2 From Toews Not Enough, Blackhawks Fall To Wild

It took only 18 seconds for the Blackhawks to trail in Minnesota on Friday night. But, unlike the previous three games, the Hawks would score more than once on this night.

Chicago coach Joel Quenneville made a number of lineup changes after a third consecutive one-goal performance. Ryan Garbutt jumped onto the first line with Viktor Tikhonov getting scratched. Recently recalled Ryan Hartman joined Tanner Kero and Teuvo Teravainen on the third line. Bryan Bickell spent the night in the press box as well.

The Hawks scored twice in the first period, but both goals came on special teams. Jonathan Toews scored a short-handed goal 4:06 into the game to tie the score, and Brent Seabrook gave the Hawks the lead with a power play goal through a good Andrew Shaw screen at 10:33.

Unfortunately, the Wild would score twice in the final 5:08 of the opening period to take a 3-2 lead into the first intermission.

Just 77 seconds into the second period, Andrew Desjardins collided with Wild forward Justin Fontaine. After some deliberation, Desjardins received only a minor penalty for tripping; that appeared to be the correct call on the play. Fontaine required assistance to get off the ice and did not return to the game.

Later in the second period, Toews did the unthinkable: Chicago’s captain scored an even-strength goal.

It was Toews’ second of the night and fourth of the young season. Less than three minutes later, Artem Anisimov received a gorgeous stretch pass from rookie defenseman Erik Gustafsson and scored his fourth of the campaign to tie the game at four.

That pass was one highlight from a solid season debut from Gustafsson, who showed enough to effectively end David Rundblad’s time in Chicago. Rundblad was a scratch on Friday night, and with Michal Rozsival potentially returning soon the Hawks coaching staff will have a few decisions coming.

Hossa took his last shift of the night with 5:52 remaining in the second period, and did not return for the third period with a lower-body issue. Hossa skated only 8:05 in the game; he skated 18:14 in Winnipeg on Thursday night.

Nino Niederreiter scored his fourth of the season only 32 seconds into the third period to give Minnesota the lead. That goal held up for the final 19:28 and Minnesota dealt the Blackhawks their second divisional loss in as many nights.

Trevor van Riemsdyk led the Hawks with four blocked shots and finished with Niklas Hjalmarsson at the top of the ice time list for Chicago; both defensemen finished just under 25 minutes in the game. Trevor Daley skated more than 20 minutes, and Seabrook finished north of 22 minutes in the loss. Daley was the only Hawks skater credited with more than one hit (two) in the game.

Kero skated 12:05 with four shots on net and two blocked shots. Kero also won four of nine faceoffs and had one takeaway. He was impressive for a second straight night with his family in attendance.

The two recent call-ups had decent showings in their first NHL action of the season. Hartman skated 10:54 in his season debut and was credited with one blocked shots and two shots on goal in the game, but wasn’t credited with a single hit. Gustafsson skated 12:17 with one hit and one shot on net with the quality assist on Anisimov’s goal.

Toews won 17 of 29 at the dot, was credited with three of Chicago’s seven takeaways and scored twice.

Shaw was pointless once again, leaving him with only one point so far on the season. He had one hit and one shot on net in 13:19 but won only three of nine faceoffs.

The Hawks are back on the United Center ice when the Los Angeles Kings visit Chicago on Monday night.

45 thoughts on “2 From Toews Not Enough, Blackhawks Fall To Wild

  1. 3 X early period and late period goals did in a decent effort in between. Lots of positives actually. Thought we had them with the 4-2 rebound to tie it up but no such luck…Garbutt had 2 magnificent chances at the end but just could not find the net. One hell of an AHL pass from Gustafsson to Toews. Play of the game for sure. Darling not his best game at all. At least we are not in the same boat as the Ducks…what a headscratcher that is.

