Wirtz: McDonough, Bowman Will Be Back

In the most recent Blackhawks Talk podcast from NBC Sports Chicago, Blackhawks Chairman Rocky Wirtz offered a vote of confidence in team President & CEO John McDonough and GM Stan Bowman.

Wirtz addresses a number of other issues, including some of the rescheduling options for the NHL season and the decision by the Blackhawks and Bulls to pay hourly employees during the shutdown. But the most significant to Blackhawks fans long-term is that McDonough and Bowman will be back.

169 thoughts on “Wirtz: McDonough, Bowman Will Be Back

  1. Maybe Wirtz thought he could slip that in with doing the right thing for the employees and paying them. Bad/Bad move……So I wonder if frick and track will keep Colitin….oh well another year of no playoffs

  2. Wow! Dumb! Dumb!Dumb!
    Learned nothing from this, and the last 3 years!
    Leadership starts ( and ends!) at the top!
    Buckle up fellow Hawks fans- Cup 2030 may be be within reach!

  3. If McDonough is safe then Bowman is likely safe, if Bowman is safe then Colliton is likely safe. So likely all 3 will retirn next season.

  4. lovely.

    expect kubalik, strome, and caggiula to be signed to ridiculous contracts in the near future.

    expect barratt and mitchell to be signed to contracts with ridiculous attainable bonus clauses and added to the roster immediately so the first year of their elcs is blown.

    rocky must hate the fans.

    don’t anyone buy single game seats from the hawks. tons will be available on the secondary market for every game at less than face value.

  5. IMO as expected although there was some reason for hope just before the season got derailed

    I wouldn’t have cried if Bowman had gotten fired but adding up his body of work over 10 years he’s at least proven himself a competent GM although I’m sure some will disagree

    Colliton on the other hand has yet to prove anything at the NHL level so I’m less pleased with the prospect that JC is also likely back

    However it’s hard to get too worked up when there’s no NHL anyway

  6. Mitchell and Barrett aren’t slide eligible so next year would count against elc in Nhl or Ahl.

  7. With this news the Blackhawk fans have been released from their loyalty to the Decade of Championships and success.The answer to Rocky Wirtz,s delusional assessment of his management group is for Season ticket holders to continue to drop their tickets.Next is for the loyal die hards to stop going,which I did this year.Usually about 10 games this year 1 and that was a birthday present.All in all this statement by Wirtz is not a surprise. It is amazing how much of his good work can be undone with a poorly worded and timed Statement.

  8. As I have said in many a site fire them all and replace them with former hockey players who have found success as Coaches, GM’S and Hockey OP’S. Keeping these bozo’s in charge is just more of the same. Look at other Executives that left the Hawks and joined other organeyezations they are all doing well. But I am most impressed with the Steve Yzerman’s and Brendan Shanahan yes they have not won yet but boy can they put together strong rosters Yzerman prior in Tampa and Shanny in Toronto. Hockey people do smart hockey things morale of the blog
    Hire Hockey minded people

  9. It’s the smart move. Rocky needs to show stability within the organization by letting Bowman’s plan unfold. He’s acquired many promising youngsters and now it’s time they played with the big boys. Colliton seems to be a talented, patient teacher as evidenced by the steady play of kids like Boqvist, ,Carlson, Dach, Kubalik, Beaudin, Hagel and Highmore.

  10. I am less surprised that McD is safe – marketing is driving this organization. Can’t wait for the press conference where we get told how everything will be different next year.

  11. This is really disappointing. Either these 2 jackasses have Rocky completely snowed or he’s just plain dumb (which I thought he wasn’t). Time to stop buying season tickets folks. Time to stop going to the games. Hit him where it hurts and he’ll wake up. Absolutely stupid move!!

  12. ????????????????there goes Rockies credibility To the fans. Not surprised it’s in the blood lines

  13. I guess Rocky is fine with reduced attendance, lower merchandise sales and booing from the stands.
    Maybe last place is good, it takes the pressure off of the entire organization.

  14. my heart is sick.

    65 years watching this team. not a lot of cups, but some wonderful teams and terrific players.

    suffered terribly through the pulford idiocy and then, VOILA, some fortunate draft pick opportunities, some great rookies developed, a few great trades and free agent signings, the old man dies, and rocky is a godsend.

    no sane fan expects to win every year, but we are now five years into pulford like teams and rocky is showing head in the sand stupidity the likes of which his father raised to an art form.

    bowman has certainly done some great things in the first couple of years in terms of patching here and there, but the enormity of keeping this team viable year after year has proven to be very much above his pay grade.

    this is an indefensible decision by rocky. he has proven to be just another wirtz driven by money.

    toews, kane, keith, and crawford were in the guts of their careers when they last won the cup and the balance of the careers of those guys are being wasted away.

    the players know they are being managed by incompetent fools. i can’t understand why they don’t ask to be traded and have another chance to win a cup. or implore rocky to change management.

  15. With a likely flat cap now, expect a lot of youngsters competing for roster spots. Players like Hagel, Kurashev, Entwistle, Barrett maybe Shalunov, on blueline Mitchell, Carlsson, Beaudin, Gilbert plus young goalies. The core players will have to stay and help with youth movement or request a trade. Could be rebuild mold for awhile.

  16. Stadium is FULL…Nothing will change…
    Same as SAPS filling Soldiers Field to watch those Losers…
    Chicago Has the Dumbest Fans of all time except maybe
    for the Maple Leaves fans of Toronto.
    Drink more koolaid ppl.
    LOL…. CYA, next year
    (or at SC playoffs).

  17. I’d be happier if Rocky would at least hire a VP of Hockey OPs even if no is being fired

    A respected hockey guy from outside the organization that would have autonomy and would provide new ideas and some accountability – the sort of position that Shanahan has in Toronto – an overseer

    That could improve things immensely IMO even with Stan, JC and McD still there

  18. wrap

    agree. a vp to let bowman play in his sandbox, but with final say on his machinations would work for me.

  19. @ billy reay

    see the brilliant tight end signing by the “losers on the lake?” i am 71 and reasonably sure i am faster than graham.

    would anyone be surprised to find that bowman and pace are cousins?

  20. Have to wonder what this means for Crawford being resigned, if going the rebuild mode and decisions about Strome, Kubalik and Cagguila make take precedent over resigning Crawford, especially with Nalimov seemingly in the picture.

    Wrap have to think after a decade of McDonough and Bowman running the show, doubt having soneone to come in as an overseer is in the picture.

  21. Ian – I hear ya – just wishful thinking on my part but even for Rocky it would be a way to create the idea of change – something new to sell

    I’m not suggesting that they should do it for that reason (I think it would be a concretely positive move) but Rocky has to be aware that fans are getting weary of the status quo, of missing the playoffs, of bad hockey too often – he must have heard the boos at the UC

  22. Very disappointing article. So much for accountability and the delusion of “One Goal”‘. Stanley has made major mistakes in the last couple of years. Not making the playoffs with Kane, Towes, Crow and Dunk is inexcusable.

    Locked in the house, no hockey to watch, the Blues are the reining Stanley Cup camps, and we get another season of SB. Damn, it don’t get better than that. I guess its time to fire the batting coach.

  23. See players propose, having training camp early July, finish season late July, playoffs in Aug, and Sept. Then draft and fa period in Oct. Start 2020-21 season in Nov.

  24. In 65 years only four teams have won more Cups than the Hawks. Two teams only 1 more Cup, one team only 2 Cups more. Must be devastating. From 88 to 98 had season and was at every home game. Fans will show up. Next year and the next 20 years. I will be in attendance vs good teams or some important rivalry or payback games.

    Here’s to seeing the young guns meshing with the core. Picking up a couple big FAs and making another run before the core is done.

  25. Bye Bye Bowman, by far, is the most poignant on this article.

    But here is a point to ponder:
    Would Rocky come out and tell some reporter, in the midst of the Co-Vid 19 pandemic, that Bowman is history?

    Why would he do that there and then?

    Something tells me he is too good a poker player to do that.

  26. Roamn/Ian, this is prob the best thing that could happen to us. It means that we could get another top 5 skill draft player. Thats 4 in a row.

    Loading up the young wave is the best chance we have of having a top 3 team again.

    Like ER said, top 5 or bottom 5. Everything else is garbage. This is right on track to getting young wave stacked with elite players, not just good ones.

    Remember the other bottom 10 teams are bottom 10 teams. We are a 10-20 team and with a loaded young wave core, were right up there.

  27. How do you miss the playoffs 3 years in a row and nobody loses their job?

    You have only one of two dynastys since the 80s. Look the only way were HHNL quality top 4 top 9 deep again is with a loaded young wave.

