Blackhawks, Jeremy Colliton Agree To 2-Year Extension

On Tuesday morning the Blackhawks announced the organization has signed head coach Jeremy Colliton to a two-year contract extension.

Colliton, who turns 36 on Wednesday, is now signed through the 2022-23 season.

This does not make him eligible for the expansion draft, however.

53 thoughts on “Blackhawks, Jeremy Colliton Agree To 2-Year Extension

  1. How much this team shows development wise from the beginning of this season until end of next will be huge. Hopefully that is an area Colliton can shine. If he can be the man after that remains to be seen, an assessment of how far along this group will be done then.

    Next year assuming forwards are healthy again, Dach and Toews in the middle with Kane and Cat, plus Kubalik and Suter looking like 3 or 4 good top 6 wingers. Strome, Kurashev and Wallmark are 3rd C or winger candidates, plus Nylander be back, if Reichel signs elc next season, could be in picture by end of next season and others in system may produce as well. The 4th line is serviceable for now and good on pk and fos, some of these young players in picture now could upgrade there, if needed adds there are done essily and of cheap variety This season, plus a full season next year should see a big step forward in the defense’s development. Boqvist and Mitchell plus other young blueliners get a chance to develop without alot of outside pressure on them, with the vets on roster there to support their development. Possibly next years no. 1 pick is hyped defensive prospect be in picture or close, maybe Vlassic another top 4 hopeful could sign an elc. Hopefully have the goalie situation sorted out and solidified by start of next season. With playoffs obviously a wash this year, the window until end of next year will say alot.

  2. always respect your insight ian, but having read today’s offering am left wondering if you have recently been hired as head of hawks season ticket sales. that is about a 55 gallon drum of hawks kool-aid you have offered up this morning.

    a case for challenging for last place in the standings the next five years could easily have as much or more merit.

  3. I like the extension because it takes the lame duck tag off him which is good as far as having the players buy into the plan – no equivocation – the plan is youth movement and the coach is Colliton, hop on board or move on (looking at you Keith, Seabrook, Toews).

  4. Simon lol, you may be right, time will tell, but i do believe getting the ship back on the right course in that window is the goal, being able to get it done is another thing, for sure.

  5. Well Bowman is continuing his youth movement and what he wanted to do 3 years ago. McD being removed was the obstacle. They had different philosophy’s. Bowman had hockey sense. McD was only concerned with star power and could not see a rebuild and youth movement that was in order.

  6. To me he comes across like a kid wearing his dad’s suit to a job interview. I think a lot of this is about Stan’s comfort level – i.e. a pee wee hockey boss hiring a pee wee coach.

  7. Ian – I’m in agreement with the window for tangible upwards trajectory being end of next season.

    That’s two seasons for young guys and young coach to prove they’re capable of competing for the playoffs

    Personally I like the direction things are headed and I’m optimistic that by end of next nhl season the Hawks will be a young exciting up and coming team

    Goaltending situation remains a big question mark however

  8. Wrap some people view what they are doing is searching for new young draft picks to rebuild the roster. What I took from Bowmans comments is, this year and next is to develop what they have. Yes a high pick is a good possibility this year, but with a this years group coming of 2 abbreviated years and minimal in person scouting, makes you wonder. Alot of those who would have rose up the rankings won’t because of lack of opportunity and others weaknesses won’t get exposed. No real concensus no.1 and 2 picks, have to wait and see. Could be alot of plums still around in 2nd and 3rd rounds. Hopefully as some were saying players moved at tdl for picks in middle rounds and may get jackpot there this draft.

  9. Lets see how this all plays out….. The Slow overpaid uninterested old players are always the problem … But they were good in yesteryear… Keith, as I said before, is a cancer on the team… Every player ((including Kane on defense) showed an improvement when Coll. Started Coaching EXCEPT ONE PLAYER…HUGE EGO… Rots When it comes to playing POSITION, Hitting, Clearing crease, getting shot on net,scoring. Most OVER RATED player in NHL…. Now its time for kids to shine…. getting high costing Saad ( off. hands of stone, Turnover machine) was Huge…. Now just Seabrook & Keith left to trade or ride out… And at $11m, maybe Toews wants out.. ok here with that too. ??

  10. Billy Reay,I’m right with you.Get Keith to wave and package him closer to his home in Winnipeg for a Roslovic/Laine combo.If Toews is going to play again package him to the Jackets for Luc-Dubois.Hopefully with Colliton staying,Seabrook will agree to be moved or retire.I appreciate the past and loved the Cups but it is time to make some hard decisions.I believe when the Hawks get competitive, Colliton will be replaced.He is not an NHL level bench coach when it comes to in game adjustments and line matching.

