Blachawks Prospect Camp: What To Watch

trevor van riemsdyk

The Blackhawks prospect camp is under way, and there will be a lot said about how some of the new faces mix in with names some fans have become more familiar with over the past few years.

Not many of these players are playing for a shot at the United Center ice this season, but they’ll certainly show the organization how they look next to the rest of the team’s best young talent.

Here are a few things to watch as the prospects skate this week.

“Team C” is loaded.

Up front this “team” has most of the top prospects at the camp. Teuvo Teravainen, Phillip Danault, Mark McNeill, Ryan Hartman, Dennis Rasmussen, Garret Ross, Alex Broadhurst and Matt Carey. On the blue line, Team C boasts Stephen Johns, Adam Clendening, Trevor van Riemsdyk, Mathieu Brisebois and Dillon Fournier. And in net, Mac Carruth and Kent Simpson will share the ice.

Danault, McNeill, Teravainen and Hartman, represent all of the Blackhawks’ first round picks between the soon-to-be-departed Kevin Hayes and this summer’s addition, Nick Schmaltz.

Brisebois, who was acquired with David Rundblad at the trade deadline, was Fournier’s partner on the blue line for Rouyn-Noranda (QMJHL) in 2012-13, where they combined for 97 points (73 for Brisebois).

Another big week for Hayden?

John Hayden stole the show at last year’s prospect camp before heading to Yale for his freshman year. The 6-3, 210 forward won’t turn 20 until mid-February, and will get a chance to skate with a couple skilled wings who also spent last season in the college ranks, Anthony Louis and Vince Hinostroza, on Team A.

Blue line impressions

The Blackhawks and IceHogs are deep on the blue line, but there are a few names at the camp this year who won’t likely skate on either of those rosters who are worth your attention.

  • Carl Dahlstrom is only 19, but he’s already 6-4 and 211 pounds and plays a strong game on both ends of the ice. He isn’t as physical as a Stephen Johns, but he has good hands, is an excellent passer, and sees the ice well.
  • Michael Paliotta will head back to Vermont after posting 27 points (five goals, 22 assists) in 38 games last season. The 21-year-old is listed at 6-3 and 198 pounds and had a good season last year.
  • Andreas Soderberg wasn’t one of the names that jumped off the page for many folks during the draft, but he’s another intriguing Swede in this year’s camp. Selected by the Hawks in the fifth round (#148), he was one of the youngest players drafted this summer (turned 18 on June 16). Soderberg is listed at 6-4 and 200 pounds and had a fair amount of buzz heading into the draft;¬†after not appearing in Central Scouting’s mid-term rankings, Soderberg was ranked 29th among European skaters in the final rankings.

18 thoughts on “Blachawks Prospect Camp: What To Watch

  • July 14, 2014 at 8:54 am

    I know the names and which players I’m expecting to have a good camp. There usually is a surprise or too and of course the camp hype usually exceeds reality to some extent. But mostly I’m looking forward to reading eyewitness accounts. I’m not much on the hoohah of the Convention so for me the prospect camp is the last long swig of juice before the long dry haul to get to Training Camp.

    Players I’m most excited about: Teravainen, Johns, Hinostroza, Hayden, Rasmusson, Schmaltz, Dahlstrom, Fournier

    Free agents who I hope do not turn into another LeBlanc – TvR, Carey

  • July 14, 2014 at 9:12 am

    Tab, please update Hawks “Teams” schedules…

    I plan on going to watch a scrimmage- and If the Above is Team C– according to Hawk’s site… all of the Scrimmages are between A and B???

    doesn’t seem right!!!

    FYI- I thought Brisebois looked really good yesterday as did the Soderberg kid

  • July 14, 2014 at 9:41 am

    wall: the schedule is as you pointed out…. and that’s not surprising. I listed the entire roster for “Team C” – which isn’t enough for 30 minutes of hockey, much less three full periods. I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t here to work in the practices w/ the younger kids.

