Blackhawks Key For Game Two: Elevate the Puck


Roberto Luongo had a wonderful night in Game One of the Western Conference playoffs against the Blackhawks, shutting out the defending champions. But there were opportunities to score on him that the Hawks didn’t take advantage of – sometimes because of Luongo friendly post(s) – that could be a key to winning Game Two, and the series.

Watch these saves from Wednesday night:

What do these four shots have in common?

They’re all low shots.

The Blackhawks best scoring chances from last night – the ones that usually hit iron and sounded like Tiger Woods on a driving range through the television – were elevated pucks. Luongo was, as he has all year, staying back in the crease and getting low early in the rush.

There were some wonderful scoring chances that the Blackhawks failed to capitalize on, but they could have better success if their shots were above 20 inches off the ice on Friday night.

One thought on “Blackhawks Key For Game Two: Elevate the Puck

  • April 15, 2011 at 8:43 am

    Anyone else completely pissed at Brian Campbell for not following his shot to the net??? Its bad enough that he didn’t elevate the puck, but Ginger decided to turn and celebrate his “shot on goal” before he even saw if it went in the net! If he had either elevated the puck, OR maybe crashed the net after shooting to look for a rebound, that game would have been 2-1 and could’ve changed the entire momentum of the game. I hope Coach Q chews his ass for his lazy play on the net, and premature celebration.

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