    Even if the core had better players to play with last two yrs, I donot think we d be ddep enough. We need those young fast players.

    Other then getting the top pick 4 yrs in a row, this is the next best thing to that.

  28. Mitch Boq Dach elite-20 elite-21

    Kubilik Enwhisytle Barratt Kurachev

    Beau Carlson Shalunov

    Thats 3 layers of good fast young wave. When they are ready, were ready again. Sure it scuks for 2 7 50. 19 88 will have lots of yrs left with this young core.

  29. Ian, it does seem now that were doing that rebuild the right way and develop. It better for mid term and long term. Were not winning short term, so it does make sense.

  30. Mo, next season will be huge for the defense. Boqvist obviously taking another step forward and guys like Mitchell, Carlsson, Beaudin, Regula showing what they can bring. Big steps and development needed there.

    What the draft brings will be huge too, a high end player maybe a year away from Nhl ready unless lottery pick comes into play, then sooner. Goalie picture needs to get clearer.

    With teams like Leafs, Vgk and others over loaded on wingers and cap strapped, possibilities to add good young rfas exist. Not a big fan of staying with current off ice personnel but potential there and hope they prove me wrong.

  31. Bears can change EVERY player on Roster… Without a QB… They Rot..
    Whomever said to Draft the Turd over Mahommes & Watson outta be FIRED…
    But Bears aint interested in winning… seats filled…. sound familiar? lol

  32. Loaded with a young core? This team has no forward prospects in the CHL, nor in Russia, nor in Sweden, nor in Finland, and nor in the NCAA except for a 2nd rounder like Mitchell who will not sign in Chicago because there is no room for him, he’s too small, and wants the LEAFS. Barratt? He’s a 4th line player at best… Nothing in Rockford except maybe, maybe Kurashev? Entwhistle is not our draft pick and is another 3rd or 4th line player… So what do we have that Bowman has built the last 5 seasons since the last CUP?
    We have Dach who is a guanrantee!
    We have Boqvist, ok but concussions and small, Beaudin…smart, small and soft.
    Please, we all like Caggiula who deserves 4th line minutes but not a big contract, He’s too small, can’t score, big heart but dumb if he continues to drop the gloves to make the team!
    Nalimov? Suddenly he’s the goalie of the future?….ahead of Arizona league Stan fav Delia? Ahead of 6th round pick bust Gravel? Ahead of our soccer goalie from Belgium!
    Why does Wirtz even make this announcement today? He’s a fool like hos father and has no clue just like Bowman and is gang. Fire the coach, bring in Peter Laviolette and someone like Mark Hunter as GM! Or get a team president who has won Cups like former Hawk Darryl Sutter to run the show and then Bowman will have to discuss everything with someone who knows hockey and has played it unlike the accountant son of an NHL coach!

  33. Enwhistle is a 3rd or 4th line player. Thats fine we need 12 FW 3 for each line. We want HHNL quality deep lines so having good players on 3rd and 4th is waht we want.

    Enwhistle Barratt Shalunov can be really good bottom 6 players, thats what it takes to win. A quality deep lines.

    Who cares if we drafted the player or not, we have them is all that matters dude.

  34. 3 years without a playoff appearance. 3 years since winning the Central. Disappointing, yes. End of the world, tear the organization apart and start over? We’re not talking about 100 years like the Cubs. This isn’t even close to the 10-year stretch from 1997-1998 to 2007-2008, not that this was acceptable or fun. I think a little perspective is in order. And, I think folks see the world too narrowly binary. For many, it’s either awful or brilliant, but more often than not, many seem to choose awful.

    Not normally a gushing optimist myself, but the team is trending, they have 6-8 promising young talents in the pipeline which the Hawks seem to be developing nicely, they have another top-10 pick on the way, they have a great goalie still, they have Kane still at peak performance, they scout Europe very very well, in general they seem to scout very very well hitting on talent up and down the draft board routinely, they seem to have course corrected in a number of areas by adding size and toughness to the talent pipeline (a nod to Hull65) and in response to other teams’ trends (StL), they’ve looked fast again with the young guys, Beaudin may be a player—a guy thought to be skilled, but over-matched preciously, their salary cap situation is reasonable to good depending upon LTIR determinations, and a number of other things better informed fans could add.

    To be sure, this front office has misfired though but not as frequently as suggested here. I am disappointed in Colliton this year, thinking he’d progress much more than he did. I’m not sold on him completely, but I’m good giving him another partial year at minimum. I think we over estimate the capabilities of the core, outside of Kane and Crow.

    It’s not so bad and they’re trending. Chill, a little?

  35. agree with everything hull65 says in the above post.

    ian……respect your opinions, but you are really out over your skis with these young d-man. do any of them project out to be a top four hjalmarsson type of player. a player every team needs to win? which of them is considered a shut down d-man?

    they are all smurfs except for regula. now if the hawks already had a top four set and these were the guys coming along to replace one or two of them in the next 2/3 years that would be a different story.

    but you are adding them to the current plethora of third pairing d-men on this roster. none of the current d-men on this roster could have played top four on any of the cup winning teams, many could not have made the roster on those teams, and keith isn’t the keith of those teams. thinking that mix is going to be a successful backline anytime soon is just very wishful thinking.

    in the meantime the core ages.

  36. Did you guys take a look @ the pic of Bowman & McD??? I had imminent Chinese virologist, Dr. Wei Tu Fuk look at the pics… he confirmed Bowman & McD’s cerebral corti are saturated with the type A virus-Z1O1M1B1I1E1. This explains the blank “clueless” looks on their faces! It also explains their recent casting call for “The Walking Dead.”

  37. I have a different take on this based on what history tells us…

    How often have we seen these public “votes of confidence” lead shortly there-after to a firing of subject(s) of said vote of confidence…?

    To me a “vote of confidence” is the “kiss of death”…

  38. joey zamboni

    you have given me a reason to live another day. there is still hope.

  39. Joey you could be right. Has a way of working out like that.

    BBB lets let the young D men show what they can do. If more help needed go get it, it’s not rocket science. None of us are in position to just declare them Ahlers only or decide that Mitchell going sign somewhere else after saying he’s signing with Blackhawks that’s just silly. Some will be moved for other pieces, letting them increase their value first isn’t a bad thing

  40. ian

    i am all for letting the young d-man play extensively and let’s find out what they can do. the same with some rockford forwards. there do not appear to be any top six guys down there, but a team does not win without a strong bottom six and maybe there are a couple or even more guys at rockford that can be those guys who make the hawks bottom six a strength. and on cheap, cap friendly, elc contracts.

    i truly don’t have any problem with them being lousy and missing the playoffs again next year. and the following year. i just want that to happen in the larger framework of personnel acquisitions being made with the mindset that this team is being rebuilt for sustained success in the future. not to try to struggle into the first or second wild card spot and get crushed in the playoffs.

    this approach of off season transactions to acquire marginal veterans to try to struggle to reach the playoffs on a year by year basis has to end. when shaw, maatta, carpenter, smith, and de haan were acquired last summer was anyone excited about what any of those players would mean to the team 2/3 years down the road? they were band aids within the parameter of being desperate to make the playoffs. not one of those transactions was one with a vision to the future. and if not for the brilliant goal tending the team benefited from this year their place in the league standings would likely have been worse than last year when they had horrid goal tending. in other words, the off season machinations of last summer were a complete failure and left the team holding $13.5 million in cap space commitments to shaw, de hann, carpenter, and maatta for the next two years. completely unacceptable and inept management with no long term vision for the team.

    i don’t care how the jokiharju/nylander trade works out down the line. the optics of it was trading a promising defenseman for a player with substantial offensive skill, but one who showed little effort and was a failure in the ahl for three years. that is not a good framework for making a trade. bowman was simply hoping for the best to cover up drafting failures of the past. this is not a team in the position to trade for a reclamation project and hope for the best while relinquishing a promising player at a position of dire need for that privilege. and by the way, pedestrian kahun had more points in less games played than nylander this year and was a +8 to nylander’s -2.

    this team is in the neighborhood of a half a roster of improvement away from being a team able to challenge for a cup and be significant in the league on a yearly basis.

    and while all of this stupidity in trying to find one more cup run with the core continues to play out the talents of that core continue to wane. kane is still kane, but toews and keith, while still fine players, are light years away from the days when they were considered among the best two or three players in the league at their positions. and crawford is certainly not the keeper of the future with no one behind him who has shown they are a star in the making.

    i have more patience than job when management is maneuvering the roster with an eye to the future. i have zero patience with a management team who is only concerned with making the playoffs in the current season with no thoughts whatsoever what happens after the current season. that is the management team of mc donough and bowman and why i am so insistent they must go.

