion. Thought the d was really good. Even Seabs looked solid last night. Enjoy the wins when they serve em.

  42. I do not want to keep wasting good to decent players away like Kahin Kubalik, but its ok when we get them for free as long as we ad a good player like Maatta to fill a spot. As long as were are +1 in everyone of those trades, then thats fine. I do want guys like Kubalik to stick and stay for yrs and be a good player. Just using him as example.

    Thats how DAL got full roster with quality players again. Not through draft, they did it through ufa, but I think got picks from ufa players then added good ufa players in summer. Not the most ideal way, but we can do it for some of the moves we make.

    I just want a +1 with each exchange. Overall we got Aminosov for free and got Smith from that, so what pick do we get from Smith at deadline. Same with Kahun we got Maatta for free because Kubalik is same or better then Kahun. Be nice to see Kubalik play and play good, maybe in a good system were eventually getting to he will be really good.

    We should tweak roster somewhat though, at deadline and draft summer. Keep getting younger as young wave comes in and be creative like your trades ideas, and do that get a pick fill in with a ufa until waver is ready. That add more picks wavers.

  43. For what we ve seen this 25 games, we play half and half. Doesnt even matter if its a top 5 team. We still outplay half of them and win half of them. 41-41 were better then that, even with a system the dynasty players havnt ever played before.

    look at how good other teams are with the dump ins and we cant dump in. We need to take a college class on dump ins and how to float them in there so we can get there about same time, other teams do it to us all the time. Advantage, we need to get that kind of stuff to 50/50.

  44. The problem is that Nylander is not new to this league and been given plenty of opportunities at the Ahl and nhl levels in Buffalo despite his whining about being mistreated by a bad organization.Which is red flag #1 .As a young player you dont trash an organization when you are traded.The problem here is that he is not on the 4th line.He is on the 1st line receiving those minutes and was placed on the ice at a critical time.I just see no work ethic,edge,or hockey sense from him.I get that Colliton had a beef with Joki,complained to Bowman and we are now stuck with a soft forward to save face.This team can not afford projects like him.

  45. Last night was not your typical Hawks collapse.They had control of that game with under 5 minutes left and the head coach made about 4 horrible coaching errors that put the Bruins back in the game.Lehner was great but the rebound that he kicked into the slot on the 1st Bruin goal was not good.Funny thing is the Hawks had control of that game due to physical play by Gilbert.Dehaan.murphy and Smith along with the Strome line going good.

  46. If they would have gotten hard plays to exit their zone from 19 and 20 with maybe anything from 8 64 57 and 92,they run away with that game.

  47. @Tim, man you know your sh**it! No, you are right, it was JC that wanted Joki gone, and Stan stupidly obliged. I just see glimpses of the kid doing good things, but you are spot on, never trash your old organization because that speaks volumes of you. Plus. no way he should be on the 1st line. He should rotate in and out of the lineup on the 4th line getting 10mins max depending on his effort. I think Kubalik is rotting away not playing on the 1st line. You guys on this site are super astute, and collectively know more about hockey than the entire Blackhawk brain trust.

  48. Jim agree an assessment of what this roster needs from the tdl and off season is something that has to happen. Decisions on how much they tear it down and who they keep, which likely is the core guys with nmc, maybe Crow retires. Deciding on who is Gm and coach if changes coming could help now for tdl goals needs to happen first.

  49. There are three guys on this whose physical game is inadequate by NHL standards. Nylander is one (see Tim’s comments). Then there is Gus (who should have been left on the curb after game 7 2016 in St. Louis). Dach is the third (I am not knocking him but he is too gangly at this point and gifting him an unearned spot on the team was the wrong move. I’m glad he didn’t get killed last night because Bruins are a punishing team).

    Agree with whoever posted above that we played with structure last night (the Bruins are not that fast, so maybe that had something to do with it). Winning like that is a lot better than winning a track meet or having a goalie steal one. Our play last night was actually what I thought we might look like this year if the roster came together.

    Back to Nylander, when the new GM comes in I would expect him to be gone very quickly. The only reason he is still in Chicago is optics (ie. Stan would have to admit what a mess he made trading Joki if he send Nylander down). A new GM will (hopefully) do the right thing and punt this marshmallow.

  50. Nylander is a 21 year old kid with more skill than 90 percent of his teammates making less than 1 million dollars this year.
    At least Nylander has youth and potential upside unlike most of his teammates that are making a lot more money.
    I would much rather take a chance on young skilled players like Nylander or Schmaltz or Teravainen that actually have a potential upside.
    What upside does Smith, de Haan, Shaw and about 90 of the Blackhawk players have?
    Hawks need to add young players and actually give them ice time.

  51. “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.”

    …Calvin Coolidge

  52. I guess the thought with Paajarvi is a better caphit similiar player to Smith Shaw? Shaw should be better player. Smith is better hitter then Paaj, Paaj is a little faster skater with Smith type size. Could be good on a .800 kind of caphit instead of Smith Shaw at 4m each.

  53. Jordy, thats why I think we should keep basically everyone so the new GMs coaches can make the moves for that system.