  11. Tim W – I think it’s too early to tell on JC – he hasn’t even had 1 full season yet and won’t after this current season

    I think he needs to improve his in game tactics but I was listening to a couple of former NHlers (and not CHI radio personalities) who played with JC and they both spoke extremely highly of his leadership skills, his intelligence and the fact that as a player he played hard and played the right way

    I was encouraged by that and am hopeful he continues to grow into the job – if he hits his stride next year as the young guys start coming into their own it would be perfect timing

    If not he’ll be replaced

  12. When we have a full roster again and with a young wave that is very good. Then we ll see how good of coach/team system because until you have a full roster its different.

    We want coaches and team system to be good with full rosters/HHNL quality deep I mean. When playing with half or 3/4 rosters you cant really tell how good it is or not.

    Load young wave. A none of that stinking 17th picks. Top 5 skill draft plaeyrs.

  13. Guys don’t get to worked up about this. He’s not highly paid. Hell they fired Q and he was making big bucks.

  14. Atta boy Simon.

    Young Tab, the purveyor of this blog wrote once last year, after a terrible looking loss, that he has lost the team and he knows it.

    Wonder what changed to warrant an extension from the great and powerful Oz.

    Also wonder if coach Greg Brady will use the extra cash to die his hair orange….

  15. Is Colliton the Ricky Renteria for the Cubs/Sox? Hopefully he can excel in developing players because I don’t see much of a need for him besides that.

    Of course he will also listen to Bowman and play the players Bowman gets. You can’t understate that fact as it is big change from when Quenneville was here.

  16. I believe Colliton came in here to “change the culture” where previous teams were so loaded in talent that Everyone got to do as they wanted, ROAMING ALL OVER THE ICE… Now as the teams offensive skills have diminished due to age & letting ppl go (due to keeping 4 core extremely compensated players) New coach came in (not as buddy,buddy) and got team to play more position & defensive… MOST players jumped on board EXCEPT for Few toads… Keith being one, THEN new coach “HAD TO let him Do what he wants” as the cancer has everyones ear in locker room (meaning vet older cup players)…. didnt want to “lose the team” as we say… My OPINION. ALL ABOUT MEEEEEE! Go Hawks!

  17. “He is not an NHL level bench coach when it comes to in game adjustments and line matching”.

    @ Tim: spot on. It jumps out how often he has the wrong guys on the ice (mind you with the talent Stan has assembled there are very few even potentially favorable matchup situations for us any more).

  18. Sorry to be Debbie downer but this contract extension was not appropriate at this time. We have had more than one season of JC at the NHL level not to mention his brief stint in the AHL and he has not shown me anything that would warrant confidence that he knows how to develop young players or manage a team. I find it interesting that folks bring up Keith as being the issue. Riddle me this, who decides ice time and why did Keith have the highest ice time during the regular season 24.23 and 25.27 in the playoffs. If he was such a cancer, why skate him that much and why the hell would you team him up with young and impressionable Boqvist. The Hawks prospects are not developing, except for Dach and Highmore. Either not as talented as expected or not being coached and trained up. Who gets held accountable for Dkats lack of defense, Strome not playing full 200 ft, Nylander’s figure skating, Boqvist getting rag dollied, and “not getting along” with Joker. I do not think Keith or McDounut gets blamed for all these.

    Hope I am wrong but so far the trend is not favorable. I don’t think JC is the long term solution. Go Hawks

  19. Do over!

    Hope I am wrong but so far the trend is not favorable. I don’t think JC is the right coach to lead the on ice rebuild of a NHL team. Go Hawks

  20. Strictly looking at this from a business perspective, I wonder, with stands to be empty everywhere, how many coaches will be given more chance to figure it out than a normal.season?
    In a “normal year” if a team GM sees empty stands the GM feels incredible pressure to sell tickets. Clearly empty seats is not “sustainable” to steal a catch phrase of the day…but when your alternatives are to try and see if a coach can figure it out or going and buying a more expensive known commodity…and either option nets empty seats…why not be patient? (From a business perspective.)