  41. BBB, Agree, Bowman made comment it will take some time, the first step is get younger, that is done. Have a good nucleus of forwards, draft may add more and prospect or 2 upgrades to top 9 possibilities are there. The young dmen need to catch up, be the big focus next year to me. Last summer younger defense weren’t ready and cap space to add Lehner, Maatta and Dehaan to bolster the biggest hole was there. I am ok with that, changes will be coming again this summer and younger players given their chance play to help catch defense up. If a top 4 or top pair defenseman still needed then it can be done as final piece, but see what you have first and find a way to get him if not able to through acquisition and development, that’s where Bowman has to get it done.

    Be great if Nalimov bacomes a solid no.1 goalie, but if not other options there.

  42. ian

    i had no problem adding a maatta or a de haan on one year contracts. but now they are roster problems, not solutions and they didn’t help get the team in the playoffs. and now cap space problems going forward. that’s my issue.

    and my larger issue is it is just time for new eyes to be evaluating the talent at all levels of this organization with no preconceived opinions and no attachment to anyone in the system. there is no way a guy like nylander would have had the leash he had last year if some one was in charge with no attachment to him.

  43. BBB i am not a fan of staying with off ice personnel either and have said that.

    Maatta and Dehaan were acquired with minimal cost prospect wise, so even if they just walk away from them, nothing lost. I’m sure somebody would take them for low return if thats all it took. Dehaan i expect to be around next season even if he spends alot of it on ir/ltir. If he is healthy enough at tdl may bring something or make them compliant at expansion draft maybe.

    Maatta and Smith the 2 most likely to be moved around this years draft in my opinion. Entwistle should fill Smiths role quite nicely.

  44. Bob Markunas – this is Bowman or Colliton posting under an alias.

    Joey Zamboni – from your keyboard into God’s ears.

  45. Using the teams that are higher on the cap figure than us here are some guys that we might be able to help them and help us. Also not help them and put them on the ropes giving their RFAs a number their team has to think about.

    AZ: Kessel at 3.4 could replace Shaw’s $$ if he stays on LTIR. Send an offer to Fisher. Hometown boy probably growing up dreaming about playing for the Hawks. Also make a bid on Hall.

    Tor: This is fun. They will have 4 guys taking up 40.5mil, 6 guys taking up 51.5 mil and 10 guys taking up 66.2 mil. So to fill out a 23 man roster they can only spend 18 mil on 13 players if the cap is at 84 mil. Thinking we offer some trades for Hyman, Kapanen Nylander and Marner. Take Marner for 5.4 mil. Offer Ceci a contract. If we getNylander put him on a line with his brother and we can call that line “The Sons of Cami Lander” line. Think that will make Alex work harder.

    Dal: I do like Roope Hintz. Have him and Lemieux as the same type of player with way bigger offense. Offer Khudobin a contract

    Stl: Dunn or Blais for size. Dunn maybe if we don’t sign Cags.

    Van: Erickson maybe for 3 mil to see if it sparks him. Ferland if healthy for no more than 2mil. Offer Markstrom if healthy a number. Definitely offer Toffoli a number. Give Virtanen a figure to take back to the Knuckleheads. Trade for Miller.

    Philly: Trade for Ghost. Maybe Philly would retain something if they have gone out of favor with him. Give Elliott a number.

  46. ian

    a repeat of what i said once before, but …… i would love to see fortin be given a chance as a fourth liner and penalty killer. he can flat out fly and the little i saw of him it seemed he was willing to go to the corners and play 200 feet. it isn’t possible to have too much speed on a roster.

    this is what i mean about a new set of eyes looking at players. he was originally looked at as a possible top six forward and with those expectations apparently isn’t a fit for the future. but maybe changing that focus and looking at him as having a different role as a part of the roster puzzle they would find he fits.

  47. BBB no problem with that at all, one knock last time was he didn’t play his own end, floating in center ice area looking for breakaways, he isn’t going to score a ton so he’d need to be more responsible there in a 4th line role. Love his speed and tenacity though.

  48. Anyone whoever played organized hockey….
    There is hustle and skating hard ( needed to win) and then there’s —ice capades
    ( circling around the ice admiring others doing the work).
    out with the old.. sports aint about yesterdays preformances…
    Nylander at 22 is lazy?
    Look at $6.4M Saad…
    Stay healthy ppl…
    Gunna be interesting off season…

  49. Its important we get another top 5 skill draft player next yr, in addition to this draft.

    We can change coaches gm other, whatever we do later.

    We need to load up young wave to get back.

    Until then this other stuff doesnt matter and then it will.

  50. Roamn, people look at things the wrong way sometimes. This is the time to take advantage of the top teams not being aboe to keep good young players or players we can trade for that are less then 27. We need to litr the ltir players and trade/buyout the guys that arnt staying midterm anyways. In order to get them.

    We know who.

  51. Not saying we had, no, choice but were we going to play 3 yrs in a row with 4 NHL defensemen. 44 6. We knew from the start 44 would be the one to stay. Now mybe not with injurys.

    Aurora said it well.

    Best thing to do is load young wave. These players people are worried about wont be here in 2 yrs anyways. Were not stuck with there caphits for longer then we, want, to be.

  52. Right Mo. The Kessel and Erickson moves would be to also receive assets and then flip at Tdl. Ferland too. Still need some muscle like Martin.

    I don’t mind giving RFAs sheets. We are still friends with SJ after they they sheeted Hammer and Neimi. Luckily we picked the right one to keep.

  53. BBB well said once again!!! Bang ON!
    And of course I agree with the smallish dmen we drafted. The real issue for me remains the fact that we have not focused on drafting wingers to replace stars like Hossa and Sharp! As I said before, Bowman spending all that money the last 3 seasons on bottom 4th line players is unforgiveable! From Kunitz to Bouma to Carpenter and Smith just to name a few! They failed miserably in drafting the last 5 seasons wingers or 2nd line centers (apart from Dach this season) that would replace players like Hossa, Sharp, Bickell, Teuvo, Vermette, Richards, Saad before trading him away and then getting him back for Panarin! It’s clear how bad their drafting has been beyond the first round but also unable to indentify what kind of player needed to keep the roster big, skilled and fast! And to give Toews and Kane more talent!
    Let’s not talk again about not drafting a real prospect goalie since Tallon drafted Crawford ! And what happened with drafting players from the CHL? How many Canadian players made up each roster of those cup teams? Or non Canadian players that played in the CHL (Kane, Saad to name a few).
    I am not sure what Wirtz is thinking but he seems unable to make a good hockey decision which is to fire the coach as well as Bowman. Or, keep Bowman but fire McDonut and hire Darryl Sutter or Eddie O as president! Someone who knows hockey!
    What did the Flyers do this season? Who’s the president? Who did he hire? 3 experienced NHL coaches headed by Vigneault who has been to the CUP final twice!
    Peter Laviolette before he ends up somewhere else!
    – Get rid of Smith, Cagg, Nylander, Maatta, Murphy, Sikura, —

  54. Hull explain to us again just how Tallon drafted Crawford from the broadcast booth. Lol

  55. I’m not sure why everyone is freaking out here. This team was playing all season with a fairly new system, lot of young players, and a very weak defense. And through all that they were able to go on some nice runs and at times, though not many, were fairly dominant. The way they’ve been playing at the end of the season was fast, exciting, and at least challenging for other teams to play against. So take that momentum and system into a fresh season with Crawford primarily in net, a slight upgrade to the defense with De Haan and Mitchell in the mix, and these kids with an extra year of experience. I think this will be a better team next year than everyone seems to think. A more aggressive assertive Colliton would be nice, as well as some some size on the roster, but overall I think the experiment deserves another year.

    Lay it on me.

  56. I posted right away when I saw this article, but it wasn’t even posted because there were a few too many expletives. Sorry Mr. Editor! I was just floored and flabbergasted.

    I just remember McD saying after 2017 and missing the playoffs for the first time, this after getting tossed in 4 by Nashville the year before that heads would roll if we missed the playoffs again. Well, the heads are still there. Rocky, you are a liar and have lost all credibility with me.

  57. It is what it is, was hoping for change too, but regardless still a Blackhawks fan. Still say before they can become a strong cup contender that a coaching change will have to happen. However be gladly wrong on that and it won’t stop me from cheering s hard as i always have for their success.

    Always been how full the glass is not how empty it is type of guy. Getting the defense back to championship calibur should be the prime focus, getting out of Keith what he can still give is fine but developing the future is key and the right strategic adds when time is right.

