VIDEO: Artemi Panarin OT Game-Winner

At the World Championships in the Czech Republic, Russia won an exciting game against Slovakia 3-2 in overtime as new Hawks prospact Artemi Panarin scored an electrifying game-winner (see highlights below).

Panarin has four goals and five assists thru six games in the tournament.

20 thoughts on “VIDEO: Artemi Panarin OT Game-Winner

  1. Hof- and others… sorry for my excitement on this guy…

    But- base on videos and other things I see- this guy is going to be perfect fit for the “Game” the Hawks/Q want to play…

    Plus- Like Kane- he has a “flare”: for the big play/dramatic…
    1.) scored “big Goal” and won in Gold game in Jrs. for Russia
    2.) leading scorer for Champions In KHL – winner
    3.) serious skating and Hands

    and the more I read on him- the better…

    1.) Many KHL- swede players- comment- Panarin is the Best Young talent in KHL by far
    2.) Tikhonov- when interviewed recently- was asked about the Hawk’s signing Panarin, he smiled and laughed… said- the Hawk fans should be excited… they are getting the KHL’s most exciting young talented player!!!

    Bottom line- this Kid has won everywhere he has played!!!
    This is similar – to the stuff I read about Shaw when he was w/ Hogs- when I chirped the Hawks should bring him up from Hogs… Panarin has that “compete thing” + his speed and Hands don’t lie!!!

  2. Watching how far he pushes that defender back with his speed is pretty great. Then to change the angle of the shot and get if off with a quick release… skills.

    I’m sure some of the… older Hawks fans will say that the Hawks are too small, need more grit and less skill, etc. etc. etc. I couldn’t be more excited for this guy.

  3. I wonder- how much truth to the Rumor that Tikhonov is coming to NHL… and Hawks are interested???

  4. I also read where a scout said that he is a better version of Nail Yakapov. I hope that means that he backchecks and plays good defensive hockey.

  5. JS no one is pining for the return of Neandrathal hockey. Saw the broad brush painting of “older Hawk fans” but sorry you’re off base. No team needs less skill. The Blackhawks will need to get bigger – bigger with skill is a good thing, along with hard nosed aggressive determined (but clean) play.

    I am as excited about Panarin as anyone but I’m not ready to pencil him in as a regular who contributes big right off the bat. There will be an acclimation period and usually those take time, like most of the season.

  6. After scoring a goal in the game against Finland today, he now has 5 goals and 5 assists. His 10 points is one point behind 4 other player for the tourney scoring lead.

    He did miss twice in the shootout against Rinne and Finland won 3-2.

  7. I would not be surprised if Panarin makes a contribution next year. I have watched tape of him and his skill level and quick release is outstanding. I think back to all the negative comments about TT not being ready for the NHL this year and laugh. Panarin looks to be in the same mold as TT but a better shot. Excited to see what he can do.

  8. I think that the whole “acclimation period” thing is a little different with an older player like Panarin. 24 vs 19 trying to make a team and take a step forward isn’t the same thing.

    With the wheels he has, his ability to go east west and that wicked wicked release it shouldn’t take long for him to get into the swing of things. Plus, like wall mentioned, this guy is a winner and I think that is a very encouraging factor as well.

    For being a “little guy” he is pretty ripped up so I don’t think strength is going to be an issue.

    Since Q has taken the reins in Chicago every team has been too soft, too small, will get killed by bigger teams, blah blah blah. 7 WCF finals and 2 Cups would indicate that those complaints are exaggerated. I’d like to see a big mean center at some point but otherwise they’re fine in that department and more importantly entertaining as hell to watch.

    In other news via the twitter machine; looks like Mike Reilly (jacket prospect) would prefer to pass on Columbus and join the Chicago organization as an out of college free agent signing.

  9. re: Tikhonov rumor – not sure where the Hawks have any room left for more prospects. If there was one more they’d grab before the summer it would be Reilly IMO

  10. Just to pick a nit … Panarin is 23, not 24. He’ll be 24 after next season starts, Oct. 30th.

    Tab, I’m not sure what you mean regarding the Hawks not having any room left to sign Tihkonov. Did you mean they already have the max (50) players under contract or that there wouldn’t be a spot in the lineup for him. Max contracts could be decrease by trading someone – so that shouldn’t be an issue. As to a spot in the lineup, (providing he signs for cheap and is affordable), I think having him filling the 3C spot would work very nicely. Figuring Toews is the only certainty as center next season with Kruger RFA and TT possibly needing to stay at wing because he’s not ready to play center – we may be again trying to fill the 2C and 3C positions which has turned into an annual event.

    I may be in the minority but I think the Hawks should go young next season to get the next wave of supplemental players into the mix. There would undoubtedly be growing pains resulting in points lost in the standings. But, all the Hawks would have to do is sneak into the playoffs as a wildcard and have a lineup of “no longer” rookies because they played all season long. Initial reaction to a young lineup is that it would struggle and the Hawks wouldn’t be serious contenders, but after figuring out which prospects are able to play at the NHL level and then giving them all season long to absorb their lumps, that young lineup will be better than they looked initially.

    If Stan somehow signs Reilly and Tikhonov, a young lineup something like this:



  11. @ Ebonyraptor,

    That roster is wild hard to even image that group together. Its possible just hadnt considered it at all

  12. ER-the idea of TT, Panarin and Kane together is fun to think about but they would need some size-
    I wish they had a skilled 2C with size ready to go next year
    Also–I think they should try to keep Desjardins

  13. …..the way many people talk about size in hockey makes me laugh …..its very footballish or basketballish…..the greatest players in hockey such as Orr, Gretsky, Hull, Makita, Savard,Dionne,Kane are probably not tall enough to play baseball according to some fans and media experts……..

  14. Panarin didn’t score in Russia’s win over Sweden today. I watched the 3rd period and Panarin was very noticeable. He made a few nice plays, showed some speed and defensive awareness. But what struck me was that he was taking draws. He wasn’t winning any of them but he took the draw every time for his line. Maybe an injury to the center so he stepped in – don’t know?

    So I think it’s USA/Russia in the semi-final so we should get that on TV and be able to watch the game. Of course I’ll be rooting for the USA, but the ideal situation would be for the US to win and Panarin play well and hit the score sheet.

  15. It’s kind of like baseball and left handed pitching. A lot of teams say they need a left hander or two but what good is it if he can’t get people out? Teams don’t look for enforcers like they used to. They have to have the skills too. There was an article in the Sun-Times Thursday on the league becoming smaller than it used to be due to some rule changes.

  16. I saw a quote from Panarin (don’t have it verbatum) something to the effect of “needing to teach those college kids a lesson”, referring to the US team they’re going to face tomorrow in the semi-final.

    Sheesh! I don’t mind a guy having a cocky attitude – a little swagger can be a good thing – but I hope Panarin isn’t an Ovie with promises he can’t back up.

  17. Adding some perspective to Panarin’s supposed smack talk. The comment he made about teaching the American schoolboys a lesson was tweaking the Russian writers who reported after the US beat them earlier in the tournament that the Russian team was shameful to lose to a team of schoolboys.

    Puts a different spin on it entirely.

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