Blackhawks Celebrate Sam Gagner Heritage Night

Patrick Sharp scored twice, but Sam Gagner had an all-time night (eight points!) as the Edmonton Oilers once again hammered the Blackhawks.

Jamal Mayers and Sharp put the Hawks up 2-0 early in the second period, but the Oilers then scored three goals in a little over 10 minutes to crush the Blackhawks’ momentum. Sharp’s second goal, a short-handed tally, tied the game late in the second and appeared, at least through the intermission, to bring the momentum back to break-even.

But… then the third period happened.

The Oilers scored twice in 3:43 to start the period, blowing the doors off the Hawks and sending Corey Crawford to the bench. Crawford wasn’t good at all in the second and third periods, allowing five goals on 19 shots after the first period before Ray Emery relieved him.

Gagner was just ridiculous. He personally scored as many goals as the Hawks did in the game, and added assists on each of the other four Edmonton goals. His eight points tie the Oilers’ team record; his name is now next to Paul Coffey and Wayne Gretzky. Also, it was the first eight point game in the NHL since Mario Lemieux on Dec. 31, 1988.

In two games in Edmonton this year, the Blackhawks allowed 17 goals.

Andrew Brunette left the game with an upper-body injury after skating only five shifts. Meanwhile, Bryan Bickell physically returned to the lineup, but mentally didn’t appear to be anywhere near Edmonton. He took two lazy penalties and was credited with only one hit.

Niklas Hjalmarsson had a solid night with two assists and three blocked shots. Brent Seabrook played an outstanding first period on the penalty kill and finished his evening with five blocked shots and two hits. Mayers scored his fifth goal of the season in the first and won seven of 10 faceoffs, but only skated 8:26 in spite of the score being out of reach for most of the third period.

The Blackhawks play in Calgary on Friday night.

37 thoughts on “Blackhawks Celebrate Sam Gagner Heritage Night

  • February 2, 2012 at 11:27 pm

    We can’t beat Edmonton because they are faster than us and more skilled(top to bottom of roster) and we don’t hit. Teams that hit Edmonton can beat Edmonton. We don’t hit and our talent has been watered down by Bowman so we lose. You can’t win in the nhl with 3 1/2 defenders.

  • February 2, 2012 at 11:32 pm

    Time for some trades. Get rid of Bickell, Frolik and Brunette (for whatever they can get), find a serious defenseman and give Emery some time to prove what he can do. Crawford’s confidence is gone and he can’t stay in the net. Leddy is too young to carry the defensive load and he gives the puck away too much (I miss Campbell). They need to be more aggressive on defense and more patient on offense. Don’t let Seabrook, Hammer and Leddy ever shoot. This team needs some serious shaking. I have watched every game but can no longer take it; going to the movies tomorrow night.

  • February 2, 2012 at 11:39 pm

    Go to the movies Jay. We won’t win tomorrow.

  • February 2, 2012 at 11:48 pm

    Part of the problem is too much confidence in finesse and skill. I think the ‘hawks think that they don’t have to do the basics because their skill will overwhelm those who labor over the small stuff. No, get back to forwards helping the D, rather than waiting for a break, get physical and aggressive. Q said as much after the game. And for God’s sake get a goalie and a damn dman. We’ve got lots of the same – Keith, Hammer, Leddy; Hossa, Kane, Sharp, Frolik (what he was thought to be, not what he is). What the hell? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills… Round out this roster with complementary players, match skill with strength, speed with power.

  • February 2, 2012 at 11:53 pm

    Other than Mayers, whats Bowman done for us except water down the talent pool. Other teams negate Edmonton with physical play. We tried to skate with them. Half our team can skate with them and half can’t so with bad goalies that’s a recipe for disaster. Edmonton would beat us again and again. No question.

  • February 3, 2012 at 12:18 am

    Some people might look at this game, and the comments to follow, as typical immature NHL fans panicking and a one off for the Hawks…but it isn’t…

    This is becoming the norm…there are REAL PROBLEMS on this team that have been covered up by the team captain’s play for a long time. Without Tazer, Hoss and Sharpie, this result would have been the norm this season with the team and coaching staff Stan Bowman has assembled. Very few should be excused from scathing remarks after this debacle, Coaches included.

    Bowman has drafted well since taking over, everything else? Not so much…Q and Haiviland have struggled to bond with Kitch since he came aboard, and the special teams have been a mess, especially with the talent on this team, this one has to be on the coaches…last year Q started making some BIZARRE roster and line moves, and this season he has continued. His decisions to dress and skate some, while shortchanging others have become legendary…legendary BAD.