    Lots of skill up front and right tweaks, through draft, current prospects and right type of acquisition maybe seal the deal there. The future beyond Crawford needs cleared up, and after getting caught to thin there a couple of years ago, Ward then Lehner provided capable backups since, so that is likely being looked at and addressed again. If see some positive moving in those directions next season be right step forward.

  58. Shame and should be criminal l that they’d choose Colliton over an available Laviolette.

  59. The players must be behind J.C? Especially the old core.
    (Other than the fact that if they fire JC, he was Bowman’s guy.)

  60. This comment might piss some people off. Tab or Craig I would like to get your take on this but do you think Rocky just got really lucky with the players and management from 2008-2012 timeframe and we rode that wave until 2015. I don’t agree with the direction currently of the Blackhawks front office. Do you guys think Rocky just got lucky with Q, Tallon, Seabrook, Keith, Toews, Kane etc? Everyone talks about how Rocky revitalized the Blackhawks, did he do that or just get really lucky? The current direction of the Blackhawks looks like we are going into another Blackhole. Alot of the decisions and stupidity remind me of the Bears probably the worst run team in the NFL. Anyway alot of hate in these comments I just don’t understand the direction. Everyone keeps talking about Wirtz and listening to the fans, but based on this post he is not listening to almost all the fans and the disguts for Colliton and Bowman. I’ve almost lost all respect for the front office and Wirtz for where things are at. I’m not sure how many tickets I will buy next year based on the crap they are putting on the ice. I hope for a turn around I just don’t see it…… I still respect alot of the players on the Blackhawks, but I have none for the front office and alot of the decisions that were made this season…..

  61. I have called for a coaching change since almost the start of the season and I would welcome one still be it Laviolette or someone else qualified with considerable NHL experience but it’s pretty clear that it’s not going to happen at least not now

    Whenever hockey starts again (probably not until summer at very earliest most likely not until September/October IMO) JC will still be the coach

    Ironically my main complaint with Colliton is his lack of experience – he’s learning on the job basically while we have HOF players like 88,19 and 2 still hankering to win – it was never a good mix

    However now that JC has had most of 2 years behind the bench and I do think he’s a smart guy hopefully he’s figured it out and his inexperience will be less of a problem

    There were some games before the season was suspended (ANA, SJ albiet weaker teams) where the Hawks looked pointed in the right direction – I’m hoping that will continue because continuing to hope that he’s going to be fired is a waste of energy – he’s not

    Similar to Ian I will cheer for the Hawks and cheer for JC to take the next step – there’s still a chance it could happen

  62. @ knox

    i hate that mc donough has anything to do with the player side. he knows nothing about hockey. but full credit to him for bringing the operations side up to snuff. the running of the operation was a total joke when he took over.

    i agree with you. the player side was coming around when rocky took over and the operations and marketing went from pathetic to world class when mc donough took over.

    imo mc donough wanted to put his name out as the leader of the revival and thus firing tallon and promoting bowman. he is not that guy. he is just among many competent organization operators and marketing people in this country. though he deserves credit for doing a good job there are thousands of ops managers and marketers who could have done what he did.

    what he has also done is be involved in personnel decisions, such as signing bickell and seabrook, which is wrong in so many ways.

    this is 100% on rocky now. the player side is in free fall and he is like nero fiddling while rome burns. if this was his liquor business and they had five years of performance like the hawks have had the last five years heads would roll.

    mc donough and bowman have to go. i have been saying this for two years.

  63. The Only reason that blowman s here ( & Tallon got the ax) is due to the fact that McDonnaugh knows NOTHING bout Hockey… He Hired S otty Blowman & Scotty is calling the shots as an advisor due to McD. Knows Nothing. Condition on scotty sticking around at 84 years young is his son being made GM. He was GM ASST. when Versteig contract was late to be set — they blamed Tallon & fired him (was excuse needed to get him out), but based on blunder –> then Tallon & stanley shouldda Both been fired, as stanley (ASST. GM) didn’t catch it either.. Just my 2 cents…

  64. @ billy reay

    by your moniker i am guessing you are aware of the line “there are eight million stories in the naked city.”

    there were eight contracts involved in the fax snafu and among them were the contracts of versteeg, bickell, brouwer, and crawford. bowman was the asst gm at the time and the “naked city story” i heard was it was bowman’s responsibility to fax the contracts, he screwed it up, tallon took the fall as gm, was ultimately fired, and he held his tongue.

  65. Does anyone know of any hint that the Hawks have ever thought about Eddie O. for the G.M. or coaching the Hawks? Or maybe he would not have any interest himself.

  66. Eddie O is into the horses big time and has a good gig going on with NBC and the Hawks.I would think that Jamaal Mears would be a solid coach with Darryl Sutter as G.M or President.

  67. Time to start getting whaever elcs are going to be signed, inked. Mitchell, Barrett, Shea, Teply, Gravel, Nalimov or Shalunov, ?. Signing European free agents cam be done, extending current rfas and Crawford if deals are right. Should find out something around when draft lottery is where they pick, plus targets for next rounds.

  68. Colliton- tries to fit round pegs in square holes; failed D scheme; failed to use what he was given… small speedy D to lead the rush.
    Bowman- poor poor player & player contract management; loss team void of players to counter intimidation- which is part of game.
    There is one & only one star on Hawks- Patrick Kane. I suspect he is on board with Wirtz. Patrick- loyalty is fine…but really???

  69. We know we need size tuff players. 15 65 6? 5 other were suppose to be those kind of players but they got hurt-out for the season/not normal hurt for 2-4 wks. 91 and Gilbert cant do it all by themselves. Players like 20 donot need to knock people over just get through those kind of checks and drive.

    Nothing agasint 65 but 15 65 6 other, those guys were short term for that kind of role and they really neveer played this yr. Look at the difference it made when Gilbert playerd and then when 91 came back. Huge. So if we get 2-4 players like that, that are healthy for 60 + games and play that way then its a whole difference image were looking at roster wise/lines wise.

    I would guess that with a Defense system that sucks, this yr, that players like 5 couldnt really play as physical as normal for him because he was running around trying to catch his tail-in this system. Only when he got cheap shoted he said F this and nailed tha bastards back. Once everybody gets sued to this system enough-or the change the core players made to system, then we started to win games. 5 can go back to how he normally plays.

  70. So we really only need a few players, the kind Bowman did try to get and got. Just not be banged up before they even got here. More like those players-the ones you guys listed/Tim did.

    Then as the young wave emerges we looking good.

    Then we can get team system if still needed.

  71. Ian, are nhl deals like NFL’s where they need a medical? Good luck getting a physical right now.

    Nalimov had a PTO with Rockford but went back home until they figure this out.

    Shalunov is dead to me. Tired of seeing his name. Don’t think he’s an impactful player

  72. Rusty check the wires lots of elcs been signed last couple of days, so getting done. Shalunov this is either the year he comes or won’t happen not likely, because his elc window closes.

  73. Ian, speaking of the draft. With the Chinese virus there prob going to have to do the draft on the internet.


    Draft gets moved to July and July 1st becomes Aug 1st now. Everything pushed a mth later.

  74. Shalunov could be like Kubilik. Could be not good. We should have him do those opt out contracts so makes team/or can go where he wants-back. If hes not good then thats ok, he could though be another Kubilik. A player that can play speed size. He would be free to so nothing to-there.

  75. NHL network should play every playoff game starting with 2010 season. As a decade of playoffs, so everybody who wants to watch playoff hockey can see the Blackhawks win 3 Cups in 6 yrs again. Then right to the draft.

  76. Morrison I respect your opinion but when you miss the playoffs 3 years in a row you have bad management. When you have bad management you have a bad team plain and simple. Changes have to be made or it’s more of the same not to mention the cap hell this team is STILL in

  77. @ earl

    actually they are in cap hell AGAIN. they had cap space to work with last summer.

    fortunately, with the hawks emerging somewhat from cap hell bowman rescued cap hell from the clutches of what would have been cap flexibility this off season by acquiring shaw, de haan, maatta, and carpenter and the three year $13.5 million yearly cap space commitment that came along with those four game changers to put the hawks back in that cap hell scenario that he is so comfortable with.

    and with the excellent news bowman will be back comes the likelihood he will overpay kubalik, strome, and crawford.

    you can’t make this shit up.

  78. Sure for the team each season. We are, better be, planning the loading up of the young wave and these couple yrs here now are ‘getting’ top 5 skilldraft players yrs.

    If we donot have the management and team system done pat and have a good one, once young wave is ready, then that is a time to panic.

    I think same as everyone here about time to get new identity upper gm coach team system. I just think for these couple yrs were loading up with elite draft players, it doesnt matter and is better to keep getting better as we go along-while getting, moar, elite draft players on down ‘record’ yrs and then when young wave hits its a bigger wave.

