One thought on “Vancouver Canucks Website Photo Caption Fail

  1. the so-called stanley cup final was a pre-scripted joke. vancouver wins the first two in vancouver by 1 point, they get slaughtered in the next two games in boston, they win the 5th game by 1 goal, and they get slaughtered in the final game in vancouver. look how many un-called penalties that boston got away with. that faggot coward boston dunce-goaley slashing a vancouver player and that mysteriously didn’t get called among all the other conveniently un-called penalties against boston . and the convenient little footnote on the bottom of the screen after boston scored the first goal: ‘series fact: the team that scored the first goal in the game won the game ‘ – what a joke. and how convenient that vancouver had five ‘sick’ players that game, plus the guy who had his neck ‘mysteriously’ broken the previous game and that penalty was never called even after the re-play, i guess the retards i mean refs ‘missed’ that one, also. i’m not using names because FHL [Fake Hockey League] i mean so-called nhl is a fucking joke. plus vancouver just ‘didn’t seem to be in the gameall that much, i guess they just didn’t want the cup as much as boston, another pre-planned convenience[?].that stanley cup final was a fucking retarded written script by a bunch of fucking retards. are these dunces involved in the NWO also. maybe it was the fucking aliens who needed the pre-planned riot to open another stargate just like sept. 11th 2001 [exactly 10 years after senior magog george bush announced the nwo]. whoever arranged this stanely cup finals is/are a fucking dunce.
    so keep being a bunch of proud winners and remember you have my email address, stupid[s].

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