  2. Transition time. Lots of moving parts, lots of uncertainty, lots of potential. Call me crazy, but I saw many good things tonight. Kero looked good. Hartman impressed. Gustafson, whom I have never seen play, looked confident more often than not. There were many positives. Darling got ambushed (read, allowed himself to be ambushed) on that first goal and that pretty much set the tone for the game. We had chances but didn’t convert. It’s all about chemistry and comfort and we seem to be a long way from either one or maybe closer than we realize, for now. Who knows? Another evolution year for us. Get used to it. Q is earning his $$$ with this team. Svedberg is learning well and TVR is a find. All good!

  3. Lots of new pieces – there, the excuse is laid on the table.

    Now, someone should keep a stat of how many Hawk players are knocked down or off the puck versus how many times the Hawks knock an opposing player down ofr off the puck. I’m going to guess the ratio is easily 5 to 1, maybe 10 to 1. Niederreiter jumped on a big fat Darling rebound right in the slot with nary a Hawk player close to him. Gee, maybe they thought Niederreiter had the cooties or something. Nobody on the Hawks picked up anyone cruising through the Hawks d-zone. The best we got was sometimes they would swing their purse at them ,,, I mean swing their stick at them.

    Finally score some goals and get this kind of defensive effort, including Darling looking like an ECHL goalie. Oh well … At least Q got 60 minutes of game tape with which to highlight the lowlights.

    On to the Kings.

  4. Really good post Tony. There are so many new faces that it’s going to take time to sort out who fits where. As Q stated before the game, there is tremendous opportunity, like never before really, for young players to jump up and grab it.

    Rundblad has been passed by essentially Svedberg and Gusty. Remember Rundblad was in the opening night lineup. He has clearly played himself out of a spot as Tab pointed out above. And there is just no way that you can pay the # 9 defenseman $1 million.

    As Mark Lazerus pointed out you pretty much have a rookie on each d pairing.

    Up front, hey if Kero and Hartman are both truly NHL ready let them play now, they will be much better for it come the new year.

  5. This is indeed a season of transition. Last night showed the real impact of losing Keith. He really is a monster loss. Daley is worse than even I thought he would be too. The crisis at LW is the biggest issue however. That and having so many new faces on the ice. Kero is just a guy, but damned I like him and yes that is sorta colored by my following him during his Michigan Tech days, a program I heavily follow and love. Hartman is just a guy too, but let’s see.

    What goes underreported right now is we have too many guys who simply aren’t offensive players. Love Kruger and Shaw of course, but offensive generation isn’t their thing. Love Des Jardins but he has zero offensive capabilities and couldn’t spot the puck in the crease or heavens to mergatroid put it in the back of net if he was the only guy on the ice. Garbutt is all sandpaper and great skating speed but is utterly useless on offense too. And who really knows what Kero or Hartman will do on offense until we see their development unfold at this level.

  6. Daley is wicked awful. I agree Ruf. To think all Hawks get for Sharp AND Johns is Daley and Garbutt. Jeez Louise.

  7. Gustafsson had that nice long pass to Antisimov and was generally solid but I am hesitant to pencil him into a spot based on one game.

    I do agree he deserves an opportunity and it was interesting to hear Steve Konroyd relay his conversations with both Norm MacIver and Al McIsaac about Gustafsson’s ceiling and potential – according to Konroyd the brass is really high on this guy.

    Regardless of whether this stay is permanent or not, they will need him this year. He can skate – that stuck out to me – and it looks like he’s got really good hockey sense. How he handles the physical play and physical grind is in question.

    Ice Hogs, by the way, with a nice 4-0 win over the Wild’s farm team. Got a note from a guy at the game last night saying the young faces on defense acquitted themselves well last night. Sam Jardine and Nick Mattson both played and Dennis Robertson scored his first goal and Notan Valleau his first point on what I heard was a very nice no look pass. Maybe the expert Wall will tell everyone exactly how it happened.

    We’ll see what the coaches do with the lineup vs. Los Angeles. Should be a real test for the young defensemen.