    Our defence is a mess…we discussed this earlier…Keith and Seabrook are good defencemen and a good pairing, but they are NO LONGER elite. Keeping Hammer and losing Niemi is proving to be a colossal mistake as Nik continues to struggle, even in his very limited game. Calling his game tonight “good” Tab is puzzling. While he had 2 assists and some blocked shots, he and Leddy panicked all night in their own end and had turnover after turnover. He and Leddy have stopped hitting, and allow the opposition to play without ANY FEAR in the Hawk end. Teams are literally setting up shop in our end while Hammer and Leddy are on the ice. Nick Leddy is still going to be a very good NHL DMan, as long as the Hawks get some help, and fast, and scale back his minutes. They are risking ruining him with bad habits and no confidence by continuing this failed experiment. That young man desperately needs a step backwards, and yet the Hawks continue to throw him out there night after night along side a cardboard cutout.

    Bickell seems to be deliberately playing horrible to avoid being traded, and yet he is getting ice time? Weird? Bizarre? Or just plain criminal? Why are major young talents like Jimmy Hayes and Brandon Pirri playing in the minors whilst a BUM like Bickell sees NHL minutes? Does coach Q have an answer for this one? He scratched Frolik again…while Bowman made another mistake giving a guy who has NO offensive confidence a larger, extended contract, Q should at least play him…At the very least, Frolik plays hard game in and game out, he’ll hit and plays very sound defence…who else on this team does???

    We trade our #2 D prospect for Morrison…well after 2 games, that looks like what it is…far too little, too late. He is over the hill, out of shape, and still seems to be protecting that knee. How could anyone think that this retread could be the answer to our 2nd line centre woes…only Stan Bowman…Bolland should have stayed on the 2nd line, and Morrison should be either the 3rd or 4th line Centre…which begs the question, why isn’t Myers playing more hockey? Again, as poor of a job as Bowman has done, Q isn’t far behind…Myers and Stahlberg both play about 1o minutes and John Scott gets 9???

    Patrick Kane…I have said this ad nauseum…Kane’s style of play is a LUXURY that this particular team can no longer afford. He is in a massive slump, and when he is, he is a huge liability to this team. He gave up the OT winner last night, and showed no fire tonight in a game where his teammates and defence needed him to step up. He is a talented floater…and most of you people wouldn’t even consider trading him for the likes of Rick Nash or Corey Perry??? Be careful what you wish for…Patrick Kane is a JOKE in most aspects of this great game, and because he stands out as a nifty stick handler and a great passer, you are all prepared to ignore the rest of his glaring faults??? When is this kid going to step up and be a leader on this hockey team? Why do I get the impression when things go bad he tries to hide out there? He is NOT a leader, he is not a team player, he is not gritty, he is not tenacious, he is not consistent (except at being lazy), he is not energetic, he is not a 2 way player, and he is not dedicated…but man, can he stick handle…and Corey Crawford, well, don’t get me started.

    While some of the players listed above can and should feel culpable about their game, most are playing hard game in and game out. The fact of the matter is this…we possess the record we have due to 3 glaring reasons…the trio of Toews, Hossa and Sharp, a very friendly home and away schedule, and the opposition we faced.

    Now that we have a tough schedule, with tough opponents, this team is going to do what it has showed us all season…try and stay afloat as long as 3 men can carry them. And they will no longer be able to…and this fact has to be laid at the doorstep of Stan Bowman. He not only GAVE AWAY Brian Campbell (an All Star), he burdened us with Olescz in return…our amazing owner is currently paying Huet and Olescz about $10 million dollars to NOT be here. He let Niemi walk, he matched Hammer’s ridiculous contract offer, signed Corey Crawford long term, way overpaid on Montador who is playing John Scott minutes nightly…and STILL hasn’t addressed the horrendous need for a 2nd line Centre and a Top 3 Defenceman.

    All the while, the price for such players just keeps going UP AND UP…and if Bowman ends up reaching for some retread defensive stiff in the next few weeks to fill the #3 D spot on this team, he will have ended up paying as much in salary as Campbell, for 2 players that won’t come close to providing what Campbell did. That is the mark of a terrible GM…Bowman has executed 2 outstanding drafts, but everything else he has failed miserably at.

    And look at our Goaltending situation…we are now going to have to depend on ancient Ray Emery and his surgically repaired hip to lead us to a playoff spot. This is not the mark of a seasoned, respected GM, it is the mark of a good Player Personnel guy in way over his head, and Rocky Wirtz is paying for it…big time.

  • February 3, 2012 at 12:30 am


    That is awesome. I could not have said it better myself. Do you have a website you write at?
    I mean I have posted about not liking Jr. All he has done is draft well. Tallon puts pieces together, Jr. gets the pieces but doesn’t fit them together.

    Great, great, post.

  • February 3, 2012 at 12:38 am

    One more rant for the night, and it’s important.

