Will Dallas’ Coaching Hire Lead To A Chicago Prospect Decision?

Montgomery, who turns 49 at the end of June, has been at the University of Denver for the past five seasons. He led the Pioneers to the 2017 NCAA championship with Blackhawks prospect Blake Hillman on his blue line.

Hillman signed with the Hawks earlier this spring. But the kid who was his partner for a good part of last season now becomes intriguing.

Ian Mitchell was arguably the best freshman in the NCHC last year, leading Montgomery’s defensive group with 30 points as a teenager. Chicago’s second round pick last summer (#57 overall), Mitchell intended to go back to DU for his sophomore season.

If his head coach leaves, will Mitchell take the Blackhawks up on their offer to turn pro?

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  1. And just another note since im still here. Man I still love Big Buff. He brings back fond memories of 2010. Renember his battle with Pronger? Classic.

    Keep it up Jets! I love it.

    But Manitoba you gotta lose.
    Go ‘Hogs!

  2. Logi, after Game 1 of Wpg-Nash series, the NBC Sports studio panel was raving about the quality player Buff is. Have been saying for years that he is our biggest loss. A very high-skilled football player on ice, while the Hawks keep getting smaller. So far his is the MVP of the series. Come on Jets, help us move up in the draft.

    If the Hogs get past Manitoba, it may prove that we have more quality in our arsenal than we realize.

  3. Hogs leaders so far in PO’s…

    I would hardly call that “quality in arsenal”

  4. I also miss Big Buff. It’s good to see him doing so well. I hope the Jets win because I feel the city of Winnipeg deserves it

  5. Did the Hawks call and offer ? I thought Stan always said it was up to the player.
    Mitchell needs another year of College Hockey. He’s a real talent but he’s still physically small and can benefit from a work out program.

    Hopefully DU promotes one of their Assistants and Mitchell goes back.

  6. Cotillon and Bowman have lots of praise for Forsling and say he was rushed to NHL and is playing well, definitely still in Blackhawks blueline picture at 21 yrs old. The blueline next year will be mostly be new prospects developing likely.
    Ejdsell 2g and 2a playing better in last couple of games seems to be adjusting and could be with Hawks next year. Highmore is having good playoff to go with a good season and will be in running to make Blackhawks out of camp. Louis probably starts next season in AHL but will definitely be a callup if he keeps producing. Luke Johnson could win a ton of faceoffs, but not sure if he makes it or not. Hopefully Noel and Bondra can get a injury free year in Rockford along wuth Kahun next season and see what it can do for them.

  7. I am also going for the Jets to win it all. They are a lot of fun to watch and yes Buff is playing fantastic. I love how he grabs two Preds players at the same time and ragdolls them. What a beast!

  8. Ian- I thought I read somewhere- Kahun- contract states… if he doesn’t make NHL/Hawks… he will go play in KHL???

    if true

    I don’t see Kahun in AHL… unless SB promises… it’s a two week- program

  9. There is no doubt that Forsling was rushed into the NHL (does Stan know by whom?). That decision not only hurt Forsling who should have been in the A, but meant Kempny, who should have been playing, rotted on the bench. Double bad.

    Buff grabbing the two Preds was hysterical. He has is own cool. Winnipeg had to choose between him and Ladd a couple of years ago and Chevy knew what he was doing. It is such a great story — small city, no corporate ticket base, headwind
    from exchange rate, and despite everything they have built a rock solid team that could last awhile. Their swagger reminds me a bit of our 2010 team. They just don’t look like they are going to lose. Go Jets.

  10. Yes what we wouldn’t all give to still have Buff on the team.

    After the Cup in 2010, they had to identify who would be the core….Sharp was in, Buff was out. Couldn’t have kept and paid them both. I am not saying they chose wrong because they didn’t, Buff had little discipline about many aspects of his game back then, and Sharp was a legit top line winger. But given their age difference, it was bound to look bad at a certain point, and it sure would be nice to have Buff now.

  11. On a different topic – heard an interview with ex- Hawk Dan Carrillo on TSN this morning talking about concussions in the NHL and the lack of proper treatment


    Carcillo is an articulate speaker and passionate on this issue – if you’re interested start at 4:00 in and skip the intro BS

    Probably most if not all NHLers have/will experience repeated head trauma in their career and Carcillo is calling out the NHL for not admitting the problem and doing something about it. The whole thing stinks -for players and fans.

    It also makes me wonder again about Toews and his concussion history and if that’s what we’ve been witnessing with him

  12. There is no question Toews played through a concussion during the 2013 final with the Bruins. I can’t recall which game, maybe 3 or 4, he cut to the slot to try to score a goal and the Bruin defender unloaded directly on his head.

    I was shocked he played the next game at all. He has payed a heavy price for the success of the Blackhawks and the 3 Cups wouldn’t have happened without him or if he was injured. We need to remember that when evaluating his current health/level of play.