  8. Get used to Pens 2.0

    2013- 4th line – last shift- around $6.5M

    2015- 3rd Line- SC- over $9M

    last nite- 3rd line to start- around $2.7M
    4th around – $4.5M

    that’s the price of success + Cap that hasn’t escalated as predicted a couple of years ago…

    Kids/prospects need to shine or Hawks will go no where…

    Rufus is right- theses kids are hard workers- BUT- “Just a guy” – players

    Hogs- same deal- no one there is going to come and play/score like top 6 guys…
    Hino and Dano- are the only interesting hopefuls at this point…

    24 and 67 are just more of # 11

  9. And the Defense- well I couldn’t believe how many times the Wild chipped it past the Hawk defender… waltzed around them and got the puck with time and space to set up the next pass…

    And the “Pinching D on the O end” were equally abused… Q/Hawks are notorious for both standing up at D Blue line/and Pinching O side… Wild/Yeo just abused the Hawks w/ speed and game plan.

  10. Need to package Teuvo and Daley (to dump) for a capable, credible, rugged veteran LW. That will go along way to addressing things and will balance out roles. And will facilitate a logical path for Dano to join this team at some point when/if he is ready.

  11. I definitely prefered those 0-0 games instead of this sloppy D play.
    I’d take Gustafsson every time instead of Rundbland. As I’d split that 2nd line by putting Kane with 2 other guys and having Anisimov-Penarin on the 3rd line. You don’t need 2 playmakers next to Kane. All you need is 2 guys who can skate and commit. That should give the Hawks the depth and puck possession they are lacking right now.

  12. First, no trades coming that will improve this team. No value to trade and nothign in return! Second no one and I mean no one is in the AHL or ice hogs or junior league that will improve this team. No one! They got a system full of Ben Smith’s good guys, good players but role players period. This board talks itself into a circle with all these “role players” Hawks float thru the system. Hawks can’t get Tevo Time.

    Daley is not that bad . . . he’s not playing great but he will get better. He is NOT the weak link! Losing Keith hurts, hurts rotations big time. TVR still playing solid and Hammer on his strong side and natural side is twice as good as ever! Defense not all that bad, and Hawks get DOMINATED OFTEN by teams, this is not new, the lose is new but the BLUES will do the same thing and same style of play.

    Garbutt is okay, no need to bash yet, he will find a line that fits, he skates hard, plays hard and has great stick skills, he can skate. Fitting in on the Championship team is NOT EASY. But his skill set is needed just where? Same with Shaw you stick him on a LOW SKILL SCORING Line but GREAT CHECKING line well, ummmmm Shaws production goes down. Move Shaw up with Toews move Garbutt down with Marcus on that checking line!

    go hawks
    no panic

    Speed kills or at least “opens up the ice” the Wild are a pretty quick team and physical and really opened the ice up last night. They also took advantage of “open shots” as all those POST in the past 3 or 4 games now turn to “Goals” with guy who can burry it!

    Stanley Cup Champs have it harder as everyone knows teams come to PLAY hard every night. Toews as I have shouted for the last 5 years can score and GET TO THE NET if he wants, and when he wants, often he plays that in between game, but to me when ya see him go hard to the net and make his mind up, he can score 50 goals, always shocked he does not, last few games he’s stepped up but a captain should be “stepped up every night” no knock on him, just when you actually see him “turn it on” you wonder . . . a lot.

  13. Yes, the fact that are system has a lot of Ben Smith types or “just a guy” type is true. It is the dividend to pay when you draft low and when you are a championship caliber team that trades off pieces to get things to improve a run (e.g., Vermette). And it’s what happens when the salary cap really pinches. The key becomes making sure the absolute best possible chemistry can happen AND hole at any one position is avoided. Right now we need to upgrade at LW very badly because our forward mix is in imbalance. And the logical guy to flip to help make that happen is Teuvo in the context of having Toews, Hossa, Anisimov, Kane and Panarin already. And given that where Dano may fit is a looming problem too.