    Where is the pride on this team, and that included coaching…

    This young Edmonton team plays fast, brash, chippy and chicken sh$t hockey against us, and we LET THEM.

    Why did John Scott even dress tonight if he is not going to send a message to somebody…the same for Montador…if not for this, why are these guys even on the team??? When this game got out of hand, Scott and Montador should have grabbed the first Edmonton punk who was chirping out there and bashed their heads in. But they didn’t…Q didn’t encourage the sending of any message, and the rest of the league watches and laughs…

    Why? Because the Hawks had an entire off season to become harder to play against, and we proved once more that we are the EASIEST team in the league to play against…the only difficult part of playing the Hawks, is at our house and having to face our fans…

    Apologies to Toews, Hossa and Sharp for this rant, but where is the heart and soul of this hockey team?

  • February 3, 2012 at 12:49 am

    Brad for president!

  • February 3, 2012 at 12:59 am

    All great points, Brad. Thank you.

    But at the end of the rant, it really amounts to the same sh** you (and others) have been saying since November. And the cliff notes are simple: Kane sucks, Bowman doesn’t understand free agents or roster dynamics, and this team isn’t tough enough.

    Now let’s leave the vacuum of February for a mement and temper our hate for a bad night with some reality.

    Go back to the summer & tell me what Bowman could have done better. You can throw empty stones all day, but tell me who would have benn better. Would you outbid Buffalo for Leino or Ehrhoff? Montreal for Cole? Look at what was going on in the market last year and take a realistic step back. Are the guys Bowman signed all home runs? No. Did he commit more than one year to any of the so-called “mistakes” other than Montador? No.

    You folks have been coming here for a long time, and know that I agree that there are problems that need fixing. But we can’t make blanket statements without context. Buffalo is stuck w/ Leino. Montreal hasn’t been thrilled w/ Cole. And the trade market? Did anything San Jose do work out? How about Columbus?

  • February 3, 2012 at 1:13 am

    we got punched in the balls by these guys…again…yes,indeed-the league is laughing

  • February 3, 2012 at 1:31 am

    It isn’t an easy job, and hindsight is always 20/20, but let’s face it Tab, you don’t trade Campbell without a plan in place to replace him…

    Making moves during the summer ensures that you get someone…waiting to the trade deadline is a risk…sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. This year, it is looking like a bad year to have waited. And as for the players Bowman signed this summer, they were hit and miss…Mayers was very good, Carcillo was a wash, because for as much good as he contributed, he took away by his insane moments…Bruno was a huge mistake for a young, fast team, and Montador was brutal.

    As for the players? I can’t say, I am NOT an expert on signing or trading for players, but what I can say is that Brendan Morrison and a Jeff Schultz type DMan is NOT what this team needs. You nailed it earlier today. Someone the calibre of Ryan Suter. Even if it means not adding anyone else up front, Ryan Suter. He solidifies the D corp and helps the goaltending issues. There is enough young talent right now to help the Hawks up front. But I just don’t see Bowman doing it.

    He has executed 2 great drafts…he has done some things well with contracts and FAs, but for as many good things as he has done, he has had as many flops. In fact, I would suggest that this road trip is going to leave the Hawks near the 8th spot in the conference with lots of wholes unfilled.

    I would like your opinion on this, but I think if the former occurs the Hawks should think about becoming sellers and not buyers…and focus on next year. With the salary cap calamity that Tallon left us with, we always knew it was going to take 2 years to recover. Next year, Stahlberg should be on top of his game, Dylan Olsen should be ready, Jimmy Hayes, Andrew Shaw and Brandon Saad should all be ready, maybe even Mark McNeil.

    Again, being honest, if I were Bowman, after tonight, I would NOT PANIC, and wait and see how this coaching staff and team responds before making a deal. And if they don’t, I would sell off some pieces to our advantage, including the mistakes we made on Montador and Frolik…we could even do the same with Crawford…Corey is now near the very bottom in EVERY category for starting NHL goalies Tab and we are over 50 games into the season.

    And as for the Patrick Kane thing, I have never said that Kane “sucks”. He is a talented playmaker, and that has value. But he is inconsistent in his game, and as for the rest, he has no game. I think my point is very valid, Kane’s style of play is no longer affordable for the Chicago Blackhawks. We simply pay too high a price for his presence on the team, in comparison to what we could have in return. Because as much as a floater as Kane is, he has FAN appeal, and in smaller, struggling markets, Patrick Kane will put fans in seats, and by jerseys. Here in Chicago, we don’t need that, we need Corey Perry playing smashmouth forward next to Toews, and scoring goals.

    Again, thanks for all your efforts here…they are the best on the web!

  • February 3, 2012 at 1:46 am

    The problem is the coaching . Give Mike Babcock this Hawks roster and he would win at least 5 to 8 games more than qhas won this season .

