2013 NHL Draft: Chicago Blackhawks Select F Ryan Hartman

With the final pick of the first round of the 2013 NHL Draft, the Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks selected forward Ryan Hartman from suburban West Dundee and the Plymouth Whalers of the OHL.


Hartman had 23 goals, 37 assists, 120 penalty minutes and was plus-29 in 56 games with Plymouth in 2012-13. He is listed at 5-11 and 185 pounds. He won gold with Team USA at the 2012 Under-18 World Championship and the 2013 World Junior Championship.

From TSN’s Craig Button: “Ryan is a very versatile player who can play wing or centre. He knows how to play but one way; whatever it takes to win! He competes, has an edge, can be chippy and dirty but he plays within the confines of discipline. He will target ‘key’ players on the opposition side. He’s smart with the puck and can make very good plays and has confidence with the puck. He will drive net with and without puck and he pays a price to play. Good skater who has very good ‘game awareness’ as to what needs to happen to help his team win. Overall, a player who is no fun to play against!”

In his NHL.com bio, Hartman listed the Blackhawks as his favorite team and Jonathan Toews as his favorite player.

NHL.com article about Hartman’s season filled with injuries.

19 thoughts on “2013 NHL Draft: Chicago Blackhawks Select F Ryan Hartman

  1. Hartman is a great kid…don’t be mislead by his size (5’11? 190)…he is an Andrew Shaw type player with more skill…similar to Garret Ross as well…and the best thing about Hartman is that he wants to win…no, actually, he needs to win…very competitive kid…can play a finesse game with his skills, but loves to play the physical game…with throw off the gloves when necessary, and will often “cross the line” with some questionable hits to spark his team. He had 23 goals and 60 points in 56 games for Plymouth in the OHL and was a +29…that should tell you a ton…Like Dave Bolland, he also likes to agitate the “stars” on the opposing teams getting under their skin. He looks like a little shit, and plays like one.

    Like Shaw, he’s the kind of player that you love if he’s on your team and HATE if he’s the opposition. He’s hard to play against. Plus he’s a very good skater…I think it’s a great pick because kids like this make it to the pros.

    Great job Stan!

  2. Ryan, this is a great pick…he was +29 skating night after night checking the opposition’s best lines…if he played strictly for points or goals, this kid would have put up big numbers, but he’s not that kind of kid..he wants to win…offensively, he constantly ends up in front of the net creating havoc…getting under the goalie’s skin as well. Again, a great pick from a kid that can help us in 2 years…

  3. If winning the Cup this year taught us anything, you win with guys like Andrew Shaw and Bryan Bickell and not Victor Stahlberg and Nick Leddy.

    Hartman is this kind of player…he’s a winner…he was on the USA world juniors team…the only thing that might be an issue is his health…he is constantly sacrificing his body to make plays…but he’s a tough kid and can play with pain.

    I can’t stress enough to all of you how good of a pick this is…with having Shaw and Ross, I didn’t think that Q would go for Hartman…but its not the wrong move…he will make it to the Hawks and in no more than 2 years…he’s the kind of kid that could skate with Kane, and not slow him down, and create more ice space for him out there. The Hawks just got a lot tougher to play against, and an even better playoff team.

  4. Bolland. I would have rather keeped for a few moar years, but now we have so much cap space we can keep basically everybody & sign one of those good buyout players on the cheap if we want.

  5. Hartman is a remarkable pick his gritty style is perfect for the Blackhawks…

    Nice work Stan!

  6. Will replace Bolland in 2-3 years but watch out for Danault and Pirri.

    I hope Bowman gives Tallon’s pick Beach a shot as well!

  7. Bollig should not be playing in the NHL before Beach, not acceptable.

    I know Tallon ‘s pick are lost ll gone but Lalonde and Beach should get an opportunity.

  8. since he committed to Miami Oh is there still a probability/possibility he can play there or will he start with the hogs?

  9. Cord: You’re thinking of Anthony Louis, the Hawks’ 6th round pick. Hartman isn’t headed to Miami OH next year.

    I don’t see any of this year’s picks being in Rockford this year. And, frankly, they have time to let these kids develop in college and/or overseas because of the organization’s depth. Dahlstrom might be the first to make his way to Rockford from this year’s picks.

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