    Very sadly, I have a sinking feeling Shaw is on the cusp of being flipped as partial way to lose some of Bickell’s salary. Hence why Hartman is brought up AND why Quenneville is in mad experimentation mode on how best to utilize the grit , edge and skating ability that Garbutt can offer of properly channeled.

  14. Mike, I disagree that Garbutt “has great stick skills.” You did see last night’s game, right? True, he has very good speed and plays with an edge but it’s no accident that he has yet to put the puck in the back of the net. Decent depth guy though because of PK abilities and will score enough eventually to earn his keep.

    Rufus, as I said yesterday I think you get too much crap on this board but the trade Teuvo shtick conflicts with your correct assessment that the organization has too many Ben Smith types. You keep Teuvo, build around him, and give the Ben Smith clones a one-way ticket to Palookaville.

  15. Im not going to be all negative its very early and the Hawks have a ton of new faces, but this is what a team in decline looks like. Hossa banged up, Keith out.

    Unfortunately Daley and Garbutt are what many of us thought not very good.

    Yes there are positive signs but this team doesnt look that impressive to me at all. I wouldnt be surprised to see them hover around 500 all year.

  16. Not surprising, the Hawks severely miss Brandon Saad. We can’t ignore this and we all understand why he is gone. But what he provided as a legitimate and impressive top 6 LW with strong two-way skill hasn’t been remotely replaced. And couple that with losing Sharp, while though he was in decline as an offensive contributor was there every night playing significant minutes and playing in great harmony with his linemates. And hell, Bickell was once a reliable and steady contributor at LW as well.

    That’s all gone. And we haven’t filled the vacuum at LW by even the most optimistic of ways at looking at things. Sure, Panarin has a nice profile and is exciting. But he is really a RW under optimal circumstances.

    So all I keep reading here is that how dare someone have the audacity that the current forward mix doesn’t fit together. Or that Teuvo is a lousy fit. No, can’t have any of that. Hell, we even have some people on this blog suggesting the forward talent on this team is BETTER than it has ever been! Which is foolhardy and not even worthy of debate. But more importantly emblematic of the ignorance that some of you maintain on how forward pieces have to kinda sorta fit together !

  17. All this talk has left me craving a baloney sandwich for lunch…a nice big thick slice, pan fried, with cheese…yes lots of cheese.

  18. Mining Man, now you have me salivating. But may I suggest fried bologna with lettuce and mayo? Mmmm, terrific.

  19. Not one of the Hawks finest efforts, but give this team time to work together and gel as a group. Lots of new faces and a lot of YOUNG faces that need to learn the NHL way of hockey. Let’s see what the team looks like after 30 games.

    Guys like Anisimov, Garbutt and Panarin will get a lot better and get with the system in a short time and Svedberg and Daley will get better as this season moves along. This team has talent, speed and skill, they just have to put it all together.

    The problem that we have, right now, is lack of speed. Not lack of skating speed, lack of “game” speed. The reason is because our defense is still young and they can’t or aren’t making the right decisions when passing to our forwards. This takes the “speed” out of our game. Our passing is terrible!! Our passes are behind the forwards, too far in front, at their skates and too often, when they are covered. This is all due to new players and young players who do not know the system AND who do not understand the speed of the NHL………..yet.

    This team needs practice time so the coaches can show the new guys the system that we run AND Q needs to keep playing these guys so they get used to the NHL game.

    30 games. Then let’s see where we are with this team.

  20. Mining man and Flats……….I will retire to the kitchen and make a nice double grilled cheese sandwich with sharp cheddar cheese!!!

  21. Reg, while time to come together as units and learning the system are indeed true I fundamentally disagree that all of these guys “will get better.” Garbutt for example is what he is. He plays with grit and skates well. But beyond serving as a decent grinder and a poor man’s Michael Frolik on the PK, well, he is what he is. Not a whole lot of upside but rather a workmanlike plugger ala Des Jardins.

