Blackhawks Continue Road Dominance, Down Stars

Corey Crawford allowed only one goal and earned the 100th victory of his NHL career as the Blackhawks escaped with a 2-1 shootout win in Dallas.

Crawford misplayed a puck that led to Dallas’ only goal in the first period, but had a strong game the rest of the night. He stopped 28 of 29 Stars shots and came up big in an 11-round shootout. He also stayed perfect in penalty shot situations in his career, stopping Alex Chiasson in the second period.

The Blackhawks struggled with their passing the entire night, but their defense and Crawford’s effort between the pipes overcame far too many turnovers.

Brent Seabrook was credited with only two giveaways, but he had issues getting the puck to a teammate all night. Seabrook’s line in the box score also shows five blocked shots, three hits and three takeaways, as he put himself into a few tough spots with bad passes but worked hard to make up for them.

Chicago’s only goal came from Patrick Sharp, who redirected a Duncan Keith shot past Kari Lehtonen.

Ben Smith won the game in the 11th round of the shootout.

The Hawks play in Phoenix on Saturday night to finish their annual Circus Trip. They then return to the United Center, where they’ll face these same Stars on Tuesday night.

Dallas will be without defenseman Stephane Robidas on Tuesday and for the forseeable future after he suffered a leg fracture while killing a penalty in the second period. The Stars already tweeted that he was headed to a local hospital during the game.

Patrick Kane’s 12-game point streak ended on Friday night.

The Blackhawks are now 5-1-0 on the road trip, and have allowed only eight goals in their five wins after losing 5-1 in Denver to begin the trip. Chicago will look to finish November with only three loses – two in regulation – in the month in Phoenix tomorrow night.

14 thoughts on “Blackhawks Continue Road Dominance, Down Stars

  • November 29, 2013 at 11:36 pm

    Team D seems to be trending upward at last after some maligning here

    I swore I saw 17 on ice in OT. 88 with 65 as well??

    CC played well after a rest and deserved a W

    Possibly the 22 most uncreative shootout attempts ever on record

    another win while trailing after two pds … now 5-3…easily best in NHL

  • November 30, 2013 at 12:05 am

    Not really an interesting game until the OT and shoot out…the Hawks have been listless 2 games in a row on this long road trip, so obviously fatigue is a factor…CC absolutely stole this win for the Hawks…he caused the lone goal against, and then spent the rest of the night making up for it…he was brilliant in the OT and shootout…as well as the PS…

    Great goal by Ben Smith to finally beat Lehtonen, whose a great goalie…

    Now, how do the Hawks play tomorrow and will Raanta start against a very aggressive Coyote team…even though CC played tonight, he might be the better play against the Yotes crease crashing style…

    CC flashing why Bowman paid him $6 million starting next season…

  • November 30, 2013 at 1:10 am

    Brad, Pho game will be VERY interesting. Many numbers might suggest a Chicago win but given the Hawks are on a b2b plus on the end of long trip makes it extremely daunting. IF they pull it off I would say it would be the MOST impressive win on the trip hands down.

    You also have to remember the early start time in AZ after the xtra time spent in Dallas. This could well play into Qs decision in net. Pho has some shortcomings but are very tough at home. Even a lopsided loss to them would not be a shock to me given the timing but I certainly am not one to expect the Hawks to do anything but give their all regardless

  • November 30, 2013 at 2:40 am

    Sr.Brad wrote they were listless the past two games and I think that’s a good way to describe it. I wouldn’t equate it to lack of effort though – more like road trip tired resulting in less focus, less crispness. I thought Dallas carried much of the play and probably deserved to win the game … but somehow the Hawks found a way to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, again. I guess it’s what good teams do – find a way to win when it isn’t necessarily deserved.

    One observation about Dallas – they are faster this season than in years past. Tuesday will be an interesting game with it being the first game back after a long road trip and Dallas having this game still stuck in their craw.

    But first things first – on to Phoenix where the Hawks will once again get the opportunity to bump Mike Smith and watch him flail away and flop to the ice. Such a class act.

  • November 30, 2013 at 7:45 am

    2-0 vs. Stars… and Stars outplayed, outskated, out shot Hawks in both wins…
    as I stated prior to the game… Stars are a very fast, hungry team (at least vs. Hawks)-
    they are akin to the Oilers and Avs from prior years. I don’t know why there record is that bad???

    RDale- my thoughts exactly on the shootout- not only the shots weak- the lack of variety? Is Handzus the only guy who can elevate the puck???

    Benny “the Jet” Smith and 16 were probably the Hawks best skaters.
    Toews had his 2nd “off nite” in a row.
    Stars must have told Hossa that Raffi Torres was in the line up… (never looked comfortable w puck)

    37 is making that 3rd line worse than 26 is making that 2nd line!!!

    Good news – Hawks are being “Hawk-like” on the D side of puck.

    Give Raanta the keys… and let’s hope that the Hawks can STEAL the third in a row!!!

  • November 30, 2013 at 10:11 am

    While the Hawks were technically out shot by Dallas, the Stars had 25 shot blocks. So the Hawks did drive possession.

    Regardless, that was a horrible game to watch. They couldn’t complete a pass over 10 feet and the entire game seemed to be a continuous board battle. The offense is completely sputtering, probably just coincidence that it happened after Q changed up the lines.

    If there was ever a game that deserved to end in a tie, it was that one. Woof.

