WATCH: Patrick Kane Reaches 900 Career Points

Fifty seconds into the second period of Friday night’s game in his home town of Buffalo, Patrick Kane became the fifth player in the history of the Blackhawks organization to reach 900 career regular season points.

4 thoughts on “WATCH: Patrick Kane Reaches 900 Career Points

  1. Kaner might not catch Makita in his career but he can be #2 all time! He’s magic with the puck. Not to belabor all of the posts his week but Hawks just BRUTAL in their own end- disorganized, disorientated and dysfunctional- and it’s not just the D! Forwards just standing around, some doing no-look, cough up passes but as we have read so much on other posts- Hawks just not tough on the puck, not as strong one on one, out-muscled a lot.
    If you check the game film look who is just about the only one laying the body to the opposition- John Hayden- play him or trade him. Other game film “teaching opportunities” – lazy penalties, low percentage passes, checking.

  2. What a joy it is to watch Kane play. He is a master at his craft. He controls the tempo like a maestro – smooth, slow, quick, direct, deft, evasive. He fools you, he wows you, he baits you and he does it all regardless who he plays with. He is Showtime.

  3. Congrats to Kaner – a special player.

    His on ice vision is other worldly plus now he’s a serious threat to shoot and score himself making his passing all the more dangerous – so fun to watch right now

  4. He is the reason I tune in to watch every game. He is so much fun to watch. It will be fun to see how soon he can catch Larmer. Four points last night! Amazing.

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