    Whoever said before we have a lot of Ben Smith types is right on the money. Or has I characterize, “just a guy.” You need that’s these types. But…

    Nobody can tell me where from within we solve fhis massive issue at LW. Or the role Teuvo is ever supposed to fit given the presence of the other pieces.

    Speed of the game comment? You are absolutely right, and most specifically on defense. But again Daley is and always has been hot garbage when it comes to defensive play in the zone. He’s not going to magically transmogrify into something he’s never been at age 32.

    Svedberg is a novelty act that will be increasingly exposed as opponents develop a scouting book on him. I’m not necessarily dismissing his future. We all know what Runblad isn’t.

    TVR? Let’s see. Given his lack of size, speed and special skill I’m still of the mindset that he is “just a guy,” albeit smart and clearly adapting to a role and thriving.

  22. The Hawks are strapped, as noted above, by the salary cap and the lack of talent desired by other teams (at least none we can afford to let go). We have several pieces we can’t give away. Bickell is obvious, but I think you can add Rundblad, Daley, and Garbutt to that list. Did I miss anyone? Even playing some of the younger kids may be difficult because of roster spots taken by these NHL salaried players.

    Does anyone here think we need a LW? KEEP BEATING A DEAD HORSE!!! GEEZ!!! WE HEARD YOU THE FIRST 100X!

    Q and SB have there work cut out for them.

    Go Hawks!!!

  23. panarin is a much better player than saad.

    some poor coverage mistakes and meh goaltending. itll get better.

  24. Panarin isn’t in the class of Saad. Not close in fact. To say otherwise is the height of silliness. Good grief.

    No question Bowman would give his left nut to dump the contracts for Bickell and Daley. If the situation with this team becomes pressed enough then Stan will gulp and ship one of them out by affixing a key prospect or young player to the deal. The Keith injury and placement on LTIR bought Bowman a few weeks on this. I think Shaw will be the guy moved as the way to dump some or all of the Bickell or Daley money. I’d like to see Teuvo be that trading piece instead as part of a more ambitious strategy of finding a qualified LW that can slot right into the top 6.

  25. Rufus, I can’t totally disagree with you, you make some valid points. But at this time, we need to develop the talent(or lack of) that is on this roster. I love the fact that Q keeps bringing up these kids to see what we can use and what we can trade.

    Let’s see where this all goes………………..

  26. Have to agree with Reg’s post @12:26, last night there was at least 7-8 guys that were not regulars last year. Lots of passes in the skates or worse. This team will be work in progress like no other Hawk team in the last 8-9 years. The Hawk’s continuous success hurts the draft year after year, but I think it is way too early for “The doom and gloom squad” I think Hartman will be more than “just a guy”. I have faith in the Hawks coaching staff to coach up Vets from other teams given some time. Sopel,Mayers,and Oduya were all improved players after comming here.(many others) Time to see what type of youth you have, but your going to have give them some time. Remember all the noise about Q not giving youth a chance? Can’t have it both ways.

  27. The young guys brought some good energy last night. Kero is always around the puck and has a good chance to stick with the team. Darling had a tough night. The first goal he let in was really soft, the second one he was tentative and didn’t square up and the 4rth goal he went down way to early. The loss of Saad left a big hole on the left side but Panarin is more skilled offensively than Saad and will become a star in the league. You have got to hand it to the Dallas GM for being able to dump Daley and Garbutt on the Hawks.

  28. Panarin vs Saad is comparing different types of players and an argument can be made to favor either one. Saad has more speed, size and better 200 foot game, Panarin has much better hands, vision, passing and shot.

    Depending on what type of player you prefer, either one would be a good selection. To me, Panarin’s skills give him the slight edge over Saad – but that’s just because I think finding the package of skills Panarin has is a little more rare than finding the package Saad has.

