Why Alexander Ovechkin’s Hit Was Cheap

What follows is a clear sequence of photos showing how Alexander Ovechkin’s hit on Brian Campbell on Sunday was cheap.

Here you can clearly see Ovechkin beginning his pursuit of "the puck." Campbell clearly has a better line at the puck.
In the next shot, Ovechkin has cleared the blue line but is still clearly not going to reach the puck before Campbell.
In this shot, Ovechkin has lowered his torso and is in a rushing position, not a position that intends to "chase a puck."
Here, you can see Ovechkin's stick at his waist. Campbell is about to reach the puck, Ovechkin is at the inside top of the circle, and he is already preparing for impact.
PART ONE: Contact with the puck. Notice how far the players are from the blue line.
PART TWO: What we've circled here is the puck. It's GONE. The puck is no longer in play at this point.
The puck is already gone, and Ovechkin has started to make contact with the back of Brian Campbell here. Again, notice where they are in relation to the blue line.
Boxed here is Ovechkin's arms making contact with Campbell's back and left shoulder. Look at where their legs are in relation to the line now.
Now look at where the two players are. Ovechkin's arms are FULLY EXTENDED, they have now skated through the line and he is forcing Campbell, WHO DOES NOT HAVE THE PUCK, into the boards.
Troy Brouwer doesn't have any flowers, but he's asking Ovechkin if he wants to dance.
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12 thoughts on “Why Alexander Ovechkin’s Hit Was Cheap

  1. It’s funny bc in the shot you said is his BACK and shoulder, you can see both of his numbers. Hmmm…

  2. Yup, and you can also see Ovechkin making contact with his back and his shoulders. I appreciate your selective response.

  3. This is Ovechkin’s 2nd boarding major of the year. This goes along with a suspension for a knee to knee hit. Lets not question whether it was on Campbells back or partially on his side. Lets ask this question instead… What good is it doing to hit/push Campbell on this play? The puck is gone and both players are skating away from where the puck is.

  4. Wow:
    I am surprised and I ask If anyone else considered the hit premeditated.
    I was aware of the momentum of the game and knew that a hit was coming from Ovechkin after watching the Olympic hit on Jagr. The only problem was that Campbell was not catchable for a legal hit on him. So the only result could be a cheap hit. If this continues we might as well change the sport to GLADIATORS without rules.

  5. Wow: I was surprised and I wonder if anyone else considered the fact that the his was premeditated by Ovechkin: I was aware of the momentum of the game and was waiting for the goon to deliver, as I watched him do in the Olympics on Jagr. The only difference was that Campbell was not catchable because of his skating ability. So therefore the hit was likely to be dirty. The question is now if you cannot catch a player do we go back to the stick attacks on the heads of players that the sport recently dealt with? Ridiculous that anyone would question the call at all, I if as Olycek described Ovechkin acknowledged Campbell with a wave of the glove, How can you skate away a leave a man crumpled on the ice?
    Bye for now.

  6. Lets be clear. This type of hit needs to be removed from the sport. Towes spoke of this after the game. While not malicious, this is a hit that you need to be suspended for. You can’t throw a guy into the boards, partially/mostly from behind when he doesn’t have the puck. This is not finishing a check, this is not hockey, this is throwing a guy into the boards who is not in possession of the puck. If the front office gets serious with the suspensions, we shall see less of these plays.

    I respect the fact that Ovie plays hard. I really do. Reminds me of Roenick on steroids a little bit. But play hard within the rules. This is exactly what the call was, a major boarding penalty. A dangerous hit. Campbells injuries attest to this. There is no give in the boards boys, the glass yes, but zero give where Brian made impact.

    Has anyone had confirmation, if the Hawks make it to the Cup finals, is there any chance of his return? Man are we thin on D right now. We have tired, beat-up D right now. Seebs, Soaps and Hammer are all prime examples……..

  7. Ovechkin is an animal. He looks like Robocop on the ice with guys bouncing off him. It’s fine to be fast and strong, but there’s no need to be a jag-off out there, and intentionally slam an opponent into the boards. If he’s got no more respect for his opponents than he showed for Campbell, he shouldn’t be allowed to play. Give him the Bertuzzi penalty; sit out for an entire season.

  8. I’m not objective, but honestly I think what happened was the following:

    Ovechkin wanted to send a message to the Chicago defensemen that if you don’t get rid of the puck in less than a second (as evidenced by the clocks you so conveniently provided) you’re going to get hit if I’m on the ice, this can create turnovers and offensive opportunities, and is a smart hockey play. HOWEVER! When he starts his hit he’s very far from the boards, I think he planned on riding campbell into the boards. If you watch the replay his arms don’t extend until Campbell’s right skate kicks up off the ice (which would alleviate about half of the force being directed towards Ovechkin). Thus Ovechkin’s constant force is now met by a much smaller force and wham out go the arms and into the boards goes Campbell helpless. I think the hit was reckless, I think it was unfortunate Campbell got hurt, but Ovechkin obviously realizes that he did something wrong since he sticks around with Campbell, and doesn’t argue for going to the box or even for being ejected. He even waves as if to ask if Campbell is OK. This is not the mark of a dirty player/hit. Let’s keep this play correctly categorized in the overly aggressive and reckless area, but not dirty.

  9. It’s also convenient how you removed the clock in the last few pictures. When Campbell dumps the puck another second hasn’t even elapsed. OV is still pursuing the puck and when he realizes it’s been dumped, it is too late. I’m sure the Craig Adams hit on Ovechkin was perfectly clean. Looks as if the refs are gearing up for another Pittsburgh playoff run…

  10. Watch the video clip in real time. Nothing is convenient about the clock BEING REMOVED BY NBC. I did nothing to remove anything from any of these pictures. Don’t be an idiot.

    Also, if there “wasn’t time to avoid the hit” then why did Ovechkin clearly extend his arms?

  11. Sucks that Campbell is out, but this was not a dirty hit by Ovechkin. He was trying to push a player into the boards but that player’s feet got caught in the ice. When that happens, the player’s upper body goes forward. Unless Ovechkin is able to defy physics, he can’t pull back mid push. It’s a shame it happened, but it’s not a dirty play and if Campbell pops up I doubt there’s even a two minute penalty.

    Ovechkin plays the game the way it’s meant to be played… hard and fast. I wish we had him on our team, but I think we’re still the best in the West.

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