  21. Dumbfounded. I like zero about this guy. Be sucks at development. And when he did have a decent roster to work with his in game strategy was mind numbing. We are entrusting this guy to develop and mold a roster over the next very painful few years of a full rebuild? Good Lord. I’ve been doing this Hawks diehard thing since the 1970’s. And I have to say I have rarely hated a decision as much as I hate this one. Alpo Supinen v 2.0.

  22. Carlsson, Beaudin, Kalynuk, Hagel, Kurashev and Lankinen all on taxi squad. Could change quickly as Toews, Seabrook and Dach all seem to be starting on roster before being placed on ir/ltir however they do it, which opens 3 spots. Nylander on ltir to start as is Smith on ir, not sure how that is as he supposed to have been healthy to be waived. Soderberg quarantining, pretty sure they agreed his caphit counts but doesn’t take a spot on roster until activated in that case.

  23. Blackhawks are $616,000 over cap limit, Nylander on season opening ltir allows them to exceed cap by his $863,000 caphit. Will have just over 22.4m of dead capspace on ir counting against the 81.5m cap limit, when Toews, Dach , Seabrook and Smith hit are counted in as well. Smith’s full caphit it seems counts against cap, unable to bury any on ir.

  24. tired of the keith crap.

    he was great, team won, he was paid handsomely.

    he is now miles from great, the team sucks, he is still being paid.

    if he wants to beat to a different drummer on the ice put his ass up in the press box and play a kid who might be here in five years.

    this isn’t a family where gramps is revered even though he is losing his marbles. it’s hockey. skills diminish, quality of play diminishes, value and importance to team diminish. if keith doesn’t like it he can tell his story walking.

  25. Colliton walked in to a tough situation. Most notable issues were a team in decline and he followed a coach who had probably lost the team, but was still rightfully a legend with the fans. Q loyalists were always going to dislike his replacement.

    Colliton has made some questionable decisions, but he has made some that worked too. He was probably too young when he got the job initially. You usually don’t hire head coaches in the NHL for on the job training, but that’s what happened.

    It seems that the players play hard for him. They weren’t doing that at the end for Q. They never give up and we saw some good comebacks last year and some comebacks that fell short, but left their opponents very uncomfortable. You will also notice that in the past two years, players are not clamoring to get out of Chicago. That included Lehner, who spoke well of Colliton. It seems as if they like playing for Chicago. Would that be the case if Colliton was hideous?

    Colliton is probably still too green, but he is less green than he was last year. Two years of OJT have certainly helped. It is not inconceivable that he has learned a lot over these past two years and will continue doing the things that worked and stop doing the things that didn’t. We need a coach that is willing to try some different things. When they work (giving Kubalik a bigger role), we love him and when they don’t (Quenneville on the first line in the playoffs), we implore him not to do it again.

    Let’s be hopeful. But most of all, let’s play some hockey!!

  26. Green hockey coaches.

    Perfect for the AHL.
    Oh wait, this is not the AHL.

    Yeah that Keith is a cancer alright.

    He has been with one team his whole career.
    He plays against every elite player in the league.
    He plays on the top pairing.
    He plays the most minutes.
    He kills penalties.
    He plays on the PP.
    He always gets paired with each wet behind ears rookie de jour the Wizard Of Oz drafts.
    He is the best D man the Hawks have and he is what? 36? 38?
    He has won three Stanley Cups.
    He has won two Olympic Gold Medals.
    He has won the Norris Trophy.
    He has won a Conn Smythe Trophy.

    His coach?
    He has a participation trophy with the New York Islanders, and a Swiss league ribbon.

    Given those achievements lists, who would you look up to as a young player?

    If you say the participation trophy guy, you don’t know hockey.

  27. Appearances can sometimes being deceiving. As an example, if Colliton puts out a line for a d-zone faceoff that doesn’t have his first or second best faceoff man – is it proof Colliton is a poor in-game manager? On the surface and under normal circumstances that would be a sound assumption. But, what if his motivation for making that move was not made under “normal” circumstances? What if his primary objective was not to win the game, but to evaluate a player or players in certain game action conditions?

    I’m not suggesting he doesn’t make mistakes, but I am suggesting that some times what looks to us to be a mistake may be a calculated move to player evaluation and teaching purposes.

  28. Perimeter is right on the money. Duncan Keith owes Colliton zero. Keith knows a s***show and a non credible coach when he sees it.

  29. Oh by the way….
    Keith had played in more playoff games than Coliton has played regular season games..

    That damn cancerous SOB.

