Wednesday 11/18 Contract Updates: Tag, Someone’s Out?

Is someone in this picture leaving soon?
Is someone in this picture leaving soon?

The Blackhawks are continuing to work with the agents for young stars Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane and Duncan Keith on new contracts to keep the three in Chicago for the better part of the next decade. Many sites, including CommittedIndians, have reported that the general framework for each deal appears to be certain, but now the Hawks have to take care of some business on their end.

One of the issues the Hawks will have to work through is making sure every “i” is dotted and each “t” is crossed, because the NHL is taking a very close look at any deal that extends beyond 10 years in the wake of suspicious contracts like those of Philadelphia’s Chris Pronger and Chicago’s Marian Hossa this past summer. It is believed that Duncan Keith’s deal could be for 13 years, which qualifies for the extra scrutiny.

The other, and perhaps bigger, issue the Blackhawks will face has to do with a specific rule in the Collective Bargaining Agreement called “tagging.” ESPN’s Jesse Rogers wrote on Wednesday afternoon that he was clued into this provision by a rival GM.

“Tagging” is a rule in the CBA that prohibits a team from having more money committed to the following season than the current year’s salary cap. Essentially, if this year’s salary cap is roughly $56 million, the Hawks wouldn’t be allowed to have the projected $61 million committed to next year’s payroll after these three deals were completed.

Which means the Blackhawks might have to move one (or two) players before they officially put the pen to paper with the three young studs.

As the contract situation(s) and player movement continues to evolve for the Blackhawks, we’ll keep you updated.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday 11/18 Contract Updates: Tag, Someone’s Out?

  1. The Hawks have $13,472,126 in cap space next year and $369,934 this year. If they put Bolland on the LTIR that would add $2,535,622. Dropping Bickell’s $375,648, that would allow $16,753,330 in space without any trades. $6M for Toews and Kane each and $4,750,000 for Keith and we’re golden. That would meann it needs to happen now, as in today.

  2. A few problems:

    A) if you do that w/ Bolland, you’re either skating w/ Hendry on the 4th line the rest of the year or you’re short a forward

    B) if you eliminate Bickell, you’re short a player, either on D or a FW.

    Now, if they put Sopel & Ebbett thru waivers, trade Barker for Cullen and then put Bolland on LTIR… that might work. You’re also assuming about $.75M less than I’ve heard Keith is getting, so we need to make more money disappear.

  3. 1) You can activate Bolland when hes healthy without a problem because you are using the LTIR for the tagging purposes, not this year’s cap purposes. The consequences of tagging are that you can’t sign anyone else. At that point in the season we won’t need to.

    2) Hossa will replace Bickell. Hossa isn’t on LTIR so him coming back does nothing but allow us to keep the swing guy in Rockford and save his future cap liability.

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