    Here’s the schedule for this week:

    Monday, July 14
    10:00-11:15 a.m.: Practice (Team A)
    11:30 a.m.-12:45 p.m.: Practice (Team B)
    1:15-2:30 p.m.: Practice (Team C)

    Tuesday, July 15
    10:00-11:15 a.m.: Practice (Team A)
    11:30 a.m.: Scrimmage – Team A vs. Team B (Three 20-minute periods)
    1:15-2:30 p.m.: Practice (Team C)

    Wednesday, July 16
    10:00-11:00 a.m.: Practice (Team B)
    11:30 a.m.: Scrimmage – Team A vs. Team B (Three 20-minute periods)
    1:15-2:30 p.m.: Practice (Team C)

    Thursday, July 17
    10:15 a.m.: Scrimmage – Team A vs. Team B (Three 20-minute periods)
    1 p.m.: Positional practice

    Friday, July 18
    10:45 a.m.-12 p.m.: On-ice skills and games

  • July 14, 2014 at 9:51 am

    Tab, let’s see where Hayden’s skating is at this summer…if he continues to improve in that dept, the kid is going to have one heck of a career…I was hoping that Dahlstrom might sign a pro contract with Rockford while he is here and not go back…2 years in Rockford and he would be ready for us. He was ranked as the top European pro prospect this past year for Defencemen.

  • July 14, 2014 at 4:27 pm

    A bit off topic, but what’s become of former Hobey Baker winner Drew Le Blanc? I know he was in Rockford last year. Just wondering if he’s coming back…. Thanks.

  • July 14, 2014 at 4:34 pm

    LeBlanc sucked at Rockford last year. Not much of a prospect.

  • July 14, 2014 at 5:45 pm

    Le Blah skates like Handzus’s grandpa!!! Actually Bruno is a better comparison.

  • July 14, 2014 at 7:08 pm

    I went today with my son. Groups A and B were very structured workouts which showed some solid talent. In group A Fredrik Olofsson showed some real nice wheels. Kid can skate.
    In group B Christian Marti looked good as did Joni Nikko and Luc Snuggerud. Mebus has a nice shot and real good hands. Big lanky guy. I was not impressed with Nalimov in net. Just lazy at times.
    Then came group C. All I can say is that was a fun 75 minutes of hockey to watch. It was another level as compared to the first two groups.
    Johns is a beast. This kid can really bring it. Clendening can flat out play the game. I look forward to seeing both of these two in the Indianhead. Brisebois had a nice day also.
    McNeill and Danault skated together a lot and they had good chemistry. Their days at Rockford show.
    TT looked good, but his lack of size showed up. You can see the tools are all there though. This kid grows a little and he will be a good NHLer. Solid hands.
    The remainder of group C can all play fast and hard. The speed and accuracy of the shooting really stood out.
    And yes I know it was practice and checking was limited, but the talent that Stan brought out was pretty damn solid.
    Going to try to get down once or twice again especially the scrimmage. Just my observations.

  • July 14, 2014 at 9:36 pm

    Thanks Gou, great stuff!

  • July 14, 2014 at 10:49 pm

    Yes thanks Gou. I am wondering why Clendening has received criticism lately. I admittedly don’t watch the Hogs on a regular basis but from everything I’ve seen and read he is the Hawks best defensive prospect and has been an impact player in the AHL since day one so why the doubts on Clendening? Please share curious to know.

    I think Hayden might be a real steal down the road.

  • July 15, 2014 at 7:05 am

    Did Ryan Hartman show anything good??

  • July 15, 2014 at 8:36 am

    The whole third group were a different level from skating, shooting (especially accuracy), passing etc. it was a noticeable difference.
    I am taking nothing away from the first two groups, there is a great deal of talent there, and you have to remember this was only one practice. This is why I would like to see the scrimmage between groups A and B. From above you can see how players read the game and position themselves.
    As we all know that ability is the difference in hockey. A kid could be the best athlete, but if there isn’t much from the shoulders up, he will be out of position and struggle.
    I laugh at myself now. At 57 the brain says where to go but my knees are about 75 and say ain’t gonna happen. Makes me smile but I am happy to still be able to play albeit a whole different pace.

  • July 15, 2014 at 2:29 pm

    For the second year in a row Hayden has impressed me in many ways. Two goals and two fights today. Love this kid’s style. The line or Louis, Schmaltz, and Hayden was fund to watch. Though few of the top prospects were out there today, will be back Thursday. Hopefully we get to see some of them.

  • July 16, 2014 at 9:51 am

    Gou and Tab thanks for the updates. Keep them coming please.