    It is time to fire Q. This season is done .

  • February 3, 2012 at 1:51 am

    I also agree with Brad. But get rid of Q—where is the accountability on this team ?

  • February 3, 2012 at 2:12 am

    I wouldn’t say get rid of Q, but I think 2 things are evident…one, Q’s coaching team is not overly effective and changes need to be made, and I think that is parting ways with Mike Kitchen…and two, there have to be some issues between Q and Bowman…there have to…I think some of the roster moves and lineups have been to send messages to Stan, likely regarding the lack of true help he gave Q on defence.

    You can’t just trade Brian Campbell and not have someone to replace him with. You give me John Scott, fine, I will play John Scott…

  • February 3, 2012 at 2:18 am

    People sleep on Kaner. Sure, he’s slumping hard. Can’t ignore it. But let’s not forget the fact that he was the leading scorer on the Cup team. And yes, someone is going to reply with some nonsense about how everything is about this year, but someone like Kane who has massive potential and is still young, which is very important, can’t be ignored. He has 43 points in 52 games. That’s a pretty good off year.

    Suter is the type of player that could replace Campbell. Even if he asks for 6 after this year, that’s still less than we payed Campbell. You guys have already torn the D up for their play tonight, but this game was a sure indication that we need another solid D man. The potential loss we face in acquiring Suter looks entirely worse than it is. You guys were talking about it earlier, the depth of the organization. Parting with anyone other than Toews, Hossa, Sharp, or Kane is not a bad thing.

  • February 3, 2012 at 2:18 am

    I agree with Brad as well.
    Concerning the special Teams:
    There i not one single game I feel we will score on the PP. And there is not one single game I have confidence in the PK.

    We would have beat Vancouver if the PP could just keep pressure on. And that 5 goal game the Nuk’s scored on us has me saying the same thing since November–Fire the coaching staff.

    Toews has made them look acceptable long enough.

    If you cannot improve all season long with this talent SOMETHING need to change and Morrison has been the only change. Thats a fail to me.

  • February 3, 2012 at 6:25 am

    This team will be lucky to secure a playoff spot. They are simply playing awful hockey & if some sort of move isn’t made? Are going to plummet their way down the Western conference standings.

    I used to, like the rest of you, want to blame Bowman, Kane, Crawford etc…

    But with the roster we have currently, the major culprit is Joel Quennville. He’s been mismanaging this roster since the start of the season.

    You can’t win games with sub-par players playing good sized minutes. You can’t win games with a Goaltender that’s good for 2+ soft goals a game. You can’t win games with defence that can’t play physical, unless you have great puck movers.

    1. STOP PLAYING CRAWFORD – he is not an NHL starting goaltender. He had a bit of a hot streak down the stretch LAST YEAR, but is in no way a professional ready to put up professional numbers.

    2. STOP PLAYING DEAD WEIGHT – How that bonehead Bryan Bickell sees any ice time is nothing short of amazing. And the circus sideshow that is John Scott needs to take his gimmicks elsewhere.

    3. ACQUIRE 1-2 SOLID D-MEN BEFORE DEADLINE – Neither Keith nor Leddy have stepped up to fill Campbell’s role. SO now we NEED a couple of DEFENSIVE d-men. I don’t know who much longer Bowman can watch this go on for, but we’re being embarrassed night in & night out in our own end. It’s nearly impossible to watch.

  • February 3, 2012 at 7:36 am

    Tab’s follow-up is, as usual, good. But it seems to me that this is why, after several gambles and several major losses, Bowman needs to do something bold. We have been bleeding talent and grit since the Cup, and we’ve replaced them with porous plugs. It seems Stan’s approach was – what we can’t get in talent, we’ll get in intangibles; bring in some veterans that will motivate and tutor this young, but talented team. Well, it appears that young talent doesn’t listen to you when you can’t hold down your position. Leddy benefited from Campbell, so his loss is now practically doubled.

    I don’t think you completely blame Bowman for this. I think he expected, as many of us did, the core to get better and make better the other pieces like Monty. But that hasn’t worked, so it’s time to do something more sure, not try another Monty or Morrison or Campoli deal…Maybe that deal doesn’t exist, but if it doesn’t then dump Bickell (who cares if we lose him on waivers?) and bring Hayes up at least. Let’s stop limping along here and start to dominate like it seems the rest of the West is doing after the All-Star break.

  • February 3, 2012 at 8:08 am

    Whoa whoa whoa. Hold the bus. It is not time to fire Q. It is way too early to freak out and panic. We have players and coaches who need to improve but we are in 6th place in the conference. Thus, we still have plenty of opportunities to move up with games against St. Louis, Detroit, and Nashville remaining. We need a defenseman, but TAB was right, people on here are complaining about the moves made without listing the plausible alternatives. Brunette, O’Donnell, Carcillo, Morrison, Lepisto and Emery are all roster fillers (which every team has and needs) that are on one year deals. This is Scott’s last year as well. The key to every NHL franchise is the talent sitting in the minor leagues, which we have. Take a second to breathe before screaming for a roster and coaching staff overhaul.