    Agree with what your saying. I am looking at the big picture of loading the roster again. Not each yr here for how bad we are at certain things. Needmore good players. HHNL quality deepness.

  79. For the salary cap were in now, it wont matter because in a coupl eyrs those players contracts are up and thats when it matters, when young wave is really ready for primeyrs.

  80. I donot ecxpect us to be top 5/10 this yr coming up. I do for the seasons after though and that we ll sky rocket up when we do. Like Islanders COL did because of young wave and already having 19 88. Islanders are young fast good but they donot have players like 19 88 in addition to young wave.

    Be more like BOS with better quality deep lines and think about how good we can be if we are allowed to cheat like BOS STL and other teams like taht do.

    We havnt even scratched the surface on being better-benefiting with the cheating we ll be able to do once we adjust roster.

  81. Why wait another year to make changes, just wasting Kane and Toews even more. With Seabrook and Keith and another Crawford contract any cap space is gone. Make the changes now.

  82. Frustrating, huh, my brothers ( & Steph)? There’s the Tallon thing…then there’s what Carrillo said when Q got the axe. Q saw the game, had a sense, a feel for the game. Remember all the “ spin” when Q was axed? Dazzling. No.. we are in for the long haul I’m afraid. Hey- anyone need any ash hockey sticks? I’ve made 17 since the last game. Peace out!

  83. Sure I agree, but you saw what they are doing keeping the same people-upper gm, coach? I am just saying its actually better to do that, only because we get another top 5 skill draft player/or top 10 an that way we gte another elite player for the young wave. Which will gibe us a better team for 19 88.

    Which could be the difference in winning. I would rather have one more off season, as much as its sucks last 3 yrs, and then get a top 5 team because of it then a top 10 team for one yr longer.

    Adding another elite draft player and one more off season.
    to be top 10 team for next 8 yrs of 19 88 careeer.
    to be top 5 team for next 2-8 yrs of 19 88 career.
    Which is addinga 20th kind of pick to have no more off seasons.

  84. If I was Wirtz I would do the reset now like your saying. Go with the young inexpeiened players and be better and worse at the same time with so many young players. That way we might still get another top 5/10 pick. Then its the same thing I am saying. And were a yr into new identity and practice of playing the new identity team sysytem.

    I know everybody doesnt think same on this, getting the new experienced coach and a good system that works in todays NHL we ll win 10 more games right off the bat with the same players, with having guys like 44 65 15 healthy. 4 was a good Defensemen at D.

    Would still need to make roster better and add more good players, just that we would be better record wise with a good team system.

    I am not blaming the coach for everything, we tottally need more good players. Like about 4 players with size to knock the F out of the cheapshot players to hit our guys in the head, what about 10 times in 15 games.

    If we had 4 Gilbert type players those pansys who hit our guys heads would have been shoved through the glass above the boards.

  85. Wow Ian, really? Director of player personnel from 1998-2002! Became Assistant General Manager in November of 2003! What don’t you understand?Crawford drafted in 2003 which means Tallon scouted the Crow and was there when he was drafted, summer of 2003? What don’t you understand? And he scouted Niemi, saw him play in Europe where the Red Wings where interested to sign him too! Oh yeah, Bowman saw Peeters play soccer on skates in Belgium!
    Anyway, back to the Wirtz debacle! This would have been a perfect opportunity to fire the Coach and hire Peter Laviolette who has a good history with Kane and team USA. Then, if don’t fire the GM, make Bowman crap in his pants by hiring a team president like Darryl Sutter to watch over every decision made. By the draft Bowman would resign because daddy says come home son. Then hire Kane’s old GM Mark Hunter from the London Knights!

  86. Hull i understand peefectly as you conviently try to mislead about. Tallon left following 2001-02 season to go back to broadcasting booth and wasn’t a part of the 02, or 03 drafts. In fact though Bowman was assistant to the Gm at that point and was in actual act involved in those drafts that landed Crawford, Keith, Seabrook, Big Buff etc. Stick to the truth.

  87. o. Name Tenure Accomplishments during this term Ref(s)
    1 Frederic McLaughlindagger September 25, 1926 – 1942
    Won Stanley Cup 2 times in 3 finals appearances (1931, 1934, 1938)
    11 playoff appearances
    2 Bill Tobin 1942 – July 7, 1954
    1 Stanley Cup Finals appearance (1944)
    3 playoff appearances
    3 Tommy Ivandagger July 7, 1954 – July 6, 1977
    Won Stanley Cup 1 time in 5 finals appearances (1961, 1962, 1965, 1971, 1973)
    5 division titles and 18 playoff appearances
    4 Bob Pulford July 6, 1977 – June 5, 1990
    6 division titles and 13 playoff appearances
    5 Mike Keenan June 5, 1990 – November 6, 1992
    Won Presidents’ Trophy (1990–91)
    1 Stanley Cup Finals appearance (1992)
    1 conference title, 1 division title, and 2 playoff appearances
    – Bob Pulford November 6, 1992 – July 3, 1997
    1 division title and 5 playoff appearances
    6 Bob Murray July 3, 1997 – December 2, 1999
    No playoff appearances
    – Bob Pulford (Interim) December 2, 1999 – September 22, 2000
    No playoff appearances
    7 Mike Smith September 22, 2000 – October 24, 2003
    1 playoff appearance
    – Bob Pulford October 24, 2003 – June 21, 2005
    No playoff appearances
    8 Dale Tallon June 21, 2005 – July 14, 2009
    1 playoff appearance
    9 Stan Bowman July 14, 2009 – present
    Won Stanley Cup 3 times (2010, 2013, 2015)
    Won Presidents’ Trophy (2012–13)
    3 conference titles, 3 division titles, and 8 playoff appearances

  88. Boy oh boy you learn a lot here about Tallon Bowman and faxes. Who did what. Which guy actually scouted drafted chiseled out a dynasty core won Cups.

    I have nothing aginst Tallon but I would imagine he would have kept the wrong players for the core, like keeping Buff and Ladd. That would have been a mistake and we would have only won 2 times instead of 4. Sharp and Hjalmerson-Hammer were the right ones to keep.

    And whala we have a dynasty. Only dynasty in hockey since Oilers and Islanders that didnt have a 95m to 25m ratio/or whatever the Yankee personal team cap for that team only, every other team has to stay within the rules.

  89. Nhl Owners having conference call on monday, discuss financial issues like cap, escrow and possibility of playoffs likely among other issues

  90. Ian with the numbers taking off in both US and Canada I don’t see a this year, this year. Eventually you have to get to a realistic, practical and responsible conclusion.
    Hockey is only so important.

  91. Noonan thats what i figured too, I said that about a week ago, probably iust have awards and draft, then onto training camps. Then Bettman said he was going to try and have a cup winner this year, then Daly yesterday talking about a 4 team playoff in the summer. So not sure they won’t try to do something.

  92. Yea think its to finalize it and announce it officially instead of people waiting for 2mths and they say it then.

    For cap who cares right now, shpould decide we ll know more later. push the draaft to july 28th anf ufa aug 1st so maybe they can have the prospdects there.

  93. To me you cant have any less then 16 teams, or more. You have to do a full playoff, always. You can cut the 82 gameas however you want.

    This virus thing is going at least 60 days, we see that now. At first when 30 days might have been possible, ok. Not anymore. 60 days or longer.

    There, wash dc, is going to make every state eventually stay inside other then grocerys gas for 60 or more days.

    So unless they want to have Stanley Cup labor day, they need to take one for the human race.

  94. Was in the booth for a few months, that’s all my friend. Sure, have it your way Ian, if it makes you feel good about backing the great Stan Bowman. Who got Hossa? Who got Sharp? Who got John Madden? Who signed Cambell and Sopel? Then you know what, make a list of players Bowman drafted as the GM that won the cup in Chicago? That’s all we want to know or judge Bowman by.
    Have fun with that one!

  95. Hull few months in booth ended up being a year and half away from front office and covered 2 drafts away from front office. I already said on many occasions Bowman should be replaced as you know, i just don’t need to rewrite history on every post.

  96. How’s the guy that got those players been doing in Florida with a smattering of top 5 picks done since he got the job?

    Playoffs once in 7 years.

    The Brian Campbell contract 12 years later would still be a top 15 contract TODAY! When the salary cap has increased by 25 million…more than 40%.

  97. Should of got rid of the smurf cheap shot keith & kept Byfuglein as a Defenseman… Huge Mistake… Would of (could of) Won 5 Cups…
    Keith stats? Look at Buff’s stats…
    Go Hawks !!!!