  30. Simon, Jordy, Perimeter, Live from the Barn, and all those who echoed their well-founded posts:. Amen.

    Colliton would still be in Europe if Bowman didn’t stumble upon him in Sweden a few years ago. He found the perfect puppet to extend his career and line his pockets as well. It got even better this summer w McDonough discharged and a promotion for Bowman.

    Colliton is a horrendous hockey coach, he’s not an NHL coach in any form, fashion or otherwise. We have Bowman to thank for his perennial presence.

  31. One big reason the hawks powerplay has been so useless is because Keith is on it.

    Keith on hawks top pair getting the most minutes at his age should tell you how useless the defense actually is.

    Why do so many hawks fans continue to live in the past?
    Keith no doubt in his prime was a star those days are long gone.

    Jeremy Colliton should not be coaching in the NHL
    Stan Bowman is the man who hired him nothing any of us can do about it.

  32. Thats whagt two top 5 skill draft players do. 19 88 bring dynastys. 77 and another one or teo studs bring a Cup.

    January 12, 2021 at 3:54 pm
    God help us!!

  33. Unless your Paterno or Suban.

    Good Lord. I’ve been doing this Hawks diehard thing since the 1970’s. And I have to say I have rarely hated a decision as much as I hate this one. Alpo Supinen v 2.0.

    Your not getting the top players recruit wise.

    Sanderson and Suban are the only dynastys in college sports.

    This id pro sports its different. top 5 skill draft players.

  34. Its easy to say the top coaches in the college sports.

    NHL. Develop and win a Cup. Were only looking for the 4th Cup not a dynasty or the best run in the sport of all time here folks like these two dudes.

  35. Woe is us. The hockey gods have forsaken us. How could they let Stan and Colliton rip our hearts out and destroy all that was holy and right in the world. I cry out in sackcloth and ashes but I fear my lamentations are not answered. Who is there to pity us for all gloat in our poverty of hope. We can only pray the end comes quickly to vanquish the pain before we are overwhelmed with madness. The memories of light fading into darkness … a-a-a-a-g-g-g-h-h

    You guys are too much. Lighten up ya bunch of Francis’s.

  36. This one hurts my brain also.

    I suppose this fits in with the mantra of “play the kids”. Colliton gives me the impression based on a lot of games that I’ve seen (pretty much every one the last couple of years either in person or on TV) of being inconsistent, indecisive, and not able to address important issues when they come up and action is needed (i.e. wrong guys on the ice).

    However, a two year contract extension doesn’t mean he has to be around that long, of course. I still hope that he is held accountable. I just don’t know who it is who is going to be grooming him, while he and his staff are supposed to be grooming the kids. Brian Campbell appears to be Boqvist’s personnel coach and confidant. Who is handling that job for Colliton.

    I don’t agree that the players played hard for him last season, at least sure not consistently. I got the impression that they played hard at times in spite of him. I know people will disagree with me on that, but that’s how I saw it. He seemed like a spokesman for the team, that pretty much had no real relation with the team. Broken record soundbites night in and night out after games.

    We’ve seen some other teams go through coaching and front office shenanigans prior to finally getting their act together and getting a better plan. St. Louis is an example with their silliness of the Hitchcock/Yeo fiasco, to be abandoned for a more rational style of organization and play, along with personnel. The personnel is a tough thing for Chicago right now, but the leader is right in the mix.

    If Colliton doesn’t produce, and that means getting these younger guys on a track that appears to have promise, cut him loose!

  37. perimeter

    setting an example for younger players that it is in the team’s best interest to follow the direction of the head coach is what a team player does. being a petulant weasel because you aren’t getting your way does not help team unity and sends a horrible message to young players.

    if keith doesn’t like what is going on in chicago he has the same option we have as fans. we can align our allegiances with another franchise and he can drop the nmc and accept a trade.

    i loathe bowman and am much less than impressed by colliton. i don’t have to, but i choose to remain a hawks fan. if keith can’t act like a professional and follow the coach’s plan then he should be man enough to move on down the road.

    all of the accomplishments you have noted by keith do not give him the right to morph into a team problem in the waning years of his career.

  38. Keith is welcome to request a trade. I suspect he doesnt because nothing besides the taxes is certain as to where he goes….and that’s not even certain for the entirety of his contract. I’ll echo perimeter regarding who keith is and take it a step further….in a development or tanking season keith can go out there and do whatever he wants. oh…and yeah take him off the powerplay….someone else deserves a shot…fail or succeed.