  • July 18, 2014 at 1:06 am

    Less than a month until this Hayes situation is over, thankfully. The thing is that’s a pretty big jump from college hockey right to the NHL with seemingly no pro hockey in between. Even his buddy pat mullane, who was a very good player at bc had trouble putting up points in the ahl. Drew Leblanc got a one way deal for this year and even as hobie baker winner is nothing special as you guys well know.

  • July 18, 2014 at 10:16 pm

    My son and I attended the Thursday A vs. B red/white game. Great pace throughout both periods. Everyone there can flat out fly and play their positions well. As I stated earlier, we have a boat load of talent to look forward to stepping in and this is after group C.
    John Hayden has a gritty edge to his game on every shift. That type of feistiness would bode well against the Blues and Wild. He scored on a nice backhander in tight as well as the shootout.
    One kid that had a nice day was Sam Jardine on D for white. He faced a couple of 3 on 1’s and played them perfectly. He repeatedly played his position In the D zone well. Just played smart hockey.
    Real smooth skater also. Can anyone share anymore on this kid?
    Again, just my observations.

  • July 21, 2014 at 3:18 am

    Was able to attend Friday’s rookie practice/game at Johnnys. 1st off there was a noticeable police presence outside the building which was comforting considering the recent mugging at the building and because I was with my 5 yr old son.

    All the Hawks management was in attendance including SB and Coach Q.

    As for the practice/game here are my take aways:

    Red Team 6-White Team 2
    Clendening was out DNP

    Red Team

    TT- Rasmussen-Hartman (Defense) Soderberg Robin Norell

    TT: during the practice drills I thought he dogged it slightly. Was the last guy to finish a few drills and wasn’t skating at max effort during some of the individual drills. However in the rookie game his vision and passing was excellent. Worked well w Rasmussen and set him up for the Red’s 2nd goal. He has a quick release on his shot but always looks to pass first. Is a smooth skater and outskated Garrett Ross & Hino during the rookie game. TT Was noticeable every time he on the ice.

    Dennis Rasmussen: Will Challenge for the Hawks roster now! He centered the 1st line of the practice game and flat out dominated for the red team. He went up against Hino and Danault and outworked and outskated both of them. Is a natural center, and plays a 200 ft game. Has a big body and physical strong skater, he isn’t a burner but is a long strider on skates. Doesn’t remind me of ANYONE on the current Hawks roster. He took all the draws and centered TT and Hartman the entire time. Could be a top 6 center eventually has that much potential IMO.

    Hartman: Excellent shot, fast release and heavy shot that the goalies seemed to have trouble with. Is a “max effort guy” which is the reason people are comparing him to Shaw. IMO has more offensive touch then Shaw and is a shooter. Should probably be a 1st liner in Rockford.

    These 3 forwards dominated on the ice for the Red team and might all be in Rockford on the same line to start the AHL season.

    Andreas Soderberg: Big strong skating d-man, quick lateral movements in drills. Scored the final goal on a nice 50ft shot off Kent Simpson. Was a player that “jumped out” to me on the ice because of his size and presence. Did an excellent job of advancing the puck in the attacking zone. I am not sure about his current contract but I would not be surprised to see him in Rockford this season. Looks the part of an NHL defenseman right now.

    Robin Norell is a smaller d-man with good passing ability, very similar to Nick Leddy early in his career. He will need to bulk up to play in the NHL but showed alot of promise.

    Other Red players

    John Hayden, didn’t dominate today has many in the media have been saying over the last few days. However is a big and physical player w a nice shot. Delivered a nice check to Johns at the far boards. Good skater and passer reminds me a lot of Troy Brouwer. At 20 was one of the better prospects on the ice and centered the 2nd line for the Red team. Was flanked by Anthony Louis and Schmaltz.

    Schmaltz, the scouting report is accurate on him flashes and disappears. Will make a good play and then disappears for a few shifts. Had good instincts around the net and buried a goal from the slot and had nice shots and chances in team drills. Has a ton of upside if he can put it all together, still young and probably 3/4 year out from impacting the Hawks.

    Anthony Louis: small, got erased from several plays by white defense. At 5-6 its going to be hard to make an NHL roster. Can’t wait for the season to start!

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