  98. What’s up fellow Hawk fans. Long week at work. A bit of scoop. No worries on Mitchell. All good on that front. He will be a Hawk.

  99. Mitch is good to go.

    Wasnt Buff like 300 pounds for a couple yrs and really out of shape for a few yrs during the 2012-2015 yrs?

  100. Billy F’ing Reay- you are correct about Buff v Keith. Dunc can eat spaghetti off the top of my head & many defensemen….BUT… he is a smurf. What Buff could have done for Hawks (net front presence; play FW or D; protect teammates; personality in locker room) would have been huge!!!!The 13 yrs was Ill advised.. but I would have kept eager& Sopel & Buff -traded Keith for picks. Then…the Seabrook contract. Man!!!!! Don’t get me wrong- I love Dunc. …but the only hawk worth the money all these yrs is Kane…period.

  101. Craig comes through! Hope your work week slows down. People have lost their damn minds.

  102. OMG, what are you talking about, Keith is a Hall of famer! And I love Buff too! He would have been a huge forward for Toews and Kane! Trading him was a mistake but keeping Keith was keeping a Hall of famer. Seabs Keith and Buff were power houses! And by the way, there was no need to trade Buff, he still had a year left in his contract!
    To win a cup consistently or have a chance, you need to draft a generational player or two which is what the Pens did and what Dale Tallon did! That can be luck or just good karma!
    Bowman? What do think he will do once again after this season is over? Make more ridiculous trades, spend money on 4th line players, give ridiculous bonuses for guys like Kubalik? No big name NHL free agents want to come to Chicago because of Stan. And Lehner was not a big name free agent, a career backup who had one decent season under Barry Trotz trap style hockey. Again, some of you continue to deny his who has he drafted during his trenure that has become a superstar. And players don’t have to be drafted in the 1st round to become stars….case in point Kucherov, Bergeron, or Keith. Some can be drafted late in the 1st round as well like Getzlaf or Perry! Bowman did well with Teuvo and Dcat.
    Playing in Florida in front of no fan base (ask Luongo) is one problem and trying to get out of the east where you play against Crosby, Malkin or Ovechkin, Backstrom is another! You better have generational players on your roster other wise you will never get a sniff at the CUP.
    The west will be like that as well now that Holland is in Edmonton and he has two crazy generational players that will win a CUP very soon! Colorado is a close second!
    Chicago was like that for awhile ask San Jose and Nashville! Only LA could rival the Hawks.

  103. Head meet wall. The organization now not only accepts mediocrity, it’s actually embracing it.

    One’s actions and words are not suppose to be at opposite ends of the spectrum!! They should be in tandem. This crap has gone on too long for me.

  104. Thanks Billy Reay. Hull 65-13 yrs????Thats my problem. Dunc’s agent played chicken with Bowman and Bowman blinked!!! Dunc loves the Hawks & woulda signed for fewer yrs. P.S.- why did Bowman cross the road?? Cuz his dick was stuck in a chicken!!!! ( If he has a dick)!

  105. Buff over Dunc – we are officially in crazy town! Dunc has been a monster and his play in the 2015 cup run ranks up there with the greats of all time. He plays nearly half of every game against the best on the other side. To think that Buff could do that over an extended period is a pipe dream. Time to move on to another fantasy as this one is ridiculous. Dunc’s play has fallen off with age but IMO he goes down as the best defensemen in the teams history and will be the last guy to wear #2.

  106. Not Buff overDunc… but-buff on a bridge contract and Dunc for fewer years…AND… if Dunc wanted big $$, then trade him. Buff was a beast on way to cup. Imagine Buff for 3-5 years. Dunc will be hof & is next to Doug Wilson one of best. BUT he ain’t no number 4, doesn’t drop the gloves…& lost a step or two while collecting on 13 yrs…13 yrs!!!!

  107. People are taking out 40k from banks. A kid I work with thinks this is going to cause work war 3. Actually posted it on Facebook. The toilet paper hoarding. People saw a train with military vehicles and they think we’re entering martial law. The national guard says they weren’t bringing in equipment, so those people think that’s proof the guard is bringing in vehicles and we are entering martial law. The media (sorry Craig) has created a frenzy over a virus that’s statistically marginally worse than the flu. People need to put their tin foil hats on and go inside their toilet paper forts…never come out.

  108. In 11-12 byfuglien signed a 5 year 5.2 million dollar contract. He wasn’t taking a bridge. So don’t be stupid and revise history and think you could have signed him to one. Duncan Keith’s cap hit is 5.5. he’s won 2 Norris trophies and a conn Smyth. And is still healthy enough to not only play hockey, but be a top 4 D on any team.

    Byfuglien was an enigma. Sure he put up goals. But he didn’t play with any structure. He put up 20 goals…but he was also -20. The next worse +/- on that team was -9.

  109. hull65 wrote Then you know what, make a list of players Bowman drafted as the GM that won the cup in Chicago?

    Here is how Stan Bowman helped Chicago win two cups even though they got robbed of a third against the kings. I am not discounting the help of the previous GM.

    Saad, Shaw, TT, Kruger. A pretty solid 4 that he drafted plus Nordstrom. He traded to get Oduya, Handzus, Leddy, Vermette, Frolik, and DesJardins as well as Versteeg (2015). Signed Darling, Brad Richards, TVR, Rozsival, Emery (not that he played in the playoffs)

    We dont win two Cups without Saad, Shaw, and Kruger and without the trade of Oduya. Signing Darling saved us from a disasterous first round against Nashville only to be resaved by Corey Crawford in game six.

    Hull65 look at Bowman and Tallon as two good GM’s that gave us 3 cups. I am very thankful Chicago decided to bring back the band in the front office and coach. Just to see you and others complain and rant about nothing.

    Chicago has the talent coming as long as Bowman resigns the right players, (Strome, Kubs, Crawford) and mitchell, boq, dach become studs, DeHaan/Shaw return from injury, Seabrook stays away, and someone in Rockford or a free agent back up goalie can provide Crow relief.

  110. Just for the record, the great Edmonton teams that Gretzky played on only won four cups with him plus one more a few years later without him.

  111. Rusty I live close to the border/canada and I saw military trucks-the kind you donot normally see, two of them about 2.5-3 wks ago on Wed. They were preparing for something. Prob just supporting the north border closing thing. But it made me think different then, not just the last 6 days or so.

    I am on essentials list as a therapist for/in health care field. So I have been and will be traveling around. Also go to farms and they are open for crops so I will see what I see along the border and whats going on.

    Really unless they set up road blocks like in Red Dawn its just being prepared, incase they have to do something.

    Like to hear whats going on like that though, it puts the ‘general public’ into perspective in what to do and what not to do. Some people are getting/taking too much and theres going to be people who needs things and cant get any until end of APR like TP from amazon not even local stores.

    3-6 mths supplies are fine I giess but the people who are taking 2 yrs of supplies should be fined or something or at least have to give it back. IDNK.

    Stay safe and watch my Blackhawks highlights when people post on Bicks, Dunks.
    Look how important 20 is in the plays that won the 2015 Cup in game 6, along with the Crow.

  112. Rusty, Great comments. The Flu kills more people each year but the media has gone crazy.

    Byflugen and ladd were good players but not worth what they are getting paid. ladd to me was never a top 6 but was just a good scorer. Buff is a stud DEF just like Keith. I personally would rather have Keith than Buff. They are equal in my book except Keith was more stable on both ends.

    The Hawks need a new pair like Keith and Seabs did to compete and heres to hoping Mitchell/Boq can be the two that step up.

  113. Where in the heck are they hiding 40k, in there casino money belts. If anyone got wind of people stashing 10k or more in house as soon as they go for TP and gas and food theyll be breaking in a stealing. Unless they have a safe like, The Italian Job movie.

  114. I’ve got 250 lbs of elk sausage and another 300lbs in steaks in the freezer. What’s funny is stores have produce, but people have panic bought meat. People haven’t seen the military vehicles on the railroad before, but that’s because they weren’t paying attention. Now hypervigilance kicks in and they think the world is ending. They don’t realize vehicles in the military are on the railroad all the time. One person I saw posted a video about the vehicles on the railroad being moved, but didn’t see the timestamp…from 2012.

    Rationality has gone out the window and the panic this virus has created is infinitely worse than the virus itself. Our morbidly obese governor in Illinois has heeded some “experts” advice and essentially put the state on lockdown… But you can still go out to get the essentials. And apparently the essentials includes weed since the dispensaries are still open. Maybe that would calm everyone down.

