Toews-less Blackhawks Hang On In Anaheim

Without Jonathan Toews (upper-body), the Blackhawks limped into Anaheim to face a Ducks team that was 3-2-2 in their last seven. Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf scored his first goal of the season on Oct. 16 and hasn’t scored since, and the Ducks as a team came into Friday afternoon’s contest averaging only 2.40 goals per game.

Anaheim controlled most of the first period, out-shooting the Blackhawks 9-7. But a mid-period rush by Patrick Kane and Artem Anisimov ended with Anisimov tapping home his ninth of the season.

Brent Seabrook started the scoring play with a great stretch pass to Kane, but John Gibson’s inability to control the puck was an issue all afternoon.

Chicago came out much better in the second period. An early period power play saw Seabrook set up Kane once again. This time, 88 handled the business himself.

Kane’s seventh of the season gave the Blackhawks a big two-goal lead.

Marcus Kruger spent most of the first two periods with Dennis Rasmussen, and the two were joined briefly in the second period by Ryan Hartman. The three put pressure on the Ducks and it paid off with Hartman’s fifth of the season.

Unfortunately, the three-goal lead lasted only ten seconds before Nick Ritchie scored for the Ducks. The Ducks out-shot the Hawks 12-8 in the second, and the Blackhawks had won only eight of 42 faceoffs in the game’s opening 40 minutes. Thankfully, Corey Crawford was on point, making 20 saves in the first two periods. Gibson allowed three goals against only 15 shots in two periods.

Anaheim increased their shooting even more in the third period, and Jakob Silfverberg was able to beat Crawford at 8:51 to cut the lead to 3-2. But Crawford was up to the challenge the rest of the way and the Hawks hung on to win a big game without Toews.

Predictably, the faceoff numbers were ugly without Toews. Ryan Kesler won 22 of 30 and Getzlaf won 13 of 17 in a dominant performance at the dot for the Ducks. For Chicago, Vinnie Hinostroza played a terrific game; he and Hartman were the only two Blackhawks with positive possession numbers. But Hinostroza won only three of 15 faceoffs; Kruger won five of 16 and Anisimov won five of 22.

Seabrook led Chicago with two assists and a team-high three hits. Richard Panik surprisingly led the Hawks with three blocked shots. Crawford was marvelous, stopping 34 of 36 in the victory.

Scott Darling will get the nod in net against LA. After a Friday afternoon matinee, the Hawks don’t start until 9:30 pm CST on Saturday.

15 thoughts on “Toews-less Blackhawks Hang On In Anaheim

  1. A great game to watch. Difficult to listen to the hometown bias on the SN feed from Anaheim. What a bunch of knobs. Incredible that we lost so many faceoffs yet so few repercussions. Could not believe my eyes with that Kane goal. Big thanks to Crawford for keeping the Ducks at 2. Think we got away with a pretty blatant high stick with 4 minutes to go in the third. The team has to be pleased with this one.

  2. Big difference in the Hawks fortunes when Crawford plays well (like tonight) and when he doesn’t.

    Kids playing well bodes well.

  3. 3-and-3 on the road trip. Not bad at all. Playing pretty much every other night with travel and time zone difference is not easy.

    Whatever happens tomorrow will be a bonus.

    btw, don’t know if anybody else saw this but Dallas sent Stephen Johns down to the AHL.

  4. Really impressed with how Panarin takes pucks away on the forecheck and during the cycle-he seems to surprise many opponents-smart, quick and stronger than you would think at 170/175.
    A big win against a good team.

  5. Post Thanksgiving matinee was perfectly timed for this fan. Some couch time needed and accepted. Take the 2 points and say thank you. Ducks rang many off posts, and didn’t get some bounces, but that’s fine with me. Like Mining said, I too kept waiting for a lost face off to come back and bite the Hawks, especially late in the 3rd.

    Hartman, Vinny, Motte, along with Forsling and Schmaltz are still making fine progress. Motte has taken a physical beating the past 2 games. Cheap shots from (guess who) Bieksa were notable last night. Two core Knuckleheads, Bieksa and Kesler on the Ducks always has me hoping they lose. NOONAN96 is correct about Panarin deft stick moves to steal pucks. I keep noticing that Schamaltz is also really good at this. Maybe Uncle Hossa is teaching these guys a few tricks.