  29. (Rufus) If all the Hawks have in their system are “‘Just a guy’ – players”, that is more than reason enough to NOT trade Teravainen. As I’ve said, he’s 21 and Hossa is 36, and not going to play forever. 86 could eventually (not too distant future) be the #2 RW. Hossa may be a #3 RW during his final years in Chicago? Maybe Teravainen or Dano become the LW for Toews and Hossa this season – who knows?

    Stan can find a different way to deal with Bickell’s cap hit.

    Last night in Minnesota = not all bad…mostly just the several seconds of daydreaming at the start of the first and third periods.

  30. Patience with these kids is key. I watched the game again today because I felt like I didn’t get a good enough grasp on what Gustafsson accomplished. That was a terrific first game for the kid. Aside from the perfect stretch pass on Anisimov ‘s goal, he was good in his own end and made wise choices when he had the puck. I think Q will give him more and more ice time as things progress, and as was mentioned above, hopefully this will mean that Rundblad is Done…blad.

  31. Reg, That’s the spirit Reg. As the newer and young guys get more games in the system then find the right spot on the lines thats better for them/team game. Then the 4 lines will pick up the pace. We didn’t get our lines set until that DAL game in ’15. Then we had a 2nd line that gelled (after two guys on that line served pizzas the game before) and a stacked 1st line and the other lines followed. We need that and to find it we need to play 15-20 games to try things as we go along. Then Q will do what he does best with the lines and get grandmas recipe, again.

  32. ER- I like that 1st comment on 20 vs. 72- but It’s hard to make judgement on what is more important- of course, it will be easier in several years (after the fact)

    But- that is why I would like to see the 72/15/88 line broken up (perhaps all 3)…
    Cuz they are all proving to be “difference makers”- and it has been said several times here that the Hawks (and Hogs) are filled with “just another guy” guys- so keep blending Q- until something sticks… especially if/when Dano comes back- re-unite with AA (2nd or even 3rd)

    Mudturtle- Thanks- lol

    Remember when everyone thought I was being an asshat for hating on Bickell so Much???!!!

    Re: Rufus/TT Trade… hey I love TT (just spent a bundle on TT Jersey)… but I still appreciate his Opinions (right or wrong) on trying to make Hawks better…
    TT- will be hard pressed to be Center (Just not strong enough to win board battles- take/fight for pucks on boards- which will KILL possession)… so now it forces Hand to play on wing- RW better than LW… BUT no room there… so now he skates with trash on 3rd lines (no more 10, 80)…

    In my Perfect world- TT centers Kane (but once again- TT can’t win boards- so won’t happen) and AA centers Dano on 3rd…

    Dano- is improving on LW down in Rock… but May NEVER be as strong on LW as RW… think about it- if he carries puck on strong Left hand/left boards (and uses a little peripheral vision to handle puck)- he is PRONE to getting killed from the Right side or Center of the ice- where the D will hit/attack… On the RW- he has his peripheral toward the Center ice- which allows hem to see highspeed hits a lot better… I think- this is exactly how/why he got lit up in Pre-season…

  33. Like what D Dunn wrote-re Rufus and trading 86-
    I can’t see trading one of the few potential difference makers under 25 (21) to get a veteran winger. Every team in the league due to the cap has 2 maybe three of those players. Teams like the Leafs can`t compete because they have none. The Hawks have 2, 19 and 88 but need the potential difference makers down the road.This may include Panarin and 86.
    Luckily we have other key pieces like 4, 7 and last year 20. It’s finding that combo of difference makers, steady key pieces and and add ins that leads to Cups-and the Hawk brain trust has done that well.
    Patience Mr. Rufus-it may be very nice to have 86 somewhere in the next few years as we go for number 4.
    The GM has to look both short and long term

  34. 3 point games – hate them … and I’ll hate them even more when the Hawks have a bigger gap to make up to get back into playoff position.

  35. Morrison:

    YES, YES, YES and PRAISE the LAWD!

    Here is the real irony, I was listening to Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystique” on you-tube when your message came in.

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