Blackhawks Add United Airlines Logos to Helmets

The Blackhawks shared what their helmets will look like during the 2021 season with a United Airlines logo on them.

United, of course, is the naming rights partner of the Blackhawks and Bulls at the United Center.

17 thoughts on “Blackhawks Add United Airlines Logos to Helmets

  1. Very good idea I think and really not to big logo..
    Now …first game tonight….
    Hawks loose 5-3
    Go Hawks Go
    Hagel on the Ice ?

  2. Does anyone happen to know if Keith or Boqvist are running the top PP? I’m seeing different things, but figuring out a fantasy roster before for tonight….

  3. Bob…first the logo represent a company from United State who is having Financial difficulty in these bad time with Covid.
    2 – this will help to get money for NHL and players who has no fans in their arena.
    3- it doesn’t show on the Hawks shirt so it’s a no touch to the most beautiful jersey in the league
    4- after 3 minutes on the ice nobody will see the logo anymore except they will seee logo everywhere else in the arena
    5- if it’s helping me And others fans to see hockey games played for my divertissements in those bad days …I am willing to see a small logo smaller then the CCM logo already on the helmet
    Go Hawks Go

  4. Logo is fine and respectful looking. Bob do you think it’s a good idea that owners have the biggest revenue source just simply cut off? Maybe you can donate a little to off set it.

  5. Oupps…I didn’t remember that also their was a logo of Bauer And others hockey équipements already on the visor many years ago.but nobody saw those small logo.

  6. Let me be absolutely clear because apparently everyone ignored this earlier:

    The NHL is allowing teams to place logos of naming rights stakeholders (read: stadium name partners) on their helmets as a make whole from the 2019-20 season. There are expectations a brand has when they write a check to sponsor anything, and those contractual expectations were not met by the NHL (or any other major sport) last year because of COVID-19. So the league identified helmet stickers as a way to add additional value during this shortened season (read: brand won’t get what they paid for this season, either).

    This is NOT going to change the jerseys.
    This is NOT going to impact your game viewing experience.
    This is NOT going to drive a ridiculous new revenue stream for teams this season.

    Will they make this a permanent thing? Maybe. Should we care? Honestly, no. If a logo on the site of the helmet ruins your viewing experience as a fan you really need to consider what about the game you sincerely care about.

  7. Done in a professional way, agree no impct to the viewers/fans, non issue if this is all it is.

    Gander Boqvist was running 1st pp and Keith 2nd pp during camp scrimmages.

  8. Hey Billy Reay,
    It is always wise to fact check if you are unsure about an inflaming comment:.

    Duncan Keith has never been a minus 29 in his career.
    Look it up.

    Who told you that?
    Andrea Mitchell?

  9. Last Keith comment:
    I asked for evidence of Keith cancer and got crickets as a response.

    So I presrnt to you, the individual, the following hypothetical followed by a question:

    You have done a great job at your profession, (plumber, accountant, whatever) for the last 14 or so years.
    Your job recognizes you as the best at your job by giving you all the assignments others cannot do an paying you well.

    You are seeing the end and looking forward to it.

    Your and your family have roots in the community that you enjoy.

    Then your job’s upper mgmt hires your new boss, and you realize you have forgotten more than this person will ever know about the job.

    Would you, and I mean you, uproot your family for one two years because of this individual?
    Or do you keep being the best worker the company has at your job until you can call it quits?

    Yeah, thought so.

    Spare me the ‘high paid professional athlete’ spewage answer.

    This is a question to you about your job.

    Also still waiting for Keith cancer evidence……Young Tab wrote Coliton lost the team last year and he knew it.

  10. I second Perimeter Player’s comment asking for some sort of evidence that Keith is a cancer on this club. Keith is certainly not the issue on this club.

  11. Keith got paid 77 MILLION DOLLARS (11 year contract)
    2017-2018 season… must of been an NHL TYPO.
    why aint they winning with 24-28 minute superstar on ice?
    Dont COMPARE SPORTS to a plumber job

  12. Baseball STARTING Pitcher who was cy young winner 6 years ago is now old & has an ERA of 12.8.
    Do you keep in in rotation forever?
    Diminish his role?
    Try him as reliever?
    Or none of the above and let him decide what he wants to do ?
    Are YOU going to the next game where you know beforehand he is Starting?
    WHY NOT?

  13. Thats not bad if they keep it same color as before like this white and make logo similiar shape and same size as when it said Blackhawks on helmet.

    Then its ok and in a way you donot even notice its not blackhawks and its united airways because its the same size and shape/thats the key and is creative way of doing it.

    Sort of make it look like its just the brand name of equipment name/not real noticeable except for tv commercials closeups.

    Now if it said heenze ketchup on the helmet that would dumb.

  14. Your argument had no substance Billy Reay.

    I used everyday people who go to work everyday.
    You used baseball pitchers who pitch every 4 or 5.

    Sorry man.
    Just like minus 29…….You lose.

  15. 2017-2018 the Hawks had best record in West Conf.
    Using one’s head, how is that possible if the top d man is minus 29?

    Hockey is team game.
    We all know that right?

    One guy does not control the game.
    No matter how much ice time he logs.

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