  115. Hawks2020, lets not forget Oilers Islanders, not like red wings 95m payroll compared to every other teams 25m? payrolls, had no cap and were allowed to keep there teams to get there dynastys. Also teams like COL in mid90s and LA/BOS in 2010-2015 won, where in the 80s the 2nd best teams didnt win, meaning there wasnt as many good teams in the league back then like there is 2005 and on/not that they were that good-even though they were.

    To have a dynasty with the salary cap is incredible. No 95m payrolls and being able to keep entire team for those 4-6 yr periods in 80s.

    What the Blackhawks did, really 4 Cups-without instant replay on offsides and other, which was implemented the very next? season.

    One of the best dynastys of all dynastys. I look at hockey in sections because its hard to compare. First 50 yrs when MTL got the top 10 ? picks every yr, 50-100 yrs unlimite payroll teams, 100?/whatever the number is-150? salary cap era. As different eras and to each its own. So that counts for how many Cups each team has won all time/yrs 1-50/50-salarycap/salarycap-150? MTL has one? I would start counting from the somewhere in the 60s. Yoy cant count the fisrt 50 yrs when three teams won 45 times on 50 yrs that just scews the numbers.

  116. Thats cool man, I have enough beer for a whole fraternity house until labor day. Be nice to have a, social distance, bbq with your stash and mine. Maybe Phil has barrels of beer from Swigg to drink so it doesnt go bad.

  117. You got the Japanese cow steaks. My friend who I go to the farms with is a nutritionist and gets half cows at a time. I saving to get another used wagoneer to use in winter, my old one frame is rusted. Use the Wrangler for 4×4 and girls magnet driving. Getting a volvo wagoneer xc90 this time for winter driving and maintenance use. Its safer then those jeep wagoneers.

    So cant be buying half jap cows for the yr.

    Killer hoot would calm people and/but might make some people more paranoid.

  118. Rusty, Hawks in 2020

    Are you guys serious?! marginally worse than the flu? Maybe you have a different definition of marginally.

    Here’s the math – this season the seasonal flu in the US has killed 22,000 – yes that’s higher than the 396 deaths currently reported in the US from Covid -19 but the virus is just getting started and there’s no treatment and no vacccine

    Check out the links below – in the first one The American Hospital Association (AHA) conducted a presentation to hospitals in Feb. about what to expect with Covid-19

    Their estimates are 480,000 deaths in the US from Covid -19


    Check out this next link directly comparing the flu and coronavirus
    The mortality rate of season flu is .1% – a very conservative estimate for Covid-19 is 10 times that or 1% – some studies put it at 1.4%, some at 2.3% the WHO at 3.4%

    Even at 1% mortality rate that’ll be approximately 220,000 deaths compared to 22,000 from the seasonal flu – is that marginal according to you?


    What if the mortality rate is 2% from Covid-19 then you’re looking at 440,000 deaths – maybe someone you know

    Other models show the US with 1 million deaths if they don’t start taking this virus more seriously

    This is what you’re calling a blown up media frenzy? – are you paying attention to what’s going on in Italy? because that’s where the US is headed

  119. Nice, I only get normal stuff here. Bone in ribeyes. S an P or sometimes webers chicago seasoning.

    The guys at the farms get those jap cow stuff, half a cow a yr.

  120. Rusty, thanks for the clarification on Kruger, you are correct. Stan still added some key pieces to the Hawks to get two additional cups.

    Like always, when you call Hull65 to the carpet, he hides in silence.

  121. No offense taken a Rusty. Actually that’s the beauty of being a local news guy. Bumped into people at the grocery store today(total strangers) and talked about this pandemic. Local news truly is much more personal. I’ve always liked that about my job. Less in your face, more about keeping people informed about what is happening where they live. Back it tomorrow.

    On that note, I’m hearing Barratt is coming also. That’s not huge news but it sounds as if it’s going to happen .

    Morrison: thanks for the 2015 montage. It took me back to June 15, 2015. What a night. Brad Richards came to the Hawks and delivered big time. Crawford unbelievable. Kane just an incredible player. Great days.

    Hang in there Hawks fans. Days are long, but the weeks fly by.

  122. Rusty- Dunc is great. Still a top 4 D? Open to debate. Unless you ( or anyone posting) has inside info, hard to say what Buff would have taken to stay…and the “ spin” by Bowman CAN’T be trusted. Sure Buff’s plus minus is going to suffer-he stepped up for his teammates. I don’t expect Dunc to do that. He’s a greyhound…Buff is a Saint Berdobberman. My issue is not Rewriting hx….Dunc v buff & what if. It’s Bowman GM’ing-13 yrs??? …and was there a way to keep Buff. I’d sure like to hear what Q thinks on these issues.

  123. Yea those videos, with Bicks in 2013 and Dunks in 2015, is a good reminder how important they are to the team. When people were, talking, smack about them. Thats why I posted those. That 20 and 50 guy were in a lot of those plays. People want to say things about Saaders caphit when on a quality HHNL deep roster its players like 20 that make the difference in playoff style hockey.

    Its not having a quality deep roster is making it look worze then it is.

  124. When Dunks went in for that rebound, you could just feel the pre-buzz of him getting to it first and getting a shot on net.

    Its like climbing the rope in gym class. ‘Garth’

  125. Hossa & Seabrook were the difference making savages… not Keith & Saad… What was Keith 3 years ago …+/- Was it -39 or only -37? Hawks team Built around Toew/Kane… Not Keith, where as Winnipeg was Built around Buff. But before you get into winning Cups (Winn. hasn’t), They didn’t have Hossa-Sharp-Toew-Kane-CROW- Seabrook.

  126. Why would Byfuglien have taken anything less than what he got? The speculation is beyond pointless. They won 2 cups without byfuglien. Would they have won anything if the two were swapped? Doubtful considering Keith was a Norris and Conn Smythe winner. The difference in salary was negligible. You weren’t adding an extra player if you had Byfuglien. You weren’t getting a better defensive player. It’s an insane argument to have.

  127. Craig, the local news is far more valuable than national news. National news has become full of hot takes and sensationalism. Real reporting locally.

    Was starting to plan a Kansas pheasant trip now that I got the pup back from the trainer. Sometime after elk season in New Mexico. Wanna do some local reporting for some hot spots?

  128. Theres a reason why 19 88 2 are on the top 100 alltime player list and Buff and Malkin are not.

  129. You win Cups as a team as lose them as well. Saad was an important player, so was Shaw and Kruger. But let’s be serious, there is no playoff team without the true stars 19, 88, 10, 81, 2, 7,4, and 50 that bring you there. Hawks team in 2010 was absolutely loaded with talent! Just look at that roster in the playoffs! The amount of options Coach Q had. Handzus (Coach Q’s suggestion) and Vermette (Bowman’s choice) helped and 88, 19, 10 where the goal scorers!
    The cup in 2015 was an heroic win because they played with 4 dmen the entire time. And after a 1 1/2 game absence from Crawford, he was unbeatable until the end. And by the way, if you listen to the broadcasters in 2013 and Kane at the end of Game six, everyone believes Crawford was going to win MVP!
    Those players like Shaw and Kruger have a role but the stars bring you to the dance. And then you have magical play by Buff in 2010 and Bickell in 2013!
    Lets not forget the incredible numbers by Sharp, better than Hossa in the playoffs!
    Keith, who this season was just finding his stride again after his serious knee injury, was a beast of a performer along with Seabs during those Cup runs! The numbers don’t lie and what else doesn’t lie? For two Olympics 2010, 2014, Mr. Duncan Keith not Buff was playing on the top pairing one year with Shea Webber and the four years later with Doughty! Nothing more to say, he’s a Hall of Famer and still going strong!
    Maybe I should ask who Bowman has drafted that with be in the HALL OF FAME one day? Will it be Saad, Shaw, DCat, or Kruger? Nope!!!

  130. The Olympics are not the NHL, a smurf albeit talented, is still a smurf, & a judge & jury on the ice is still a judge & jury on the ice…& 13 yrs is crack, meth, haldol & sigmund Freud territory.

  131. Would you rather have Duncan Keith under contract from age 27 to 39 at 5.5m

    Or would you rather have Shea Weber signed for 14 years from age 27 to 41 at 7.857m? Weber has missed significant time the last few years and he comes with a crazy recapture penalty. Keith has 3 years left. Weber has 6.

  132. @ Rusty: Elk meat is fantastic. Got about 80 lbs in the freezer and and a Ill white tail. We had elk stew last weekend, yummy. They can lock us in the house but they can not take away the hunt. The woods are still open for business the fall can not get here soon enough.

    Agree Dunc over Weber. The real shame is the SB has not figured out how to consistently surround Towes and Kane with top talent. The talent has been with the Hawks but we have been unable to keep the right ones.

