VIDEO: Kevin Bieksa Should Be Suspended For Jumping Viktor Stalberg


Here is how the NHL rules outline the Instigator Rule:

“46.12 Instigator in Final Five Minutes of Regulation Time (or Anytime in Overtime)– A player who is deemed to be the instigator of an altercation in the final five (5) minutes of regulation time or at any time in overtime shall be assessed an instigator minor penalty, a major penalty for fighting, and a game misconduct penalty, subject to thye conditions outlined in 46.22

If Colin Campbell is going to stick to the letter of the law with regard to Torres’ hit on Seabrook, then Kevin Bieksa shouldn’t be on the ice for Game Five. It doesn’t get much more obvious than this one.

Look at the clock. It reads 3:40 when the punches start flying. By any second grade education’s standards, 3:40 is less than 5:00 on a clock.

Watch Bieksa pursue Stalberg after a clean, unpenalized hit by Stalberg. Note that John Scott and Torres had already been excused from the game, so Bieksa could feel free to take swings at Hawks players at this point.

Who throws the first punch, or “instigates” the fight? It’s Bieksa.

Clear case.

11 thoughts on “VIDEO: Kevin Bieksa Should Be Suspended For Jumping Viktor Stalberg

  1. U mad that stalberg got completely pwned by bieksa? or u mad that u down 3-1? hope the hawks have a good golf season!

  2. How does someone get pwned? And no, I’m not mad the Blackhawks are down 3-1, I’m frustrated that the NHL’s discipline has become a joke. At some point they’ll start handling the game and doing their job in that office; right now they’re doing nothing more than patronizing the rule book w/ token wrist slaps.

  3. I agree that the NHL’s discipline has become a joke. He should be suspended and this reminds me of another hit the NHL screwed up on this postseason. It was in the Bruins-Canadiens series when Puliot hit Boychuk right in the head against the boards with an intentional elbow. Both of these instances are unacceptable and the NHL needs to step up their game.

  4. Bieksa took Stalberg’s (good) hit and got up and started skating. It wasn’t until he tripped/slashed Bieksa’s team mate that Bieksa’s decided to put Stalberg in his place. Try not to get so caught up in your teams… More than Canucks/Blackhawks fans watch the playoffs.

  5. Instigator? Perhaps you should all review the minute preceding Bieksa’s fist-throwing. I think it becomes pretty clear that he was only reacting to the thug-like behavior of approximately 50% of the Blackhawk players in that time, and throughout the game. Need I even mention the slash near the end of the game?

  6. Slashes aren’t cause for jumping players, Joel. If they were, there’d be a hundred fights a game.

    And while it’s nice you’re trying to make Bieksa out as a defender of the innocent, Bieksa himself claimed after the game that he went after Stalberg because he–Bieksa–was “blind-sided.” It wasn’t a blind-side hit, but Bieksa certainly took exception to it. He gave Stalberg a quick poke prior to attacking him.

  7. This comment from Rob Shick – the series supervisor for the NHL – regarding the instigator rule on the Bieksa incident.

    “They [the Hawks] were asking for it, but he wouldn’t have missed a game anyway,” said Shick. “The rule was designed to make sure those guys who get no minutes don’t come out at the end of the game and get involved. It wasn’t designed to target guys who play the game.”

  8. Thanks for the comment Hank. Good to see a series supervisor is ruling based on the “spirit of the rule,” but Colin Campbell only cares about the most literal reading of anything.

  9. from the commentator keith jones- a gutless performance from a frustrated team- talking about the canucks . and hey canuck4life u mad cuz last i remember the blackhawks knocked the canuckers out of the playoffs the last 2 years

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