  13. Wall cap friendly still saying unconfirmed details so that is an unknown at this point. Even if he goes back to Europe he could still come over like Ejdsell or Tuulola did this year.
    Jordyhawk 2 years ago whrn Kempny was signed he was going yo solve defensive problems for the 16-17 season. Then during the world cup of hockey, if you watched it he was playing for the Czechs and was totally outclassed and embarassed at times. After that Forsling seemed to get pushed into the picture in camp and Kempny never seemed to be able to regain the Blackhawks confidence to be a reliable defenceman.
    What is reslly impressive since going to Caps is how he has cleaned up his mistakes. He had a 4 takeaways to 16 giveaways after trade and in playoffs he has 3 takeaways and 2 giveaways. Playing with Carlson 5 on 5 with Orpik who doesn’t play big minutes anymore on special teams. Kempny has also earned a lot more trust from Trotz late in games now as he was sitting and Orpik playing but lately Kempny been out there late in games too.

  14. Good post Mike. I remember that play. I seem to recall he was coming down the right side and cut back into the middle and Boychuk nailed him. That was what Modano never learned not to do. I too wonder if 2018 Jonny is still a little punchy.

  15. Remember that hit on Toews well and couldn’t believe he played next game either. He certainly did pay the price for those e cups.

  16. Ian, I saw Kempny in World Cup and agree that he did struggle. Bottom line though is that potential was there and, as you note, he has been able to learn from someone (albeit not Q who gave him zero rope). Any ways, it’s an old complaint, and I am as guilty as anyone of harping on it, so I will let it go — what’s done is done.

    Agree with you on Forsling still having potential. But he needs to learn to compete much harder — he has been way too timid for the NHL. If he does that, there’s still a chance but if not he might as well go back to Europe.

  17. Good points all on Toews head injuries. I believe the first and maybe worst was in Vancouver, regular season around 2009 or 2010. Toews looked ahead and saw open ice, so turned back to look at a dead man pass. Just then, Willie Mitchell emerged from the penalty box and took advantage of Toews BIG TIME. I still think about Toews skating all wobbly back to the bench like an ant that walked thru a puddle of wine.
    Then later when someone hurt Mitchell, he cried so loud about it. Douche.
    Patrick Kaletta also really nailed Duncs in the head and injure him in Buffalo a long time back then cried when someone did it to him later.
    The increase in head injuries is directly traceable back to the instigator penalty which Buttman had to have because he thought it would make hockey more appealing to pacifists.

  18. I recall that hit on Toews as well by Mitchell, that was a complete blindside hit. He never saw him coming, and got steamrolled.

    Not sure that the instigator penalty is the cause of hits like that though, I think that as guys wear the visors more and more, and there is less fighting as well, they carry the sticks too high and there are a lot more shots to the head area.

    The downside of not having an instigator penalty is then a goon like Grimson could try and start a fight with a skill guy like Gretzky or Bondra back then and there is no incentive for them not to do that.

    Really, now the speed of the game has eliminated all of the goons that did the staged fights of each other during games because they can’t skate well enough to play in the league anymore. Kaleta couldn’t play in the NHL at this point, nor other guys of his ilk.

    It’s an interesting point and it is a tough call to see how to help the game evolve over time. The speed factor is so high now that I wonder if they still need the instigator penalty. I always wondered why that was such a deterrent anyway, since guys take stupid boarding and tripping calls all the time, but you hardly ever see an instigator penalty. Why is that?

  19. Does the instigator also carry a 10 minute misconduct along with the 2 minute penalty? Someone on Tampa got an instigator last night for taking on the renowned jerk Backes after he boarded a TB player

    That someone who got the instigator also got a 10 min. misconduct – not sure why unless it’s just an automatic with the instigator penalty

  20. head shots of any kind need to be eradicated form the game

    Fighting usually results in some kind of head shot – that is the point after all

  21. The same problem that plagues football, plagues hockey. The basics of the game are eroding. In football they used to teach you to wrap up the legs of the ball carrier in order to tackle him. Now, these 250 LB. players are hurling themselves through the air at a ball carrier to knock him off his feet. Often times they either injure themselves or another player.

    The same thing has happened in hockey. The proper way to check a player is to lead with your stick ON THE ICE and follow through with your body on the puck carrier. Now, players are leaving their feet and hurling their bodies at the puck carrier and using their shoulder pads and elbow pads as weapons. And they are doing this while their stick is head high.

    While Tom Wilson’s hit may have looked like a solid hockey check, it was an intent to injure a player and send a message. It’s time for the NHL to send a message to all players that want to play as reckless as Wilson………”no more”.

  22. At the end of the day, the players have to decide not to make those hits. The NHL can surely help by giving fines and suspensions. I would say do it at the time of the play. Have the hit reviewed and the player removed right there and then. Team plays without them for the next x amount of games. And make sure it applies to all players, from the stars to the 4th liners.

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