8 thoughts on “WATCH: Patrick Sharp Tribute Video

  1. I miss that man. So sorry I never got to meet him. My bad. Not only is he one of the best Hawks ever, what a good member of the community. He embraced us and we embraced him. I wish him and his family all the best and hope when he’s ready to return here it will be so that we can retire his number. He was one of the best Hawks in decades. He is sorely missed by everyone who ever cheered for our team for sure. All my best for a fantastic future with the Stars, if not, you always have a home here.

  2. ….Sharp is a class act that gave his best years to the Blackhawks…..he was part of the leadership core group on this team and deserved more recognition for elevating his play to superstar in winning three championships….he is sorely missed by all true Blackhawk fans…..it will be difficult to repeat this year without him…..good luck Sharpy…..

  3. rumor: “a TALL TALE of explanations of events circulating from PERSON to PERSON and pertaining to an object, event, or issue in public concern.”

    fact; “something that truly exists or happens”

    Fact: Sharp was helpful in the Chicago Blackhawks winning 3 Stanley Cups.

    Rumor: What ever you want to believe.

    Thank You Patrick!

  4. You should probably get the correct definition of rumor. Patrick Sharp was a great player. That doesn’t automatically mean he was a good teammate. I have my doubts about the validity of said rumor. If said rumor was true if I were GM I would have gotten that out of my locker room immediately. Keeping it there could be a bigger detriment than the on ice gain.

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