  • February 3, 2012 at 8:11 am

    Brad- to quote Jerry McGuire- “you complete me!” I agree with everything you have said- (and usually do) except for the Brian Connelly trade… (Connelly looked pretty average to me in pre-season and happy to get rid of!).
    I agree w/ Bowman’s drafting- appears to be very strong.

    Tab, I even like your reply to Brad- We do bitch about same things- and Bowman has been somewhat handcuffed from 2010- WITH THAT BEING SAID-
    You can’t have your cake and eat it too! I was probably 1st guy on this site to suggest Hawks should be seller’s- not buyers- And now the well Respected “Brad” has joined in! Tab- if you believe Bowman has done a decent job (with the hand that was dealt) then you need to wake up and get off of the “bandwagon” of “the Hawks need 1-2 pieces”! This team is no where close to contending!!!!! With this schedule next 2 months- Bowman would be better off selling- and stacking more prospects!!!

    Kane is a talent- so is Keith- but really that 2010 team allowed both of these guys to be great!!!! In Basketball -Jordan could play 80% of game- Bulls could win 80% of games… In Hockey you really need a team (average player is on ice less than 30%)- ( the Cap also forces the “Team concept”)… Hawks have too many $$$$ fat contracts- Bowman has 2 choices- build “cheap” prospects to surround the fat contracts- or get rid of some of the fat-
    got rid of Campbell- I hope he has balls and sense to be a seller- and dump a little more!

    Which brings me back to the Kane thing- the other 3 big guys- are better and more complete-period!

    PP- does anyone notice how the opposing team just flat out attacks our guy with the puck and the perimeter- they know the Hawks have no true power forward- and no ability to go to the center of the ice- the Hawks PK just makes a small box (zone) while the opposing team’s PK just flat out attacks us. Can someone with a hockey background explain to me (and the Hawks coaches) how to counter that????

  • February 3, 2012 at 8:29 am

    I’ve seen enough of Kruger this year. He might be good in the future, but right now, I don’t see what he brings to the team. I would much rather have Hayes who isn’t getting knocked down every time he touches the puck.
    I think Kane needs to be put back at center with Hossa. He seemed to be the most productive this year in that spot. I think he and Hossa click well.
    I don’t understand the Morrison deal. The 1st glaring need on this team was to shore up the D. Bolland should be fine as the No 2 Center if Kane isn’t put there.
    Bickel has been useless this year. All he has done is get penalties. It is such a waste for someone that big and that good of a shot to be such a puss and not score. The only good thing is his contract.
    I wonder if the Hawks D scheme is an issue. I don’t know the nuts and bolts of how their scheme works, but generally I think they are way too talented to be this ineffective. I know other teams are way more effective with less talent. There is a lot of money tied up in the D zone to be this bad.
    I also think the Hawks have to be one of the worst finishing teams in the league. They miss more open / easy nets than anyone.
    They haven’t won a road game since Dec 14th. Something needs to change. This is frustrating.

  • February 3, 2012 at 8:58 am

    Wall, let me return the compliment…I have always enjoyed and appreciated your comments here…as for Connolly, I appreciate that he was not going to be in our future, but anything of value for Brendan Morrison seems a waste…I know it is only 2 games, but Morrison is slow, out of shape, and favouring his knee. Not the 2nd line centre we were all hoping for, and the team needed…it amazes me that Bowman can be so flippant with a position that centres Patrick Sharp and Marian Hossa. My spidy sense tells me, you might want to give them a good centre. To that end, I would agree with Jim to move Kane back to Centre on the 2nd line, and at least force him to work hard. I would not mind at all seeing Toews with Stahlberg and Jimmy Hayes.

    And as for your PP comments Wall, again, I agree. Can’t anyone else see this? I talk with friends all the time about the Hawks and they all say the same thing…we are soft…take Toews away and we are a below .500 team. This is what everyone else thinks of this team. When we have the man advantage, all you have to do is pressure the puck because no one will be in front pressuring the goal. How do you defeat an aggressive PK??? Come on, this was midget hockey…with one or two short, quick passes to the front of the net. That is where the PK is vulnerable when they pressure. But we have no one there.

