What To Do About Patrick Kane?

Since his weekend of “fun” in Wisconsin, most of the Chicago media has weighed in on what the Blackhawks should do with superstar Patrick Kane.

Here is a collection of links to their thoughts:

On Tuesday, the Chicago Sun-Times reported there would be no charges for Kane from the weekend of parties.

The Chicago Tribune‘s David Haugh thinks trading Kane would be irresponsible.

The Trib‘s Chris Kuc points out that Kane is hurting the image of himself and the team.

The Trib‘s Steve Rosenbloom says trade Kane as soon as possible.

The Sun-Times’ Rick Morrissey says Kane should tone it down.

The Daily Herald says only Kane can “figure this all out.”

The Score’s Jay Zawaski says Kane needs to grow up.

Barry Rozner of the Daily Herald says this is Kane being Kane.

9 thoughts on “What To Do About Patrick Kane?

  1. You don’t sell low….simple as that. He may need a good kick in the ass, but to trade now would be nothing short of foolish.

  2. Keep him, Keep him on the RW with Toews and Sharp. Sign Semin to play with Kruger and Hossa. Stalberg can play with Shaw and Bolland or you can use him as trade bait and Bickell/Hayes/Carcillo can play on the 3rd line.

    Trade Kane only if you get back franchise players (a top goalie and a prospect or a first line Dman and a 2C package). But right now, no one would offer that package, so trading him isnt a fisable option.

  3. If he put his hands on a woman, he needs his ass kicked. But what does this have to do with his game? He’s 25, a major sports star (in a sport considered second tier by many Americans, but still huge) and loaded. He’s going to party. I haven’t seen any practices, but he’s still the last guy off the ice in pregame warm-ups and from the muscle he put on during the last off-season, he seems dedicated to improving his game any way he can.

    If he’s a jerk in the locker room, that’s a potential issue, but from what I can tell, he’s behaving like a 25 year old superstar that still has room to grow up.

  4. The kid will learn sooner or later. Preferably sooner. I don’t see partying too close to the media as a good reason to trade a player of his caliber.

  5. I have been to several practices during season… and while he was struggling and shooting a blistering .065%… he was always one of the 1st guys to leave the ice… I will add that Hossa and Toews usually were off the ice right behind him. Hossa is a veteran and Toews and Hossa play hard almost every nite and shift… can’t say the same about Kane!

    When Tab mentioned Dustin Brown might be available earlier in the year… I was the first guy to suggest getting rid of Kane (and saving 2 million in cap) and getting a hard-nosed multi-talented player (Like Brown) … dumping the one-dimensional, camera chasing Kane.

    Brown is a beast… Kane is soft!
    Brown is a Captain… Kane rides on the shoulder’s of his Captain…
    Brown will be MVP if LA wins cup!

  6. What a bunch of sheeple, suggesting that we look the other way with Kane…you are people who want things BOTH ways, which is inherently childish…Kane IS hurting this team on the ice, and NO, he is not an elite NHL player…60+ points playing with the line mates he has, with the ice time he gets, on the PP, NOT on the PK, is a good season if you are Shane Doan or Dustin Brown…it is AWFUL if you are the standing at centre, Patrick Kane, waiting for a breakaway pass while your 3 other team mates in OT give up the game winning goal…night after night during a 9 game losing streak…

    As usual, Wall said it all…Dustin Brown is the kind of player that you build championship teams around…Toews is also that player…Kane is not…

    Did someone say Kane’s value is low right now? Not because of his off ice antics, but because of his on ice antics…and remember, there are a number of weak market teams out there that WILL trade away some of their top talent for Patrick Kane…why? Because Kane will sell tickets in their local…which is great for them…they sell tickets and we win championships…fair deal…

    Trade this punk ASAP.

  7. At first I thought, what the hell, he’s 23, makes millions, go have fun, your out anyway…What would I do? Then I thought, he’s 23, makes millions and the ‘face’ (one of) an organization. Time to get it together, it’s been long enough. Realizing all his teammates went to the Worlds to keep playing and get better, instead Kaner goes to party in Madison, just don’t seem right. I don’t think he should be traded for what he does off the ice. Especially after not having a bad year, wasn’t great, but not terrible, he did have to learn a new position again. I think his dad just needs to give him a good slappin. He’s one of the best skaters in the league. Just get it together man.

    For those of you talking all that D. Brown business. LA was about to get rid of him. He just turned it on in the playoffs big time. He’s wasn’t even in the top 30 in pts in the regular season. He turned it on in the playoffs and NOW he’s someone you build a team around. He ain’t goin anywhere now. And that’s what you need to win a cup, your role players to step it up when it counts and outstanding goaltending.

    I believe Kane can step it up. He just needs to get it together. But what you do off the ice and on are two different things. Just stop taking pictures with nasty skanks please Kaner.

  8. Give the kid a break, he hasnt broken the law, he hasnt disgraced his teamates.. He wasnt in a Scotsdale bar till the wee hours before his playoff game.. This guy played a great center ice n carried this team as did Hoss, Sharpie, Stallberg, Bolland n co while captain serious was out… I hope this organization does panic, the Hawks were a few bad goals from winning that first round.. There is no doubt in my mind we wouldnt be down 2 games to zip against LA right now…

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