16 thoughts on “WATCH: Blackhawks Honor Andrew Shaw

  1. Crowd gave Shaw a much deserved long and enthusiastic ovation. Mustache does Shaw no favors….

    Lets GO Hawks!

  2. what a great highlight reel for shaw though….the headbutt, the triple overtime deflection or screen, holding the stanley cup with a bleeding face, etc. He will always be one of my favorite hawks.

  3. I will always love and appreciate Shaw’s time in Chicago. That little bugger used to get the crap kicked out of him and just bounce back up (almost) every time like nothing happened and go straight back into the hornet’s nest thst just stung him if it helped us win. He took a lot of beatings because he was committed to the indian.

    Damn salary cap. Again…

  4. Miss him, but happy that he was able to sign a decent contract that will take care of him and his family. His story is one for all underdogs to envy and mimic. Hard work does pay off. I am very happy for him. He really is a Chicago blue collar guy.

  5. Well said, Espo. Shawsie’s commitment to the Indian was par excelleance. Creepiness aside (which is kind of true), some would say the moustache makes him look Frenchie now

  6. No need to lament on losing Shawsie. We got DeBrincat and Krys in the draft from the trade, both of whom are very good prospects. DeBrincat is a Johnny Hockey and will likely make the club in two years. I think we came out just fine on this one.

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