    And to E, yes, Kane has 43 points in 52 games, and those are good numbers in the NHL…they are not $6 million a year numbers, but good. But what you are missing, and you are an intelligent guy, is that points is ALL THAT KANE BRINGS TO THE TABLE…it wouldn’t be so bad to have 43 points if he was helping the team in every other facet of the game, but the sad reality is, he is a LIABILITY in every other facet of the game. He doesn’t even PK…and his PP time this year has been AWFUL…he stickhandles around the opposition circle before passing to the point, again, not $6 million worthy. He has no physical presence, and avoids the opposition net and corners like the plague. But the worst thing is his Defensive zone coverage. He is rarely where he needs to be, and in Overtimes all he does is Hawk.

    If you go back the last few OT games, we are not going to a shootout because of Kane…his FIRST shift of each OT determines the game. Either we score, which we haven’t, or we get scored upon because essentially it becomes a 4 on 3. The latest was Vancouver, where he allowed the Sedins to dominate their shift by standing at the centre ice line. This is not $6 million worthy, and this is what you have to acknowledge. When Toews doesn’t score, no one gets on him because he is producing in so many other areas of the game. So why does Kane get an automatic pass when he is loafing and not helping in any other areas???

    What would the Toews line look like with Stahlberg and Corey Perry or Rick Nash instead of Patrick Kane??? Would we be a better team??? Not even close…we would be significantly better because those 2 players would bring work ethic, leadership, goal scoring, physicality, and confidence to a team that desperately needs more, especially in goal.

    This is why we need to look at becoming Sellers and not desperate buyers at the deadline. We all need to realize that this team will again struggle to make the playoffs and will go nowhere with this goaltending and defence. Whereas next year, we can fill these areas of weakness from within and not have to trade if we do not wish to.

  • February 3, 2012 at 10:14 am

    Never would have thought I would say this a couple of years ago, but, yes, it is time to move Kaner…this team is a shadow of its former self in many ways, decimated by the damn cap and subsequent moves that havent come close to panning out. Kane for Suter is a step in the right direction-provided we can lock him up for a few years hear…he is definitely the kind of player we need more of . Also,at the risk of sounding like a meathead…what happenned to the swagger-you are the Chicago FUCKING Blackhawks, returning to Edmonton after you were bent over by them, and this is what you (coaches and players) give us ? The OIls’ youngsters kick your ass,chirp away, and nobody gets punched in the mouth?!?

  • February 3, 2012 at 10:42 am

    The mistake was trading Campbell without a plan to replace him and relying on the trade deadline so Bowman could “play GM” with his dad. If they thought Montador could do it they were wrong. I can’t believe they let those Edmonton punks skate around at the end of the game without hitting them ONCE. What a joke. Even Eddie O called them out. I blame Bowman. If you can’t improve the team leave it alone. Its apparent to me now that he has been moving things around making things worse so he can put his “stamp” on the team so he can get full credit for winning another cup instead of unofficially sharing it with Talon. Well its not working and its on Bowman.

  • February 3, 2012 at 10:45 am

    @Brad – This was perfect!!

    “So why does Kane get an automatic pass when he is loafing and not helping in any other areas???”

    Because he scored the goal that won the cup!!!! OK great, how long has the NHL been around??? Well thats how many other players have scored goals to win the cup !!!

    Kane is IMMENSELY talented offensively, but thats all he does. I disagree tho with trading him to Nashville for Suter & thats because he would prosper in Nashville & might be the “piece” they need to win the cup…..

    Kane frustrates me so much because he HAS the talent to be a GREAT player but he lacks the heart & drive to be that player. Can we hook up & Kane & Frolik a la frankenstein & transfer even half of Frolik’s heart & drive into Kane… or vice versa….???

    My other fear is that Kane’s loafing attitude has begun to affect the rest of the team most of whom are busting their a$$e$ off but not seeing near the ice time Kane does……. We see all these commercials where Toews & Kane are hanging out like best buddies….. I’ll bet my bottom dollar that Toewes & a bunch of other players have nothing to do with him other than obligated team functions…..

    Bottom line is Kane is not held accountable for his laziness and it’s starting to affect the rest of the team….. Coach Q is stuck between a rock & a hard place for sure……

    Great post Brad!!

  • February 3, 2012 at 11:24 am

    More Kane Bitching-
    People talk about what a great offensive talent he is…
    IMO- he is not only a one dimensional player- but he is a one dimensional offensive player… his shot is weak! Not only is he shooting a terrible low %, but how many of his shots get blocked or sticked away??? I bet he leads the team in that stat- which does not count against is pathetic shot %. His skating ability has declined in a big way- that is why his shots aren’t getting thru- TOO MANY APPEARENCES AND COMMERCIALS!!!! All he has left is his vision/passing!

    He is a Media Whore like the OTHER GUY WHO DAWNED A SUPERMAN CAPE AT AN ALL-STAR GAME- Dwight Howard – Shoots as well as him too!