    Weird watching the Hawks play without the Cpt. Hope he is back soon. Can faceoffs get any worse against the Kings in a late one(at least it’s Sat.)tonight? Would be great to see the Hawks get another win or a point to close out the circus trip. Apart from the Jets, Oilers stinkers the Hawks have been quite competitive on this trip with the young guys continuing to step it up.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  6. What a good group of posters in this one. We are. Pure Blackhawks.

    Craig, That’s the spirit, Reg. I saw that too.

    17-48. Won playing good and being up 3-1/2-0.

    What better of a guy then Hoss to see and get the notes from on those kind of little things to make your all around game better. Notice how lots of our guys, that were already good players, got better at two way game in 2010 when Marian joined the team. Marian is Johnny Waynes first name.

  7. So basically we traded Shaw for Hartman. As it stands, right now, I think it was a good trade off. Shawzy wanted to make some big money and Hartman is proving himself at the NHL level. Hartman is bigger, faster and more skilled………………..and for 80% less salary. Again, SB knows his kids at the lower levels and what they can bring to the big club.

    Anyone miss Shawzy?

  8. Nice win, and no easy feat without 19. To clarify my downer comment from yesterday, I am impressed with the young crop, my concern is this team is not in the top tier of elites, and I don’t know that the rookies fill any of the biggest holes on the team to put them in elite company forward-wise. Obviously C is a problem. No big forward that can toss DMen around like Saad, missing mean forwards like him, Sharp, Shaw to lean heavy on opposing D are showing in the average-at-best Corsi numbers. It’s literally killing me, and I mean literally a new wrinkle or gray hair pops up, every time I look at Dannault’s stats in MTL. 52% face offs, 9 points, costs almost nothing. The absolute worst Bowman move I can think of. To paraphrase the old Bears GM Jerry Angelo, the crop we have is good, but they’re not special. Hey, you can only beat the team in front of you, and the youngsters are helping the Hawks do just that, so I can’t argue with the results. Is this a cup team without another good C and a little more size? I don’t think so, but I’d be happy to be proven wrong.

  9. Love the young kids and the energy and speed they are bringing. It sure makes for some exciting hockey to watch.

    We are winning despite poor performance in many of the major metrics. That is just not sustainable. SB intimated no big trade deadline deals, but don’t see the team going to the cup finals with the current roster and those metric results.

    What’s more important to this team; a top six left winger or a center that can win draws? I think we will see a tweak to improve the face off results.

  10. Calm down Nick. The size thing has gone the way of the dodo. It’s nice, but at the end of the day need to be able to skate. That’s something teams are beginning to realize because of the Hawks, Lightning, and pens. You can’t have 12 guys with top 6 skill..but you can have guys that can skate.

    Now, to eat my own words a bit…imagine a top line with Toews, Hossa, and Shane Doan. Doan is a right winger…but he’s also a right shot. This year he’s been playing most frequently as a left wing on a line with Reider and Brad Richardson. At the deadline he’d play 20 games. 20 games at half retained you’d need just under 500k in space. Desjardins didn’t play in Anaheim. He took more draws prior to coming to the Hawks, but he’s still about a 50% guy. He doesn’t skate as well as Tootoo, but I think he brings more to table and should be getting more ice. He brings some of that size you want.

    Anisimov at 42% on draws isn’t cutting it, not when he’s 2c. That makes Krugers 48.4% look good. For reference, there are 60 players that average 50% or better with a minimum of 165 draws. Toews leads the league with 484 taken.

  11. Not argue, every other top 5 team has holes. Only a few teams have done it before/knows what it takes. I think were the only top 5 (depending on who you ask theres prob 4-8 top 5 teams)(roster wise not record standings) team with a deep defense and most have deeper fws/offense other then STL/NAS.

    Right now we arnt deep at fw though when young guys get more experience there young and fast. Were going to add a fw at deadline (and it doesn’t have to be 1st pick, it can be a 4th for a good faceoff guy like Hands).

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