    With some of the young wave being ready to start next yr, thats where were getting younger with upside. We can add more picks and prospects by trade to. As the young wavers come in older guys go. So it should just get better each yr, for yrs, in terms of that.

    We do though need this good system and new gms coaches other to have a team that has an identity.

    Then guys like Kubalik can properly be used.
    Getting players like Paaj could be a good caphit version of Smith. If Smith isint scoring much then Paaj not being as good at scoring as Smith, doesnt matter?

  54. I wonder what kind of sysytem and style we going to do when Wirtz saves the team from the next 10 yrs. Which 19 88 have before they retire.

    Lets go Wirtz!

  55. Stape agree get better whle getting younger, thats why i been saying pursuing players like Sergachev and maybe Pulijarvi as high reward possibilities. Though wwatching Nylander playing with 19 and 20,to be honest i would far sooner see Dylan Sikura there than Perlini, i mean Nylander. Actually i believe thats why Perlini never dressed before being traded was they didn’t want both in lineup and Nylander wasn’t coming out.

  56. Best line- Jordy- “ punt this marshmallow”!!
    Does one really think that because No-lander is a woose now at 21, he will miraculously toughen up and play more like Marchand at 25?! Not a chance! Fear of physical attraction to water is “hydrophobic”! Fear of physical attraction to opposing players is, well….yup, punt this marshmallow!

  57. I see post after post about firing JC. I see no redeeming qualities. If we are listening to post game, I turn it off when it’s time for his interview.

    But realistically whose going to take over?

    Do the Hawks just stick it out until the off season and hope that both are gone. Then a real interview process can began for a coach who isn’t in over his head.

  58. I’m not counting out Nylander at all – he’s soft yes but so is Kane

    Of course I get that he’s not a future HOFer like Kane but he has a similar skill set and he’s never going to be a terror on the boards

    If he doesn’t improve that’s a problem but he’s only 21 in his first full year (if he lasts the year in the NHL) – agreed I don’t want him out there protecting a lead late in the 3rd but I’m fine with him playing sheltered minuted like Dach and hopefully learning

    Like I said if he doesn’t improve then it’s a problem but 25 games or so with CHI is not enough to say he’s not going to get better

  59. No team will win the Stanley Cup without talent. Lack of talent will not: Nothing is more common than unsuccessful teams without talent.

  60. Convince Hitchcock to finish season and name an interim Gm from front office, then name permanent replacements in spring.

  61. Ian could you imagine Hitchcock benching Toews or Kane?
    The core would be looking to wave their no trade contracts.

  62. Stape i hear you, but you want to have more consistent effort night in night out, he’s the guy to get it done.

  63. Ian, I had wrong guy there, Pulijarvi. Thought you were talking about Paajarvi for some reason, do not ask why.

    Yea do not know much on Pulijarvi, but that and the TB trade you have, we should do some like that so we can see if those players fit our, new, system and be good players. Its a way to get more young wavers.

    We will get young players, younger, faster, better, just by addition by subtraction, as our good draft players are NHL ready and then estbalihed. They are coming.

    So I want us to be ready, have things in place before they are here and I thought we would be a top 10-15 this yr,but it loks like, with this system were more like 15-20.

  64. Wrapm yea that goal by Kaner, like 15? games ago, where he showed that emotion he does when he gets his first ‘real’ goal of the season every yr. I thought that could the goal that ‘starts’ the season for Kaner. And it was.

    Same here for Tazer, this goal, reminds me of the game 5 breakaway winning goal in STL and the game 6 tieing 1-1 goal in BOS, that is the reason why we were in place to win the Cup that yr in 6 games.

    So same with Kaner, this could be the goal that gets Tazer started goals assists points wise, but more importantly goal scoring wise.

    Now get someelse on the line with 20 19, 65 or 8?

  65. Ian, I have hear Hitchcock name before and the hair guy, Sharpy always says good things about him. He would be good for the players older then 22.5 age wise.

  66. Will Nylander adjust his game? Perhaps if it means money for him.
    But I believe that your hockey DNA is set far before you are 21 or 22. It’s who you are. You either have win at all cost inside you-think 24 year old Keith or 24 year old Gus.
    The NHL is has been littered with frustrating to watch potential ‘stars’ who just don’t compete night in and night out.

    Yes having skill over no skill is better-obviously. But your temperament/disposition is set and no coach or system or peers will have a great influence on that. It’s too bad.

  67. The Blackhawks are frustrating to watch potential. We play good for 3 games and like whatever for 3 games.

    Can we play good / good effort for more then 5 games of every 10 games.

    Wake the F up and play more then 5 every 10.

  68. Having a coach that shows confidence in your no matter how old you are will make a huge difference.
    If you are a young player and you know that as soon as you make a mistake your ice time will be cut or that your will be dropped to the fourth line or possibly healthy scratched your temperment/disposition will definitely be affected.

    Toews knows regardless of how he plays he will be playing twenty minutes a game and will never have to worry about being healthy scratched. It’s a lot easier to play when you have no worries.
    Toews is actually having a terrible season statistically especially with the ice time that he gets. And is getting overpaid to the tune of 10.5 million dollars
    Several core members have forgot to complete in many of the games this year.

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