  • February 3, 2012 at 11:38 am

    Some really great posts and I have nothing to top any of these. But, one comment really caught my eye and that was where the hell is the pride on this team? They get their butts handed to them again and it doesn’t seem to bother them. The last few years here they have lacked heart and soul players guys who play for what is on the front of the jersey and not on the back.

    A few years back Denis Savard challenged the team to commit to the Indian well, I think it is time for these guys to do that.

  • February 3, 2012 at 11:48 am


    All great points again.
    Kane can’t play C since he was being exposed even more. He can “hide” a little at W, but at C, I saw too many G’s go in and that was it.

    I have posted on the HF boards about Q has to go. Something has to change in the system. Look at Hitch in STL. Look at all the teams that have less talent and still manage a good record.

    Kane is all points, like you have said. I think he would struggle on another team not surrounded by this high-end talent. He gets to play with maybe the MVP of the league, or Sharp or Hossa. Let’s say Kane had 34 pts. I mean don’t teams know what we know about Kane? He can’t play C, soft on the W. I guess that would fit in on some teams who are structured, gritty and hard to play against but can’t create scoring chances on the rush. So he has value, but I think we make him look good with his stats.

    Has anyone on this board, besides Tab said “Kane sucks”. I must have missed it.

    Jr. trades and drafts well. I think Carcillo was a great signing and a big loss. He gave us a demension we needed. He was also a lot like Burish in the locker room. Kane REALLY liked him and has not been the same since he left.

    Kane’s quotes post FA signings were all about how they know they needed to get tougher. It seems like when car bomb was there they believed that. We played a simpler harder game. Now that Car is gone and we see the other “gritty” players are not, well, gritty, we are back to playing the same way as last year. No hitting and we go as our top 4 go. There is NO excuse why we can’t be more efficient with this personnel and top end talent. That brings us back to Q.

    Brunette was a bad signing. Niemi for hammer awful. Letting Martyr Reasoner go also sucked in a bid to save a few bucks that year before Niemi was decided. Man there are a lot of bad moves. Our host says we can’t just complain but have to do their jobs for them and figure out what we should have done. Really? They get paid to talk to agents and see what the status of all these guys are. You want us to be GM in a post?

    I am now looking at the NHL 2011 FA list.
    I would have re-signed Eager. X – Mayers – Eager is a GREAT 4th line and you start the process of putting the band back together again. They could have had Eager cheap and got some chemistry back. So that is one idea. Another, since you asked, was NOT trading Soupy for nothing.

    I think hockey players would hit if you told them to. I think I have seen quotes about how hitting takes you “out of the play”. I think #51 said that last year. I think that is why Shaw is helping us and staying put. He has been close to finishing the last few games. He is a keeper. If we have all this depth and don’t want to trade a “Sharp” away like was posted, then play them all and sign even less players. So there is a 3rd idea.

    Anyway, something has to change. We are back to being REAL soft to play against. Like someone said, hit Edm and you win. Don’t, and you play into their hands. Teams figure things out after awhile. Look at our special teams.

    And lastly, I don’t like this Kitch guy. I have said that from the start, he just never seemed to fit versus the asst that went to Atl that year after Cup. I forget his name.

    How about our host ventilate more detail about… “know that I agree that there are problems that need fixing. But we can’t make blanket statements without context. ” How about adding some context? Sure he didn’t make a REALLY BAD move. I mean Leino stinks had ONE avg year and got a big contract. Jr. doesn’t make those moves. He makes timid little small moves that don’t rock the boat, but over time, this little net negative moves are filling our boat up with water. We need Jr. to help us a little. He isn’t right now. He doesn’t have a bold personality and it shows in his moves.

    Dale is more vibrant and you see that in his teams. Organizations take on the personality of their leaders. That is a studied fact in the work force. We see that here as well.

    Anyway, great site and great comments. Let’s just not make straw man arguments about what people aren’t saying but help us with what we are saying.

  • February 3, 2012 at 12:04 pm

    What is Monty suppose to do when he’s paired with crap like O’Donnell, Scott & Lepisto?

    I agree he’s overpaid but he’s basically playing by himself.

  • February 3, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    With about 2 minutes to go they had their punks out there dancing around and trying to run up the score just like last time. Our supposed physical players were out there and they did nothing physical at all. I’m not saying cheap shot anyone, but hows about at least one clean realy hard hit so they get the message i.e get off the ice in a blowout.

  • February 3, 2012 at 1:23 pm

    Nice posts Steve and Brad. I was thinking what ya’ll where saying.

