6 thoughts on “WATCH: Bowman Talks About Panarin Extension

  1. Interesting dynamic. Not looking back or saying “what if”. Just this. The draft talent and free agent signings the Hawks have mustered say a lot about the excellent scouting. Case in point, Saad. Question (and of course we have hind sight) who would you rather have if you consider the Cap. Saad at 6 x $6mm already looks like a bargain for the Jackets. Hopefully 2 x $6mm for the Bread Man fosters into a long term affordable relationship.

  2. Theres another post with 72 has 110 pts to 20 has 80 in same amount of games. 72 is a top 10 FW and hes not in the prime of his prime yrs yet. 20 not as well, is where he is as a FW and he is a really good Defensive FW. 20 works better with 19 and 72 does with 88.

    It depends who we have to replace certain positions. 72 is same as 10 in his prime yrs. 15 is similar to 20 in ways. So I think its 72 and 15 or 10 and 20 because its also who we have instead by which positions were open because of 10 and 20. Overall resigning Bread Man for 8 at 8yrs, its 72 and 15 are 5yrs younger then 10 and 20. Plus that’s 5 prime of prime yrs as well. 10.5m or 12m now, then 12m or 12m.

    72 and 15 are much better long term wise then 10 and 20. I love that we had 10 for the bulk of his prime yrs and I see him coming back like Soupy did for a similar caphit once his big contract is like 1-1.5m.

  3. There isint another organization like ours and that’s part of the reason guys want to come back (they didn’t want to leave) when they can and do good caphits in order to.

    We treat guys properly and then moar on top of that. Higher standard then others. Respect earned. First class, not pamper.

  4. Great move by Stan, kudos for all he does, not everything turns to gold but plenty do. If I can go off topic for a minute. I think I see quite a influx of talent coming next year as either the college careers or junior eligibility running out. I think we have DeBrinkat, Hayden, Fortin, Bondra ,Lewis, Knott,and Radke will be either with the Hawks or Rockford next year, I might be missing some others as I know I am not as up to date as some posters, and I think the front office has set up the Hawks well for the future. Keep up the good work Stan and God bless Tab.

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