Toews, Seabrook To Return On Tuesday

On Tuesday night, the Blackhawks will get two key pieces of their lineup back on the ice at Madison Square Garden.

Jonathan Toews, who has been out since Nov. 23, will return. Coach Joel Quenneville said the team will monitor his minutes and may limit his special teams play, but it will certainly be good to have the captain back from an upper-body injury. Toews, 28, had four goals and eight assists in 21 games before the injury.

The Blackhawks were 5-2-2 without Toews in the lineup.

Brent Seabrook had been out since Dec. 6 against Arizona. He has two goals and 14 assists in 28 games to date.

16 thoughts on “Toews, Seabrook To Return On Tuesday

  1. Great news. Hopefully that is the end of TooToo. He is not an NHL caliber player. I would like to see Kempny in the lineup instead of Forsling tonight. Kempny must really be in Q’s doghouse.

  2. Tvr and rozival play blackhawks system and when dmen doing that results speak for themselves whether it makes as good watching or not is irrelevant and when kempny and forsling learn that and take care of dzone responsibilities and earn the coaches trust we’ll see plenty of them also krueger tied for second on team with aplus 10 only anisimov higher may not show on score sheet but creates a void to be filled for sure.

  3. Agreed on Forsling. I am a big fan of him long-term but right now he needs some pressbox time or time in Rockford.

    If he gets pissy about taking an assignment in Rockford to develop then f-him.

  4. Doing that means you run the risk of Forsling getting claimed by his Swedish club team instead of going to Rockford. I think they could keep him for the rest of the year after that if I’m not mistaken. So that’s a bad idea

  5. SWE has first option so he cant just go there. Be nice to know if SWE would or only Bowman/scouts/coachs/crew know and nobody else does. Secret info.

  6. Swedeish team has 1st option if they decline he would go to rockford but probably won t happen just likely ride it out

  7. Usually i understand it in these league agreements salary obligations are negotiated ahead of time so in all likely hood he would go back

  8. Lukas bengtsson of the penguins ended up in ahl rather than return to sweden he is not tied to a particular team like kempny so he had choice of ahl or find a team in europe to sign him for the year and chose to stay over hear9

  9. I would like to see the best 6 defensemen on the ice against the Rangers. I also like Forsling long term but have a feeling Kempny is more NHL ready right now. He plays with an edge which is needed. Sit Forsling in the press box for a few games and see how Kempny performs.

  10. 38 – 19 – 81
    72 – 15 – 88
    70 – 16 – 14
    11 – 48- 64

    2 – 4
    42 – 7
    57 – 51

    Like all the projected lines for tonight. I would play the back and forth game with forsling and kempny to keep them both fresh and let them fight for the spot.

  11. Where’s hawkhead? Oh right he’s the clown who said we should put Tazer on long term IR. We won’t see him on this thread.

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