6 thoughts on “WATCH: Blackhawks Honor Hossa’s 500 Goals

  1. Great Player …good attitude …Humble and another goal tonight in 3-0 win over Kings ….
    Toews first goal and its the winning goal …. Craw had a good night and Blank them on 32 shots ..
    Perfect night for the ceremony …I wonder iff Hossa can reach 600 goals ? 98 more and its done …hummmm

  2. What,s a Marian Hossa,s Rookie , night program ,from the Corell Centre worth .
    I had tickets to 7 to 10 games a year from 1996 – 1999 . Sens had a good team back them,.,also well coached .

  3. A great tribute to a fantastic player. I will never forget the day they decided to let Havlat go and took Hossa. One of those OMG moments. Huge. That was something very important to the launch of this franchise. The 2010 Cup run started with stress of course against Preds. Hossa gets the 5 min boarding call and the Preds not only don’t score but Kane gets the tie game shorty goal off a Preds giveaway with almost no time left in regulation. Hossa of course scores the winner after coming out of the box. Look on Hossa’s face after scoring was jubilant and thankful. Huge swing game in that series and off they went to grab the first Cup.

    Hossa remains one of my favorites, and I got a little teared up at the UC last night seeing Hoss out there enjoying his family being present for the honors. Hossa is getting into the latter part of his career, but the guy will always be a class act, and remains an effective player, albeit a less effective scorer.

    Hawks put together 3 pretty good periods last night too.

    Lets Go Hawks!

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