  133. @Hull65

    An actual well thought out last piece, but then you had to get your bowman shot in for whatever reason.
    Guess what the hawks won 3 cups with bowman. Panthers haven’t done shit with tallon. Mike smith is so good he isn’t in the league anymore.

    Just absolutely love that you cherry pick his bad decisions but never any of the other gm’s.

  134. As a longstanding season ticket holder(fan/financial backer) of this team I am amazed that Rocky Wirtz is content with the idea of doing nothing is the proper direction as it relates to the coach, GM, Director of hockey operations, scouting staff and President. Missing playoffs 3 years straight, and the 4 game dominating sweep by Preds the year before is damning evidence that this team is not competitive on a regular enough basis. The team is simply not good enough as it is presently put together. Period. Can someone please point to the cavalry showing up via Hawks prospects to make this team competitive with upper echelon NHL rosters/coaches? Yes, some young talent in the D corps looks promising. The problem is development of quality defensemen traditionally takes many years. As is relates to the young forwards Nylander has some talent, but was a wildly inconsistent player game to game as far as effort goes. Strome has offensive talent, but lacks skating skills imo. D Cat a natural scorer, who knows? Did he just have a hiccup season, or has the league figured him out? He certainly had a boatload of scoring chances. Kubalik is a plus and a nod to the Euro scouts who continue to mine quality players. Without going down the roster player by player my summary is simple. Team toughness is lacking and needs to be addressed. The remaining core players(Kane, Toews, Keith, Seabrook, Crow)that brought Cups to Chicago have had a window of quality that has been open for many years, but that window is now closing. The past 3 years have let that window drop needlessly. Yes, salary cap issues have played a big part in roster decisions, but that is on the GM to deal with. Yea, I get it that Hossa can’t be replaced. Sharp and Oduya got old. Panarin was allowed to leave…That leaves massive roster holes to fill that have not been filled to the level needed for this team to compete and make the playoffs.

    I love hockey. I have loved being a regular at the UC and cheering for my team(most of the time anyway) for many years. The thing is, as a fan heavily invested in the Chicago Blackhawks, what is it I should take from team management as it relates to the direction of this team? Don’t worry, trust us, we know what we are doing, when the performance on the ice says otherwise now consistently for multiple years? Why should I keep investing in this team when ticket prices keep going up, and the quality of play by the team limps along? These are questions I’m asking myself and other season ticket holders. By renewing our seats we are telling management everything is fine. One Goal is done imo, finished. Get rid of the Chelsea Dagger. That belongs to a bygone era. It rings hollow now in my ears. It was fun while it lasted, but now enough. I am seriously considering not renewing my seats for 2020-2021. Who knows anyway how everything is going to look down the road with Covid 19?

    When I heard from Rocky’s comments last week my first reaction was WTF, are you kidding me??? I waited a week before posting anything here to let this all sink in. My reaction remains WTF, are you really serious Rocky?? Like his dad he appears to be taking us for suckers. This does not taste good at all.

    Stay healthy and be smart everyone. That’s way more important than this hockey team right now.

    Let’s Go Hawks!

  135. Easy answer, Rusty…Dunc over Weber for the reasons you listed. Here is what I can’t around with Bownhead: (1) Kane & Panarin were magic..19 struggled..,19 is not 88 & never has been ( I love 19 but he shouldn’t have what 88 got) so…sb brought Saad back to help 19…& sbnever talked to Kane…talk about arrogance by Bownhead…(2) Bownhead fired Q, (3) one of the guys posted about Bickel contract on heels of “ one” good run; love Bicks but…geez; (4) Seab’s contract ill advised… no way seab’s worth more than duncs…Once again Bownhead got “ played”….& he’s supposed to be all it; (5) your best argument Rusty is re Duncs; for his talent , career plus minus, ice time his cap hit is a good deal… but Rusty- even IF Dunc took less for longer yrs… it’s still 13 yrs!!!! I am not being facetious-what the hell do I know. I would really like Q to talk someday about sb GM’ing. “That” would be interesting.

  136. I love big buff. You cant call keith a cheap shot artist as if it were to say big buff hasn’t been. Cmon get real bug buff has has his share. Heck he has a few against the Blackhawks.

    Anyway yes big buff would be a welcome addition even if it means fourth line player and power play camp in front of the net specialist. Roll him in on wing or defense just what this Blackhawks team with next to zero depth needs. Just my two cents.

    If the power play was not dead last this team likely would be sniffing at a playoff spot or at least be around it.

    It’s too bad anisimov for byfuglien was not explored granted it appears it would have turned out worse than the Smith trade. Never understood Smith in the press box while Nylander played ten minutes a game when he could have had top line minutes in the ahl. Maybe it was back problems that kept him on the press box. Hard to know what goes on behind the scenes

    As far as the topic here of stan and company staying. What else do you expect given the circumstances. Not unusual for statements like this in sports to turn out to be the opposite so I wouldn’t put much faith in the statement

  137. There “had” to be some bad blood between Q & Bownhead. So… sb showed Q what’s what. Since Bownhead from the “depth of his financial ledgers acumen divined small & skilled ( an overreaction to pred sweep), Q was left with a non Q type of roster…BUT- he would have figured it out. So what does sb’s “ divined” Colliton do? He installs a skewed D system play- paint by the numbers hockey style which is exactly the opposite of what was needed. I suspect Kane & others decided just to play… in some games, damn the “ positioning restraints & we saw glimpses of exciting hockey. It’s why I want Colliton gone cuz Bownhead is going to stay. HG.., it’s too late for Buff.. I fear he has CTE…ditto Shaw & Caguilia. I watched the Hawks cup games recently. Remember when the Hawks spent 1-2 minutes in the O zone? Wow!

  138. The only ones who log 23-28 minutes a game either are cherry pickers or NEVER skate hard… Obviously lots here Never played..

  139. Traded Keith to Thrashers… and kept Big Buff… Then Would be interested in seeing HOW MANY Olympics Keith would of played on… LMFAO

  140. Keep the Dagger. Having season tickets is nice and the people who already had them when we sucked in 2002-2007 got rewarded for the 2009-2017 yrs with seats every game.

    So yea now its like 2002-2007, its going to take a bit to get roster good with young top 5/10 draft players picks. Then coach gm team system needs to be new. That doesnt matter in the drafted players and getting top 5/10 draft players is better then getting picks 25-25 every yr. So that is a good thing and better for going forwrd.

    But by the time the young players are ready, the other needs to be fixed by then or what are we doing here.

    I would not get ticket for 2019-2023 area because we suck-in a ways. Then when good again your seats are not there, get from scalpers.

    I hear you. I guess its pay for 5 season of shit so you have the seats for 5-10 yrs of good hockey. It just goes with the territory.

    But if you guys donot renew it may halp Wirtz see, because he is not seeing it by people renewing-enough people.

    Me and my dad had alumni seats since 1973 and didnt renew a couple yrs ago due to financial reasons. We still have a blast every yr going just sit in different seats each time.

  141. Moors-maybe that’s what it is…expect a few bad years, draft well, then go on another run. BUT…I sure would have loved to see what Q would have done with the boys the year he was fired. All you guys talking elk meat…ever make it sauerbraten with Czech dumplings?

  142. Always looking for new ways to cook it Tim. Have made regular pot roast before. The dumplings are out tho, new diet nixes the carbs.

  143. Rusty- in a 5-10 gallon red wing or Ohio stone crock, put in an elk roast. Add equal parts vinegar, water so roast is completely covered. Add 2 bay leaves, 3 cloves, a few whole black peppers, 1 Tbs salt, 2 large onionsquartered to Marinade ( vinegar/water) Marinate in fridge 2 days. Remove roast. Strain marinade so only fluid left. Cook roast in fluid as you would any roast-like you would for your beef roast. ( me- I do 425 for one hour, then 325 for 4 hrs. Remove roast. Add sour cream to thicken fluid ( for gravy) can add a little sugar if you want gravy less tart. Suit your taste. Rusty….Rusty… you gots to have some carbs dude. Try halusky. This post is making me hungry.

  144. Appreciate the recipe Tim. Gonna try it this weekend. Went from 211 to 179 since January 5. Haven’t been to the gym. Keto works.

  145. Talked to a buddy after you mentioned it. He was in the Navy, got out and went to culinary school. Then joined the army and got blown up pretty good. Asked if he ever made. Said he uses beef gravy with garlic mushrooms and a little milk.

  146. The military retired him due to his injuries…and he lets me know I should too every time I talk to him. But he’s my go to for anything food related. Roast is thawing now.

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