    Funny how the rebuild has these vets coaching? While the coach blows top ten draft picks for winning BS playoff rounds against awful playoff teams with a retiring unsigned goalie. Brilliant. Oh but it’s for playoff experience…for who …. who???? THE COACH? And to the fabricant defense bashers…he works harder than a healthy chunk of individuals and I’ll take that any day of the week over others.

  39. wasn’t keith MINUS 29 few years back?
    He had his days… wasn’t for him.. hawks Never win Cups! gulp, gulp.. quit naming Team Success stuff and hell about HIS strengths… Laughable .. why he on Ice? Thats a Good question.

  40. One think this year for sure… When the puck goes in our net, It ain’t gunna be Crows fault… “goalie sucks chants” coming right up…. lol
    GO HAWKS !!!!!

  41. Man! And the season hasn’t even started yet. This place will really be uplifting when the losses start piling up.

    I know, let’s try a thought experiment …

    Close your eyes and focus on winning and fun hockey. Think about great plays made by our guys – great passes that lead to great goals, great saves, great defensive plays that shutdown the opponent, great backchecking, great forechecking and finally that great feeling the fans get watching the victorious Hawks stick tap and raise their sticks at center ice after a great victory.

    Now open your eyes and forget all that. The greatness we’re looking for in the 2021 season is not the same greatness we’ve looked for over the past decade. Stop thinking like that – it only makes things worse for you. This season we will be looking for a different kind of greatness – one that will come in fits and starts and is more of a slow and steady process than the immediate gratification we’re looking for 82 times per season. We’re looking for every young player to get better and better as the season goes on. It won’t be a linear progression – there will be some periods of 2-steps forward and 1-step back, but we’re looking for noticeable improvement from Game-1 to Game-56. We’re building greatness and the fun will be watching it happen.

    This season isn’t about wins and losses or Stan or Colliton. It’s about watching the growth of Boqvist, Mitchell, Suter and the other young player who are given the opportunity. This will be fun. Let’s enjoy it.

  42. Give me Keith over Coliton 10 out of 10 days.

    One guy has been there done that, got the trophies.

    The other?……………

    And where is the evidence of Keith cancer anyway?

    Did not young Tab write that Coliton lost this team last year and he knows it?

  43. They haven’t even played a single game yet and people are at each other’s throats! Give this team some time and see what happens, or else cheer for the Wings or Blues. Good grief!!!

  44. Billy Reay Keith was minus 29 the season Crawford was the only nhl goalie on the team…five other goalies played for the team that year besides Crawford so six different goalies in net. Yes I’m including the accountant in that six. Duncan Keith played all 82 games averaging about 24 minutes a night. One could argue a defensive prospect would have benefited from that ice time in developing during this period, I would agree with you but I would also have to ask you, WHO? The defense shared relatively equal minutes with Keith coming out ahead about six minutes a night.
    This is the season after the team nearly won the presidents trophy. So a bit of a nose dive. Few people mention how that near president trophy season Stan made the league schedule and Stan had the Blackhawks playing teams on the second of back to back games against their opponent. I think even every time the Blackhawks had a back to back they were playing against a team that was also on the second of back to back. It was obvious, either Pat Foley or Steve Konroyd talked about it during broadcast without mentioning Stan made the schedule, but he most certainly did.

  45. Who else was -29 that year on the hawks? Oh thats right… No One….
    Some of you guys need to Stop living in 2010-2015… Sports is a Young mans game, NOT FOR OLD worn out Slow turnover prone players… MOVE ON… WONDER what you can get for that HOF KEITH today.. put him on the market and see… Thats what determines who you are now , not 10 Years ago. Some ppl here should zero in and Focus on boy wonder on every shift.. not just the 2-3 things a game he still does well on… He Ices the puck 4-10 times a game.. yet he hits the cherry picker 1-2 x a game.. So opposition gets Numerous faceoffs in our zone. WOW! Good job…
    Go Hawks !
    So funny.

  46. Konroyd and foley… Are they on Blackhawks payroll ? Speaking up the products?
    Oh ok…

  47. ER, yea going to be a funny blogs everywhere this yr. Just donot F up and not get a top 5 or 10 quality player. That is important for reload.

  48. Geez…Dunc must have turned down Billy Reay for an autograph request or something…there is a major hate on there.

    A lot of people refer to Colliton’s age…pretty sure John Cooper got the same criticism…what’s he done lately. I am sold on Colliton…not yet, but give him a chance. I think a two year contract gives him some security which he needs to do his job. If the young guys don’t develop in those two years…adios

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