    Question- What do people think of this idea? Kane to NYI for Moulson, Nabakov, Andrew McDonald, and a Mid round pick? Then subsequently move Hammer, Bickell, Pirri, Rundsfedt and a 1st for Suter? The net… Moulson Dowgrades Kane, Suter upgrades Hammer, McDonald plays the second line with Suter(Leddy moves to 3rd DLine with Monty) ultimatly providing a HUGE upgrade over OD, and Nabokov gives us depth at G for the Playoffs. To make room for 3 Goalies on the roster, trade Scott and Lepisto for anything. a pair of 7th round picks… both for one pick… both a deep dish… I dont care. I think this would be a bold move that could pay HUGE dividends.

  • February 3, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    Ok I’ll play devils advocate.

    I really dont think the hawks are that far off.
    I don’t think we need to be sellers.
    I dont think we need or should get rid of Kane.
    Q is not the culprit nor is Bowman

    I actually think that Morrison will fill in fine at 2c or 3c for THIS year. and Bolly can play 2c if need be. If the hawks want a CHANCE to win a cup this year they NEED a Ryan Sutter type player. Or better luck next year… I think we can all agree on that.

    I really think and hope Bowman had a good plan when he traded Soupy. A plan like this- We know we have a lot of developing talent in the minors, A cup this year is a long shot and X, Y and Z Dman are going to be availible next summer for a long term contract. Like a Sutter or Weber or at the time Gleason. I THINK he thought lets gamble a little this year to set up the next 5 years. Bowman didn’t have the easiest of jobs comming in here and I will give him the benifit of the doubt that he’s planning past this year. I still scratch my head at Monty though. All the others make sense, one year deals. Lets take chances.

    and Kitchen… Get the hell out of here! he sucks!!

    I read some interesting things on bleacher report this morning. BRAD and TAB you were on there too. The comparrison between Jimmy Howard And Cory Crawford made me feel much more comfortable going into next year.. Howard had a flashy rookie season, slow sophmore season and great 3rd season. I got to thinking about how much that would make sense for a goalie. Think about the fear factor. For a goalie, first year terrified, next year over confident and begins to learn which shots to fear. Then third year is where they start to show their true potential. For instance like Crowfords deflating bouncer against nash. I think a seasoned goalie would always fear that shot. Then you saw in the VAN game one of those shots and you could tell Crow was scared and made sure he made the stop. instead of thinking I’m a starting goal tender this is an easy one. Like when I make a mistake at work… I damn sure make sure I don’t make the same mistake again. Another comparisson to this theory is Niemi. Last season he wasn’t so hot. Not at least to start, But sanjose Gave him time to develope and look at him now.

    Does any one else see this progression in goalies? Or think that Crow still can become an elite goalie?

  • February 3, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    Good ideas Tim, but I just don’t know that David Poile will deal Suter within the division…

  • February 3, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    I think he would only because if he doenst get traded or resigned, there is a high chance he ends up in Detroit. So getting some return from a division rival is better than getting nothing and losing him to another rival.

  • February 4, 2012 at 4:24 am

    Steve you made the point I was failing to snag out of the back of my brain. This team misses Carcillo. Not necessarily emotionally, but the Carcillo, Kane, Hossa line was stupidly productive. Carcillo created so much space for Kane and Hoss to play with, it was really a thing of beauty. I think Carcillo was a fantastic offseason pickup, and aside from being a thick skulled neanderthal and attempting to glue players to the boards, he actually played so smart, and dare I say it, skilled hockey.

    Yes, Kane is lazy defensively, but when he was playing center he was far more responsible. He played the position well considering the short amount time he spent there. That’s a gamble that should’ve been made, keeping Kaner at 2C.

    Hypothetically, here’s the lines I’d like to see.


    The first line works, because Sharp can win boards on both sides of the ice. Toews will just be Toews, as always, and Stalberg’s impressive speed and newfound elusiveness can penetrate the D.

    The second line, ideally, works because Hayes or Shaw, who both shoot right (yes, I know Hayes is normally a RW) can bring the physicality and energy that Carcillo once brought. creating space and winning board battles. Then, ideally, Kane and Hoss will have space to relight that fire we saw from them earlier this year.

    The third is a physical, defensively responsible line that also has the potential to add some secondary scoring with Bolland and either Hayes or Shaw.

    And the fourth, Bruno, if he ever gets down the ice, can park in front of the net and allow Mayers underrated shooting and either Bickell or Smith to rip some shots. On top of being a physical line.

    Then we package up Kruger/Morrison, Morin/Pirri, a pick, maybe Bickell, and try to get Suter or another elite defenseman. We could attempt to keep Hjalm (though his contract is painful) and put him with Monty.


    Not too shabby. Looks a lot better than the patchwork quilt of a defense we have now.

    And maybe, in the offseason, we try to move for Scheider, if Crawford doesn’t take this season as a chance and run with it. Or Emery. Who knows.

  • February 4, 2012 at 4:25 am

    re: Carcillo comment- *Some smart, not so smart.

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