  • November 30, 2013 at 10:19 am

    Also, I would imagine Dallas is bad because their backup goalie sucks and their blue line is as deep as a kiddie pool. Although, we say bad but they’d be in 2nd place over in the East.

  • November 30, 2013 at 10:41 am

    Yeah Ryan, I think tonight’s game in PHO will be tough…overall the best thing for the Hawks might be to play Raanta, but if they really want that win “at all costs” I would go with CC…Rozy will be in the lineup tonight (thank goodness) and he plays well against his former team…this puts our best defensive foot forward…plus Toews can’t have 3 mediocre games in a row…I expect he and Hossa to light it up tonight…

  • November 30, 2013 at 11:46 am

    Update on Stephane Robidas: Stars announced he had surgery early Saturday morning at UT Southwestern Medical Center & is expected to miss 4-6 months w/ a broken leg; was put on IR. Dallas has recalled Jamie Oleksiak.

  • November 30, 2013 at 11:57 am

    A couple players seemed listless besides 19…… I wonder if the flu bug struck the locker room….?

    As for CC, he makes that miscue (that cost the goal last night) a year or 2 ago & he collapses. Nice rebound by CC the rest of the game. He has definitely upped his compete level! I’m very comfortable with him in net, he has responded to the bell almost every time this year……

    I agree “Good Teams” find a way to win even when they don’t play their best….

    Is it me or is it harder ( or more uncomfortable?) to watch the Hawks this year because of the high expectations? I liken it to watching the Bears in 85 & on…. I’d be so bummed out when they lost…… Oh well maybe it’s because I’m old now….. :(

  • November 30, 2013 at 12:12 pm

    You guys think Q will have that ‘must win mentality’ and go with CC? I’m thinking he will. Good points on 19/81. Hate the cliches but tonight is gut check type of game.
    PHO gives up a fair amount of shots on net. Get after, and screen Smith and lets hope we are willing to look for lanes instead of firing blindly into a blocking Yote or missing the net altogether.
    JS, rimshot back at ya :)

  • November 30, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    Zamboni, Yea we all feel that way.

    To think that the most any team had ever done in the history of hockey was 16 games undefeated & then we pull out with a 24 game streak… unbelievable (especially when back in 70’s/type yrs, etc. there were only maybe 5or6 teams that could actually beat the ‘good’ teams… unbelievable/stuff that happens about 3times every 100yrs). It might be another 70 yrs before a team does what we did in 13.

    Thinking about 09 & 10 (in 08 we didn’t have all of the guys, some of them were still in rockford), the first two yrs we had a full roster with Tazer & Kaner, look what we did 24 & 30 games over .500, tied for 3rd and won cup. The 13 team will go down as one of the all time best seasons ever, because of doing everything we did in the same yr (and I thought winning the cup, mvp and gold in same yr was rare). Regardless of what our season record is this yr and the yrs counting, we ll probally always be between that 24-30 game over .500 mark, which is fine/really good/what we want. With realignment, record is not as important as just line up 1-8 (with 3rd seed bullsh-t) except for wanting to have the better record of the teams that have the same seed as us… Really, we want to win division every yr we can for home ice, but on what ever yrs were not, we can win on road, and no matter what seed you are you have to win on road to win the cup & we have, do & will.

    Only in the two yrs we had to play short handed, roster wise, did we not have home ice. Even those two yrs wernt bad. We were 16 games over .500 & win game 82 and were the 4/5 seed game, but we didn’t and we were 15 games over .500 & 8 seed against those flatlanders. Then we were 19 games over .500 (with a 9 game losing streak…) in a yr where we started out really good & had a 14-4-2 final 20 game streak… That’s where it feels like, were having an off yr or were not doing so good. That we were just used to 15-20 games over .500 type games. To think that those types of yrs are our off yrs (short handed, 6 ahl players & 6 36-40yr old vets)(even though Crow was ready and Leads was up a little early…) & (Lipiso wasn’t 36-40, but you know what I mean…) We didn’t have a full roster those yrs. Why, because the Bowmans wanted to set us up longterm. Every ‘good/top’ team was going to have to do it/cap wise, it just was a matter of how… letting it bleed a little each yr like Pit/Bos or trading away your future for a one yr/one hit wonder like Nas/Phi or paying your dues & taking the it hit all at once to do it the right way… Longterm.

    So, we all feel the same way when we our not playing our best/off night or when were behind in any game because of how good we are and have done since we ve had our team together. That’s why these guys are pointing out, every once in awhile, some games we just cant win because its basically impossible (‘if we win it would be most impressive on road trip’…)(these two recent games we wernt playing like… because its just a long road trip and it happens & we still do what we do). It feels this way because of us going on these streaks again and again and again and again.

    To think of what our ‘off’ yrs are like, just makes you feel that much moar good inside when it his you about how good we have been, are and will be for yrs. It just goes with the territory…

    I am so proud of everybody on our team, these 20 yrs are going to be some of the best well ever watch/be a part of.

    We win games sometimes we have no right to because our team has,
    ‘what the Greeks call “thrausos” – guts!’

  • November 30, 2013 at 4:32 pm

    good one Mo

  • November 30, 2013 at 6:03 pm

    hearing Raanta is gettin nod which is fine by me, just wasnt sure it would happen. I’m sure the crowd will be packed to rafters. Lets hope Chi is well represented. Couldn’t help but hear ‘lets go hawks’ in Dallas …gotta love that ! I expect a great game from Yotes

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