Viktor Stalberg Outscores Blue Jackets, Blackhawks Win 5-2

Viktor Stalberg posted his first career hat trick and the Blackhawks rolled the Blue Jackets.

Overall, this was the game the Hawks had been hoping to see against a Columbus team in their first game with a new coach and without Jeff Carter (again). In every way, the Hawks had a strong statistical game.

The Hawks have now won all four meetings with Columbus by three goals, and Stalberg has seven goals against the Jackets in those four games. He also established a career high with his 25th point this season on the third goal.

Dave Bolland¬†got the Hawks on the board with¬†his third short-handed goal of the season, and Ben Smith scored what proved to be an important goal just 27 seconds after Stalberg’s second tally. Smith extended the Hawks’ lead to 4-1, but the Jackets scored less than two minutes later to draw back to within two goals.

Despite a scary moment when he was hit in the side of the head early in the first period, Jonathan Toews rebounded to have a typically-strong performance. He won 11 of 15 faceoffs, one assist and three takeaways.

Brent Seabrook had a good game as well, finishing with one assist, two blocked shots, one takeaway, a plus-three rating and tied for the team lead with four hits. Who was Seabrook tied with for the team high in hits? Two rookies: Andrew Shaw and Jimmy Hayes.

Hayes skated over 16 minutes and was credited with a blocked shot with his four hits. He also skated over three minutes on the new-look power play.

Shaw, meanwhile, also blocked one shot and skated an impressive 3:29 short-handed. The Blackhawks killed all five of the Jackets’ power plays on the night.

Joining Hossa at plus-three were Seabrook and Sean O’Donnell, who carried the burden of Steve Montador’s 19 penalty minutes to a strong performance of over 17 minutes of ice time. Nick Leddy, who has struggled lately, was held to just 15:03 in the game.

Bryan Bickell’s descent to the bottom of the bench continued. He skated only 10 shifts in the game, accounting for a team-low 6:44 on the ice. He was credited with an assist and one hit in the game, but his ice time in a blowout is a clear indication that his fan mail is being forwarded to Joel Quenneville’s doghouse.

Corey Crawford left a lot of fat rebounds, but his numbers at the end of the night were impressive. He allowed just two goals against 35 shots by Columbus.

7 thoughts on “Viktor Stalberg Outscores Blue Jackets, Blackhawks Win 5-2

  1. Why dont we leave are skates off the ice or hit someone w an elbow and hide it, and get an extra pp out of it on instigators. 2min is not enough, now the refs give us 4min. Slash on Hayes, no hook on the guy who HOOKED Tazer in the same part of the game. Still an uneven called game(not a thrown game, they hould be at +9 now, WTF) or the league needs to change rules on instigators? Why should we have to wait for the guy/swatza to take their helmet off before we neil em for questionable hit to head! 6of10 games now… its time for it to stop, hey refs do you want us to even play a game 5-5. We can just play 4-5 the whole game if that will make you call it evenly.

  2. I don’t really have a problem with the instigator penalty. This BS of fighting after a (relatively) clean hit needs to stop. Also, if you are going to start a fight and you wear a visor you need to flip it off, simple as that.

  3. I love meat heads who complain about the reffing. It shows that they have no idea whats actually going on. Makes for good reading…if there was punctuation.

  4. Hayes and Shaw are the real deal…they are keepers for this team…there physical play inspires the fans their team mates, plus now they are providing quality time on the special teams…Shaw’s PK time was outstanding…he’s a rookie 5th round pick providing this level of play, Hayes was found for a 2nd rounder, and people have any issues with Stan Bowman??? That is beyond me. He has executed 2 of the best drafts I have seen in recent memory, and because of this, we will be a very good team for a long time to come.

    Can’t say enough about Hayes and Shaw.

  5. I’d love to see the 3 kids together a time or 2 if feasible during a game, their energy & quickness would give teams a fit…….

  6. I’d say that Leddy is more than struggling. I know he’s only 20 and we’re are asking him to do a lot…..big-time minutes, special teams, quality minutes against top lines, but it comes to a point when it’s like, enough is enough. Give him a night off or really reduce minutes. Even Q after then game said indirectly about Leddys play….”either you hit somebody or clear the puck.” All the more clear with the rookies playing so well, (more Shaw please) is that this team would greatly benefit from another quality D man much more so than any type of forward.

    The Kids can play. Wow. Now can they keep us this level and be effective against top flight teams? If so, buh bye Frolik and Bickell.

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